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Yandere x reader one shots

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Hi it's me I decided to do one of these just comment one what you want
This is what I can do
•death note
•corpse party-anime/game
•brothers conflict
•ouran high school host club
•sword art online
•fairy tail
•one piece
•vampire knight
•Black butler
•Attack on Titan
•fruit basket
•Saiunkoku Monogatari
•Uta no Prince-sama: Maji Love 1000%
•Hanasakeru Seishounen
•Kamigami no Asobi
•Diabolik Lovers
•seven deadly sins

And now games

•final fantasy
•battle block theatre
•fire emblem (any)
•dragon age (any)
•harvest moon (any)
•super smash bros
•fallout 4
•fable 2 and 3
• dragon dogma
And any visual novel characters

Decided to upgrade the list ^_^ if there is one that you want me to do but I don't have it on the list then tell me.
Also I can do lemons and limes if you want one just tell me and I can write one okay.
Bye cupcakes.

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In the very noisy guild called Fairy Tail sat a girl with (h/l) (h/c) hair with her arms cross. her name was (y/n). she was a fire mage and was best friends with Natus ,Lucy and Ersa but hated Gray there was just something about him that made her want to run not only that but he always got on her nerves. (Y/n) was wearing a (f/c) shirt with a (f/a) on it, a (f/c) ( skirt/jeans/shorts) and a cloak. ( couldn't think of any better outfit sorry) she was short tampered and pretty much a smart ass.
(y/n) pov
I was sitting next to the fire when Popsicle came up to me
"what do you want Popsicle?!" I said to Gray with a look that said 'piss off '
"nothing just seeing what you were up too hot head" Gray replied with a strange look in his eyes.
See this is why I hate him he always founds a way to make me pissed off at him. I just glared at him and turned away not in the mood to fight the reason why I was like this is because I caught my boyfriend well ex-boyfriend cheating and what’s worse was when I found him he didn't care and just kept sucking the face off the whore who smirked when she looked at me. Just thinking about it got my blood boiling.
“Just leave me alone Ice fairy" I spat at him hoping he would.
Then I felt ice hit me in the head now I was angry.
“BRING IT HOT HEAD!" he said this got the attention of the entire guild next thing I know the entire place was thrown into chaos.
Gray's Pov
I sow Natus number 2 sitting by the fire with her arms cross and glaring at something so I walked over and she noticed me I felt my heart beat in my chest
"What do you want Popsicle" she said and had that same look she always has when she talks to me
"Nothing just seeing what you were up too hot head" I said back with that possessive look
"Just leave me alone Ice fairy"
when she said that it made me want to scream in frustration why can't she see that I love her no one else not Natus...Not Lucy...Not Ersa...Not even that boyfriend of hers. NO ONE BUT ME! I was so angry to notice that Natus came over
"What’s with that look Ice prince?" He asked starring at my (y/n) I got so angry that I throw ice at him but missed and hit my precious (y/n) instead
"BRING IT HOT HEAD!" I shouted back
time skip to the end of the day
I was walking home when I spotted (y/n) she seemed to be arguing with her boy friend I hid in a bush and listened
" I can't believe you cheated on me an don't say it was because of the beer!"
"baby you know that i love you but sometimes I get bored and need a little fun"
"What are you talking about?"
and with that she walked off I could feel my blood boiling HOW dare he do that oh he'll be sorry.
I followed him to his house and when he was about to go to bed I made an knife made out of ice and tied a handkerchief around his mouth. he woke up and tried to scream I just laughed at his a temped this was going to be fun.
"mhhmhmhm" was all he said with wide eyes
"hehehehe I this will teach you for breaking MY (y/n) heart you dirty life form." I hissed at him but smirked after
I toke the ice knife and slowly stabbed him with pleasure. After that I went to (y/n) house the front door was opened I crept in unnoticed and knocked ( y/N) out as I held her in my arms I smirked and whispered “finely I can Have you all to myself my flame princess"
(y/n) pov
I woke up and had a splitting head ach 'what happened and why is it so damn cold' I thought
"ah I see you are awake my flame princess" someone said
"Who are you"
They just laughed
Just then Gray came out I was so shocked that I couldn't move well it's not like I could any way because I'm chained on a bed. "w-w what's going on Gray" I stunted
"ah so you do know my name, nothing just wanted to show you something " and with that he moved and there on the floor in a mess of blood and organs was my ex-boyfriend Sam. "SAM!" I screamed suddenly Gray was on top of me and kissed me roughly I felt dirty but when he wanted to deepen the kiss I bit his lip.
He growled and for once I was scared off him. "YOU BITCH YOU ARE MINE NOW SO STOP RESISTING" he slapped me and I cried he licked them "don't worry I'll be gentle" he whispered with a grin I suddenly screamed with pain and I looked to see that he had a knife made of ice carving the word MINE "you'll always be mine and mine alone HAHAHAHAHAHAHA" were the last ling I heard before everything want black.

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My maid, Mary came into my study panting and sweating. She looked worn out "what's wrong with you?" I asked with my eyebrows raised. "Sorry miss (l/n) I had to run," she spoke with a huff "and a letter from Ciel Phntomhive" she then passed the letter to me. "Excuse me (l/n) I must get back to work" she said and bowed and walked away after I dismissed her.
"Mr Phantomhive huh...THAT TWIT, how dare he bully, ignore and abandon me then request me to see me" I shouted, my voice echoed off the walls.

Ciel and I used to be best friends but when Elizabeth came he started to stop playing with me and started calling me names, like baby and idiot, however when his parents died in that fire he then started to give me the cold shoulder. Since then I stopped talking to him and now I have the third most successful company in England and damn proud of it. "Huh...what's this" I questioned Mary forgot to mention that this was an invitation to a wedding HIS wedding, he was marring Elizabeth I felt betrayed at this.



I was playing dress up with Ciel happily he was the daddy and I was the mummy, my doll was our baby. "I love you" said a 4 year old Ciel "I wove you too" I replied I was about 2, I had to go soon and his hand gripped mine "(y/n) when we are older let's get married" I blushed and nodded at him while smiling and before I left I gave him a peck on the cheek.


Flashback end

That was 9 years ago (I think not good at maths) and when Elizabeth came I don't know what I did to her but she just hated me. "MARY I've decided to go!" I shouted as she came rushing back to me and bowed "yes mistress, I 'll go and get the carriage ready and with that she was gone. I had sent a reply to Cial saying
"I would love to your wedding I should arrive in 2 days from (y/n)." And with that I want to go and get ready.

I had to marry Elizabeth but I still love (y/n). Sebastian then came into my study "young master a letter for you has arrived" he said and hands me it. I read through it and smirked it would seem I won't be marring Elizabeth. "Sebastian get the 'room' ready looks like there has been a change in plans. He bowed and said with a smirk "yes my lord" and left "soon (y/n) soon you will be mine once again" I mumbled as I gently stroked the picture of a 2 year old (y/n) and laughed.

TIME-SKIP to 2 days later




As we approached the mansion I couldn't help but feel uneasy not only was I going to see my ex-best friend and announce that I'm engaged too, but there was just something about these place that made me want to go back home. Oh I forgot to maintain that I was engaged to someone in fact he is my cousin something about keeping the family bloodline pure.

The carriage stopped and the door was opened by a handsome man he must be the butler. "Welcome my lady" he spoke with a voice that would make any girl faint or fall to their knees, he kissed my hand " thank you" I said with a confident voice as he helped me out. "Is Ciel here?" I spoke he just smirked which made me once again a little uneasy. "Yes my lady right this way" he said as he led me, I turned to Marry "Marry take my luggage to my room, please," I ordered. She nodded and walked away. As we walk closer to the study I felt like I shouldn't be here.

As Sebastian opened the door and there he was sitting there with the same god damn emotionless face. "Hello lady (l/n), it is a pleasure to see you" he spoke "the pleasure is all mine?" I said as if it was a question, but I was still thinking about how he said pleasure. He chuckled and said "chess" as he pointed to a chess board "sure" I said as we were playing " Ciel there is something I need to tell you" he looked interested until he saw my ring and stood up suddenly which caused the chess board to fall off the table.

He grabbed my arm roughly causing me to winced " WHO DOES THIS BELONG TOO?!" He shouted I was scared now "C-C-Ciel I-I-I.." Just as I was about to tell him there was a new voice now 'CIEL" when I heard that I never felt so happy to hear Elizabeth. I let out a sigh of relief.



I sighed with annoyance I was still angry at (y/n) how could she get engaged to someone else. As we walked down to the entrance I kept glaring at her I felt betrayed, I was only rude to her because I didn't know what that strange feeling was, but now I regret it now seeing how successful she become.

When we reached the stairs I saw the most annoying brat on Earth Elizabeth "Ciel how are you!?... Oh (y/n) hello" she said the last part with a lot of venom it made me what to snaps her neck. (Y/n) just nodded her head. We then walked to my study and sat down Elizabeth sat really close to me. "I'm here to tell you guys some news" (y/n) started "first congratulations to you two and..." She hesitated and looked at me I know in my eyes they held anger and possessiveness. "I'm getting married too" when she said that I felt jealous and angry but Elizabeth looked happy and relieved.


Time skip to night-time


I called Elizabeth to my study when she got there she look happy I just smirked. "Is there something you need?" She asked getting a bit scared and slightly backing a way.

No ones's pov:

Ciel walked over to her and was holding a very sharp knife. "tsk, tsk Lizzy I think you need to know what I really think of you" he said with a dark tone Elizabeth was now ready to run from when she heard a clicking sound and turned only to be greeted with Sebastian who just smirked. The only thing she heard was Ciel saying "I always hated you" before there was a scream.

(Y/n) was startled out of her sleep and got up "Elizabeth!?" She said but got a silent reply. "Elizabeth where are you?!" (Y/n) was starting to get scared where could she be (y/n) wounded as she was now in the hall. There was another scream this one sounded much more painful it sounds like it came from the study so she bolted down there.



I ran to the study while shouting Elizabeth's name. I might not like her and all but I'm still worried. When I stepped into the study and was shocked and felt like vomiting. There was all this blood everywhere and all over Ciel too, and there was a lump of something in the middle of the room.

"Tsk, tsk (y/n) what are you doing up at this hour" he said with an insane smile coming closer to me as I backed away. Then I bumped into something or someone "going so soon my lady?" It was Sebastian, "Sebastian I order you to clean up this mess," "yes my lord" and he left.
I looked back at Ceil "oh (y/n) you are mine ever since we were young and made THAT promise, HAHAHA" with that said it all went black.


No one's pov:

No one ever saw (y/n) and her maid Marry ever again when they found Elizabeth's body and thought she was murdered. However they say if you listen carefully then you can hear there screams of pain and pleasure of the spirits of the girls.

Moral of the story don't make any promises to Ceil.

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Your pov
I sighed yet again it's tough working at the bar with Tiffa. Just as I had finished giving drinks out to a group of rough looking men. The door opened I thought it was Tiffa but when I looked I paled it was Cloud.
Don't get the wrong idea I don't hate him but I also don't like him. The fact that he doesn't spend any time with Tiffa and the kids is what make me angry at him. "Tiffa isn't here" I said and looked at him he just nodded at me "can I help you with anything?" I didn't mean to sound bitter but with the stressful day I've had it just came out like that. He also looked a bit taken back.

But then Mr dickhead spanked me and said "hey sweet-checks how's about you get me n me mates a drink" he smiled at me I could see all his yellow covered teeth and rotten breath I looked back at Cloud and could see he had a snarl on his face and glared daggers at Mr dickhead. I just sighed but in my head I'm secretly playing out his murder, I got him his drinks then made a follow motion with my fingers and he followed.
Cloud's pov (very short)

I came in to the bar I needed to talk to Tiffa. But when I got there, there was (y/n) she still looked as stunning as ever with beautiful (h/c) and bright (e/c). And her skin was a delouses (s/t) just waiting to be covered in bites I felt lust take over that was until the men spanked her and called her sweet-checks I just wanted to kill him there. (Y/n) is MINE not his I saw her trying to get me to go over to her so I did.

(Y/n) pov
"What do you need?" I asked a little nicer " I needed to speck to Tuffa" his voice sounded different lower than usual and husky. "I'll tell her you came ok" I said and nodded and left once again sighed.
Timeskip a week later
I was out town again looking and feeling screed it had been a week since Tiffa and the kids disappeared and I haven't seen Cloud either. Once again I tried to call home but got nothing.

I was asleep when I suddenly heard a crush I awoke with start then a funny smelling cloth on my mouth it muffled my screams as I fall back to sleep.
When I woke up is was chained to the bed the was a noise and I looked at it, my eyes grow as I screamed again there right in front of me was Cloud he stared at me with a lust filled gaze. "You are do perfect I can't wait to brake you and take as mine" he said and licked his lips I shivered fear struck me "w-w-where is Tiffa and the kids" I studded he just smirked and said simply "gone". With that he roughly kissed me.
"Mmmmhuum" I shouted he just moaned and said “you are mine both soul and now body" the he ripped of my clothes off. Then I felt nothing I was broken.

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(y/n) pov
It has been 5 years since I've been here with my best friend Yui. She is apparently a bride for the six brothers who are um... how do I put it vampires and don't laugh. If you are reading this then leave, leave and never come back. Quickly before they find you. You must think I'm crazy but I've been locked up in this mansion, in a cell in the basement no one knows about. I can still hear Yui up there with them, I'm kept prisoner by one of them... the forth one. He keeps saying "you are MY beautiful doll MINE,MINE,MINE" he shouts at me to tell him that I love him abuses me and he took something very important from me... If you find Yui tell her I'm sorry I failed her and that I hope she gets out alive. This is my final wish...let me tell what happened at the start.

5 years earlier
My best friend Yui and I have been in this mansion for about 2 weeks the people that live here are called the sakamaki brothers who are vampires. So far I've tried to help them stay away from her I'm posing as her maid and it is NOT fun. I was making Yui's bed when suddenly I heard a childish voice behind me "ne Teddy isn't that Yui's maid" I stiffened at that voice out of all the brothers I disliked no wait I hate him most people are afraid of him I'm not. I'll admit he is creepy especially with his teddy bear he talks to all the time.
I just ignored him that was a mistake, because the next thing I knew was that I was thrown to the floor he looked down at me with a dark yet childish look on his face and he grabbed my hair and shouted "DON'T IGNORE ME YOU BITCH" he then slapped me after that he begin to laugh. I just glared at him through my tears, he then stopped and slapped me again harder this time "NO YOUR SUPPOSE TO FEAR ME NOT LOOK AT ME LIKE THAT!" with that he walked away.
I wasn't thinking and kicked the door opened all the brothers stopped what they were doing and looked at me as I marched up to Kanato. "Oi isn't the Pancakes maid" Ayato said but shut up when he saw my face people always said I had a devil look in my eyes when I was angry. "YOU" I said as I pointed at Kanato "YOU SPOILED BRAT. WHAT GIVES YOU THE RIGHT TO JUST BITE PEOPLE" he looked shocked as did the others but I just continued "YUI DID NOT GIVE YOU PERMISION TO BITE HER YOU DICK!" And I slapped pretty hard that he fell to the ground. Then I realised what I did and fear consumed me for once I feared what this monster would do to me so I ran out the
door to my room and locked the door.

Kanato's pov
After I bit Yui I began to wonder with teddy until I smelt a very sweet smell and followed it to Yui room, there was Yui's maid (y/n) she was making the bed and her neck was exposed. I often wounder what It would be like to sink my fangs into her (s/c) and drink her sweet blood and hear her moan my name. I said "ne Teddy isn't that Yui's maid" I said to my teddy I saw her stiffen but just ignored me I got angry how DARE she ignore ME so I throw her on the floor and grabbed her perfect (h/c) "DON'T IGNORE ME YOU BITCH" I shouted at her and slapped her on the face, but she just stared at me with a glare that made me Snapped at her. So I slapped her harder an grepped her hair again harder this time and yelled "NO YOUR SUPPOSE TO FEAR ME NOT LOOK AT ME LIKE THAT!" then walked away.
I went to the dining room where my brothers were eating and sat down I ignored Reiji lecture and kept think about (y/n)'s glare and what her blood would be like, and how she would sound well I sucked it. Just then my brothers stopped and I looked at the door there was (y/n) she had a deadly look in her eyes "Oi isn't the Pancakes maid" " Ayato said with a thoughtful look she marched up to me and shouted an pointed "YOU SPOILED BRAT. WHAT GIVES YOU THE RIGHT TO JUST BITE PEOPLE" I was shocked to say the lest she continued "YUI DID NOT GIVE YOU PERMISSION TO BITE HER YOU DICK!" and slapped me so hard that I fall on to the floor and sled a little she ran away. I got up and Laito said " hmm looks like Bitch-chan's maid has a backbone" then he laughed.
I just picked up teddy and Laughed too no one had ever stuck up to me like that, she looked so cute when she's jealous that's it she must want me to suck her blood I just grind and walked in the direction she want.

Your pov
I could hear his footsteps and hid in the closet "(y/n) there's no need to hid if you were that jealous of Yui and wanted me to suck your blood that much you could've asked" he said childish with a giggle I then realized what he thought and grow fearful. I did a muffled scream as the door was kicked opened "oh (y/n) come and have tea with teddy and me" I jumped when I heard the bed being flipped over. Then it was quiet too quiet. "AHHHHHH" I let out a ear piercing scream as the closet's door was ripped off its hinges "there you are (y/n)" then it went black.
When I woke up I was in a cell in a basement "Kanato w-w-where are you" then the lights turned on and I was on a bed with my left arm chained to the bed post and beside me was Kanato when I tried to move he opened his eyes and let out a growl. "(y/n) you woke me up now I have to punish you" and with that he bit my neck I cringed in disguise as I heard the sound of him sucking my blood. As I struggled he just held me closer "you are MY beautiful doll"
Present time
Now do you see tell Yui I'm sorry. With that I stabbed myself and everything went black again.
Third persons pov
As Kanato walked down to see (y/n) but when he found her with a knife sticking out he pulled out the knife and licked it "ne (y/n) why are you not talking" "DON'T IGNORE ME!" he just picked up her body and walked away with a skip in his step. If you go to Kanato's waxed doll collection on a fancy stand in the brightest glass case is a beautiful dol with (s/c), (h/c) and (e/c) wearing a (f/c) long dress under the case is a sign that says "(y/n)".

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(Y/n) pov
I hate my life ever since prince Aron was visited by a handsome I- I-I mean bad fairy called Maleficent (I couldn't find the male name for him) and he placed that curse on him it's been hell for me. Since I've been Stefan friend for years oh I mean King Stefan what an idiot. He had it coming to him after all he stole Maleficent's wings, yes I know about Maleficent we were all friends. I had a crush on him for years but now I hate him. Anyway as I was saying since I was KING Stefan's BEST friend he asked me no wait ordered me to look after his son with the fairy's and of course I said yes I didn't have a choice. But these small fairies are HORRIBLE fake parents I have to do all the work both house and baby work, it's extremely stressful. I swear I well kill them oh and I'm also fairy that had my wings cut off so I it takes longer for me to age. Anyway let me tell you about my life.

No one's pov
"Wheeee whaaaaa" (me impression of a crying baby) (y/n) woke up with a start as she looked around only to see the fairies still asleep " of course the pay forgot to feed him" sighed (y/n) she quickly went over to the baby careful not to wake up the fairies "shhhh shhh" (y/n) tried in vain to calm Aron down she didn't have a bottle just then a black crow came in and dropped a wrapped up flower full of milk in her hand "thank you" she said a little unsure the crow then nodded and flow away.

(Y/n) pov
As the back crow flow away I have the bottle to Aron and then sang hush a bye baby and he fall asleep in my arms as I put him back in his crib and smiled at him as I kissed his head he smiled back. As I looked out the window I thought I saw Maleficent smirking at me, but when I rubbed my eyes and looked again he was gone 'I must be very tired' and went back to sleep.
Time skip to when Aaron's almost 16 and has already met Maleficent
I was in the fields practicing my magic right now I'm about 36 but I look about 20. Anyway I was right now trying to freeze a flower when I was tackled by Aron and the position we were in was not one that a mum and son should be in even if I'm not his real mum. I was lying down with Aron on top of me straddling my waist and his hands are either side of my head and his face was dangerously close to mine I could feel his breath on my lips. Then my check felt wet and I saw him crying "ARON what's wrong?" I said worriedly he then got up and pulled me up as well then hugged the life out of me "(n/n) is it true" he asked "is what true?" I asked softly as I rubbed his back " Maleficent told me about how he put a curse on me" when I heard this I was ferrous at him how dare Maleficent tell him " I'm afraid so" I said sadly he started at me I smiled sadly and made him a chain with a pair of black and red wings on it and gave it to him.
"What is it" he asked but still put it on “it’s a chain with a charm on it" he ran his figure over it and smiled I always told him stories of how I used to have wings. "Thank you" he smiled then ran off I however went to the thorns and shouted with all my might "MALEFICENT GET DOWN HERE NOW!" Just then I blacked out and heard in a creepy tone "yes my sweet fairy I'm here"

Time skip to when Maleficent got his wings back
I've locked up here for years Maleficent got his wings back huh then the door opened " hi there my little fairy how are you?" He then laughed “please let me go please tell me what happened to Aron" I begged I had to at least know that he was ok. His eye then darkened "HIM why would you be worried about him when you have me, DO YOU LOVE HIM!?" All I could do was shack my head then his cold laugh bounced off the walls then he pinned me to the wall and kissed me roughly "MMHHM" I tried to scream he opened my mouth with his tough when he pulled apart there was a string of sliver that connected us. "You are MINE get it MINE not Aaron's no one but ME, I think you need to be reminded" and with that I became tainted by him.

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(y/n) pov
I was on my way to the park with my little brother and sister they were identical twins their names were (b/n) and (s/n) they may look the same but they are total opposites. (b/n) is shy and quiet and (s/n) is loud and bossy but they are both very protective of me. When we got there (b/n) and (s/n) immediately ran off to play on the playground I laughed at them. I was just setting up the picnic when I heard my boyfriend Light's voice and another it sounded feminine 'that's strange what would he be doing here?' I turned and looked and my brother and sister to check if they were okay. Then I snuck over to the tree and hid behind it, Light was there and standing a little too close to him was...MISA AMANE! What was she doing so close to him he is MY boyfriend.

'he will reject her after all he is my boyfriend and I'm his girlfriend' I kept thinking that as I continued to watch after the accident thanks to Kira he helped my siblings so he would never cheat. Just then I felt my world crack and break I felt like killing myself, because I saw Light kiss Misa she looked shocked at first then she looked at me and smirked at me and kissed back they started to make out. Not wanting to watch anymore I turned away and walked back when I got back to where the picnic was I saw my little angles sitting there "Sissy I'm hungry" (s/n) said with a whinny tone I smiled sadly at them and looked at the food "why don't we go and get some ice-cream? I asked "YEAH" they both shouted at me and with that we were off.

Time skip brought to you by a cheating Light~
When we arrived home (b/n) and (s/n) both smirked at me which frightened me exceptionally since (b/n) almost never smirked. "What did you do?" I asked and (s/n) held out my cell phone and on it was a picture of Light and Misa kissing my eye widen at that "now you have proven so that when you confront him you have proven of what he did" (b/n) said happily. I almost cried "thank you so much" I said gleefully and hugged them.
The next day I was getting ready for school and went down stairs on the news it said that another few people had died of a heart attack "bloody hell" I whispered "sissy we have to go now or we'll be late" (s/n) complained "coming!" I yelled back at her as I turned off the TV and grabbed my bag
At school I saw Light and quickly pulled him into an empty classroom he looked shocked at first then once he saw me he looked at me with cold eyes 'his never done that before' "what do you need (l/n)" he said with such a harsh voice once again I felt like crying. "we need to break up, I saw you and Misa making out at the park yesterday and I have a photo right here" I said shakily as I showed him the photo. He just said "Good I was getting bored with you anyway" and he brook my phone yes that's right he brook my FUCKING PHONE! And that made me pissed off, normally I'm a very clam person but make me angry and you will wish you didn't. I punched him in the face and shouted "HOW DARE YOU, YOU BASTARED THAT TOOK ME YEARS TO BUY YOU DICK, WHY DON'T YOU GO AND FUCK YOU NEW GIRLFRIEND YOU STD DUMBASS!" I was huffing and puffing and I was pretty sure I was red in the face and tears were fulling from my face and I ran home.

Lights pov
I went to the park to go on a date with Misa yeah I know (y/n) is my girlfriend but I want something new even though I still love (y/n). Just then I saw Misa walk over to me "what about (y/n)?" Ryuk asked "I want to try something new beside (y/n) is getting boring" I said “you humans sure are interesting" Ryuk said with a smirk on his face and ate an apple. Misa came up to me and hugged me "hi there Light" she said with a large smile on her face after we talked for a bit I saw (y/n) out the corner off my eye and kissed Misa I felt her smirk. I don't know why but I felt disgusted but kept going after (y/n) had left I stopped making out with her and took her back to my place, and we all know what happened then.

At school someone grabbed my hand and dragged me to an empty classroom there stood (y/n) "what do you need (l/n)" I made sure to make my voice harsh she looked like she was about to cry "we need to break up, I saw you and Misa making out at the park yesterday and I have a photo right here" she said but all I could hear was we need to break up I didn't want to break up with her I just wanted to make her jealous in a fit of rage I grabbed her phone and brook it, she looked so mad and she punched me shouted "HOW DARE YOU, YOU BASTARED THAT TOOK ME YEARS TO BUY YOU DICK, WHY DON'T YOU GO AND FUCK YOU NEW GIRLFRIEND YOU STD DUMBASS!" she had tears streaming down her face and she ran out the door. I heard Ryuk sniggering at me, I just glared at him and walked to class.

(y/n) pov
It had been a few days since then and I met another man named (m/n) he was nice and kind to my siblings and me, he helped me with my problems and helped me ignore Light. Light has been trying to talk to me for days and has been sending me gifts and notes it's kind of creepy. As I was walking home I felt someone watching me. I kept looking around me I wasn't watching where I was going and walked strait into an alleyway and felt a rag put on to my face "mmhmhmmhm" I tried to scream but it came out muffled. I started to feel sleepy and the last thing I heard was "don't worry (y/n) they won't keep us a part".

Lights pov
After (y/n) fall into my arms I took her home mum and my sister were already asleep and dad had to stay late to work on the kira case. As I tied her to my bed I heard her stirring awake "huh L-l-Light where am I!" I walked up to her and patted her head "somewhere safe" "no Light get away from me I want to go home!" she then bit me. I hissed in pain "you've been a very bad girl lately, going out with other men and paying no attention to me only to those little brats" I was getting annoyed because I began to tighten my grip on her arm. "oww Light let go and don't you dare call them brats ever again" she said sternly at me that made me snap I turned on the TV and the news was on the reporter started talking "yesterday two young children were found dead because they were murdered by (m/n) who then died of a heart attack their names were (b/n) and (s/n) (l/n)" after that I turned off the TV she was crying hysterically.
"I wrote it all down in this" I dropped the death note down in front of her "any name I write and the time and how it happens they immediately drop down dead" I opened it to the page that had their names in it. "Don’t worry I love you and that's all you need, you don't need (m/n) or (b/n), (s/n) (l/n) only ME!" with that I kissed her forcefully and I asked to enter her mouth but she refused, so I groped her left breast and she moaned allowing me entrance. After we brook apart I touched her face "I love you SO much" and no matter what you'll AWAYS BE MINE HAHAHAHAH!"

Chapter Text

Leon Kennedy
(y/n) pov
It’s been 2 years since the Zombies came I remember everything, Umbrella was experimenting with something called the T virus it was designed to make a biological weapon known as B.O.W. But the virus escaped and got into the air so the red queen who was a supercomputer the head of the Umbrella cooperation, she had to take action so she killed everyone the only problem was that they didn’t stay dead. The T virus heals dead cells in other words it brings back the dead.
I worked with the one and only Leon Kennedy my hero and lover he and I have been dating for a few years ever since this zombie apocalypse happened. As I walked into our room I heard Ada and Leon arguing “No….I…LOVE…YOU…OUT!” that was all I could hear then Ada walked out looking pissed as she passed by me I don’t hate Ada I just don’t like her she likes Leon and I know that Leon likes her as well I walked into the room and hugged Leon from behind “you ok?” “yeah” he nodded then smiled at me and he kisses my cheek. Just then Albert asked everyone to go to his office “huh I wonder what he wants” I asked Leon just shrugged and we walked there as soon as we got there Becky ran up to me and hugged me “Hi there (n/n)” “hey Becky how are you?” I asked hugging back “Good!” she shouted and ran back to Alice who nodded at
me with a smile and I did the same to her, Jill came in with Claire and Chris Redfield .

Albert Wesker spoke up “I’m sending a team out to look for the other team that has not came back yet” everyone was on the edge to see if that was them to be fair we were all really board and have been itching to get out of this house. “Chris, Leon. Ada and (y/n) will be going” I felt happy and angry at the same time why did Ada have to be in the team “get ready you leave in 1 minute” Albert said and kicked us out Chris came over to me and smiled “hey looks like we’re on the same” I smiled at him “yeah at least I have one friend” as I said that I glared at Ada talking to Leon “wow trouble in paradise” Chris said laughing and soon I joined in that was until Leon came over and grabed me waist then rested his head on the crock of my neck “hi Chris” he said but his voice had a dark tone to it. Chris just glared at him and walked away “what was that about?” I asked he just shrugged and grabbed my hand “let’s go” he the dragged me to the helicopter Ada was glaring at me and our hands, the ride was very awkward to say the least Leon and Chris kept glaring at each other and Ada kept glaring at me as soon as we landed I was relived.

TIME SKIP because I’m too lazy
After the mission was over we were excursed the team that we were supposed to find were died and I was heartbroken. At one point Leon had to make a choice in either saving Ada or me from falling into a pit of undead and guess who he choose, he choose ADA! Not me luckily Chris came in time to stop me from falling and for that I’m grateful. I was walking back to Leon’s room when I saw him with Ada hugging and not a friendly hug either THAT WAS IT I can’t take this anymore I thought as I walked up to him “LEON KENNEDY WHAT THE HELL DO YOU THINK YOU ARE DOING” I shouted pointing a figure at him, “N-nothing just giving Ada a hug after all I almost lost her” he said glaring at me “oh yeah well then you can give her a bunch more because we are through” as I said that I walked out I only got out the door when I heard Ada giggling then kissing noises I began to cry.

Chris was walking by when he saw me crying and bent down to my leave “Hey it’ll be ok you don’t need him” he said wiping tears away I smiled at him and hugged him “thanks” I whispered. Chris smiled and gently took my hand “let’s go and get something to eat” I nodded food sounded really good right now when we got to the eating place (I didn’t know what to call it) I saw Leon and Ada siting together smiling and laughing I felt like crying again but instead sat with Chris and started to eat some food.

Leon’s pov
On the mission Ada and (y/n) where about to fall so I ran over and grabbed Ada’s hand I was just about to grab (y/n)’s as well but Chris got to her first I couldn’t help but glare at him how dare he touch her soft delicate hands “thank you” Ada said snapping me out of my thoughts I nodded at her and we continued. After we got back (y/n) wasn’t talking to me as I was in my room thinking about it when Ada came in and started to hug me just when (y/n) came in and started to shout at me that we were through I felt broken as she walked out Ada then giggled and started to kiss me but I stopped her and said that I didn’t like her like that. She nodded sadly and asked if we could still be friends and I agreed so here we are talking and laughing just then (y/n) came in with Chris she looked at me sadly then went to go and sit next to that idiot I stared to laugh “don’t worry (n/n) I will get you” I whispered completely ignoring Ada.

(y/n)’s pov
I felt a very disturbing vibe as I walked around the place and it felt like someone was watching me as I got into my room I was knocked out. When I woke up I was in some basement chained to a bed with nothing but my bra and panties I started to panic then I heard a noise “who’s there” I asked then I saw Leon “oh thank goodness it’s you now help me out of here!” I shouted. But Leon just walked up to me and climbed on top of me “now why would I do that it took forever to get you here to start with” after I heard that my blood froze “w-w-what?” he just chuckled and licked my neck “your mine sweetheart and always will be” then he kissed me roughly after that I never saw the sun ever again or anything besides Leon and he finely broke me.

Chapter Text

(y/n)’s pov
I was a new transfer student at Kisaragi academy from (y/c) it took a while to get used to things but thanks to the class rap whose name was Ayumi Shinozaki who was obsessed with occult things and likes to scare the shit out of me. She has black hair styled into two big pigtails, held with pink head ties, her eyes are orange (that’s what the internet said but I think it’s blue but what are you gonna do). Like all the female student uniforms she wears a blue short-sleeved uniform, the collar tied with a red bow, a blue skirt, crew length white socks and red shoes.

She introduced me to her friends whose names were Seiko Shinohara, Satoshi Mochida, Naomi Nakashima, Mayu Suzumoto, Sakutaro Morishige and Yoshiki Kishinuma. I quickly became friends with Seiko and Naomi they were fun to be around, Seiko and I were always teasing Naomi about her crush on Satoshi it’s funny to see her face burn up like a tomato the only person who didn’t like me was my crush Yoshiki. I was walking down the hall to get to class when I heard a voice “you have to shape up your act Mr Kishinuma or else” “or else what?” Yoshiki asked rudely I couldn’t hear the rest after the teacher walked away I walked up to Yoshiki.

No one’s pov
As (y/n) walked to Yoshiki he turned around to her and looked like he would stab a bitch (y/n) shivered and faulted for a moment but kept going. “what do you want?” Yoshiki said in a venoms tone “I-I-I just wanted to see if you were ok” (y/n)’s angelic voice replied “I’m fine” Yoshiki said while clenching he fits. “Okay I just wanted to know hey if you ever need a fri-“ ‘BAM!’ (y/n) was harshly shoved into the wall behind her tears were starting to fall from her eyes as her back was in pain “STOP TRYING TO PREDEND THAT YOUR ALL NICE AND INNOCENT!” as he said that (y/n) felt her heart being stabbed as he continued “BECAUSE YOUR NOT YOU’RE A FAKE BARBIE DOLL JUST LIKE EVERYONE ELSE I WANT YOU TO STAY AWAY FROM ME UNDERSTAND!” before she could reply he was already gone (y/n) felt devastated and so from that day she completely ignored Yoshiki.

Yoshiki’s pov
After I yelled at (y/n) and walked off I felt sad and angry but I had to do it I couldn’t fall in love with (y/n) I wouldn’t be good enough for her. Yes I do have a crush on (y/n) ever since she first walked through the classroom’s door I know that she was mine and I would make her mine it started off as a simple high school crush but slowly it started to turn into something more twisted and dark, like every time I saw her with another man I wanted to rip his head off and every time I saw her get hurt I enjoyed it. This started to scare me so I had to do something about it and this was the only way and I hated it.
It had been 5 months since that incident with (y/n) and she still wouldn’t talk to me and what’s worse is that she’s going out with a someone I’ve tried to apologize I now know that it was a mistake but she just ignores me and it’s driving me crazy. I startled scream snapped me out of my daydream I looked and saw (y/n) squealing and clinging to me I couldn’t help but smirk her touch almost made me lose control. Just then the lights went out which caused all the girls squeal oh yeah and Satoshi “come on Ayumi cut it out your scarring all the girls” I said pointing to the girl “but it’s not me” Ayumi said sounding worried (y/n) suddenly pushed me off and glared at me I felt angry but kept a straight face.

(Y/N)’s pov
Time skip to after the charm
“H-Hello?” I quietly asked I don’t know how long I’ve been in here for after we did the sachiko ever after charm because Mayu was going to a different school. I heard something it sounded like…AYUMI! “HOLD ON AYUMI!” I shouted and ran in the direction it came from but when I opened the door I was the one screaming there on the ground was Ayumi’s body she wasn’t moving and had a knife sticking in her left eye and multiple cuts to her body, but what was worse the person standing above her that person was Yohiki. In his right hand was a pair of bloody scissors and in the other was… a TONGUE Yoshiki slowly turned to me with a big crazy smile on his face “(y/n) there you are I’ve been looking for you” he sang while slowly moving towards me he throw the tongue on the ground I backed up slowly until I got to the door then I bolted down the hall “don’t worry (y/n) I’ll find you”.

The chase was on I kept running and I could hear him right behind me so a made a sharp left turn and I ran into a door it was empty besides a few cupboards and closets. I ran and hid behind one of the large closets just as the door opened up “(y/n) where are you? Come out MY LOVE! I WILL FIND YOU!” he started to shout and I tried not to squeal as he began to knock things over he walked where I was and pushed a closet over it landed on my leg successfully braking it I screamed out in pain. Yoshiki started a laugh and walked up to me he kissed me roughly I tried to push away but he started to push down on my broken leg making me open my mouth in pain, when I did this he shoved his tongue in and started to bite my bottom lip I couldn’t help but moan a little. He stopped kissing me and said “(y/n) you are MINE and will stay with me FOREVER!” He put his face near my neck and said “you’ve been a bad girl time for your punishment”

Chapter Text

My name is (y/n) (l/n) and I know all about demons, spirts and what not after all my rival is Satan’s son that Bitch. I’m not really human either nor am I a vial creature like Rin Okumura I’m half angel and before you start shouting at me that, that’s not possible let me tell you it is very possible. My father was an angle sent to destroy demons when he found my mum she was shacking with fear as one was standing above her, dad killed it and when he laid eyes on her he immediately fell in love with her as she did with him. The two spent the night together doing you know what sadly dad had to go back and he left a heartbroken pregnant young women mum eventually had to marry someone her parents found for her. The child that she gave birth to was hiding from everyone so that they wouldn’t be taken away from her, the child aka me was born with (h/l) (h/c), (s/c) and (e/c) but that wasn’t why I was so strange the reason for that would be because I had a pair of black wings that had a golden (r/s), I spent years with no friends beside my mum who loved me very much all was good until that day happened…

I was enjoying my day running around the garden when a strange men came up to me and of course me being innocent I said hello to him. “Hello mister, are you lost?” he looked at me with a strange look and spoke in an eerie voice “yes little girl I am, is your mother home?” I smiled for once someone who wasn’t afraid of my because of my wings, I nodded “yes she’s over her” as I was turning to go to mum a strange large grin stained his lips. “MUMMY, MUMMY THIS MAN WHAT’S TO TALK TO YOU!” I shouted while running to her she turned around with a soft smile however when she caught a glance at the man behind me her face showed concern and fear “(y/n) COME AWAY FROM THE MAN!” She shouted at me “huh” I said and turned to look at him and I screamed.

He now had a pair of black horns, his teeth now were razor sharp with a pair of fangs he lifted his hand and was about to kill me I remember closing my eyes screaming. “(y/n)! “ I heard mum shout as she ran to me and shielded my body with her own “mummy” I whispered all I could see was crimson red everywhere. The demon tasked “stupid women I only needed the girl” he looked at me with crazed eyes I felt something touch my face when I looked I saw it was my mum despite all the pain she was in she still had a soft smile on her face “sweetie I love you with all my heart I’m very proud of you, now you must go run and don’t look back ok?” tears were now falling down both our faces. Before I could reply the demon was about to kill us a blinding light and a scream pieced the silence mum had a giant smile on her face before she shut her eyes I remember her whispering “ know you would came my love.”

Standing there was my dad looked like a normal man besides the black wings and sward he had, I looked up at him with awe and he looked down at me with a soft smile “hello angel” he said and of cause more demons came and he fought them while protecting me that was until he was stabbed “DADDY!” I shouted with tears coming down my cheek I heard laughing and that’s when I lost control I screamed as I picked up dad’s sword and with the help of my wings I ran and slaughtered every single one after that Mephisto found me and took me in he enrolled me into True Cross Academy over time I learnt to hid my wings. I wanted to kill every demon and I wanted to kill Satan.
Present time…

“Y/n). (l/n)!” *BAM* I woke up to a very angry Mr Okumura my eyes slowly turned to look at my desk and there was a book that had been slammed down on my desk. “miss (l/n) because you don’t normally sleep in my class I’ll let you off with a warning” I nodded “yes Mr Okumura” I said he smiled “good now then” he went back to teaching the lesson the whole time I felt someone looking at me.
Class was over now and everyone was talking with their friends, everyone besides me I the ‘loner’ of the class which was fine with me. I was walking to my dorm which I had to share with the Okumura brothers I have nothing against Yukio his fine however his brother Rin I have a BIG problem with not only is he that bastard’s son but his also very annoying, pulls pranks on me and calls me freak I mean if anyone here is a freak it’s him. Anyway when I opened the door to my room *splash* I gasped I was drenched with water “RIN!” I screamed while running to his room and pounded on his door, he then opened the door with that damn smirk on his face “why hello (n/n) how may I help you?” he said in an innocent voice “cut the crap and tell me why there was a bucket of water that greeted me today” “I have no Idea” he said with an innocent face I got so angry and without meaning to I said “you know what I’m so full of you and what you do to me I hate you and I always will you asshat” I didn’t even look at him as I ran out of the building and ran all the way to my parent’s graves when I got there I started to cry.

Rins pov (short)
(y/n)’s words kept repeating in my head like a broken record how could she hate me “hey Rin you ok?” yukio asked I just nodded and sat down at the table “oh where’s (y/n)?” yukio asked. Why would he need to know what does he like her?, are they going out? Do they love each other? As these thoughts went through my head I began to feel angry and tightened my grip on the knife “Rin what are you do-AHHH!” Yukio yelled in pain as I stabbed him over and over I was enjoying this and started laughing and muttering “she’s mine” over and over. After the 20th stab I finally began to walk out of the room and followed (y/n)’s foot prints with a grin on my face.

(y/n) pov
I stopped crying when I heard a snap “hello is anyone there?” I asked when I was only greeted by silence I quickly grabbed my sword and let my wings out, “my, my look at little (y/n) she thinks she can defeat me” the voice taunted I saw an outline of a figure “show yourself!” I demented “certainly” I gaped it was Rin except he looked deferent. He had two blue flams that looked like horns, and a black tail, his sword was glowing blue he had a smirk on his face and someone’s blood all over him “Rin?” I asked in disbelieve he just smirked at me “who’s blood is that?” “Yukio” he said and shrugged casually “WHAT” I felt rage swell within me, he frowned and said “(y/n) if you come with me and promise to be mine only then I won’t hurt you” “go to hell” I hissed at him and charged with all my might.
Time skip because I’m not very good with battles
No I can’t believe I lost Rin was standing over me with his sword at my throat “I win now time for my reward” he had a dark look in his eyes and I felt like crying I shut my eyes and when I opened them we were in a bedroom *click* I looked up to see my hands were cuffed to the bed “now let the fun begin” he said while locking his lips.

No I tried to shut but couldn’t because he had gagged me “mmmmhhhmhm” was all that came out “don’t worry you’ll enjoy it” he began to kiss my neck until his lips landed on a spot I couldn’t help but moan a little at this, smirked and bit down on my neck his fangs pieced my neck I screamed in pain “mhmmhmhm!” “Harsh” was all he said while sucking at the spot soon he started to continue kissing my neck all the way down until he was stopped by my shirt.
“let’s take care of this” Rin then cut my shirt and bra off “look at this and it’s all mine” he said and roughly kneaded my (b/s) “mhmhmh” I moaned a little but I mainly in pain, Rin then bit my left nipple and circled his tongue around it I was moaning now and was disgusted with how my body was reacting “see I told you, you’ll like this” he said with a smirk he did the same with my right. After that he then cut my pants and underwear off “this” he then began to roughly rub my womanhood “is mine” he hissed and quickly took his clothes and roughly entered me it felt like someone was ripping me apart stop please I was silently begging but he kept going, I felt a knot forming no please don’t I kept whispering but no matter how much I begged I cum Rin smirked and pulled out then cum all over my bare tummy “you will never leave this room, you will never talk to anyone but me and you will never be saved because you are MINE welcome to you nightmare” he said smirking.

Chapter Text

(Y/n) pov
I was walking home with my best friend (bf/n) he/she was talking about their crush and how they owned this shrine I sighed "really we're talking about them again if you like him/her so much then just ask them out already!" I yelled in frustration (bf/n) just laughed. "Don’t worry (y/n) you'll get a crush soon" they said "there’s a reason why it's called a crush" I mumbled "oh and why might that be?" They asked I smirked "because that's how you feel when they reject you" (bf/n) just slapped my arm. We finally got to (bf/n)'s house "see ya (n/n)" he/she shouted and ran into the house "bye" I mumbled and kept walking to my apartment, once I finally went inside I heard a voice "yo (n/n) how was school?" I screamed and punched the person who caused and yelped "what the hell was that for?!" Oops... I had punched my friend Yato the wanna be god.

"Sorry Yato but to be fair you did enter my house without my permission" I said he just huffed "so had any requests lately?" He looked at me and blushed "n-no" he said "oh good cause I have a request" once I said this he starred eagerly I began to tell him about
(bf/n)'s crush on (r/n) and asked if he would do this once he nodded I smiled "thank you so much here you go" I was trying to give him 5 yen but he shook his head "nope I want something else" "oh what?" He shrugged "you'll find out" and with that he was off. A day later (bf/n) called about their crush that turns out to like them back I was happy that Yato did this for me but I was very curious about what I was supposed to pay him well I didn't have to wait long because as soon as I got home he was sitting on my couch. "The hell?" I mumbled "(y/n) I'm here to ask for my payment" he looked a little nervous I nodded my head "will you be my girlfriend?" once he asked this I was shocked because I had a crush on him for the longest time "YES!" I shouted and...we kissed...then went to sleep.

time skip A few years later
It's been a few years since my boyfriend Yato and I started going out at first it was amazing and extremely fun but as of late he's been a bit how should I say it possessive. At first it was cute but now it's very irritating I can barely walk into the backyard without him asking billions of questions, and it all ways ends in the same way. With me not going anywhere besides inside (bf/n) has been dreadfully worried about me he/she had just broken up with (r/n) and wanted me to comfort them sadly that was the last text I ever got to read before Yato hid my phone somewhere. I'm too scared to break up with him in fear of what he might do something to me.
Anyway one day I had finely had worked up the courage to confront Yato about this "Yato!" I shouted "hm?" He said looking at me "I have something to tell you" I gulped at the look he was giving me it was so cold ok you can do this I encouraged myself. "I would like to break up, don't get me wrong it's been a wonderful time and all but you’re just getting to possessive!" I blurted out and was very proud of me for not stuttering. "What did you say?" I gulped he had a crazy look in his eyes and now that I remember he has killed people NO I thought I will do this "I said we should break up" "oh really well we can't have that now can we" just when I was about to question him everything went black.

Yato's pov
After I knocked (y/n) out I then picked her unconscious body up and kissed her on her forehead "you're not going anywhere" I whispered and began to walk down to the basement of the house. When I got down there, there was a bed in a cage I open the door and carefully set (y/n) on the bed and stood away a little so I could admire her.
"So beautiful and mine" I whispered and kissed her on the lips just as I was walking away I heard groaning "mmm what" I turned to look at her when I did she starred at me in fear which made me lick my lips "hello~" I purred "s-stay away y-you mon-ster" she tried to get up but I chuckled and pushed her back down then I got on top of her "tsk tsk and just where do you think your going?" I asked she glared "away fr-om yo-u" I chuckled "don't you get it, you will never be able to get away from me because YOU ARE MINE! Plus that was the payment for your wish" I then started to kiss (y/n)'s tears away "shh everything will be okay."

Chapter Text

I had woken up to nothing but darkness "huh you'd think I would be use to this by now" I said while looking for the light switch, as soon as I found it I then flicked it and soon the whole room was lit "wow that's bright" I hissed out. I walked into my bathroom and quickly got changed into my maid outfit (ha you all thought she would be a bride nope she's a maid instead. PLOT TWIST!) After I did that I then ran into the kitchen and started to make the vampires and the bride some breakfast. Everyone slowly walked into the kitchen then first being was Reiji and the last was Ayato no one but the bride Yui said anything to me, because to them I'm nothing more than trash it did make me lonely tomorrow it'll be my 18th birthday and once again I'll be by myself again.

"Ah good morning (y/n)" Yui said while nervously walking to her seat I turned to her with a slight smile "good morning mistress" I said while bowing to her I also turned to the six vampire brothers and bowed "good morning masters" of course none of them even glanced at me that was until I looked up and saw the eldest Shuu looking at me with an intense look. I gulped and quickly walked back into the kitchen I just realised I hadn't had my breakfast so I began to cook myself some and quietly graves a small red bag and opened it, in it was a herb this herb makes my blood small awful so if I cut myself it won't smell nice which means no vampires.
As soon as I had finished my meal I then went to change into a causal outfit (you guys can pick any outfit you want) I then grabbed the shopping list and my bag as I was leaving I saw Yui and the boys getting into the car, I was going to start walking when I once again noticed Shuu staring at me I felt a shiver going down my spine and not in a good way. "Miss (y/n) where do you think you're going?" Reiji asked I squeaked a little "just to do the shopping master" I said and composed myself he nodded and got into the car I kept walking to the shops.

Shuu's pov
I couldn't help but stare at (y/n) she was so beautiful I kept starring at her neck it was so tempting I felt my fangs twitch, I know about her special herb it may change the smell but it did nothing to the taste. I kept thinking what her beautiful face would look like in pain and what her voice would sound like when making screams of pain just the thought made me ach for her. When I came back home I walked into the music room and there I saw her holding a blooded finger in her mouth that's when I lost control.

(Y/n) pov
I was cleaning the piano when I cut myself on one of the keys "ow" I muttered and started to suck on it to try and stop the bleeding, I froze up once my hand was snatched by Shu "m-master is there so-something I-I can help with?" I stuttered. He just chuckled and spoke "you think you're so clever don't you?" I was confused what was he talking about just then he reached into my breast pocket and pulled out my little red bag, I gasped and tried to grab it back but he just held it up higher "nope I know what this is" he was now dangling it in the air.
"Please master give it back" I whimpered I saw him shiver at this "I will only on one condition" I nodded my head and he smirked "good first you are now my bride" as soon as he said this I was scared I didn't want to marry a vampire, "second this blood belongs to me" before I could do anything he began to piece my neck I screamed in pain "yes that expression is perfect" I heard him say before everything went dark. I was now in a nightmare that I couldn't escape.

Chapter Text

(y/n)’s pov
“huh” I sighed once again my love Anders isn’t coming to bed Justice keeps him up every night trying to free the mages, Justice has being working Anders to the bone lately much more than usual when I see him my heart always aches he has dark bags under his eyes, hair is always messy and he looks so very pale. I don’t take him out on quest anymore due to the fact that I’m scared he might die or worse due to his weaken state, there that or he refuses saying that he must focus on freeing the mages. My friends have tried to comfit me but my worry just keeps coming back, templars are harassing me more and more about Anders I’m getting very stressed what’s worse is that I’m still trying to cope with the death of my sister Bethany and mother. I’m becoming so stressed that it is now turning into a dangerous level of depression so today I’m going to see Varric and the gang and play a game of cards and drink my depression away.

No one’s pov
(y/n) was getting ready for this evening when a knock down stairs startled her the voice of Bodahn helped her to calm down a bit “sorry sir but sir Hawk is busy at the moment” “yes I know but I have an important message for her” the voice of Cullen made (y/n) blush a bit. She did have a crush on him yes she thought it would’ve stopped by now but with the way Anders has been behaving it only grow stronger. (y/n) quickly rushed down stairs not noticing a curtain blonde hair mage glaring at Cullan, “CULLAN!” (y/n) shouted with a blush on her face “(y/n) I have a very important message for you” Cullan said also with a noticeable blush (y/n) nodded and led him into the study before she turned to close the door she finally noticed Anders and smiled at him than she shut the door. Anders glared and felt Justice stirring inside him “you must eliminate that Templar before he turns our (y/n) against us” and for once Anders agreed with him he walked back into their room with an evil plan in his head oh this will be fun he thought as the door shut.

Cullan’s pov
I blushed as (y/n) shut the door dirty thoughts begin to form in my mind once I got a look at what she was wearing, it was a short dress that was a nice cherry red and was low cut, she had nice shoes that matched the outfit, her (h/c) hair was done up so her clear (s/c) neck was visual just begging to be kissed and marked I could feel myself harden “damn” I muttered “hm?” I heard her lovely voice say “a-a n-nothing” I stuttered I’m a fucking idiot I thought to myself she was staring at me with those innocent (e/c) eyes “sorry for interrupting you and Anders” I hissed out that abomination’s name if he didn’t mean so much to (y/n) I would’ve had him made tranquil long ago. She looked sad “can I tell you something?” she asked I nodded my head “ever since this war between mages and Templars began Anders has been distant he doesn’t come to bed or show any affection to me anymore, like when my mother died he didn’t comfit me and that was the moment I needed him” when she said this I felt angry how could he, he had the most beautiful woman in the whole of Ferelden and yet he ignores her. “However you did comfit me and you saved Anders from being taken by the circle” as she said this she got closer to me with a red face that could put tomato to sham it was cute “you were always there for me I kind of always had a crush on you and I thought it would go way over time but it only got stronger” I blushed did she just confess to me, “I know that you can’t and probably don’t love me but I just wanted you to know” just as she was pulling away I couldn’t help myself and I kissed her on her sweat plump lips and let a little moan escape me.

(y/n)’s pov
I couldn’t believe it Cullan my crush was kissing and I was kissing back I felt a little guilty about Anders but after this I was going to end this with him I felt no connection anymore. I felt Cullan’s tongue ask for entrance and granted it I moaned as I felt his tongue explore my mouth and play with mine, after we parted due to oxygen “wow” was all I could say he chuckled he whispered in my ear “ will you be mine?” I nodded “yes I’ll brake things off with Anders” he seemed pleased and kissed me again then said he had to get back to work and left with a wink which left me a giggling mess. After I calmed down and made myself presentable I walked out I screamed when I felt hand on my shoulder and turned around there was Anders but he was angry and had blue cracks all over him oh no I thought “hey Justice and Anders” I mumbled the hand on my tightened on me painfully “ow hey loosen your grip please” I hissed out “NO MORTAL WHY WERE YOU TALKING TO A TEMPLAR YOU ARE GOING TO RECK EVERYTHING!” shouted Justice right in my face. I slapped his hand off me I’ve had an enough of this “Anders or Justice which ever you are we are throw I can’t handle this you give me no attention and always say that I wreck everything so get out of my house” I stated quite calmly he looked shocked good! A shiver went down my spine and not the good kind as he went back to being Anders guilt ran through me as he packed his things and started to leave, he looked like a puppy that just got kicked. Before he left he turned towards me with a dare I say sexy smirk on his face “don’t worry I’ll pay a lot more attention” he then walked out “what the hell” I muttered I looked outside in saw that I was going to be late for the get together I rushed outside and ran to the Hanged Man.
After a night off drinking and laughing I was walking back home I was still fairly sober but for some damn reason I decided to go through an alleyway so far all was peaceful that was until I saw someone wearing a black robe “blood mage damn” I whispered and stopped walking I forgot to bring my weapons I blinked then the person was in front of me and it was none other than Anders himself “wha-“was all I could say be for everything went black.

Anders’s pov *-*
After (y/n)’s outburst it made me furious after all I’ve done for her this is the thanks I get then it hit me she thinks I’m not giving her any attention well I’ll have to do something about that but for now I have to get rid of the damn Templar I know what he did, he tainted her plump lips that was my property (y/n) herself is mine not his I was walking towards the gallows were the circle was there was Callen perfect. Callen glared at me once he saw me walking over to him “Callen (y/n) has requested to meet her at a spot that’ll show you” the pricks face brightened at this “led the way” he nodded as I began to led him to my clinic that was too easy. Once we got into the basement of my clinic I knocked him out and tied him up with chains then I entered his mind into the fade as Justice who smirked as he began to torture Callen until finely I stabbed him as he screamed and begged for mercy I thought about (y/n) screaming out in pain and begging for mercy I licked my lips at this thought.
Once I had finished with that I went to look for (y/n) once I found her I knocked her out with magic and teleported us into my basement and strapped her to an operation table (I think that’s what they are called) I used my magic and she opened her eyes with a gasp “A-Anders?” her voice made me smirk just imagen it screaming out in pain “yes love” I cooed at her “where am I” her expressing was delouses “in my basement where I do special operations” I said as I grabbed a knife from the tools on a table beside her “stop please stop” she begged “HAHAHAHAHA IS THIS ENOUGH ATTENTION!” I chuckled loving every moment I slowly dragged the knife down her chest towards her heart the fear on her face was perfect, “see you later love” I said and stabbed her in the heart her scream was beautiful. Now every time I sleep in the fade I always see (y/n) and I love to play games with her poor soul.

Chapter Text

Your pov
I was once again walking around the streets with the other undead I sighed even though I'm affected with the bloody virus I'm still human in a way, I mean sure I have grey skin and I'm missing a few chunks here and there also my left eye is gone. But I can walk and talk normally and I can eat food but only very little and I can control my bloodlust. So as you can well imagine I'm very lonely these other zombies are boring and they fear me, because one group tried to attack me but I killed them and ate their bodies since then they have feared me. Just then I heard a big bang I turned and saw smoke I smirked "oh this will be interesting" I muttered and ran towards it.
That was my first mistake.

As I walked I saw what appeared to be the gates of the White House zombies of all different shapes and sizes had gathered around only then did I notice the humans...wait HUMANS! Could my prayers have been answered now all I have to do is get to them without them shooting me. Just as I look closer I felt my world fall apart “no not him” I mumbled as I spotted a man wearing a grey body suit, black gloves, a black utility belt and black leather boots he had short brown hair and a stubble “shit” I muttered I saw him look in my direction and I quickly looked away it was him it was Chis Redfield. I know him from when we were kids his sister Jill and I were best friends we did everything together, I didn’t mind Chris but that all changed.

I was skipping around the park waiting for my best friend Claire and her brother Chris I blushed at his name I have a crush on him, I told Claire and she supported me and said that I should confess to him. My face brightened at the sight of them “(n/n)!” Clare shouted running up to me and gave me a big hug I returned it “Clare” Chris came up to me and messed up my hair “hey there kid” I pouted I hate it when he calls me that anyway we played for the whole day. When I got home my parents were fighting again so I walked to my treehouse however once I got there I heard voices so I climbed the ladder and opened the door, as soon as I did I screamed there was Chris covered in blood he was stabbing the boy next door to me his guts were spilled everywhere. Chris looked at me “ah hey there (y/n)” I ran all the way home and hid under my bed, the next morning I received news that the Redfield’s had moved away.

I shivered at the memory but I also wanted answers why did he kill that boy, why did they move and did Clare know about her crazy brother? I noticed that the fence was right next to a tree so I could climb in if I wished. “Oh what the heck” I sighed I’m dead anyway and I needed answers and I’m going to kill Chris myself thanks to him I was terrified and heartbroken. I smirked and licked my lips and stalked over to the tree and began to climb once I got to the fence I jumped over it and landed on the ground I completely forgot where I was and shouted “YES!” just then a bright light was on me and I was surrounded by people with guns pointed at me “fuck” I muttered once I said that their eyes widen “what did you say” one woman said “I said hi my name is (y/n) (l/n) what’s yours?” I flashed a grin she looked quite taken back “um Alice” I nodded “aren’t you supposed to be attacking us?” a woman with brown hair asked she wearing a pair of ripped jeans, white shirt that was covered by a red jacket she looked oddly familiar. “Nope if I did I would be shot and if I’m shot then what use could I be to you” I shook my head chuckling a man with sleek blond hair, a pair of sunglasses, black leather pants, black shirt, black gloves and to top it off a long black coat “and what use are you to us alive?” he asked with a smirk. I smirked back “well I’ve been affected by the viruses yet I can still walk, talk and eat like a human plus I can get you pass the Zombies outside with no trouble” he nodded looking impressed.

As soon as everyone left I felt a tap on my shoulder and there standing in all his fucking glory was Chris bloody Redfield he had a sicking grin on his face “why hello kid” I just glared at him and when no one was looking I grabbed his neck and squeezed it “listen here stay away from me you’ve already destroyed my childhood” he just smirked “and I plan on destroying more than that” he choked out. I was disgusted “you’re such a sicko” I hissed and he winked at me, I dropped him and walked away.

It had been a few months and as I thought Clare doesn’t remember me but that’s okay I don’t really mind however her brother harassed me everywhere I go first it was fine but now I’m getting worried, sure I could always snap his neck but lately I’ve been feeling very weak “oh (y/n)” oh no not him again I felt a cold hand on my shoulder “there you are” he whispered into my ear “what the hell do you want” I hissed at him “relax I come in peace I just wanted to give you (f/f) to show that I’m sorry” he held out (f/f) to me and I took it I stared at him “I’m not hungry” as soon as I said that my tummy started to rumble “fine” I huffed, and took a bite things stared to get fuzzy I could make out Chirs’s smirking face “you s-son of a bit-ch” then it went black.

Chapter Text

I was 7 when the virus started it killed my family I was now an orphan then came the vampires they took all children that was left and for protection we in return give our blood. I hated it we were called livestock I wasn't just some cow! I was walking down the street I didn't have a home, since everyone one here came with family, everyone but me. So I don't have a house I live on the streets that was until I met the sweet innocent boy named Mikaela and his rough short-tempter friend Yūichirō Hyakuy, I went back with them to their house where I met there other family members. That night was the best night of my life it felt really good to be with a family it made me miss my family. things were looking much brighter after dinner Mika said he had a map to help get us out of here I was so excited if only I hadn't been so careless then I could've saved us all.

"(Y/N)!" "huh" I was broken from my train of thoughts by a voice I lazily turned my head to the side and saw Yuichiro walking over to me "oh I Yui~" I teased him he turned so red that it would put tomatoes to shame "baka don't call me that" I just chuckled. ever since that day Yuichiro and I have become very close friends some people even think we’re in a relationship which is partly true were more like friends with benefits, but I won’t lie I do have a small crush on the hot head and I was glad that my first time was with him damn that was awkward. I snapped out of my thoughts and turned as I felt a warm breath on my neck "(n/n) why aren't you listening?~" I was about to answer but was cut short when I felt my kiss all up my neck, until he found my sweat spot "ahhh~" I quietly moaned as he be again to suck on it. Just as I was about to say something he pulled away "oh you are such a fucking tease" I had turned red and he just flipping laughed. “Come on we've got some vampires to kill" he said as he gently grabbed my hand and began to pull me along "yes Yui~" I smirked he just tightened his hold.

Everything went smoothly that was until I spotted a blonde haired vampire who looked just like no it couldn't be could it I was so caught up in dreamland that I didn't notice just how close I was to him until a voice snapped me out of it "(y/n) I finally found you" I looked up and saw Mikaela "is that really you Mikaela?" He nodded and smiled a little I just shook my head "no you can't be him he died" the Mikaela look alike looked sadly at me. "No I survived I was turned into a vampire by the vampire queen" I did the only thing I could think of and fainted. Once I a woke I found myself in a comfortable bed “mmm” I looked around and found out that I was in an expensive and fancy looking room “where am I” just as I was about to walk out of the room I felt arms snake around my waist and a husky voice whispered “looks like someone’s awake” I tensed up I knew that voice anywhere, I quickly shoved him back and turned around and stared at him “FREID BATHORY” I screeched and backed away from him. He just smirked “ah so the little lamb remembers me” he licked his lips and I shivered in disgust before he could do anything someone grabbed him by his throat standing now in front of us was Mikaela “don’t you dare touch her because if you do I will slice your throat and let you bleed to death” his eyes held no emotion besides bloodlust.

Chapter Text

Third pov
(Y/n) was a plain but pretty girl she had (h/l) (h/c) that she always wore in a (h/s), she had lovely (s/c), her favourite colour was (f/c) she had big (e/c) and she her body type was (b/t). What's more is that when she hugs a person of the opposite sex or is under a great deal of pressure she transforms into a (f/a) and no she isn't part of the zodiac. (Y/n) has a very good friend called Tohru she was with her when she met the shomas and first saw them transform, of course she was surprised but happy to meet people like her. This story begins with a curtain (h/c) girl just about to go home from school.

(Y/n)'s pov
"Ahh" I sighed as I stretched my arm I felt so relieved to hear that final bell signalling everyone that it's time to head home, call me weird but I quite like school the reasons are that the work keeps my mind of a curtain someone that I might have a huge crush on, the other is because I live alone in an isolated area so that I don't change in front of other people so no one is around much so I enjoy the lively plead known as school. Just as I had opened my locker a letter fall out "that's odd" I thought and bent down to pick it up I examined the envelop it was (f/c) with my name written neatly on it, as I was examining it I didn't notice Tohru, Yuki and Kyo walk up to me.
"Hi there (n/n) how are you" Tohru's sweat voice startled me and I jumped successfully making Kyo laugh at me and I scowled at him. "Oh no sorry (y/n) I'm so, so sorry" Tohru kept apologising "ah it's okay Tohru" I was trying to calm Tohru down while resisting the urge to beat Kyo up just then Yuki came up to us and placed a hand on Tohru's shoulder "it's ok miss Honda I'm sure (y/n) is ok" she nodded and blushed, I was also blushing since I too had a crush on the prince of the school but I would never go out with him because that would hurt Tohru's feelings! As soon as they had gone on their merry way I opened the letter and read "hello (y/n) I have something to tell you and was wondering if you would meet me in our homeroom from anonymous."

I raised an eyebrow at this alright I though and I began to walk to my homeroom think about the letter "oh my" I gasped what if it's a love confession, I started to laugh at this "oh please like anyone would ever want to love me" I whispered to myself. When I opened the door I was quite shocked to see Yuki standing there once I shut the door it caught his attention "um...hey Yuki what do you need?"

Yuki's pov
Just as I had hoped the door opened and in walked (y/n) she looked beautiful as she walked over to me "um...hey Yuki what do you need" I felt a shiver go up my back as she said that, "ah miss (y/n) I have something to tell you" she nodded as if tell me to continue. "I love you miss (y/n)" she began to blush "I love you as well" I couldn't help but smile but soon that smile faded, "but I can't be with you because I have a dear friend who is also in love with you, and I don't want them to be upset or heartbroken" I felt anger build up within me I know who she meant " I don't remember giving you a choice" before she could say anything else I knocked her out.

(Y/n) pov
Everything hurt and there was a throbbing in my head I remembered that Yuki had knocked me out because I rejected him but where am I now? I slowly opened my eyes and what greeted me was not a very pretty sight Tohru's body was hanging from the roof her tummy was cut open with her guts spilling out, next to her was Kyo and he didn't even look like a person anymore as his limbs looked like they were sloppily cut off by a saw. I felt like throwing up not only that but I felt disgusted with myself as a small part of me was quit glade that she was died and found pleasure in seeing her like this I jumped once I heard a voice "hello there (y/n) do you like the gift I made you?" Once I looked over to the owner of the voice I saw Yuki with a large grin on his face, it toke me sometime but I realised my best friend and only family member I have is dead and I'm happy about it, my best guy friend is also dead and I don't care so I did the thing I lest expected I laughed loudly. "Yes they are quite nice" I said while grinning he began to chuckle as well "Yuki I
L-O-V-E youuuu~" I sung he smirked "and I love you too (y/n)!"

Chapter Text

"There they are" (y/n) whispered as she looked at the Hitachiin twins you see (y/n) has had a crush on the two boys for a very long time, sadly she couldn't master up the courage to actually talk to them so she settled for watching over them and making sure that they were okay. Now the twins weren't dumb they know that a curtain (h/c) female was stalking them and they always tried to ignore her but sadly they couldn't so one day they tell her off what a mistake they made once they find out that they can't live without her. (Y/n) was about (y/h) she always had her hair done up in a (f/hs) and her big (e/c) were always dull and not full of life she was in the cooking club as it was one of her hobbies she also liked (f/h). As she had just finished cooking her soon to be lovers a plate of octopus shaped winners (or whatever they're called) 'oh I hope they like them what do you think'

(y/n) turned to face her best friend waiting for a reaction 'um yeah I'm sure they will' there was something strange in her eyes (y/n) nodded and walked out with her plate. As she saw the twins and raced towards them 'um mr Hitachiins I m-made th-this for yo-u' (y/n) stuttered before handing them the plate Kaoru the nicer twin shaky took it from her hands however Hikaru the more rough twin had, had enough, 'look (y/n) you're really creepy and wired you follow us everywhere and are always muttering this to yourself, so do us a big favour and leave us alone' he finished with a clam look on his face. However (y/n) looked heart broken her crushes just insult her and told her to leave them alone not only that but Hikaru then grabbed the plate off Kaoru and throw all the food in the bin next to them, (y/n) ran away with tears in her eyes. 'Hikaru don't you think that was a little harsh? I mean she wasn't that bad looking plus it's kinda cute how she would follow us around like a lost puppy' Kaoru smiled Hikaru just huffed 'she'll be back you'll see' little did they know that (y/n) could care less about them now she had her heart broken.

(Y/n) sat near the fountain crying when she heard a voice it was her friend but what shocked her was that she was laughing a cruel laugh 'oh silly little (y/n)' she taunted (y/n) looked confused 'w-what are yo-u talking ab-about?' Once again her friend let out an other laugh 'the twins would never have loved you, I mean look at you your ugly no one would be caught dead with you, you're weird and creepy no one will ever love you!' (Y/n) looked hurt well more now. 'But your supposed to be my friend' the other girl just looked disgusted 'me your friend? Ha you're dumber then I thought I was only pretending so that I could win a bet which by the was I have thanks to you oh and by the way I wouldn't show my face if I were you' (y/n) was about to ask why when a phone was thrusted into her face on the phone was a video of her and the twins as it played it shows the event that happen not so long ago, she could see that it was posted up to (r/w) (btw (r/w) means random website) (y/n) was now enraged how dare she with that thought she marched up the bitch and slapped her hard enough that it sent to the floor before she ran home.

It had been 5 months since that day and because poor (y/n) had been bullied so very badly her parents took her out of school and transferred her to an all girl school (can anyone guess which school that is?) she had joined a club and made new friends however one day her club had informed her that they had to go to Ouran high school to preform, of course (y/n) was against it but after seeing their puppy dog eyes she couldn't say no. Back at Ouran the twins changed per say after hearing that (y/n) had transferred they at first were quite happy then they found the video and saw it had been uploaded by her friend soon after that they began to feel lonely and bored they dare I say missed her. Until one day they spotted her walking in town, their heats skipped a beat but not from fear no but from an unknown emotion of course they followed her all the way to Lobelia academy and waited to follow her home. After that day they began to take pictures of her and stalked her though they prefer protecting any boy or girl that dare show any interest her was immediately disposed off their fist victor of course was the little bitch that made her transfer in the first place. Everyone knows that she belongs to them after all she is their toy and everyone knows that the twins don't share.

(Y/N) was walking through the halls of Ouran ah so many memories flooded her brain she had learnt that her ex friend had gone missing some where even afraid to speak to her which she found odd. She came across the familiar doors of music room 3 'huh why am I here? I guess my feet have a mind of their own' she whispered to herself, the (h/c) girl shrugged and thought what the heck the twins have probably already forgotten me so she opened the door and as usual rose petals blow into her face and a faint 'welcome~' could be heard as she looked at them. Standing in the middle tall blonde with blue eyes his name was Tamika he was dressed in a knight outfit in fact everyone was, standing around him was Kyoya, Mori, Honey, Haruhi and them the twins Hikaru and Kaoru. Tamika bowed at the girl and said 'well hello their princesses if I was to die right now it would be to protect you~' at first she was confused as to why he said princess when she heard two familiar voices 'oh really you'll protect us that awfully arrogant of you' Chizuru said Hinako continued but (y/n) stopped listening a as she felt a pair of eyes staring at her, as she turned she felt a strike of fear shot through her they were smirking at her and in their eyes they held an strange emotion one that (y/n) was quite familiar with due to the fact that she had once felt the same the for them I have to get out of here she thought when everyone was distracted she bolted out of the room.

The twins both smirked at each other and nodded as they also ran after (y/n) it was now a game of cat and mouse and everyone knows that no matter how cunning the mouse may be the cat always wins, as they were running down the hall they spotted they (e/c) beauty running into a room the twins looked at each other their smirks never leaving their faces 'too' Hikaru started 'easy' Kaoru finished as they walked through the door and slammed it shut locking the door.
(Y/n) tensed at the sound how could I be so stupid she thought she slowly turned to she the two 'listen I don't know what you want but please leave me alone' she tried to put on a brave face 'oh silly (y/n)' Hikaru stated walking up to her so that he was behind her he wrapped his arms around her waist and a cross the top of her breast, (y/n) blushed heavily 'what we want' Kaoru then continued while walking up so he was standing in front he wrapped his arms around her lower and higher back. 'Is you' they both finished as they lend so their mouthes were next to her ears and nibbled on them (y/n) felt pressure on her neck before she fell limply in their arms, 'finally we have our new toy' the twins smirked at each other.

Chapter Text

Why can't he just love me like I love him? Why can't he see that I would do anything for him? I would kill someone just to have him for myself he is mine. I have a shrine dedicated to him, I have a piece of his luxurious white locks, a band add covered in his delicious crimson red blood, an apple that he had bitten mmm I can still taste him. So why can't he just love me!

Why can't she just love me like I love her? Why can't she see that I would do anything for her? I would kill someone just to have her for myself she is mine. I have a shrine dedicated to her, I have a piece of her luxurious (h/c) lock, a band add covered in her delicious Crimson red blood, an (f/f) that she had bitten mmm I can still taste her. So why can't she just love me!

Let's take this back a bit this story starts off with a naive young girl by the name of (y/n) (l/n) , you see this girl didn't know the first thing about love so did however believe in love at first sight and that is what got her into this mess in the first place. Now young miss (y/n) had one friend and his name was Nagito Komaeda as soon as she saw him she know she had to make him hers, ironically he thought the exact same. At first he was polite and a little awkward but that soon changed when their class was suddenly taken to a beach by a pink rabbit and this is where the real story begins.

I was watching him again why is he always with Hajime ever since we found that brat on the beach unconscious Nagito has been clinging onto him like a child clings to their mother, "oh my gosh (y/n) are you okay?!" I was startled and turned around only to find Mikan with a worried look I felt something wet going down my hands as I looked down I found out that it was blood I had been clenching my fists so hard that my nails had drawn blood. Mikan came running over to me with a startled expression she began to bandage my hands, no one but me likes Mikan I don't understand why she's sweet and helps me a lot. Wait that an idea suddenly came to me that's it all I had to do was kill Hajime it was so easy but first I would have to get Nagito away from him, as I looked in their direction I was surprised to see Nagito looking back at me he looked furious about something interesting. Soon my dear you will be mine.

I was talking to Hajime when I suddenly heard Mikan shout "oh my gosh (y/n) are you okay?!" I turned to see Mikan touching my (y/n) she was bandaging her delicate soft hands how dare she. (Y/n) looked up at me and I blushed before turning away I already had a plan in my head I was going to led Mikan away from (y/n) then I was going to kill her I was thinking of cutting her head off then to make sure that (y/n) knows that she is mine I'm going to carve my name on her, sick satisfaction filled me as I smile droll was dripping down my chin. Soon my dear you will be mine.

I was walking around with Mikan she was still shocked about the death of Byakuya who was actually the ultimate imposter they were murdered by Teruteru Hanamura shocking I know but I was trying to calm Mikan down she's been crying "Mikan it's alright I'm here" she stopped crying for a moment and looked up at me with a hopeful glint in her eyes "r-really" she hiccupped, I nodded happily. Just then I saw Nagito and Hajime that ugly little green monster began to show it's self again time to put my plan into action I turned to Mikan "hey Mikan there's something I need to tell Hajime" she got a blush all of a sudden "oh I get it alright I'll go and get something to eat" she gave me a wink before walking off. I turned to the pair hiding my disgust "Hey Hajime come here I need to show you something" Hajime was shocked but nodded and walked over to me as I led him to my cottage "what did you want to show me (y/n)?" Hajime said I just laughed a cruel laugh "poor, poor, poor Hajime I would say that I was sorry but I'm really not." Before he could say anything I took the knife from under my sleeve and sliced his throat, I smirked down at his pathetic form I turned around just in time to see someone at the door.

I was walking with Hajime and spotted (y/n) with Mikan and gripped the knife under my sleeve soon that damn nurse will be gone, I felt myself smile at that. I heard (y/n) call out to Hajime to follow her I made a mantel note to kill Hajime next as I followed Mikan. "hey Mikan can I talk to you for a moment" the girl squeaked and turned to face me "h-hello Na-gito" the timid girl replied, I smirked and walked up to her "you are spending far too much time with (y/n) time to sleep" before she could question me I took the knife out and started to stab her over and over until all life drained from her. I walked over to my (y/n)'s cottage and opened the door only to find her standing in front of a lifeless Hajime, she turned towards me and looked like she had been caught doing something bad "well, well, well looks like you've been a bad girl I'm going to have to punish you."


Third person's pov

Nagito walked up to (y/n) and roughly planted his lips on hers as she gasped he sunk his tongue into her mouth, (y/n) started to kiss back with the same amount of passion. Teeth began to clash agents each other, tongues ferociously fought for domination and while (y/n) was distracted Nagito pushed her onto the bed as she lay there dazed he grabbed some rope and tied her hands to the headboard. (y/n) looked up at him with a smirk "oh please do punish me~" he just chuckled and gagged her, as he started to bite and nibble on (y/n)'s neck as one of his hands traveled down to the buttons of her (shirt/dress/pants) once all of her clothes and underwear was removed Nagito kissed all the way to her chest he started to kneed her (s/m/l) breast "you are so beautiful and so mine I can do whatever I want to you and you couldn't do a thing about it." Just hearing Nagito talk like that made (y/n) wetter Nagito was drinking in the sight of (y/n) laying down under him tied to the bed and gagged, tears in her hazy eyes, lust clearly in her eyes and sweet that glistened down her body and the moans she was making made him get hard down south. Nagito lowed his mouth down to one of her pink, fleshy nipple and stuck his mouth over it and began to suck and nip at it while with his other hand he roughly squeezed her other breast. "mmmmuuuhhh" (y/n) moaned as a drip of saliva dropped down her chin at that moment Nagito took his mouth of her breast and licked up the saliva. "time of the real fun~" (y/n) moaned louder as she tried to rub her legs together, Nagito bent down so he was level with her now drenched underwear he was looking into her eyes as he took the trim it into his mouth and started to pull them off. Once they were off he took a moment to admire her "mmm that looks tasty" he said as he seductively licked his lips, (y/n) got even wetter if that was even possible. Nagito started to lick and nibble on her clint he put in two fingers and started to stretch her vagina it wasn't long before (y/n) came all over Nagito's fingers screaming into the gag. Nagito aggressively thrust his penis into (y/n)'s hole she screamed into the gag but he didn't slow down instead he speed up, he moaned feeling (y/n)'s warm pussy squeeze around his cock. Not long after that they both came panting they looked at each other with passion and shared a passionate kiss before going to sleep in each others arms.

Extra ending!

"And the culprits are Nagito and (y/n) they killed Hajime and Mikan" everyone couldn't believe their ears they gasped at the pair, who just looked at each other and grabbed each other's hands. Monokuma chuckled "that's right!" just as he banged then desk with his hammer bother nagito and (y/n) mouthed "I love you" as they were taken away and executed.

Chapter Text

(y/n)'s pov

I was walking to the host club I had been sent by honey's mother to bring him his cake that he left at home, you see my name is (y/n) and I work at the haninozukas as Mitsukuni personal maid which means I basically cook cake, eat cake and play with toys. I opened the door and as usual rose petals flow into my face.

"(Y/n)!" I heard my master say he came bounding over to me.

I bowed respectfully "master I was sent by the mistress to deliver the cake you left at home" Honey pouted he all was did when I addressed him as master or Haninozuka he insisted that I call him Honey and only Honey.

"Oh (y/n) how may time do I have to tell you to call me Honey."

I just stayed silent and gently placed the strawberry cake on the table next to me, as I was about to walk out when I felt a rough hand on my arm, I froze in fear what did I do this time? Did I not give him the right cake? You see most people are distracted by Honey's cute and innocent look that they can't see the real horror behind them. But I can. I found out not to long-a-ago as I used to be happy, cheerful and excitable but now I'm unable to even put a real smile on my face, Honey at first was fun to be around and kind to me now I wish he would just disappear and before you start yelling just quit well you see I tried but he threated my family they're all I have so I chose to hide all emotion. I turned around slowly and I swear it was the most terrifying thing I had ever seen Honey stood there with that 'innocent' smile which means I'm in BIG trouble.

"Y-Yes master," I silently cured myself for stuttering I saw him smirk at that and a shiver travelled down my spine, I shifted my gaze to the other hosts only to find them preoccupied with their other guests.

"yes come and eat cake with me," He had a look in his eyes and I know that I couldn't say no so I nodded my head obediently and followed him like a lost puppy, I saw a group of teenage hormone raging females give me the stink eye I just rolled my eyes and flipped them off they can have him if they want. We got to the comfortable white looking sofas I silently sighed in pure bliss as my butt landed on the seat darn these rich people.

"(y/n) would you like a piece of (f/f) cake?" he tilted his head to the side I nodded as that was all I could do and he happily served me I also noticed that he seemed to me ignoring his other clients well I'll get hell from them later I just know because this wouldn't be the first time this happened. His damn fangirls always came at me with insults that even a 2 year old could out due Honey knew this I think he just took sick pleasure in it but of cause they would suddenly disappear never to be found because he would eat them after baking them into a cake (Oliver much). Time seemed to take forever as the bell rang I silently praised the clock Honey said farewell to his clients and turned to me I gulped.

"(y/n) you can go home now," he gently placed a hand on my (s/c) check I tried not to flinch away, "When you get there I want you to change into that maid outfit I bought for you, and to make me tea and cake" he gripped my chin roughly to the point that it started to hurt and roughly kissed me I had no choice but to respond. He then walked out of the room to go to his next class while I silently cried. I walked out and was corned but the same fangirls that were glaring at me before. Here we go I thought keeping a straight face.

"You stay away from MY Honey!" I had to cover my ears bitch I thought before replying.

"I cannot do that as I am his maid there for I have to be beside him at all times" her face turned cherry red as she glared at me.

"You are nothing more than a lowly servant, you can easily be replaced" she must have thought that would upset me because she was smirking looking pleased with herself I just shrugged like I would care, she decided to get physical and started to slap and punch me her lacks joined in.

"What is going on here!" everyone froze standing there was honey but not the cute honey they were used to no it was the demonic honey that I was used to. The girls backed away in fear funny that isn't it, after all weren't they just abusing me and shouting out that he was there's and now they're terrified of him.

"H-Honey what are you doing her-" she was cut off as Honey had just kicked a hole throw her chest it was disgusting as the girls guts were spread all of the wall behind her as her lifeless body fell to the ground the others started screaming only to have similar thing happen to them. He turned to me and started to stalk over to me with a smirk blood was everywhere he grabbed my face and kissed me before everything went black.

"No matter where you go I will always be there my sweet little cupcake."

Chapter Text

'In a town in the woods at the top of a hill'
'There's a where no one lives' 

I was walking to the pub to meet with a few of my mates once again rent was due and I couldn't pay on time so now I have a week to pack up my stuff and move. I'm hoping that one of them will let me crash at their place. I opened the doors to the pub and immediately saw them all sitting at a table with beers I smirked and stealthy crept over to them once I was close enough I yelled scaring the daylight out of them. 
"Oi (y/n) what the hell mate!" (F/n) shouted he was glaring at me as was the others I however was laughing as I set down on the old creaky chair and was handed a cup of beer (or whatever you want) 
"So what's wrong?" Sally asked I just sighed and explained to them my situation.
"Damn I wish I could help but I'm having my wife's parents over" Steve said the others also had things planed I just sighed again.
"Thanks anyway" I muttered.
"You know there's a house on that hill that no one lives in I hear it's for sale and it's cheep as well" the waiter interrupted our conversation as she took our now empty glasses. It actually wasn't a bad idea but hear that it's haunted but what else I'm I going to do? 

'So you take a big bag of your big-city money there'
'And buy it.'

The house was old and run down looking kind of like the ones in the horror movies. The rusting door made a loud 'creek' once I pushed it open I flinched at the noise. I took a good look at it some of  the wallpaper was missing, the floor boards were broken and there was piece of furniture covered by a dull grey sheet.
"Huh" I muttered but shrugged I'll just call the carpenters and what not tomorrow after all I'm pretty tired, I yawned before I walked up the creaky old stairs to the second floor where I found a bedroom I changed the sheets and then went to sleep.
'But at night when the house is dark'

'And you're all alone, there's a noise upstairs'

I awoke with a jolt as I heard a noise that sounded like footsteps I began at shake what was that or more importantly who was that? So I got up and walked over to another flight of stairs and began to walk up them, my heart was pounding all the way.

'At the top of the stairs there's a door'
'And you take a deep breath and try it.'

I was face to face with a black door that was probably in better shape than the rest of the house my heart felt like it was about to burst right out of my chest it was beating that fast. 
"Okay deep breath (y/n) you can do this" I was trying to motivate myself but it didn't do much, still I did a deep breath and opened the door which was a surprise I thought it would be locked I opened it fear immediately filled me.

'And the flashlight shows you something moving'
'Just inside the door'
'There's a tattered dress'
'And a feeling you have felt somewhere before...' 

I felt something similar about this before but what I found scared me. It was a doll she/he looked so real if it wasn't for the broken eye I would of thought it was real. 

'And there's a creepy doll'
'That always follows you'
'It's got a ruined eye'
'That's always'
'And there's a creepy doll'
'That always follows you'
'It's got a pretty mouth'
'To swallow'

If you pick the female one:
She had lightly tanned skin and beautiful long sliver hair, amethyst coloured eyes one was closed while the other was broken and was open wide she also had a small smirk on her face. She was wearing a brown tank top with black short shorts, underneath them wore purple tights and brown high heeled boots. On her arms wore black and white striped arm warmers (I think that's what there called) she also had a choker. 
"Well hello there darling~" she purred out I was shocked did she just talk?

If you picked the male one: 
He had lightly tanned skin, and wavy short sliver coloured hair, amethyst eyes one was closed while the other was broken and was wide open he also had a smirk on his face. He was wearing a long sleeved grey shirt with some buttons undone so that some of his chest was showing, there was a scratch on it. He had a pair of jeans that had stitches to keep it together, he also had some black and blue sneakers.
"Well hello there darling~" he purred out I was shocked did he just talk?

'So you scream and you close the door'
'And you tell yourself it was just a dream'
'In the morning you head into town'
'Cuz you wanna go antiquing.'

"AAAAHHHH!" I screamed and shut the door. What the hell was that? Was that even real? I shock my head no it couldn't have been real after all this was all probably a dream. 
"I shouldn't have eaten that left over pasta" I muttered as I trudged back to my room, as soon as my back hit the bed I felt drowsy and yawned. I heard the door open I  lazily turned my body to the door there standing was him/her.
"It's just a dream, it's just a dream" I kept muttering to myself as I watched their smirk grow into a large sick grin.
"Oh but my darling this is anything but a dream" s/he snuck their icy cold arms around me I was far to tired to move away what s/he said my sent shivers down my body and not the good kind I soon fell asleep with her/his hands rubbing my back soothly the last thing I saw was her/his large grin.

I awoke with a fright and looked all around me but the doll wasn't there.
"Oh what a crazy dream" I sighed note to self don't ever eat pasta again I got up and began to get dress and ready for the day of cause I stayed far away from that door as possible even if it was a dream I didn't want to take any chances. I decided to got into town and have a me day to get my mind off that stupid silver head doll. I went into my car and drove once I got into town an antique store caught my eye, I had never seen it before so I decided to go to it after all what's the worst that could happen?

'In the store there's a strange old man'
'With a wandering eye and a withered hand when he hands you the old wooden box'
'You can hear his old bones creaking.'
'And you know what you will find inside'
'The moment that you see'
'That someone's carved your name into'
'The tarnished sliver key'

Once I opened the door a bell alerted the owner that I was here.
"Hello there madam/sir, how may I help you?" I jolted at the newcomers voice standing there was an old man. He had grey hair and a very wrinkly face and eye patch on his left eye while the other was a soft green colour that held wisdom, his outfit was an old one like the one they used to wear in the olden days I than realised he was still wanting for my answer.
"A-ah yes sorry I'm just looking" I stuttered a soft smile graced his face as he nodded. I began to look around there was all different types of interesting objects I turned around and jumped back as right in front of me was the strange old man. He passed me a box it was the size of a coffin but it of extremely light and had a lock on it I was quite confused. 
"Here is a gift for you as you are my 100th customer" the old man said I gently held it so that it was standing next to me 
"Um thanks" I awkwardly said he smiled and nodded. And handed me a sliver key I almost freaked out once I saw my name (y/n) carved into the key after that I decided to go home.

'And there's a creepy doll'
'That always follows you'
'It's got a ruined eye'
'That's always'
'And there's a creepy doll'
'It's got a pretty mouth'
'To swallow'

After I parked the car I opened the door as usual I was treated by the same creaking noise however when I looked up I yelled standing there was a very, very, very angry silver haired doll person thing I gasped.
"And where were you" s/he shrieked at me all I could do was gasp like a cod fish s/he just stopped up to me and seized my chin and all s/he said was two terrifying words.
"You're mine! " than s/he roughly captured my lips that action sealed my fate forever.

'When you come home late'
'The doll is waiting up for you'
'And when you fix a snack'
'The doll says it would like one, too.' 

It has been a few months now and I was going crazy, when ever I want to leave the house I have to try and sneak out I've tried to get help but no one believes me they all think I've lost it, and after I come home which is often late s/he is there glaring at me I get a punishment after I've tried to fight back but I swear this doll isn't even a doll it's not made of purslane or plastic. I now have to buy food for two as s/he apparently can eat so every time I make a meal s/he always asks for one this thing is tiring me out so much that I've lost a lot of sleep. 

'The doll is in your house'
'And in your room'
'The doll is in your eyes'
'And in your arms'
'And in your head'
'And you are crazy'

This has to stop I thought to my self as I looked at the thing in my arms hugging me tightly after another punishment my body ached so it was covered in bruises and cuts, all I think of is Silver which is what I've decided to call her/him 
"I'm sorry my love but I've told you before not to leave with out my permission," s/he kissed my forehead,"I love you."

'Now it's late and you head downstairs'
'Cuz you just can't sleep'
'So you make some tea'
'And the doll disapprovingly asks'
'If you really need that much honey'

I decided to clear my mind so I want down stairs and made some tea I smiled as I smelt the fragrance of (f/t) flavoured tea. I added some honey to sweating it just as I was about to swallow some of the now sweet honey. 
"Do you really need that much honey?" I was now longer surprised by Silver' sweet/rough voice I just ignore her/him and take a sip, I felt her/his arms slid around my waist and torso s/he start to bite my ear and whisper how I am never going to escape her/him.

'You decide that you've had enough'
'And you lock the doll in the wooden box'
'You put the box in the fireplace'
'Next to your bag of big-city money'
'As the smoke fills up your tiny room'
'There's nothing you can do' 
'Far too late you see the one inside the box'
'Is you'

I've had it I thought as I pushed Silver of me and into the coffin I got from the strange old man and locked it I then put it side ways into the old fireplace and light a match. I dropped the match and it started to burn however the torn rug caught on fire and smoke soon filled the entire room everything was becoming red. Once again I felt arms sneak around me.
"I told you we'd be together forever no matter what, now we'll be together forever" I realised that all along I was the doll and I was the one in the box, I did nothing as my body started to burn along with Silver.

'And there's a creepy doll'
'That always follows you'
'It's got s ruined eye'
'That's always'
'And there's a creepy doll'
'It's got a pretty mouth'
'To swallow'

Chapter Text

I walked into the meeting place as usual I heard arguing.
"What a pain," I muttered I hated coming here it was always extremely loud and everyone annoyed me especially that damn America. He was always so loud and obnoxious withs his 'I'm the hero' crap what an idiot I think personal he would fit the villain role better there's just something about him. I let out a dramatic sigh and opened the door when I did I had to quickly duck as a chair was sent my way (fairy tale anyone?) I glared at the guilty culprit which happened to be the one and only America.
"Sorry dudett I didn't see you there" he was nervously scratching the back off his head I just growled at him he flinched back, good I smirked to myself but as I stared into his eyes I felt fear creeping into my body his eyes looked terrifying like he was going to kill something or someone.

"EVERYONE SHUT UP!" Germany shouted while slamming his hands on the table everyone immediately stopped talking and turn towards him, he gestured towards the seats and just like that a everyone sat down.
"Now ve vill begin zhe meeting" (my failed attempt a German accent) I sadly was placed next to America lucky me. Not much happened during the meeting except that he was little touchy and kept trying to touch my thigh every time I looked at him questionably he just shrugged it of creep, of cause it ended in a massive fight I was fine just sitting down and minding my own business until I felt arms around my waist.
"What the he-" I was cut off by being lifted into the air than dropped onto someone's shoulder, I could tell by their back to know exactly who it was.
"(C/n) is mine go find your own country" America shouted his voice held a possessive tone in it I was confused, what's happening?
"No (c/n) is-a my country" (failed attempt at an Italian accent) Italy wined, a bunch of other countries joined in and I was starting to get a headache the only reason that they're all fighting over me is because I'm an independent country and I'm not in an alliance with any of them. My country has a very strong army and military force you see unlike the Italian bros I don't have a rich fertile land and culture my country focus more on our defensives, were not a very happy place which probably explains my personality.
"ENOUGH!" I screamed out everything was quite and all eyes were on me, "I'm not a prize to be won, I'm an independent country and I will stay an independent country. Is that okay with you?" Everyone knew I wasn't actually asking more like demanding they all nodded their heads all but HIM to which had acutely tightened his grip on my waist. So I yanked myself free no way was I staying here anymore I knew no one would ever claim war on me since I was the strongest country plus this was incredibly boring.

I could still feel her delicious body pressed on mine, her scent was still in the room it smelt like (f/f) I licked my slightly chipped lips oh how I would love to kiss her full plump lips and claim that wonderful body as mine. All the things I could do to her but first I would have to break her mentally and physically.
"Alfred you bloody git, a you even listening?" I was snapped out of my dirty fantasies by Arthur what he want now.
"Yeah I'm great now about me being the hero" he groaned and rolled his eyes. Soon (y/n) soon.

After the meeting finished I drove back to my house where my alien friend greeted me well he more just stared at me than walked away to do who knows what. I just sighed than walked to my special room to plan my next attempt to get (y/n) after all I can't let the other countries get her first. She only needs me and me alone. Just than an idea formed in my head.
"That it," I said with glee all I needed was to kidnap her and take her here than she'll never ever leave me.
"HAHAhAHAHaHaHA!," I picked up the baseball bat I had and grin "you better run while you can because soon you will be MINE."

I suddenly sneezed.
"Haha bless you, you know people say that when you sneeze it means that someone is talking about you," by boss said a s/he continued to write documents.
"Yeah right you know I don't believe in that superstition shit" I rolled my eyes s/he just shrugged and ignored me as I got up and walked out the door. I looked up at the foggy sky and almost gagged as the fumes of burning rubber and pollution filled my nose with it's disgusting smell.
"Yuck," I hated big countries they always smelled bad. I my country we are smaller than the others so we don't have much pollution also the sweet smell of the earth blocks out that small , however here it seemed like no forest exist. If you haven't guessed I'm in America, New York in fact and I already want to go home but we still have three more world meetings left. (Those who live in America please don't take any offence to this, I've never been there so don't think I'm insulting your country. I would actually love to go there sometime sorry back to the story.)

Just when I thought it couldn't get any worse I saw America aka Alfred F. Jones I glared at his back with pure hate. I have yet to forget the stunt he pulled in the meeting, as if he could feel me burning holes into his head he slowly turned around.
"WHAT THE HE-," I couldn't finish my sentence as Alfred covered my mouth with his in a rough kiss. Oh hell no bitch I thought as I tried to push him away but damn he was strong. I was getting more and more desperate for air I could feel myself getting light headed, did this guy have gills or something? The need for air became to much and I blacked out.
"Goodnight," was the last thing I heard.

I had just killed everyone who wanted to take my precious (y/n) and I felt good except for one obstacle her boss. I had to get rid of her/him after all it was their influence on her that made her not want to be with me. I began to whistle a tune as I was waiting for her/him to show up, they always walk down the same alleyway. 'Drip' 'drip' 'drip' was the only sound that could be heard as the crimson red blood rolls off my wooden nailed bat which is now coated with red thanks to the 'job' that I had to do. I heard the sound of footsteps walking down the alleyway right to me bingo I thought don't worry (y/n) I'll be your hero.
"Hi there dude" I said in my loud voice which made her/him jump with fright as they turned towards me a relived look crosses their face, not for long I chuckled to myself mentally.
"Oh America, how can I help you?" S/he asked me I just shook my head and started to laugh, in the corner of my eye I noticed them backing away.
"You can help me by..." There was an eerie silence I locked up to her/him half my face was shadowed making me look more intimidating "GOING TO HELL!" I shouted making their eyes widen with fear I smirked as I started to brutality murder her/him with my bat. I could hear the lovely crunch of their bones being crushed and their screams of mercy, I started to think what (y/n) would sound like if I broke her leg. Would she scream in pain? Or moan in pleasure? A heavy blushed started to cover my checks at the thought of it.

That was until I felt someone glaring at my head.
"Shit," I cursed softly as I turned slowly around only to find (y/n) with those gorgeous eyes that held so much fire and spirt, oh how fun it would be to break that. I realised she was yelling having noticed the dead body of her boss well what's left of them anyway. I acted fast and kissed her with so much passion that I moaned they taste delicious soon she fainted from the lack of oxygen.
"Goodnight my little damsel," she fainted before I could finish however the deed was a done and I was smirking as I looked at my reflection I had turned into my 2p but I didn't care because I finally had my (y/n) all to myself, I kissed her forehead softly than hit her head with my bat hard enough it bruise.

I woke up only to find myself in a cage on top of a mattress I had chains attached all over my body forcing me to keep still. I sat there for a moment to try and figure out what happened, than the door opened and there stood a man he had brown hair with a cowlick in it, a pair of ruby coloured eyes that seemed to be starring into my soul and tan skin. He was wearing a white shirt with a bomber jacket that had a star on it, he also had a pair of jeans and some sunglasses on top of his head.
"Hello there babe~," the odd man purred out "how are you today?" I just nodded my head as my mouth had been taped up. He grinned and carefully took the tape off.
"You might not remember me but I'm Allen your boyfriend."
"A-Al-Allen?" I tried to say he nodded happily and kissed my not knowing what else to do I kissed back.
"Just remember babe you can never escape me no matter how many times you forget me I'll always make you remember, my little damsel"

Chapter Text

I'm always the odd one.

I'm always the ignored one.

I'm always the one that comes last place.

I'm always the one that is talked about behind my back.

I'm always the one that puts on a fake smile.

I'm always the one that is begging someone to save me.

And I'm always the one that is forgotten.

Save me please...

"Miss (l/n) would you pay attention in my class!" I was rudely awoken by miss (t/n) who was glaring at me, I flashed red with embarrassment 'oh no I fell asleep again' I hopelessly thought. I looked up at her she just sighed you see miss (t/n) is an amazing she was almost like my mother in a lot of ways. She had long black hair that was tied up in a bun, sea blue eyes and was wearing a blouse with a black pencil skirt. "Alright I'll let you off the hock this time," she had stern look on her face but her eyes held sympathy I sighed and nodded she smiled and went back to her lesson.

"Stupid fatty," (e/n) whispered next to me as I tensed I felt like crying I didn't understand why everyone felt like picking on me when I did nothing to harm them in anyway. You see I'm not Japanese I actually (c/n) (if you are Japanese than ignore this bit) I have (h/c) which is always styled as (h/s), I have light/dark (s/c)ed skin and light/dark (e/c)ed eyes I'm also on the chubby side I used to be confident and happy with my body but when we moved here (e/n) made my life a living hell. She would call me names, spread rumours about me

that were untrue, hurt me and so much more. What's worse is if you count the things that happen to me at home than you'll see why my life truly is a living hell. At home I get abused and neglected sometimes my dad or even my mum would get drunk enough to touch me inappropriately at the age of seven I was raped and from than my life went downhill.

After the bell want everyone began to pack up their belongings and flood out of the room, everyone but me. "Oi you okay?" I turned and faced a certain red haired boy who I may or may not have a massive crush on, but who would ever want to be with a fatty like me, "yes I'm fine Yuusuke." He just nodded and I felt a pain in my chest as I moved my head down so that he couldn't see my tears. We left the classroom and walked to the front of the school where a girl was waiting, her name was Ema Asahina I hate her. Okay maybe not hate but I don't like her either she has all of Yuusukes attention she's all he talks about and likes. It became worse when her dad married his father, although they aren't real brother and sister she still thinks of them like that which frustrates Yuusuke. "Oh h-hello Yuusuke and (l/n)" Ema bowed with a soft smile on her face don't get me wrong I don't hate the girl in fact I quite like her she's the only one besides Yuusuke that hasn't commented on my looks, "Ema how many time do I have to tell you to call me (y/n)" she giggled at that "sorry (y/n)" I nodded pleased. Yuuksake decide to interrupt "Ema there's something I need to tell you" I sighed here we go "I'll see you two tomorrow see ya" I shouted with a fake smile on my face and waved bye.

Today was Saturday and I got a text message from Yuusuke to meet him at the park, so here I was getting ready I was heading to the door when I stopped and looked at the fridge. "Should I eat?" I asked myself but shock my head I would just putt on more weight 'no thanks.' I was walking there when I ran into (e/n) "well, well, well if it isn't little miss piggy" she laughed cruelly I wasn't in the mood right now so I just pushed her and kept walking she must have been shocked because she didn't say anything as I went around the corner. I got to the park bench and saw Yuusuke looking down I knew that Ema had rejected him once again. Once he spotted me he smiled sadly at me "hey (y/n)," I sighed "let me guess Ema said that she only wanted you to be her brother?" I asked with a bored tone. Yuusuke nodded than he started to talk about how he loves her and wants her to love him back it was pissing me off, until I exploded with anger and hurt. "YUUSUKE SHUT UP! ALL YOU EVER TALK ABOUT IS EMA SHE DOESN'T LOVE YOU, I DO THOUGH I HAVE SINCE I FIRST SAW YOU!" I had to take a breath before continuing I caught a glimpse at his shocked expression but ignored it. "I KNOW YOU COULD NEVER LOVE SOMEONE AS FAT AS ME BUT I LOVE YOU TO THE POINT IT HURTS, BUT YOU NEVER NOTICE ME! I HATE YOU!" I stupidly ran onto the road I than heard the horn of a truck "(Y/N)!" I heard someone shout, I was however frozen with fear than it all want black.

Chapter Text

I shouted out (y/n) as she ran out onto the road I than saw a truck going past the speed limit about to hit her. I ran over just as she was hit I felt frozen as I saw her limp body on the road. "(Y/n)!" I shouted as I ran to her body which was all bruised and blooded. I heard the sirens of the ambulance in the distance but that didn't bothers me what did was the girl in my arms. I was still shocked by what she told me a moment ago, I actually had feeling for her and wanted to make her jealous to see if she had feelings for me. I now realise that I had made a terrible mistake I thought as I cradled my angel closer to me, however she was taken from me by the doctors and taken to the hospital.

I woke up in pain it felt like I had been hit by a hammer "ow" I muttered as I rubbed my head, I than checked out my surroundings. I was in a white room with monitors hocked up to me 'I must be in a hospital'. Just than the door opened and in walked a doctor he smiled sadly at me "good morning miss (l/n), how are you?" I looked at him for a minute before answering. "I'm good um who is (l/n)" he looked shocked then shook his head sadly it was than that I realised I couldn't remember anything besides my first name, I started to panic 'what the hell happened to me?!' "Please come down miss (l/n) and let me explain" so he began to talk about the accident and that now I might have amnesia. Just than the door opened and in walked a girl with brown hair tied into a ponytail on the side she had a smile I her face she looked familiar "hello (Y/n) are you feeling better." She asked softly. I nodded "um sorry but who are you?" Her face showed surprise before she smiled softy "I'm Asahina Ema one of you friends," hearing her say that made me feel relived that I had at lest one friend "nice to meet you again Ema."

It had been a few months and Ema has been helping me try to regain my memories and so far it had worked that was until I saw a man with dark red spiky hair something in side me told me to run away and I was about to thinking that he was one my bullies but before I could he had grabbed my wrist, as I turned I saw he had a smile on his face "(Y/n) your okay," I looked at him weirdly who was this guy "I'm sorry but who are you?" His whole face fall.


Dammit Ema she was supposed to help (y/n) remember me and make her think that we were dating. I smiled "it's me Yuusuke your boyfriend "I smiled her face convaded shock 'how cute, how pure, how mine.' "I'm sorry but are you sure?" her voice broke me out of my trance I nodded, "I'll help you remember" I spoke and grabbed her hand in a possessive hold and walked into school ' don't worry angle I'll always protect you.'

It's been a month and (y/n) is getting back her her memory which would be fantastic except the fact that she might remember that I'm not really her boyfriend and she might remember the fight, I can't let that happen. The only way that happens is if I get rid of the thing that is helping her and that would be Ema. I glared at her with passion who does she think she is touching MY (y/n)'s hand and laughing at her jokes that should be just for me. I broken out of thought when a soft chubby hand touched mine I looked up to see my angle with a worried look on her adorable chubby face. "Yuusuke are you okay?" I just barely heard her as I was looking at her tempting plump lips "mmm" I hummed and roughly put our lips together she blushed deep red at that action which caused me to smirk.

That night I had just delivered (y/n) home and was currently walking with Ema 'now is the right time to put my plan into action' "hey Ema wanna see something really cool" she shakily nodded her head, I inwardly smirked purrfect. I took her to a lake in the middle of a forest I turned to her with a smirk she looked very nervous "um Yuusuke w-what are we do-ing here" she stuttered I took a knife " don't worry Ema you won't ever get to touch (y/n) ever again and taint her with your filthy hands again" before she could say anything sliced her throat then I pushed her body into the lake and watched as it floated toward the ocean. now then time to get my angel I began to laugh.


I woke up panting after the dream no more like nightmare I just had. It was about Ema being stabbed by Yuusuke but it was only a dream right? It wan't just that that but I remember everything the bullies, Ema, Yuusuke, the truck everything. He lied to me I should be flattered but I'm not I'm scared, questions were starting to appear. Just than someone began to bang (I started to laugh when I wrote this word) I went to the door and opened it as soon as I saw who it was I wanted to shut it. it was Yuusuke but he was covered in blood and I had a good guess on whose it was. He slammed it shut after him and grabbed me tightly "hello angel you're never leaving me never."

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I was walking down the street minding my own business when suddenly a vending machine crashed next to me.
"What the hell" I had to move to the side quickly to avoid being quashed a familiar black haired male ran down the street and smirked at me than he winked and continued to run. "GET BACK HERE YOU FLEA!" A blonde haired man shouted running after the black haired man.
'What just happened?' I thought as I continued to walk as the police started to come and check out what just happened. I was curious and pissed at what had just happened I knew that the man that winked at me was Izaya Orihara but the other one I wasn't sure about. I soon decide to go to the park after all it was a nice cloudy day not to bright and not to dull I sat down on a bench and was slowly drifting to sleep, when I heard a voice. I jumped with a fright when I felt the bench creek I turned only to find the blonde man sitting next to me with his head down mumbling to himself I coughed a bit, he jumped a little and turned to me. "What do you want" he grumbled to me 'well isn't he a little ray of sunshine' "Nothing just seeing if you were okay" I heard him huff "yes I'm fine it's just that stupid flea's fault."

'Ah now I see what the problem is' I knew the rivalry between the two men. "Do you want me to talk to him for you?"he seemed surprised that I knew Izaya "yes I do know Izaya his my 'friend' I guess" I shrugged. However I was surprised when he got up I couldn't read his face expression.
"No I don't talk to people like you" he spat out 'what the hell's his problem!" He walked off 'what an asshole.' I sighed and decide to just go home no point staying here. A few days went by and I started to more of him and soon we became friends I guess.

I was tired from chasing that damn flea around the city. 'Huh what a day' that was when a I heard a cough beside me, it made me jump a little as I turned I felt all air leave me she was gorgeous. She had (h/l) h/c) done in a/n (h/s), she had big (e/c)ed eyes on her (light/dark)ed skinned face complete with a small cute smile. "What do you want?" I asked rather harshly her smile faltered a little "nothing just seeing if you were okay," she had a little more sass than be for. "Yes I'm fine it's just that stupid flea's fault," I huffed out now remembering the fight. I wasn't expecting her next answer "do you want me to talk to him for you?" how the hell do she know him as if she could read my thought she replied "yes I do know Izaya his my 'friend' I guess" what did she mean friend. I didn't have time for this so I swiftly got up which startled her I wasn't in a good mood so I harshly spat out "No I don't talk to people like you" and walked off. I started to see more and more of her and every time I saw her I got this weird feeling in my chest like I wanted to lock her away from the world and keep her as mine.

It had been a two years since I had been here I had to leave unexpectedly for two years my mum was fighting cancer so I went back home to look after her, she didn't make it she died in my arms with a smile and said to me that I should be happy and enjoy life to it's fullest.It was hard at first but now I'm back to my old self I know that mum wouldn't want me sobbing over her forever. I was walking around the place bored when an idiot bumped into me and successfully knocked me down. "HEY WATCH IT!" I shouted "YOU SHOULD WATCH WHERE YOUR GOING" I heard a voice shout back at me the voice sounded familiar, and sure enough starring at me was... "SHIZUO!"


"SHIZUO!" I narrowed my eyes and looked at the female sure enough it was (y/n) no it was my (y/n). Without talking to her I grabbed her arm in a bruising grip and began to march away, she began to protest and shouted at me to let her go but I just tightened my grip I'd be damn if i let her go again. I figured out what this feeling was it was love, I love (y/n) and therefore she was mine and I was going to keep it that way. We came to my house and I dragged her to the basement and locked the door. I turned to face her and saw fear I smirked and creased her soft cheek "don't be afraid dear I'll take good care of you" before she could say anything I put a sleeping pill in my mouth than kissed her and wrenched her mouth open with my tongue and slipped the pill down her throat. I cradled her body as she fall into a deep sleep.


"Oh (y/n) you should've never come back"

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(y/n) pov:

I opened the doors to Devil May Cry and immediately scrunched my nose up in disgust all around me was old pizza boxes and destroyed furniture. I sighed I wasn't suppose to be here but I forgot my phone and needed it. The reason is because you know how Dante's halve demon well yeah they have a matting season, and that's what's happening he gets moody and dangerous also extremely horny. I was hoping that he was at that stupid place that smelled like sex called Love planet. He always goes there because the woman there are all long legged, big breasted sluts, I used to not care but then I fell in love with him but seeing as he doesn't return my feelings I gave up and now I'm seeing someone called (b/n) his such a sweetie. I sighed in content at the memory then soon realized the reason why I'm here in the first place. I sighed about to give up I had spent and hour looking for it. I had finally found it and was about to head home when I heard the door open, I froze 'no,no, no this is not good if I say one thing that makes him pissed than I'm a gonna.'

I heard him sniff 'shit he can sense I'm here no point hiding' I felt someone wrap their arms around me and felt a breath in my ear it sent shivers down my back and not very good ones "hey babe how can I help you?" I frowned I hated it when he called me babe it's so stupid."Nothing just forgot my phone" I held my phone up to show him "now then if you'll excuse me" I tried to pull out of his embrace however he just tightened his hold on me to the point it was actually hurting and I swear I heard a low growl. I started to struggle I may be strong but even I know I'm no match for a halve demon so I tried to reason with him "Dante please get off me I have a boyfriend (b/n) remember" I spoke in a clear voice, I knew that he didn't actually like me it was just his insistent that told him to mate with the closest thing with a hole. "NO!" I froze he just used his demon voice this was starting to get serous and I was starting to panic. Just than the door opened and Dante reluctantly tore his arms off me and turned around to face the intruder. I also turned to face my savor it was Trish and (b/n). "(y/n) sweetie you here?" he asked as he couldn't see me because Dante was in the way. I squeezed past him to get to (b/n) "yep here I am" I kissed him on the lips and linked arms with him, I nodded at Trish as we walked out the door she nodded back and started to walk to Dante.

I came back to Devil May Cry after being at love planet I was frustrated. It was mating season for devils and yes that also means halve devils, the reason why I'm so frustrated was because the sluts at love planet couldn't satisfy shit. They were all fake and annoying unlike her, she was all real, she was beautiful both inside and outside, she was my angel and she's freaken taken by an asshole called (b/n). I had open the door and stopped it was her scent everywhere I growled in satisfaction I could feel my devil growling "TAKE HER, MAKE HER YOURS, MAKE HER OURS!" He was begging to come out. I saw her back and wrapped my arms around her "hey Bebe how can I help you" I felt her tense up "nothing just forget my phone" she held her phone up to show me, I felt disappointment at that "now if you'll excuse me" she tried to pull away from me but I just tightened my grip and growled softly.

"Dante please get off me I have a boyfriend (b/n) remember" that's when I let my demon slip through "NO" I could tell she was panicking which I didn't mind. Just than the asshole and Trish came into the door I reluctantly let go of her. I felt sick when I saw her ran into the embrace of the prick and I swear I was close to ripping his head off when I saw her kiss him. They linked arms and went out the door together, "you really love her don't you?" I was startled when I heard Trish's voice I turned to her glaring. "KILL HER!" The devil inside me commanded 'No I will not' I didn't want to kill her "BUT SHE'LL TAKE (Y/N) FROM US" that made me stop and look at her. She sighed "you know she's with (y/n) and it's up to her wether you like it or not" I was pissed 'no she's mine, she doesn't get to choose" I don't know what happened next but I felt great and all I could see was red.

Through out the whole day I felt like someone was watching me. "Hey honey you okay?" (B/n) asked me I nodded after a little shiver went down my back. I had a fun date with him but I couldn't shake off that feeling it disturbed me. I got ready for bed as I got into bed I thought I saw Dante I shock it off thinking it was just my imagination. That was my first and last mistake.

I woke up chained to a bed, I began to panic and struggle 'what the fuck' just then the door opened I heard heavy footsteps "hey there Bebe having fun" I felt my body turn cold "Dante get me out of here now" I hissed at him. 'Slap' the sickening sound echoed around the room I held tears in my eyes. He just slapped me I flinched when I felt him kiss it softly. "I'm sorry Bebe but if you behave like a good girl than you'll be treated like one." I shock my head "no I love (b/n) not you" I held my voice strong he however looked pissed off. "Funny you should say that" he throw a mangled body on the floor and I screamed it looked like (b/n) except he looked like he was torn inside out. I felt Dante kiss me roughly as one of his hands want to my chest and squeezed while the other went to my behind and did the same, I unwillingly moaned and gave him entrance into my mouth with he took advantage of. "You (y/n) are mine and if I must break you mentally and physically to prove it then so be it."

Oh (y/n) you should've paid more attention to him now he'll never let you go.

Chapter Text

I smiled at the flower beds as I watered them that's when I saw him again the vampire known as Mukami Yuma he smirked at me, taunting me silently saying there's no escape. I glared back with passion my smile long gone it's his fault I'm trapped here, it's his fault I'm cornered, it's his fault I've lost everything, it's all his damn fault and I'm helpless to do anything I cannot protect myself I couldn't even protect her. He took her away from me and now I'm alone there's no one else but he and I. Just like he wanted. It's all his fault and I somehow love him for it. That makes me sick, I'm sick and there's nothing I can do about it but let it take over my body in slow, dark, sinful pleasure. I'm the monster.

Lets go back shell we. My name is (y/n) (l/n) and I was an average seventeen year old human girl, I went to Ryoutei Academy night class I was in my second last year in the same class as Yuma Mukami. At first I ignored him I didn't care about him nor did I want to get involved with him or his family. I wasn't worried about him as long as he kept his distance I was fine, after all why should I be worried. I was not what people would call a beauty I had my flaws both in and out, I was also not the smartest sue I may have gotten one or two A's but I mainly got B+ to C- so men often ignored me. Now that I think about it I should have paid a lot more attention to him like when he would walk pass me his eyes would always linger on me, or when he would 'accidentally' bump into me then glare at me. If I did then things would be different, she would still be alive breathing, walking, talking and I would be free. His fascination with me only grow when we locked eyes at the florist I was buying some seeds of (f/f) I used to love them the way they smelt, the way they looked, the way the flattered in the wind but now... I can't stand the sight of them. I saw him strut his way over to me and that was the first time I heard his voice it was deep and rich "you like flowers?" the question seemed innocent but had I known what he was actually planing I would've ran then and never come back. "Yes" was all I said and I payed for the flowers before leaving not glancing back as I did. What a mistake I made then.

That was around the time she came. (f/n) was what she was called she was preppy, nice and a little ray of sunshine everything I was not. So naturally we became the best of friends and a curtain someone didn't like it. No one bit. Yuma made sure to make our lives hell he would be there to insult us sometimes it would be physical. However (f/n) always stayed with me she cheered me up and was always there when I needed it, she was my shield, my ray of sunshine, my savior and he know it so that only left him one option eliminate the problem. That's what he did. (f/n) and I was walking home from school when we heard a tapping sound as if someone was walking behind us, we both turned to see who it was only to find nothing. That was the first sign. We ignored it and continued on (f/n) was happily chatting my ear off about some gossip she heard from girls at school, that was when we heard what sounded like a slurping noise once again we turned only to find nothing, we ignored it once again this time more on guard. That was our second mistake. We were walking faster now then we heard a scream and bolted. That was our third and last mistake. For that scream was from (f/n) I turned around only to find her beheaded blood pouring everywhere I felt sick and through up on the side, behind her was Yuma licking his hand clean I was about to run when I was instead slammed into the wall I groaned in pain as I felt fangs pierce my delicate skin on my neck. I felt pleasure which sickened me "(y/n) you are mine and I hate it when people touch my things" was all I heard when his soft lips captured mine in a fiery, demanding kiss I felt that same sick desire creeping into me whispering to me to summit. So I did for I had nothing left now that my sunshine was gone forever.

I was in a bed once I awoke chained to it, I was as naked as the day I was born Yuma was grinning deviously down at me. I felt fear run through me it brought me pleasure as he dragged his tongue up and down my neck where he bit it sucking my blood and claiming me as his own sinful pleasure grow in me at the thought of that. He nibbled and messaged my breast with skillful hands I moaned and arched as I gave into this sinful act, he removed his own clothes and reached down to my pure flower, he smirked as his figures penetrated it tainting it with that dark sinful pleasure. I was a mess blushing and panting under him with tear escaping my eyes begging for more, drool sliding out from the corner of my mouth. I cam with a cry and gasping for more. That was when he completely undressed and slammed his dick into me making me cry out not even waiting for me to adjust, before he began to thrust in and out of me. My body arching and withering under him begging with out any trace of shame in me. I cam at lest three times before he pushed in as deep as he could go and cam. He truly claimed me than and I was alright with it.

Now here we are he came over to me and wrapped his strong arms around me and cooed deceitful sweet things into my ears. I hate him, I want him dead, I despise him, I love him, I need him, I want him ans this makes me sick. So tell me who is the real monster?

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I was hurrying to get to master Doflamingo as he had called me you see I'm technically his wife, but he treats me as a possession nothing more, nothing less. He demanding I call him master when we are alone together that I had to wear skimpy clothes when around important men, that I had to basically become nothing more then a trophy on display. At first it hurt allot but I've grown used to it, now I can't feel anymore his crushed that I just obey his every order. I was now at the door that led to our room I saw maids that rushed by glare at me in jealousy honestly if they want him that badly then they can have him. I was about to open the door when it opened it self and out walking by rather smugly was that damn new maid, 'his at it again' you see Doflamingo loved to cheat he did multiple times but if I even thought about it he would sting me up with his damn string string. I walked in composed "hello master" he chuckled using that annoying laugh of his "come here" he reached out and pulled me on his lap he began to undo the top I had on "your mine" and with that he bite me to set more claim on me after that we had sex, and I felt horrid and sick 'I need to leave.'


I smirked as that new maid walked out she may look good but she doesn't taste as delouses as my (y/n) does. Speaking of (y/n) she walked in "hello master" she said i felt shivers going down my spine and all the blood rushing to my lower part, I laughed 'this is all mine' "come here" I reached out and pulled her onto my lap and started to undo her top so her neck was bear to me "your mine" I whispered to her and bite her tasty flesh 'mmm' after that I couldn't help myself and I devoured her. I woke up the next morning only to find that my wife had diapered I was furious "FIND HER NOW!" I shouted everyone was on lookout if they spotted her they would tell me or else I would kill them. I was walking, more like pacing in the town when I heard a voice that sounded familiar I ran to where I heard it 'it can't be can it?' that's when I saw her. MY (y/n) she was with another man that made me furious 'how dare he think of touching my property.' I walked calmly up to the couple and stood in front of them they both froze I smirked down at them "hello wife, time to come home now" I was angry and the tone I used you could tell. (y/n) was shaking the man that was with her tried to stop me from taking her. I quickly cut him up to bits thanks to my devil fruit powers, we heard multiple gasps and screams even (y/n) screamed and fainted I lifted her over my shoulder and took her home. once we got there I chained her to the bed and backed away 'now she'll never leave me no matter what' I drank in the sight of her she looked like an angel my angel.


I woke up only to find that I couldn't move my left leg at all, when I looked down I saw it was chained then my memory came flashing back to me. I was starting to shake with fear 'he killed him, how, why?' I heard that same irritating laugh and looked over only to see Doflamingo smirking right back at me. before I got finch he was on top of me "you left me I had no choice" he said and kissed and licked my tears away. I hadn't even realized I was crying "you are mine no one else's" he hissed out looking at me in my eyes now and started to take my clothes off "I have to cleanse you of his touch" I tried to struggle but only ended up hurting myself. It finally sunk in I couldn't leave him no matter what I tried.

Chapter Text


I sighed as I sat in the cafe known as Maid's Sheep. I was coming home from school stressed about the work I had to catch up on, you see I have week health so I'm often having to take days off from school. That's when I saw this cafe so I've been coming here every time I've been stressed, the cafe is nice it's got an nice aura plus the unnaturally good looking waiters, what more could a girl want. However unlike them I'm sick and week so instead of going for boys I go here for the (f/d) they have. Every thing was fine until I saw that Ikki was on today I've been avoiding him for weeks now not that it matters he wouldn't notice me anyway. It all happened a few weeks ago when I was walking to the cafe Ikki had just giving me the work that I missed out on and I was grateful. I was grabbed by the upper arm and pulled behind the cafe in the alleyway where I was pushed against the wall by the head of the Ikki club Rika and two other girls "w-what d-d-o yo-you wa-nt" I stuttered and coughed they just smirked evilly "stay away from Ikki his MINE" she hissed before giving me one last push and than walked away laughing. Soon after Ikki came out and quickly helped me up I pushed him away he seemed shocked. "Are you okay (y/n) do you need help" I was about to say yes but then remembers the words they said and quickly pushed him away "NO, I-I mean no thank you but I can get home myself" then I ran off before he could say anything. The excitement was to much so I had to go to the doctors to make sure everything was fine.

I sat down in my favorite spot which was in the corner away from everyone just as I liked it. I didn't bother looking at the Manu as I already knew what I wanted. "Welcome back mistress, what would you like?" I froze for a bit and looked up to look at the owner of the melodic voice and saw Ikki 'oh no this is bad' I didn't bother looking at him and quickly hid my face from his view "I'll have a (f/d) and (f/f), please" he stayed for a moment before going off to make the requested food. I felt horrible but it was for the best I don't think I would be able to handle another attack from his fan club. Yes it was for the best.

Ikki's pov:
I knew why she was behaving like this it was because of my ex-girlfriend Rika. Her and her damn fan club always do this when I pay attention to another girl it's so stupid. Normally I wouldn't care but (y/n) is different my eyes don't affect the weak girl even though I want them to, it irritates me to no end. I felt so many emotions right now anger, hurt, hunger, betrayal, love and bloodthirsty. I was feeling oh so bloodthirsty I wanted to rip them all to pieces for even touching (y/n) they didn't deserve to look at her. I felt sick pleasure at the thought of stabbing Rika over and over, I slipped a drug into (y/n)'s drink my fringe covered my eyes 'I'll make them pay, she'll be mine.' I was walking behind (y/n) waiting for the drug to take place she started to sway when finally she began to fall I run up to her and caught her "w-what?" she muttered "shh it's okay I'll protect you" I whispered to her. I brought her to my room and placed her on the bed I chained her right leg to the bed post 'right now time to get rid of the bitches' I grabbed my gun and walked out the door. I saw my fan club and once they saw me they immediately started to scream in pure bliss "KHH IT'S IKKI!" over and over again especially Rika this started to piss me off. I pointed my gun at her first and everyone stopped "what are you doing?!" demanded Rika "you hurt my (y/n)" was all I said before a 'bang' rang through out the room it took two seconds before everyone started to freak out and beg for their life. It sickened me how dare they beg for mercy when they didn't show any to (y/n) so I quickly finished them off.

I got back home and heard rattling 'ah she's up' I walked into the bedroom only to see (y/n) tugging desperately at the chain she stopped and looked at me her eyes wide with fear, tears leaking from her eyes 'so cute' I felt a blush creeping onto my face she looked so vulnerable lying there like a rabbit caught by the fox. I went over to her and creased her check she flinched a little I kissed her tenderly she seemed to ease up I broke away and hugged her 'I took care of them no one will ever take you away from me nor will they harm you, I promise."

"No one will every harm you I promise"

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Sitting in fairy tail was the one and only Gajeel Redfox, Gajeel was watching everyone from his corner until someone walked in through the door, that one person who did such an innocent action had just sealed their fate that one person was (y/n) (l/n). She had just come back from a job it was a simple one, and Gajeel was waiting for her his prey to come back and now that she was he wasn't going to let her go. The swift rabbit always gets caught by the cunning fox (get it? fox, redfox yeah? no okay).

He watched a gaze filled with dark lust, as she conversed with the other women of fairy tail. He watched as Lucy would playfully punch her shoulder whenever she teased her about Natsu, when Wendy would hug her, when Erza would lightly touch her arm. Oh how he wishes with burning passion that it was him who would touch and hug her. He decided that it would be him and only him. (y/n) was now leaving going to go on another mission when Gajeel walked up to her, she didn't hate Gajeel he seemed alright all you had to do was get pass his cold, distant attitude after all everyone always says "never judge a book by it's cover." (y/n) looked up at him in confusion and tilted her head to the side cutely "hum...yes Gajeel is there something you need?" she asked her tone soft as she fidgeted with the flyer in her hand. Gajeel smirked down at her "I'm gonna go with you" he demanded (y/n) not really in the mood for a fight agreed, not knowing that things would never be the same for her ever again.

They walked to the area where the monsters were supposed to be. They had been searching for hours now and decided that they would try again tomorrow. (y/n) was lying in her bed peacefully unaware of the dragon that lurked beside her, Gajeel smirked softly and let out a purr when he picked up a piece of her locks and sniffed it, it smelt like (f/f). He moved his hand down to her neck it was so soft, so small that all he had to do was squeeze and that would be it, he bent down to sniff her heavenly scent he want to her neck and opened his mouth. 'So close, I'm so close to marking her as my mate' was the current thought running through his head he was about to take a bite out of the sinful fruit when he stopped 'it was too soon' he would have to wait even though he didn't want to he would, however if any male tried to make a move then he would gladly tear them to pieces and claim her wither she wanted it or not. With that he want to bed with lust filled dreams about a curtain (h/c)ed women.

The sun came up and people started their chores two of those people were(y/n) and Gajeel they had just finished the job with (y/n) suffering minor injury's. Gajeel was beside himself with that knowledge, how easily she bruises, how easily she breaks and he was pissed that was only supposed to be him that does that to her no one else. (y/n) was tired of his attitude "Gajeel really I'm fine it was only a few bumps and scratches" she had a snappy tone Gajeel replied in the same tone "I know and that's the problem you're so easy to break" (y/n) looked offended. It was now silent as the two got on the train back to the guild Gajeel was now feeling very impatient what if she died? What would he do then? He chuckled he was Gajeel Redfox and since when did he wait for anyone's permission for anything? If he wanted
(y/n) then her would take her by force if necessary. With that a dark plain began to form in his mind.

(Y/n) was walking home now, it was a dark and cloudy evening as she was blissfully unaware of the dark figure following her. She had finally made it to her door as she put the key into the lock there was a snapping sound 'what was that?' She looked in the direction the noise came from "HELLO WHO'S THERE?!" When she got no response she shock it off and went into her house (wow every horror movie ever) she made dinner and ate it then did her usual bedtime routine unaware of the smirking figure that was behind her the entire time. She turned the lights off and fell asleep inside peaceful dream.

Gajeel was now watching and making sure that she was asleep, once satisfied he grabbed her as gentle as he could and jumped out the window. He made his way to a cave that he saw when they were on the mission. Inside was everything they'd need to survive, a bed, table and chairs, even a kitchen (don't ask how that would work) he placed (y/n) on the bed and rolled the stone to block the cave entrance so that now they were in darkness. Gajeel lite a few candles and walked over to (y/n) he smirked and bent down, opened his mouth and bit her on the neck. (Y/n)'s scream could just be heard outside the cave. Never again did she see the light of day, never did the guild see or hear from her, never would she be free, because...

(Y/n) was now in the hands of the devil himself...

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I was running trying to get away from this nutcase called Jinx, I had stolen some of her and her friends food and had almost gotten away with it if it wasn't until the damn sick, stupid cliches. Anyway my name is (y/n) I don't have a last name but hey I don't have parents either. I live in the slums of Zaun and I'm a bit of a loner. Anyway I could hear the nutcase laughing as she chased me, Jinx and her buddies are very powerful everyone knows not to mess with them yeah I was pretty despite to get some food. The group consists of Jinx who is like I've said a nutcase I don't really know what else to say, then there's Ekko a sweet kid I guess I don't really know him too well so yeah we've chatted a few times, but I've heard that he has an invention that allows him too manipulate time, with I had that now.


I made a sharp right turn only to find a dead end 'damn it! why me' I was silently preying for a miracle, and as if they were answered I heard a familiar males voice "hey jinx what are you doing?!" I saw Ekko run up to us he was about to say something else when he spotted me "huh (y/n) what are you doing here?" I run up to him with out thinking and gave him the biggest hug ever. "W-what the...?!" he had a deep red blush but I could care less he hastily hugged back "oh thank you, thank you" I mumbled out. Jinx looked at him "got your self a girlfriend eh?" she tesed "she/his not my girl/boyfriend" we shouted at the sometime she laughed and...left now it was just Ekko and I, talk about awkward. Ekko turned to me "why was she chasing you?" he asked interested. I nervously grinned and held out the bread I stole he just sighed and shock his head in disappointment as I nibbled on it. He grabbed my hand and started to drag me I looked at him confused, "come on we need to take care of that" he pointed at my knee which was bleeding 'huh when did I do that?" I aloud him to take me away (that sounded so dramatic.)




I was now once again running, I could feel my heart beat in my throat adrenaline was running through my veins, blood pumping fear creeping into my heart. How did this happen I'm not sure, he just snapped, turned feral and I the prey. Jinx left just a few days ago to go and cause chaos in Piltover, in other words she isn't coming back and Ekko snapped kept saying that everyone was leaving him and that I would too. Then he began the game cat and mouse, I knew he was stronger, faster and much more agile then me. I was going to lose we both knew that. I could hear him, he was close. Even if I somehow got away he would just use that damn invention to rewind time. I found myself corned, boxed in, trapped. I was a sweet in a box just waiting for the end, and there's nothing I can do, I'm fucked. "(y/n) I caught you~" I felt like I heard the devil himself, he was here ready to take me, I felt Ekko grip my arm he hugged me close and had tears running down his face he whispered in my ear "I'm sorry but I can't have you leaving me too, I love you too much" with that the the devil collected my soul for all eternity.

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I was an outcast, no one know or cared about me the one thing I desired was a humans love, a humans touch. So it only had sense that once a human started to care for me that I would sick to them like glue and never want to give them up easily, not with out a fight. That's how I felt when Iki Hiyori started to hang out with me, at first I thought she only did it because she felt sorry for me, but slowly I ended up liking spending time with her. I trusted her with my life so when she told me that she can see a god but the name of Yato, well I thought she was joking not only did she say that she could she see a god, but that I had never even heard of him. She told me that if I become aware of them then I would be able to tell them apart from the crowd. Now that I think about it I probability would've been safer if I had just stayed an outcast.

I didn't become aware of anything because I just couldn't believe it at all, I mean would you? So here I am sitting down at my desk doing the torture known as homework. Blissfully unaware of the man lurking in the dark corner of my room. I was humming softly and was shutting my book close when Ai thought I heard a noise so, I turned around only to find nothing "hm" I hummed and shrugged it off.

I was watching her again ever since Iki introduced me to her, all I've been thinking about was her day and night. She was like my sweet, addictive drug, that I couldn't get enough off. So I've been following and monitoring her, the people who dared to hurt her let's just say I heard her wish. The only thing that bugged me was that she refused to even acknowledge me. I didn't know why. But there was one thing I knew and that was she would acknowledge me one way or another. She will be mine and there's nothing she can do to stop it.

I woke up with a start only to find nothing 'well that was strange' I shrugged and got ready for the day. Throughout the entire day wired things happened, like my normal tormentors where either missing or avoiding me. It was nice but odd at the same time. I was now walking around 'it couldn't be that Yato Iki was talking about, could it?' when suddenly I bumped into a man with purple hair and blue eyes, "oh sorry" I bowed apologetic. He seemed shocked "um... that's alright" he mumbled and looked at me for a moment before smirking and walking away. 'Well that was odd' I continued on.

She noticed me, she noticed ME.
It worked I can finally speak to her and I got to touch her. I'm heaven right now, well I was until I saw
(y/n) talking to some boy and he... touched her! 'What the hell' I was pissed right well then stuff doing it the old fashioned way, anyway even if I do take her and lock her in my shrine she loves me still. Right? HAHAHAHA.

I followed her until she went to sleep then I walked up to her and carefully creased her beautiful (s/c)ed face with a large smile "don't worry I'll take you somewhere, where we can be together with no one else" and with that I stole her and fled into the beautiful twilight.

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I was now sitting down on a bench reading a book, I just loved them though I don't get much time to read any. I looked over as I heard a commotion, I sighed at what I saw. It was a bunch of girls squealing over my boyfriend Kurasame. Yes that's right the ice reaper and I are dating but it's in secret so shush, even if we told people they wouldn't believe us anyway. Him being cold hearted and me being well... me I guess, they would just laugh so we decided to keep it secret.

When I first meet Kurasame I was intermediated I will admit but he also pissed me off a lot as well. He was just so negative and liked to put me down a lot. By saying that I'm a woman and therefore shouldn't be a lieutenant, that it was too dangerous for someone like me. I am a lieutenant therefore I often go into battles, it wasn't until later that I realised he wasn't being an ass but instead he was just worried about me. It wasn't long after that I started to fall in love with him and then he confessed, that's right Mr ice reaper was a blushing, babbling mess it was adorable.

I was brought back by a large shadow covering my book. I trailed my eyes up to find... Jack. I smiled softly "hey Jack how are you?" He grinned back at me "I'm good, yourself?" I just replied with a simple "fine" Jack and I haven been friends ever since he saved me in battle. I was too in grossed with the funny conversation I was having with Jack to notice the dark gaze from across the room.

I was getting ready for battle when I was suddenly slammed against the wall, a pained cry left my mouth. I opened my eyes to find a very pissed off Kurasame, for the first time I was actually afraid of him. "K-Kurasame?" I stuttered nervously he actually smirked, "what was that all about?" His tone held a stern like voice. I stayed silent 'what?' He just shock his head. "Alright be like that" he let me go but still gripped my arm tightly, "your not going" was all he said before I could question him I felt his rough lips on mine kissing me fiercely, than I felt a stinging from my neck. "Your mine only." Darkness swallowed me up.

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It was nighttime at the Sakamaki mansion and (y/n) was busy trying to study. Well she wasn't actually studying, because who actually does that? Instead she was trying to come up with an escape plan, she was not keen on staying and instead of the damn blonde she was going to get out. She couldn't handle the peop- oh I mean the vampires and the girl anymore, especially a curtain bipolar, teddy obsessed, purple, sugar loving vampire.

She was to busy thinking and scheming that she didn't notice nor hear the door being opened and shut. "Ne Teddy, do you think (y/n) is trying to leave," to say the poor girl was surprised would be an understatement. She was darn out frightened, true she acted like the vampires didn't scare her but this one in particular just made her shiver in fear. (Y/n) turned to look at him with a cold and arms crossed "what the hell do you want?" She spat out Kanato's smile fell as he clutched 'Teddy' tightly. He started laughing madly and grabbed (y/n)'a arm tightly "ne don't be mean (n/n), because if you are than you'll be punished~." (Y/n) shivered and gulped she didn't like how he said she would be punished.

However she still held strong "piss of" she muttered and ran off, not wanting to stick around to see his expression. Kanato was less then pleased, no he was about to throw a tantrum. However he saw something, something that caught his attention. You see (y/n) forgot to put the escape plan away so now it was just sitting on her desk, right in front of a grinning Kanato. "Me Teddy (y/n) is so stupid hehehe~."

I was huffing and puffing now. It just occurred to me that I've no idea where the others are. One would've at lest come over to me, to see why my heart was easing so much. 'What the hell' I kept running from door to door, just trying to find someone anyone. Even Kanato seemed to be missing now. That was until I ran into Shu who was lying down on my he couch 'oh thank goodness someone's here...what? No you baka brain I don't like him shut up'

I saw him smirk at me with his eyes closed, I then realized that I had been staring at him. I blushed a deep red and huffed crossing my arms as I turned from him. "Where is everyone? I impatiently asked making Shu rise an eyebrow "why is someone worried?" I flashed deeper "N-NO SH-SHUT UP!" I yelled and ran as I heard his low chuckle.

I was now huffing and puffing as I stopped and realized that I was in the basement 'oh shit' I knew that this was Kanato's special room where he made doll's of the bride. I felt a shiver go down my spine something was telling me to just run, but something else was pulling me towards a glass container covered by a sheet. Curiously I pulled the sheet off a scream left my throat as I instantly regretted my actions.

Looking back at me was the lifeless green eyes of Yuri. I put a hand to my mouth tears spilling from them 'what the fuck' that was when I heard what sounded like a laugh I froze in fear at who it might be. "Ne, ne Teddy (y/n) spoiled the surprise she should be punished," I felt my blood run cold 'oh hell no' with that thought I bolted and heard Kanato behind me laughing like a maniac.

I saw the door and felt happiness that was until I stepped on something, it made a squishy noise. I slowly looked down only to scream it was Shu he was looking at me with lifeless eyes I backed away with a hand over my mouth, that was until I bumped into something or more like someone. I felt a tight grip on my shoulder "(y/n) you've been a bad girl, now time for punishment" I felt pain in my neck and tried not to scream only to fail.

No one pov:
(Y/n) woke up only to find herself naked tied by chains to the roof, her feet just touched the floor. There was a mirror in front of her she was able to see the damage that Kanato had done to her, and was horrified. She had multiple bite marks over her body some in very private places, hickeys littered her neck and bust areas. There was dry blood on her thighs and still fairly fresh blood dripping down from where her flower was located. (Y/n) was devastated and that's when she noticed something worse she was branded with the words 'propriety of Kanato Sakamaki' the words 'you need a punishment' flew through her head, she dipped her head down and did the only thing she could.

She laughed, and laughed more when it bounced of the walls. My only to have someone else join in. The match made in hell.

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A long time ago...
There was a bright, young (e/c) eye girl who had softy shining (h/l) (h/c). This Little girl wasn't like the others no she was a loner. She did not like people and did not trust them. No one knew why, she came from a wonderful family and had no reason to think that. But she did.

She was now sitting in a tree looking out into the city sighing as noisey cars raced past and irritating people pushing others in a hurry, 'what a mess' then something or more like someone caught her attention. It was a boy with crimson red hair 'huh' normally she would leave them be but there was something about him, that pulled her in like a moth towards a light. Once the hesitant young girl reached the red haired boy she touched his arm gently trying to get his attention.

"Hi there, do you need some help?" Once the boy felt the touch he jolted and turned as quick as lightning only to be meet with a young girl about a year or two younger then he.

"N-no I'm alright," the red haired boy shakily replied trying not to blush. The girl smiled gentle which made fireworks go off in his chest, the. She frowned and gently yet firmly grabbed his forearm and drag him away, with a blushing yet confused boy. Once they got to the same old tree that the young girl was just at she let go of his arm and from the hole in the trunk pulled out a first aid kit.

"Stay still your hurt," the young girl commanded the blushing boy. She began to fix the cut and multiple bruises, the red haired boy was confused no one ever cared this much for him, not even his own twin brother.

"There all better now," the girl nodded clearly pleased with the results. The boy looked shocked to see the well dressed wounds and looked back at the stunning girl in front of him.

"Thanks" he mumbled making the girl smile 'maybe I can trust this boy' she thought and decided to try and befriend him.

"You're welcome, say what's your name? I'm (y/n)" the girl smiled and held out a hand, as if enchanted by (y/n)'s voice the boy replied with a simple.

"Searen" and shock her hand. It was the start to a beautiful friendship. Or so it seemed...

Present time:
(Y/n) woke with a start and sighed it had been 7 days since she downloaded that app and was forced into living in a dead woman's apartment. She had often had the same dream but never got to the end, of them. 'Oh well I guess I'll go in mystic messenger and see what everyone's doing' as she opened it, it did something strange and quite frightening.

The screen went all black then green words appeared 'I've found you' although the words then self seemed innocent enough, however there was this meniscus aura. She just shock it off and decided to turn it off and would look at it later, however right now she needed some breakfast.

(Y/n) walked over to the stereo and placed her favorite CD, once the apartment was filled with the sweet melody she began to make (f/f) blissfully unaware off the dark presence sneaking into the kitchen. (Y/n) placed the now cooked meal down and went out of the room to get dressed, once out of the room the dark presence walked over and poured a clear liquid over her food which soaked it up.

(Y/n) was now walking towards her cooling meal and started to eat, it wasn't until later she noticed the strange taste, then the nausea set in the pit of her stomach. She slammed her hands down on the cream coloured walls, her head felt like it was playing ring-ring-o'roses. 'CRASH!' (Y/n) had fallen down and crashed on the glass table, successfully breaking it making pieces of clear glass prick her dying the carpet a crimson red. The dark presence chuckled darkly before walking over and gently picked up his princess.

Soon (y/n) woke up only to find herself in a complicated position. She was chained to the wall by a chain attached to a (f/c)ed leather collar, she was in nothing but dirty, ripped rags. She was in a dog position her hair was knotted with her hand bounded. The heavy metal door was pushed open with a loud 'CREEK!' Making the oddly calm (h/c)ed girl look up at the now creepy smiling male. She had an odd feeling like she knew this man.

He had red hair with dyed snowy white, he had pale skin with mint green eyes. 'Why does he seem so familiar' the poor confused girl was reeking her brain for a name.

"Well it would appear you are awake, my angel~" the man whispered now squatting in front of (y/n). He patted her head. "I'm so glade I found you my angle now we can live in peace in our paradise," he seemed so happy "after all of it wasn't for you I would've never gotten home." That's when the girl gasped as she was gently kissed one name came to her 'Searen.'

'Oh (y/n) you should've never helped him, after all people can't be trusted'

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Jumin Han was never really interested in woman, he only ever saw them as greedy selfish beings well he did until you came. It was you who never asked for money, or how rich he was, or how you would love to marry a rich man like him. No the only thing you ever did was ask his well being, and how Elizabeth was even though you admitted to not liking cats much.

Jumin then felt a foreign feeling. One of love and happiness he enjoyed talking to you and desperately wanted to see you. Now that may sound innocent enough however things took a darker turn fast. That 'feeling' soon turned into something more dark, a wanting and addiction. He was addicted to your voice and often imagined what you would look like, he even bought a (f/c)ed leather collar for you. There was just one problem 'Zen' (sorry zen I love you) that damn flirtatious actor was trying to woo you and Jumin hated it he wasn't about to let you go anytime soon so that left him with one choice. Kidnap you himself, well kidnaps a strong word he prefers protecting you.
(Y/n) was chatting on the app with the others, Zen was talking about having a dream about Elizabeth the third running away, and told Jumin to look after her and make sure she doesn't get out. Everyone agreed so Jumin also said he would be did not believe what Zen was saying. Once (Y/n) logged off she was troubled 'what if something actually does happen to Elizabeth?' She decided that a nice cup of (f/d) would soothe her nerves, 'alright then I'll make sure to call Jumin later' determined to help as much as she can.

Jumin was now looking at the distressed animal in the cage oddly an mental image of (y/n) popped into his head making him smirk and excited. Then his phone started to ring, it was her she had called him egger to hear her voice he immediately picked up right away.

"Hello Jumin it's me" the angel herself spoke making him week in the knees.

"Yes (y/n) how can I help you?"

"I was just wondering how you were doing?" Jumin could feel the 'beast' inside him trying to gain control or that's how Zen would say it. After an hour of talking Jumin convinced (y/n) to go over his house. It was this time he had accidentally let Elizabeth go.

He had been informed about her arriving by the security, once Jumin gave the 'yes' they let her up. He could tell she was surprised by the look on her face, once she entered. He tried to keep from looking at her then the cage. She greeted him with such innocence it made him crazy. Nothing would take her from him, nothing.

That was until a few days ago when (y/n) was asleep Jumin got to her phone, he found many messages from Zen. Which all and all pissed him off. He knew that Zen didn't deserve you, you wouldn't be as happy with as you would with Jumin. So he had to take extreme measures, which lead (y/n) to the position she is in now.

(Y/n) was on her hands and knees looking up at the man she once trusted, stuck in a metal cage that used to hold a cat. With a leather (f/c)ed collar wrapped around her neck. Her eyes held no emotion as she did not know how to feel about this. The man who was now gazing at her with such lust and love confused and scared her. She was confused her heart was beating fast for the man from both love and fear. He had deceived her, lied to her, trapped her and yet she loves him and welcomes this bitter feeling embracing the sinful desire.

He knew she could tell he did. The way he licked his lips and smirked made her aware that he had her wrapped around his finger. The door was opened and (y/n) slowly crawled out standing. She let the man tie her hands behind her back with silk ribbon, and blindfold her. He softly yet firmly dragged her to the large bed the clinking of the chains that were around her feet could be heard.

Jumin kissed her with such passion and dominance, that she moaned. She could fight but what's the point she loved this monster. It was a sinful desire yet she couldn't help but let it consume her every being.

'Love is bittersweet'

Chapter Text

Okay so I know little to none about Julien so forgive me if this sucks big time and if he seems too ooc also this will be short. I really need to play dragon dogma again. (I thought I had posted this a long time ago turns out I was wrong sorry)



I was trying to train.
"I'll show him that french prick" I was huffing and puffing, you see I was out fighting some undead that kept showing up at night outside of Gransys, I was having trouble as this was my very first mission ever.

After when dawn began to rise I was exhausted, it was a lot tougher then what I thought it would be. I got back to the castle and was stopped by Julian "what do you want?" I sighed I was tried and just wanted to go to bed "you're weak" he sated 'what the hell' I gave him a weird look.
"excuse me?!" I placed a hand over my heart.  "you're weak and are unable to defend you're zelf from a few undead" 'what a prick' I was now pissed "oh yeah well just wait Julian I here by challenge you to dual in one weeks time, If I win you have to do what ever I want for the rest of the month and and admitted that I'm stronger then you, however if you somehow beat me then I'll do anything for you for the rest of the mouth and admit that I'm weak, what do you say?" he smirked,
"I accept" we shock hands and went our separate ways 'just wait you french prick I'll  beat you!'


Now I was here thinking what the hell did I get myself into. Julian was the best knight he was way better then I. That was for sure. Sighing I looked down at my old sword, I felt myself calm down at the sight of the familiar blade. This sword was given to me by the only man I have ever loved.

They said his death was an accident, but I knew they were wrong it was no accident. There's a reason why I hate Julien and this was it. He said that his hand slipped and that my love was gone. I felt hot tears stream down my cheeks, why? Why did he kill him?! Why is he so fine about it?! I felt the blood in my pump through my veins, I was ready to fight him and I was not going to let him leave with his life either. It'll all look like an...accident. I laughed out loud.

Third person!

Julien stayed hidden in the shadows watching his pray, (y/n). He knew she was a smart girl so he knew she would know that it was no accident to what happened to her lover. He made sure of that, he wanted her to know so he could fire her up. He knew what she planned on doing and was ready for it, because he had a plan of his own.

Yes he would make it look like she had committed suicide after he beats her in battle, so no one will look for her, then he will take her to his private room where she'll stay forever. No one will be able to look at her, touch her or even talk to her unless it's him.

His always liked (y/n) however when that bastard came and took her from him...well something needed to be done about that. So something did happen a freak accident that's what. Chuckling darkly he withdrew to his chambers where he planed out how this plan would work.

Unaware of the dark thoughts brewing inside the French mans mind (y/n) got into position. The time of the duel had arrived and she was ready to claim her prize as was he. The fight was bloody and rough both were growing tired and sluggish. While (y/n) was distracted Julien hit her under the ribs with the hilt of his sword. Causing her to dabble over in pain groaning she felt the tip of a sword at her throat.
"I win~" he purred while her blood went cold before her wold did too.

Grinning down manically at the soft girl, Julien picked her up and took her to his 'private' dungeon. Placing down the beauty in a grand bed he secured her wrists in padded cuffs, his slightly chipped lips engulfed hers startling her awake. Moaning in alarm (y/n) tried to move only to find herself restricted by the cuffs. Looking down at her he gently creased her face while she was in shocked.

"W-what happened? Who are you? Why am I chained?" She panicked. It was Julien's turn to be shocked 'this is going better then I expected' He thought with malice.
"Your name is (y/n) and right now you are in our room. Your tied down because you have terrible nightmares. My name is Julien and I am your husband." He said while she listened.

She had a sceptical look but decided to believe him anyway. After he released her wrists she was once again captured into a passionate yet sinfully slow kiss she moaned at feeling his tongue crease her own. Pulling away a string of sliver following Julien rested his head on hers.
"My little knight...MINE!" He whispered (y/n) didn't know why but she felt dread like no other fill her gut.

Damn writing gentle yanderes is hard! I wasn't actually sure are this was going... Anyway hope you liked this and tell me what you think of the new cover!
see ya next time cupcakes~

Chapter Text

Takashi Morinozuka other ways known as Mori was loved by everyone but me the look of him made me sick even his name left a bitter taste in my mouth. You see the Morinozuka and the (l/n) have always had a rivalry, the family's were always at each other's throats.


I had been taught while growing up to despise the Morinozuka's, so when I was put in the same class with Mori I was disgusted and begged to be moved. This was in elementary school I'm now in my last year of high school and yet have always been in his classes. Through every year he had tried to befriend me, however was denied at ever chance looking back that was a mistake I should've never done.


It was a normal day so far I had just finished third period and was about to have lunch when I was ambushed by my 'friend' I guess you could call her I was forced to hang out with them for the sake of our company.

"Come on (y/n), come with me to the host club and take that stick out of your arse already."


'Do not kill her, no do not karate kick her sad fake ass over the moon,' I clinched my fist in annoyance and anger. "Alright but just this once," I forced through clinched teeth. She squealed in delight, and hugged me chanting thank you over and over again.


When the doors opened I instantly regretted my choice there standing was Mori. I tried not to shutter in disgust as a shiver went down my back, 'maybe if I'm really silent he won't notice me' I had my fingers crossed. Of cause my prayers were no answered as I noticed him giving me a blank look. 'What the hell is wrong with him?' I was put off by this.


"(L/n) how may I help you?" I turned to find Kyoya glancing over at me his glasses glinting as he wrote in his little black book. However before I could reply I was gripped by the bit- I mean my friend.

"Come on (n/n) let's go," (f/n) demanded well she gripped my hand and dragged me over to Mori I tried to escape as I thrust about. I was desperate to leave as he looked at me with...was that a damn smirk! (F/n) didn't seem to notice or even care. She greeted Honey with enthusiasm and started to talk to him leaving Mori and I alone. I actually started to talk to him and it wasn't so bad. I-I was even having fun odd I know. What I didn't know was that it was a  fatal mistake.


Time skip to a few months~

Chapter Text

Welp hope you like it, enjoy~
(Y/n) was an ordinary girl, she had always known about the supernatural. And she didn't mind any of them expect one. She hates any type of demon which includes the principle of the school Mephisto Pheles. Yes she knew what he was, and yes she despises his very existent. Which was a shame since that type of attitude is what made him infuriated with her. Like a moth drown to the bright light, he was to her. Soon that simple little interest turned into something much darker. He became obsessed, always stalking the shadows watching, observing her every move. Where she liked to go, who her friends are, her interest, what she likes and what she hates.


She was his play thing, his entertainment and his queen. If anyone weather they are a boy or a girl ever hurt her or got far too close to her, they were disposed of. (y/n) was a very strong spirited girl, however everyone can be broken no matter how strong. Mephisto made sure of this. He devised a plan to make (y/n) his own personal toy for eternity and it went like this...


(y/n) was walking around the school it was lunch time and most were eating, not her. She didn't have an appetite. (y/n) had a nagging filling that something or more like someone was following her. She was on guard more often and was extremely cautious of everyone. (Y/n) was a loner, she didn't like people and she didn't trust them.


As she was walking she heard a quiet 'yelp' this made her jump and walk in the direction of the noise. As she walked into a clearing she spotted a small dog. It was quite unusual, it's fur was long and an almost pale pink with a large hot pink, poke-a-dot bow. It had a pendent attached to it and had an all most bored look. 'Uh interesting' she bent down to its level and smiled softly while gently patting it's soft fur. She then noticed it's leg was bleeding and felt remorse for the poor creature, gently she picked the dog up and cradled it into her arms.


"Don't worry I'll look after you," the girl cooed to the dog who barked back at her making the girl giggle softly. She didn't notice the unusually big smile on the dogs face. Unknown to her she had just fallen into the devils trap.

The girl got to her dorm and placed the dog down on her bed as she walked over to collect a first aid kit. When she got back she gently patched up the dog's wound. Afterward she got ready for bed and turned out the lights as she lay down next to her new friend.


"Goodnight doggy~" she whispered and kissed the forehead of him. Soon the sun came out and she woke up feeling strange such as she couldn't move her arms and legs alarmed she opened her eyes in desperation. She struggled with the rough rope that held her onto the silk bed.

"Now, now kitten, I wouldn't do that if I were you." A slick voice called out making the poor girl jump in fright. (Y/n) whipped her head to look over at the smirking dog. 'What the hell!' She now realised that this dog was clearly no ordinary dog. She cursed herself as the information sunk farther in.


There was some smoke then the dog transformed into Mephisto. She gained an angered look as she stared up at the purple haired man who in return smirked down at her. He bent down and gave her a passionate kiss making the teen make a disgusted face.

"Why?" Was the one word she asked. The male demon smirked and bit her ear softly making the girl gasp he gently whispered.
"Because you are my queen, you are my plaything. You hated me and yet you are my drug." His warm breath ghost over her ear as he nuzzled into her neck. He opened his mouth and with his sharp teeth he bit (y/n)'s neck making her scream in pure pain laced in with small flakes of pleasure.
"My Queen"

Whoa sorry for the extremely long wait. I was out of ideas, Also I decided to work on some of my other books. I've also had my sister and best friend both come down for a few weeks to stay with me. So I've been very busy with family and friends. I hope you enjoyed this, see ya cupcakes

Chapter Text

I had being running for what seemed like forever, trying to escape this cursed school. My best friend (f/n) and I had done this forever charm, where it was supposed to make us become best friends forever or something. We didn't believe in this type of crap however they was moving away and we both thought 'what the hell' well right now I was running way from this student who had gone crazy.


I was trying to outrun them, until I felt a heavy object hit me on the back, I fell down and knew this was the end. As I lay there awaiting death to grab me, I heard an ear-piecing scream and looked up. The now dead student was laying there there eyes were gorged out and there was a cut on their throat. I felt even more fear grip my body like it was hugging me in a tight embrace and refused to let go.


"Are you okay miss?" I heard a deep male voice making me look up. Staring at me in concern filled eyes, all I could do was nod. He seemed relieved and helped me stand, I hissed as he touched the spot the object hit me. "Oh dear that seems bad, here I'll take you to the infirmary." I was touched by his kindness and allowed him to drag me to the infirmary.


One the way I started to notice somethings, like his grin was tight almost possessive and he had this hard look in his eyes every time he looked at here I was hit. I was starting to become sweaty and that embrace of fear became tighter and tighter.

"Hey you haven't by any chance seen a (friends' gender) that looks like (friends description)?" I asked hopefully. He seemed to freeze for a second before he turned to me and smiled.
"Sorry no I haven't, but I 'm sure they'll turn up soon."


I felt suspicion creep up behind me, I didn't shake it off more like I grabbed it and was holding it close to my chest. 'Who is he?' It just occurred to me that I didn't even know who his was, or why he saved me.

"Um... who are you? And why did you save me?" I meekly questioned as I stumbled a little bit. I heard his soft laugh as he lead me towards a sliding door that had a sign hanging above it 'Infirmary' was written on it. Once in he gently lay me on the dirty white bed. And gave me some pills I looked at him questionably.


"Painkillers," was all he said I nodded and took them. As I struggled to swallow he decided to start talking.
"My name is Yuuya and I didn't know I guess you could say I'm attracted to you."  

My vision was fading now I could barely see anything, the embrace was now chocking me. I screamed in fear as I saw that Yuuya was now transparent and was smirking down at my figure.


"Don't worry it was only poison you'll soon join me. Isn't it great we'll be together forever, you and your big brother. Now be a good girl and go to sleep" he whispered into my ear, his cold breath ghost over my now cold cheek.
"Y-You B-B-Bastered!" I mastered up the strength to shout out him. He just chuckled and kissed my pale blue lips, as death grab my life-force. I was going to be trapped here in hell with the devil.


Time skip~
I sighed as I watched Yuuya kill another student. I'm now a ghost like him, I learned how to put up with the pain. You see however you died here you will feel that pain for all eternity. Not only that but I found (f/n) turns out Yuuya killed them. Yuuya came up to me with a sick smirk and kissed my lips, he grinned before taking my hand and dragging me to the 'special Room' "I love you (y/n)" he whispered.


I was trapped and broken, my emotions had abandoned me long ago. So I whispered emotionlessly back four words.


"I love you too"

Oh my he was so out of character it hurt.
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Chapter Text

Hey so this just came to me while I was playing fire emblem fates male Camilla will be called Camillo also Corrin will be a boy he can look however you want. Camillo is the one with purple hair and reader will be chubby. Enjoy~


I sighed as I looked at Corrin as he looked at the nohr's and the hoshido's either way this was going to end in bloodshed. Sorry lets start at the beginning my name is princess (y/n) I was giving the task by my mum and dad to be Corrin's retainer, I was the youngest in my family so this was like a test. The only problem was I hated the King. He is cruel, evil and twisted. Unlike Corrin who was an angel, my angel for he is not only my best friend, but also first and only love. The Nohr's family consisted of Xander the eldest, Camillo the second child, Leo the third and Elise the forth youngest. Elise and Leo I have no problem with I would join Corrin when he played with Elise and sometimes when I needed a break I would read with Leo, Xander I also didn't mind I never really talked to him just the occasional nod here and there and then there was Camillo. I did have a problem with him first he treats Corrin likes his bloody two years old next his a total man whore and he always looks at me with disgust.


I am a chubby girl I won't deny it, all the other girls specially the ones in the army are thin and fit while I am not. I was supposed to have married Camillo when I heard the news I had a mini meltdown, because he hated me and I him. When he heard he acted calm around our parents and gripped my arm painfully and dragged me until we reached his room.
"I may have to marry you however I do not like you in any shape or form" he sneered at me, I rolled my eyes.
"Oh really I couldn't tell." I crossed my arms unamused at his words, he smirked down at me and pushed me down before tsking.
"Look how soft and week you are...pig." He walked away leaving me still in shock 'the hell?'


After that things got interesting to say the lest. Every time I talked or was near a male Camillo was there, either hugging or kissing me. I of course slapped or pushed him off me. He even almost stopped being a man whore not sure why and I didn't even question it. I did however notice him becoming possessive controlling even. He even forbids me from seeing Corrin.


However here we are now facing off as Corrin makes his choice. I was silently praying for him to choose Hoshido for my own selfish reasons, so I could get away from Camillo.
"I'm sorry Xander..." with those first few words and the ones that followed after it was a war ground, Corrin had chosen his birth family and I happily and willingly went with him despite the venomous glare sent to me and dark smirk full of dark sinful intent.


It has been weeks since that day and each was like the last, bloodshed and sorrow. Although I and others did try to make the most of it by trying to spread laughter and memories. I had made some friends and gotten a lot closer to Corrin, every time he speaks to me I feel my heart flatter, I almost had a heart attack when he put us together for the battles. I felt like nothing could go was I wrong.


We arrived at Cyrkensia a city that was neutral it refused to fight in the war, and both Nohr and Hoshido people travelled here. We came here to try and talk to King Garon which I personally think will go horribly did. We ended up being attacked and had to flee, when we did we came face to face with damn Camillo.
"My oh my, my dear little brother is here and so is my precious fiancée. How cute~" he purred I felt like a caught deer. 
"Camillo stop this and understand." Corrin tried to reason with the man only to be cut short.
"Now, now don't worry after the fight is finished I cradle you head in my arms like when we were young." He hummed I stood protectively in front of Corrin causing Camillo to smirk as the battle began.


I was up against Camillo by myself everyone else was busy fighting other people.
"Aw look who is strong yet still adorably soft." I growled at that and charged at him aiming for his wyvern I managed to slice at it causing it to snarl. Camillo chuckled as he slide from the beast and grabbed me in a tight embrace.
"No let's stop this foolishness and let's go home~" I tried struggling in the embrace of death as I felt his warm breath touch my sensitive ears, "we still need to get married~" "Go to hell!" I hissed I felt his mouth curve as the world turned black.


I woke up chained to a cold, damp, wall in a dungeon. 'Great' the door creaked open and in stalked Camillo with a smirk and covered in blood. I screamed for help only to receive laughter from Camillo.
"It's no use precious wife as you are in a hidden dungeon that no one knows of but me." He said while leaning his body upon mine I felt his warm breath hit my lips.
"My family will find me" I hissed.
"Aw poor (y/n), everyone thinks you were killed, no one will find you." He hummed and captured my lips in a sinfully slow tender kiss. I almost moan in his lips if it wasn't for my shock, "you will not leave me like mother did, you will not leave me like Corrin did. No you are mine, my bride~"  he smirked down at me before undoing my clothes, I cried out as I felt his sharp teeth bit my neck creating purple bruises.


"Now it's time to complete our wedding"


Done! Like I said 2hrs hope you enjoyed this part! If you are waiting for the next then go and read some of my other Yandere books I have, see ya cupcakes

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If you have requested a character and can't see it on the list then please tell me as I have request from 3 different websites so some go missing. Also I won't be doing characters from Bleach or Naruto sorry I just haven't watched them and most likely won't be (I have my reasons)  Here is list two!

· Yoosung- Mystic messenger (done)

· Cheater Shu- Diabolik lovers (Done)

· Zen- Mystic messenger (Done)

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· Karma x shy reader- assassination classroom (done)

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· Dark pit x mute reader- SSB

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· Boukto x light hearted reader- Haikyuu

· Yato x brave reader- Noragami

· Levi x shy reader-Attack on titans

· Bokuto x light-heated reader-Haikyuu

· Takashi x reader- OHSHC (happy ending)

· Takeru x reader- kamigami no asobi

· Bendy x chubby reader- Bendy and the ink machine

· Jaden Yuki x reader- Yu-Gi-Oh  (Might be able to)

- Ike x reader-fire emblem

Here we go!

Chapter Text

I sighed as I looked around the plain. The world is dangerous but he was even more, yet I feel an attraction to him like no other. Maybe it's his handsome face or that he smirks at me like he knows everything. I shiver every time I feel his burning gaze on my back, I feel so valuable and I love it.


I had first met him was when I was hunting some bandits that had taken my sister. I was wary of him as he smirked down at me a crouched I followed.
"I see you and I have the same pray." I felt my heart pick and my knees go weak at the sound of his voice, it sounded like nothing I had ever heard before. I nodded not yet trusting my voice as I ogled at his exposed chest.
"Well then how good are you with that bow?" He asked nudging it in my direction with his own bow.


I felt pride swell up within me, my sister and I were outcast. We were giving to an kindly man who raised us as one of his own, he himself was an outcast so that automatically made us one too. My sister wanted answers while I was content with my life. I loved it. I loved the freedom, the solitude, the adventure it brought with it. Clearly our mother did not want us so why bother asking why?


She however took part in the passing to be braided an outcast no more and to finally have answers. I was offered to join but declined and said I enjoyed being one, oh boy did that cause some trouble. I just left laughing loudly and wishing my sister luck. That's when I heard the horrid news that they had been attacked and that my sister was gravely hurt on the verge of death. I of cause ignored everyone and raced to the sacred mountain only to be stoped by the damn witches. After some pleading Teersa convinced them to let me through and that I had to see this.


Well I found out that my mother was a door and that my damn sister was alright. I remember I hit her on the back of her head and cried while she hugged me. I had been told that Rost the man who raised me was dead. My sister went out to seek to end the corruption while I, while I still did my own things one of that was a bandit hunter especially ones that harm my sister.
"I'm the best bow woman you'll ever know." I puffed out my chest in pride, while he just smirked.
"We shell see." He said before gesturing for me to lead. I huffed at him and snuck foreword slaughtering the bandits and freeing the captives. My sister was not here and found out she had escaped. I chuckled at that of cause she did she was a smart girl after all.


I turned to the strange man.
"So you are you exactly?" I asked him. He smiled full of mischief.
"I am just a traveler, with a bow, a concern about the state of these lands, and a missing partner." Yeah right just a traveler my ass I thought.
"Missing partner?" I asked confused and slightly interested to be honest I just wanted to hear him talk some more.
"Well dead now they killed him. He was getting to cocky anyway." I was slightly surprised as how casual his answer was.


He chuckled his deep voice filled my ears making me want to listen to it more.
"I hunt bandits, no one cares if they are killed. They make a better game then a simple boar does or even Machine. It's the emotion they show." I know then I should've bid him safe travels and leave never to see him again, but that sentence did the opposite instead it made me want to know more about it. It pulled me to him and I couldn't get away.


"(Y/n) are you okay." I heard my sisters voice turning I nodded before smirking at her.
"Of course I am Aloy." I heard her laugh before she jumped down to me.
"I was about to come and free the prisoners when I saw they had already been free. Then I saw you. Who were you talking to?" She asked, I looked behind me and saw he was gone I didn't even get his name. I just shook my head and walked with Aloy.


I thought No I knew I would see him again even if I had to hunt him down myself. And I did, I saw him and this time I was determined to get his name.
"So stranger what's your name?" I asked.
"Nil" was the only reply. He told me he had named his bow then asked what mine was I happily replied
"(b/n)"  we met quite a bit after that clearing bandits and often spending nights together by the fire until the dawn.


I knew what I was getting into when he asked if I would be his new partner, I told myself to say no and be on my way. Yet I felt a yarning like no other and I think he could sense it so he gave me that small adorable side smirk and I was like a big trapped.


He began to become possessive of me and demanded  that I stayed in his sight. He would threaten and even kill men who made passes at me. I was becoming afraid yet I couldn't bring myself to leave...I never could. Now I'm trapped in a cage a cage of his suffocating, possessive love and I was happily chocking.


The kisses he gave varied from sweet, passionate ones to rough and demanding. I loved them all as long as they were mine. The sex we did was either sinfully slow and gentle or hard, sweaty claiming. He left his mark on me and I on him.


We were both just as broken and twisted as each other and we embraced it and welcomed the feeling. I love him as he me and that will never change even if he killed any one who looked at me I secretly did the same for him.


He was mine as much as I was his and we both loved it.

Chapter Text

I sighed today was another boring day I just feed the animals and watered the plants. I was in town now and saw Kurt smiling I ran over to him.
"Hey Kurt!" I shouted scaring him. Grumbling he glared at me.
"What do you want (y/n)?" He mumbled before turning his attention towards the villa. Smirking I crossed my arms and stood beside him looking at Dia.


"Oh I see What's up Romeo" he glared at me and made a hushing noise causing me to giggle. "You know if you want to romance her I can help~" this got his attention.
"...What you you want in return?" I narrowed my eyes at him before sighing.
"Alright you caught me in return I get to name one of you're kids." I smirked at his face it looked like one of the tomatoes I grow on the farm. After seeing his nod I skipped over to Dia.


"Hello Dia, how ya felling today?" I carefully asked the sickly girl.
"...fine..." she looked uninterested. I felt annoyed I didn't really like Dia but you know if it will help out Kurt then I can put up with it...for a bit.


Time skip~



I felt something curl in my stomach I felt sick. I saw her with Dia again I thought at first it was because she was taking all of Dia's attention then I realised it was the opposite. I missed having (y/n) shout good morning to me and felt wrong when she wasn't there to bother me. I wanted her attention, I wanted her body and I want  her. I felt something dark in me I narrowed my eyes and smirked as I left I needed my axe.


(Y/n) pov


I was actually excited today I was going to ask Dia to ask out Kurt, I had been telling her about him to try and see if she likes him I think she does. I was tuning and wasn't watching where I was going so I bumped into a hard chest. 'Oof' I grumbled before looking up and saw familiar brown spiked hair and green camo headband.
"Hey there stranger" I teased Kurt smirked down at me with a strange expression I felt a shiver ran through me.


"Where are you of to?" He asked his voice sounded weird.
"To see Dia I think I've got her, so don't worry if all goes well she'll ask you out be the end of the day." I giggled and nudged him he let out a humourless laugh. "Okay well see ya buddy" I said giving him an odd look before walking or at lest I tried I felt something grip my wrist. Looking down I saw a cream coloured, rough hand.
"Um... Kurt could you let go please...?" I asked nervously.


He gave me a dead look before slowly letting go. I walked over to Dia feeling odd. She smiled softly when I came closer to her.
"Hey there Dia feeling better today?" I asked she nodded and waved at me.
"Hey Dia there's something I want to ask you...will you go out with Kurt?" She looked shocked at me,"you see his liked you for a really long time so what do you say!?" She blushed bright red and shyly nodded. 'Yes mission was a success' I cheered mentally before I spent the day with Dia. After we had finished she asked me if I would be there with her to help with her confidence. I agreed and said I would be in the bush. I smirked as I watched him approach her they began talking however I couldn't make out what they were saying. I grow worried as I saw Dia back away as Kurt lifted his axe, I jumped out of the bush just as he brought it down screaming I ran over to them.


Kurt pov

I heard a scream as I sliced Dia's head off, (y/n) ran over and dropped down to the floor where Dia's bleeding body. Tears streamed down her face I felt a shiver of thrill shot down my body causing me to grab her. (Y/n) kicked and yelled at me trying to get away however I took my axe and banged the wooden handle on her head knocking her out. I throw her over my shoulder and walked to my cabin in the forest.


(Y/n) pov

Groaning I woke up with a pounding in my head I looked around and found my self in a wooden cabin. I got up slowly and walked around. The door opened reviling a strong looking man with brown spiked hair and a green camouflage headband.
"Who are you?" I asked unsure as he smiled softly at me and hugged me as I tensed up.


"It's me Kurt your husband." I relaxed in his tight embrace something felt was missing. I felt Kurt capture my lips in a rough yet passionate kiss his tongue started to prob my mouth trying to coax me to kiss back which I did. He moved his head close to my ear his warm breath tickled my sensitive neck.


"I love you, you'll never ever leave me" he kissed my neck I felt dread creep into me. I didn't know at that time was that I was trapped and there was no way out.

Chapter Text

Alex pov

I smiled softly at my wife. I married the new farmer called (y/n) (l/n) and couldn't be happier. The first time I saw her there was something about the way the sun reflected in her bright eyes and the way her smile would brighten up the room. I knew I had to have her and I managed to charm her and now we live on her farm.


Although I had to give up my dream of becoming a pro athlete it was worth it. I loved living here and helping with watering the crops and feeding the animals. Today was the flower day festival and I was excited to see her in that adorable Lolita dress with pink cheeks and that irresistible smile.


(Y/n) was a little ball of energy today she was up early and had already finished the farm work before I even got up. I chuckled seeing her rush getting dressed and trying to fix her gorgeous hair. She heard me and pouted with burning red cheeks.
"Out, out you need to get ready!" She yelled trying to push me out. I smirked down at her and gazed at her tempting lips. I sighed causing her to look up at me with worry, inwardly I smirked at her gullible nature as I bent down and gave her a gentle kiss. Gasping she hastily kissed back I could feel the heat from her cheeks. She's so adorable and mine~


We arrived at the festival and everyone was in a marry mood. I was dragged by my friend Haley to my grandparents and had a long talk they kept asking questions about how (y/n) was doing and when they could expect grandkids which caused me to get embarrassed. When I finally got away from them I tried to find my lovely wife as the dance was about to begin. Oh...OH! Found her talking with that damn Sam. She just laughed at one of his stupid jokes. I knew I was seething but I couldn't help it she was my wife not his. Mine...


I stomped over there and pulled her into my arms a little rougher then needed to be and tightly held her. I heard her gasp and Sam glare at me as I tightly smiled at him. Moron she's mine not yours! (Y/n) seemed oblivious to the tension that's why I love her she's so naive to the point where I just want to lock her in our house and never let her out. That idea sounded rather appealing...


I brought out of my trance by my wonderful wife who looked at me excitedly and tugged me over to where everyone was lining up for the flower dance. Smiling I followed and had a great time. We arrived home and went to bed after a delicious dinner, I gently tucked a strand of (h/c) hair out of her peaceful face I placed a small kiss on the tip of her nose. I felt that urge to lock her up and protect her I wanted her all to my self I didn't want any other males to gaze upon her with their hungry lust filled eyes, I didn't want them to take advantage of her innocence and try to touch her in ways they shouldn't.


"Eliminate them~" a dark voice whispered in my ear.
"No it would make her upset!" I mumbled.
"Only for a bit then she will see. She will appreciate it. She will love you more then ever~" I felt a dark smirk form.
"Yes she will won't she? She will love it. She will be protected..." I saw her rubbing her eyes and give out a cute yawn almost making me moan.
"Are you alright Alex?" Her small adorable voice asked heavy with sleep. I smiled and kissed her forehead.
"Yes I feel amazing. Now sleep darling~" I felt her body relax and soon heard small barely audible snores.


I left after I put her in bed properly and grabbed her hammer before silently exiting. First victim was Shane that drunken idiot is probably at the lake in the forest so his first. I snuck up behind him before hitting him he fall with a satisfied 'thump' I threw his body or what was left of it into the secret forest for the slimes to eat no one goes there anyway. Now I was at the beach and there I saw Sebastian I walked over to him and pushed his head into the ocean I chuckled as he kept thrashing trying to get up only for the bubbles to stop lifting his head up I checked for a pulse only to find none. I tied a rock around his waist and chucked the rest of his body in the ocean and saw it sink.


I walked over to the clinic with a dark look and blood on my clothes I pushed the door open it was always open Harvey forgets to lock it I snuck up stairs where he was asleep. I raised the hammer and slammed it down I continued until I heard a satisfying 'crack' I looked at the mess of a body. It looked like the head was never there smirking I light a fire in his hearth and threw him in it before leaving.


Lastly was Sam. I had sent him a note signing it as my wife. I was waiting for him to show his ugly yellow head. I was waiting in the mines when I was about to go and search for him he walked in with a blush. Sicko trying to get into my wife's pants! He never saw it coming as I slammed the hammer into his soft skull yelling in rage until there was nothing left but a pile of insides and bones. I threw it down the ladder knowing the creatures would feast upon him.


I broke the hammer and changed my clothes and threw them in the hole I made back on the farm before burying them I want back inside only to be greeted by my wife who looked nervous. What happened? Did she find out!? Did someone touch her!?
"Honey I have to tell you something..." she trailed off causing me to clench my fist taking a deep breath she looked up at me with the biggest smile ever.
"I'm pregnant!" I felt myself move on it's own as I embraced her and spun my giggling wife around.


"I promise to protect you and this baby. I promise never to harm you or let anyone else. I promise to be a better farther then mine ever was." I promised her as we hugged. I love my wife. I will always love her. She will never leave me... EVER

Chapter Text

"(Y/n) come out~ My love where are you~?" I shook in fear at his once innocent voice. I don't understand what happened. One minute he was the sweet loveable boy I loved now his a psychopath with a knife.
"Is it because of Zen?! Isn't it! Why do you love him so much I'm so much better!" I had to cover my mouth with my hand as he banged the door of the fridge... yes I was in a fridge...


This all started because I got a text from Zen asking if I could help him learn his lines. Yoosung saw this and cracked my phone. He started to accuse me of cheating. I got offended (lol like everyone this year) and let very dangerous words out of my mouth that caused him to turn to well this...


"If you think that so passionately the I might as well go and do it." I tried to get up however when I was only a few feet from the door a knife lunched itself into the door near my head. I slowly turned and gasped in fear at the look in his eyes they were empty. He had a bone-chilling smile on his face.


"(Y/n)~" he purred as I backed up, "I love you, you're mine not his. GOT IT!" His expression turned to anger. I did the only thing I could think of... I ran and kept on running. I managed to trick him into the bedroom I was about to head to the front door when I stoped. If I go out there then someone innocent could be hurt like Zen! I quickly ran into the fridge. Squeezing my body into the tight space. I thought I had my phone but of course it turns out I didn't. Then I heard a knife being dragged on the walls and a child like humming sound that made me want to cry.
"(Y/n) where are you~? Come one I forgive you we could play LOLOL~" and so now here we are.


I almost screamed as the fridges door was slowly opened, reviling Yoosung! Before I could do anything I was grabbed and pulled into a tight embrace.
"(Y/n) I found you~ don't worry once I get rid of Zen we can go back to before" I shook my head NO while crying he just smiled sickeningly sweet wiping my tears away before carrying my struggling body toward the bedroom. Once we got there he tied my hysterical body to the frame. He roughly kissed my lips before going to my neck. He found the one spot that alway made me pant and moan. He bite it creating a big, dark, purple bruise. My scream was covered my his hand. I was in tears.

"Don't worry honey I'll be back. He placed a gag over my mouth and grabbed his knife before smiling as he left the house. I screamed and kept on screaming until I was exhausted and fell asleep. When I woke up I was currently being hugged from behind. Gasping as I was suddenly turned onto my back. Smiling at me was a blood stained Yoosung. More and more tears flew down my face as I noticed a head and not just any head but Zen's severed head.
"Don't worry I did it now we can be together forever." He gently stroked my face giving me small kisses.


"I love you forever and ever. You'll never be alone and I'll never let you go~"

Chapter Text

Third person pov:


(Y/n) was the wife of the hair of the Sakamaki, Shu Sakamaki. She was fairly happy in their relationship, at first there was no love or any happiness. However as time went by she started to develop feelings for him as he did for her. (Y/n) was a perfect doting wife. She helped clean the house, she cooked somethings, she encouraged him and gave him affection. She was everything that a husband would want... and yet... she felt neglected, rejected and forgotten. Lately he came home and just ignored her walking straight into the bedroom. He would stay late at school and snap at her if she tried to talk to him. She was determined to change things. Giggling she walked to his school with a box. As she asked around she ran into Reiji Shu's younger brother.

"Good evening Miss (y/n)" he said while she smiled up at him with a smile full of warmth and innocence. It made the vampire almost feel sorry for the young woman. He knew what Shu was doing and hated it. And yet no matter what he said Shu just ignored him like most of the time.


"Hello to you too Reiji. Do you know where I can find Shu?" (Y/n) questioned while cutely tilting her head to the side. The male nodded and pointed at a door down the hall.
"He should be in there." She nodded and thanked him just as she was about to move, Reiji caught her arm. "Oh and do not be too disappointed." Before (y/n) could question what he meant Reiji was already gone.


The girl was about to knock when she stopped. 'It will be better to surprise him!' She took a deep breath in before she slammed the door wide open, her eyes widen as did the other two pairs in the room.
"S-Shu...?" She questioned not wanting to believe it. Shu was there alright so was Yui. They were almost naked, Yui sat on the piano while Shu held her steady with one hand as the other was grabbing her still clothed breast.


"H-how could you?" She looked down as her hair fall over her eyes creating a shadow, "I trusted you I thought you loved me. I rejected other marriage proposals for you. I even bought you a gift." Shu gave her a blank face as she calmly placed the box on a table next to the door. She turned to leave before she could Yui reached out to her.
"W-wait Miss (y/n)!" (Y/n) swiftly turned and backhanded her right in the face. Yui fall onto the ground in shock and pain.


"Don't you dare talk to me you useless whore." She hissed with an emotionless face at the now crying girl. She left without another word leaving the pair. Yui soon ran out most likely going to go and seek comfort with ayato. Shu sighed before picking up the box.
"How tiresome." He mumbled but was surprised when the box started to move. When he opened it a puppy was happily looking right at him. It looked just like the one he lost long ago. He picked up the puppy and let out a rare smile as it licked him.
"(Y/n)" he mumbled.


Back at the mansion (y/n) was now packing she was going to leave and this time she was going to live as a normal citizen. No more rich families or balls. She placed the expensive ring down in the bedside table. Reiji watched as she opened the door.
"Good luck (y/n)." He simply said as he nodded at her. She have him a small smile as she left the mansion for what she thought would be the last time. Shu made his way home with the puppy in his arms. He ignored the sneer from Reiji as he walked into his and (y/n)'a bedroom. He stoped in his tracks as he sniffed the air. (Y/n)'a scent was faint... too faint. He placed the puppy down before storming out of the room. He found Reiji and slammed him into the the wall.


Reiji didn't even blink.
"Where is she?!" Reiji just smirked pushing him off roughly before pushing his glasses up.
"She's already gone." He pushed Shu away and gave him one last glance, "next time don't be a dickhead and cheat." With that he was out of sight. Shu wanted nothing more then to rip his throat out, but knew he would be in trouble with Him. Growling he slammed his fist on the wall causing it to crack. That night all he could think about was (y/n), what she smelt like, what she felt like, the cute sounds she would make... and even better what her blood tasted. Just thinking about it made his body ache with the need for her. He had too- NO he needed to get her back. A plain started to form in his head as a truly terrifying grin spread across his face.


A few years have past since (y/n)'s heartbreak. She still thought about Shu from time to time. However she was moving on and so far was going pretty good. She owned her own bakery and was living happily. Nothing could go wrong was what she thought. That was until that night.


(Y/n) was sound peacefully asleep and blissfully unaware of the two dark eyes lurking in the dark. The figure creep up to her body and gently pulled the covers downs careful not to wake her. Once her white silk nightgown was revealed, Shu's mouth watered. He brushed a few strands of hair away from her bare neck. Licking his lips he bent down and felt the woman shiver from his warm breath. He opened his mouth and...


"AHHH!" (Y/n) screamed as her eyes flew open. She felt tears prick her eyes. Her mouth was covered by a cold hand. Once she felt drowsy Shu finally stopped and looked at her he smirked as he saw her eyes widen.
"S-Shu stop please" she begged as he grabbed her into a tight hug, his arms grew tighter as he heard her say this.

"No I'll never let you go, you silly woman. You're mine forever, my bride."

Chapter Text

"(Y/n) darling I'm home~" the woman who was in the kitchen flinched at the sound of her 'husbands' voice. Taking a deep breath (Y/n) walked over to the white haired handsome man, who seemed to perk up at her figure.


"Welcome home Zen." Her soft yet broken voice filled the room as he hugged her tightly.
"Were you a good girl for daddy?" The woman knew she should've felt nothing but disgust but she couldn't help but feel aroused and loved.
"Yes I was. I didn't go outside or talk to anyone." Zen hummed pleased as he softly rubbed her back.


As he let go of (Y/n) he placed a kiss on her head.
"I'm going to go and change into something more comfortable, don't go to far darling." He gave her a wink before leaving.


The broken girl finished dinner as she did she couldn't help but think back on her life. When she first meet him she was nothing more then a simple girl who happened to stumble into him on her way home. From there she started to see him more often until finally they became friends. Soon after he started to change for the worse and she found herself trapped in his delusions.


No tears came out after all she had none left, she still smiled although. She did love him even before all this and she knows that no matter what he does she always will. It's wrong but she can't help it if her heart swells when he whispers oh so sweet words in her ears or if her pules quickens with anticipation when he says he'll be home late,she didn't even have a say in it when her whole body fills up with warmth when he hugs or kisses her softly.


"I'm back darling" she smiled softly at the pale arms that wrapped around her waist and the mop off white hair that tickled her neck causing a small giggle.
"You have the most beautiful laugh" Zen whispered giving the woman a kiss on her cheek. He could feel the beast inside off him stir at her adorable form. He spun her around making her emit a silent gasp of surprise.

"I love you" he whispered grinning at his lovely wife and swiftly capturing her lips in a slow yet passionate kiss. (Y/n) couldn't help but let out a moan even though she knew it was wrong.


She couldn't help but fall in love with him

Chapter Text



Today was the day. There is and will be no backing out. No. Today I will concur my fears. Today is the day I become a woman, and finally...

Yes that's right I can't walk like a lady without falling. I am the only daughter off the noble family known as (l/n). I have four older brothers all of which are married and have children. I am known as the disgraced child by my mother, invisible by my brothers and a nuisance by my father.

Because off all this negative attention forced upon me I have become quite reserved. I don't do well when talking with others or even my own family, due to this people just think that I am shy. Which I am so they aren't wrong. I wish I could talk to people with ease but I get so tongue-tided and nervous it is definitely not how a proper young lady should converse with others.

Kind off like my walking. That's why to mother I am the disgraced child. I let out a sigh of despair as I slipped on my heeled shoes, and shakily stood. I had to get this right as tonight my family received an invitation to the Queens ball. I needed to make sure I do not make a mockery off my family.

I thought I was going pretty well until I fell a very unladylike snort escaped my mouth as I hit the ground. Moaning in pain I shakily got up. I froze as I felt two eyes burning into my back. Turning fearfully around I saw nothing. That is rather.... odd. I just shrugged and continued to practice.

~Later that night~

"Listen to me (y/n) you are to not make a fool of us tonight." I whimpered silently under my mothers stern gaze, her voice was firm and she kept wagging her finger to and fro at me.
"Y-Y-Yes ma'am" I nervously stuttered as the carriage stoped. Father got out and helped Mother who gave me one last warning look. Alright let's get this over with, I sighed. I flinched back as a slender, white hand was gracefully held out to me.

I followed it up to a handsome face of a man. He had raven hair with red eyes, and a what looked like a teasing smirk which made me slightly unnerved.
"Madam." His voice almost made me faint. I placed my much smaller hand in his and felt a jolt of... something fill my body it was cold.

"T-thank you s-sir" I mumbled looking down, I felt my cheeks turn red at the sound of his deep chuckle. I then just noticed his outfit it looked as though as was a servant, a butler, I know that mother would be displeased if she saw me associating with the help. I looked at him sadly before curtsying and hastily walking into the grand palace. I did however feel that same scary sensation of being watched. I gazed sadly at all the couples dancing, chatting and I even spotted some kissing in the shadows. I wanted that. I wanted love and to be showered in affection, I know I sound like a cheesy cream-puff but I did want a lover just to escape this hell I live in.

"My fair lady, is there a reason you are not dancing?" I gasped and turned to face that same butler except he was wearing different clothing more like the ones that other man were wearing. I felt nervous under his gentle stare, a voice was demanding I run and never look back however another was whispering in my ear to stay just to spite my mother who would a fit if she saw me now.

"N-no sir, I just do not have anyone to dance with." I could feel red coat my cheeks as my faces warmed from embarrassment. He gave me a closed eye smile and held out his arm to me.

"Well then would my lady care for a dance?" I was now a tomato as I shyly accepted his arm. He glided to the floor surrounded by other couples, I however ignored them my eyes were only on him I felt as though I could not look a way like a spell had been cast upon me.

I should have broken that spell

A few days had past and I was improving my walks I also however felt the same bone chilling gaze. At first I thought I was just being paranoid but then things started to go missing or be misplaced. When I tried to tell my mother she just turned her nose down at me and as I quote "do not lie (y/n) it is unbecoming of a lady of your status." I honestly do not know why should would have even believed me. I was being foolish.

Finally after being cooped up in my bedroom from fear I decided to go out and get some fresh air. I started to hum a small tune to calm my nerves a cheesy smile on my face as I spun so my dress would puff out. 

I stopped when I heard a twig snap, hastily I turned towards the sound.
"H-hello?" I backed away shaking as a shadow of a man came closer. I let out a breath of relief as the handsome butler from the ball is reviled. I could feel my face turn hot as I saw his beautiful eyes look into mine.
"S-sir what a-are you here f-for?" I twiddled my thumbs nervously not noticing black shoes walking closer to me.

"My, my you my dear have committed a great sin~" I gasped and snapped my head up to him.
"W-what do y-you mean?" I questioned confused. I let out a gasp as my face was titled up by his slander, long, glove covered fingers. He had a dark smirk and his crimson red eyes glowed.

"You my dear have made a demon fall for you. That is the greatest sin of all." I tried to brake away from this deranged man however my movement was stilled when his arm wrapped around my waist. Using his finger he hocked it in my mouth keeping it open, as he quickly placed his lips on mine and tongue in my mouth taking his finger away.

My scream was muffled. I decided to bite his tongue rather harshly, I thought he would stop but he just let out a moan of pleasure. I made a face of disgust as he finally pulled away, I almost screamed in fear at his face as I finally noticed the blood.

"Do not worry, my lady, I killed them all. All of those disgusting humans who mistreated you. They will never come between us." I paled at his sick smirk, "you are mine, my new queen of hell. Weather you like it or not~"

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Chapter Text

(Y/n) pov:
I could feel myself turning red as I felt a stare on my back, his starring again... I risked a look back and squeaked as I saw I was right starring right at me were malicious golden eyes. The boy they belonged to was a violent yet cunning boy called Karam Akabane. I remember the advise from my friends saying "stay away from him, he'll hurt your adorable  body." And so I did I never really liked the bad boys, they weren't my type. No the person who I liked was Hirotoshi Maehara. Yes the popular playboy. I know it's not good to like boys like him however I have see his kind side and I know he is a very caring person, unlike Karma.


A hand waved in front of my face snapping me out of my daze. Looking up I turned dark red and probably looked like a gasping fish. Smiling down at me was Hirotoshi. W-what?!
"You still there (y/n)?" I let out a small squeak.
"Y-yes I-I'm still here!" I felt my face turn bright red when I realised I practically just shouted at the poor boy. He just laughed it off and gave my head a soft pat.
"Good just wanted to make sure." I could feel my legs melting at the sight of his gorgeous grin.


As he left I caught the eyes of Karma again and saw he did not look very happy, a concerned expression took over my face, I wonder what got him in a bed mood? EEP his looking! Blushing I quickly grabbed my things and left the classroom. Not bothering to look at anyone as my eyes were firmly on the floor.


Karma's pov:


I clenched my teeth together in anger. How can someone as filthy as him steal my (y/n)'s love from me. She may not be my girlfriend yet but she will be once she sees how much I love her... That's it! I'll show her how much I love her. I gaze drifted to Hirotoshi a smirk spread across my face. I know just how to do it.


(Y/n) pov:

I sighed sadly for the past few weeks Hirotoshi hasn't been at school. I was very worried as was everyone else it wasn't like him to miss this many days. The whole time Karma has also been acting rather weird. I didn't notice where I was going until I fell to the ground ow. I groaned before a hand was thrust in front of me, shakily I placed my much smaller one in the large one. I let out a gasp as I was pulled up and into the figures chest. Looking up my eyes widen as my face light up bright red.


"Careful there Princess. Wouldn't want you to hurt yourself, now would we?" Karma gave me a wink causing my heart to speed up and almost made me pass out from how much blood was now in my cheeks.
'Y-YES!" I almost hit myself for my tone I didn't mean to squeak out like that, "I-I mean th-thank you Karma." I quickly moved my gaze to the ground when I heard him chuckle, his long fingers wrapped around my chin bringing my face to his. I saw his smirk and felt a shiver go down my spin.


Karma's pov:

My smirk widened as her beautiful eyes filled up with fear. Something about this little small mouse attracts me and addicts me to her body and scent. Perhaps it's her volubility, or her shyness or even her entire being itself. I knew from the first time I walked into that pathetic class and saw her, that she would be mine and mine only. No one would get in my way. Hirotoshi had to learn that the hard way.

"Now, now Princess there's no reason to be shy I don't bite... much." I couldn't help but let out a laugh at the expression that formed on her face. It was simply delicious. I poked her nose, "just kidding, Princess." I almost took her there when I saw her cubby cheeks puff out in annoyance. She's just so damn cute.


Since that day I started to bug her more until eventually she said the words I wanted to hear since I first meet her.
"K-Karma let's b-be friends." I know your all probably like what? However this is all part of my plan, we will start as friends until we bloom as lovers. I could feel my cheeks slightly blush at the though of all the things I could do to (y/n). But I had to be patient and wait.


(Y/n) pov:

I giggled as I began to walk to Karma's house with the strawberry cheesecake I had made for him. Karma wasn't that bad, his actually kinda nice. I know what you're all thinking, "but (y/n) what about Hirotoshi?" Well apparently his family decided to move without telling anyone, so the chances of us meeting again are low. I don't like Karma like that I just think his kinda fun to hang around that's all.


I knocked on the door and the red haired boy opened it with a lazy smirk.
"Princess what are you doing here?" There was something wired in his eyes but I just shrugged it off as nothing.
"I-I made you a-a c-cake." I pushed my hands out more showing it to him. I saw his golden eyes gleam as he moved aside letting me come in. His house was like any others except there was a door that wasn't painted and has a weird red colour to it almost like a handprint.


"Coming Princess?" I turned and saw him leaning against the wall blushing I quickly followed after him. After we ate I decided to master up the courage and ask about the door.
"H-Hey Karma what's with the d-door?" I noticed him freeze, odd, before he looked down at me with no emotion.
"Nothing. Don't touch it okay? Be a good girl for me." Before I could answer his phone rang causing him to apologise before getting up and answering it. Curiosity got the best of me as I snuck to the door and turned the knob. The door creaked opened allowing me to enter. There were a bunch of stairs leading into a dark room, I know I should've left but I heard a what sounded like a groan. Quickly I race down the stairs careful not to trip.


I let out a blood curdling scream as tears flew from my eyes. I felt bile crawl up my throat as the foul smell invaded my nose. On the ground was a dismembered body, blood pooled around it. Guts and intestines were sprawled out.

"Oh dear Princess looks like someone is being a bad girl." Gasping in fear I quickly turned around and backed up at Karma's menacing figure, he had a dark smirk on his face as he walked slowly towards me. I didn't watch where I was going and slipped on some blood causing me to fall backwards. I let out a sharp cry of pain when I felt my back collide with the hard cold floor. Before I could do anything Karma quickly trapped my body beneath his.

"W-why Ka-Karma?" I had tears blurring my vision.
"Because (y/n) you belong to me and Hirotoshi over there," he pointed over to the body, "had to learn the hard way."
"W-what that's H-Hirotoshi!" I felt myself go limp as he pulled me up forcing me to look at the body of my once friend and crush. I started to struggle as I felt the tip of a knife digging into my neck. "YOU MONSTER!" he released me tears streaked down my face as I cried loudly.


Karma soon picked me up, we soon entered a bedroom. I was placed on the bed and my wrists were tied to the headboard of it. I was too tired to fight him as he cuddled up beside me and gave me a searing kiss on my lips until they were puffy. I felt my eyes shut and a small whimper escaped my abused mouth as I heard him whisper.