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I'm a Screamer Baby (Make Me a Mute).

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Taehyung can't help but cum deep inside of Jimin when he hears Namjoon's dangerously calm voice in the door way. Jimin let's out a little whine when Taehyung collapses down into the cold pool of cum on his stomach. It takes Taehyung a couple of minutes to catch his breath but, when he does, he gives Namjoon a sheepish grin.

“Hey hyung.” He let's out a nervous chuckle but Namjoon just raises an eyebrow at the two.

“Get cleaned up and meet us in the living room. You have five minutes.” Namjoon says before stepping out of the doorway.

“You idiot, I told you we shouldn't have done this without permission.” Jimin says smacking his shoulder then pushing him off. Taehyung rolls to the other side of the bed to catch his breath as Jimin goes to get a washcloth.

“You weren't complaining when I made you cum without touching your dick though, were you?” Taehyung asks accepting the towel that Jimin hands him and wiping himself off.

Now, twenty minutes later, Taehyung isn't completely sure when him getting scolded turned into him hanging from the ceiling bound in pretty red ropes. These ropes had always been his favorites; he'd begged Namjoon for them last year and when they tied him up with them he came so hard that he passed out. Good time. But currently dangling from the ceiling butt naked is where he is and he's, admittedly, a little dazed. He looks up at Namjoon standing over him with a ring gag in his hands and he can't help the shiver that runs through him at the look on Namjoon's face.

“Taehyung, do you know why you're being punished?” Namjoon asks him with a raised eyebrow.

“Because I didn't obey orders.” Taehyung answers obediently. He's swaying back and forth a little as the others move around him and his cock is hard against his warm stomach at the promise of what is to come.

“And what orders did you disobey?” Namjoon asks now playing with the gag in his hand without sparing Taehyung much of a glance.

“I had sex with Jiminie when I wasn't allowed to.” Taehyung says watching as Namjoon continues to toy with the gag. Taehyung isn't sure how Namjoon is acting so composed at this moment; there's a very obvious bulge in his pants and his eyes are roaming Taehyung's body in interest. If Taehyung could, he'd wiggle his bare ass a little with a smirk but his binds keep him from doing so. He's hogtied with his legs spread and a plethora of beautiful knots tied around him, courtesy of Yoongi, and he's never felt so exposed. The ties are only slightly uncomfortable but they keep him immobile and ready to be used by the others and he's pleased that they all seem just as eager as he is. Now they're all just waiting on Namjoon to give them the signal.

“Good boy. Glad you understand what's happening. What's your safeword Taehyung?” Namjoon asks looking past Taehyung at what he assumes are the others waiting patiently.

“Flamingo.” Taehyung answers already feeling a little fuzzy around the edges.

“And if you can't speak, what do you do?” Namjoon asks making sure to cover all the basics.

“Look you in the eye seriously and shake my head.” Taehyung tells him nodding slightly.

“Good boy. Now open your mouth.” Namjoon tells him advancing with the gag. As soon as Namjoon advances, a series of things happen; there's a slick hand wrapped around his cock, fingers playing at his asshole, someone tonguing at his toes and two clamps attached to his nipples. Namjoon straps the gag around his head and pulls down his pants enough to tug his hard cock out of them while Taehyung visibly salivates. He circles the head of his cock around the ring of Taehyung's lips before sinking his cock into his mouth slowly. Taehyung lets out a muffled moan as some drool drips down his chin and he feels Namjoon's head teasing at his throat. He feels a different pair of hands gripping his ass cheeks and pulling them apart a second before he feels the cool tip of an ice cube teasing at his rim. So that's where the last person went.

When the ice cube is pushed into him with long slender fingers, he closes his eyes and tries to wiggle away from and also into the sensation. It's been so long since they used ice cubes that he'd nearly forgotten what they felt like inside of him. He shivers as the cold sensation travels up his spine and he feels the ice slowly melting away inside him. He feels another ice cube being shoved into him alongside the first and he moans around Namjoon's thick cock as more drool leaves his mouth. Namjoon is gripping his hair but he isn't paying attention to him choosing instead to look at whoever is toying with Taehyung's ass. Taehyung furrows his brows and bites down gently on Namjoon's cock causing the older to hiss and jerk into his mouth.

“Brat.” Namjoon tells him and Taehyung would smirk if he could. Taehyung, however, is no longer smug when Namjoon pulls his cock out of his mouth and goes behind him where the others are standing. “Jimin, go fuck Taehyung's mouth but don't even think about cumming; this is your punishment as well as it is his.” Namjoon orders. It seems like in a millisecond he has an eyeful of Jimin's tan skin and hard red cock. Taehyung is momentarily distracted, however, when not one but two ice cubes are pressed into his already numb asshole. While his rim may be numb, his prostate is not, and the cold ice is pressing insistently down onto his sensitive prostate and his cock twitches at the mix of pain and pleasure. Taehyung is already a groaning mess but, when they push a small butt plug in alongside the ice cubes he starts screaming. Jimin takes that as his cue and he shoves his dick into Taehyungs mouth to muffle his noises.

Taehyung thinks he hears the sound of wood hitting skin lightly but he isn't sure until he feels the heavy wood of their paddle land on his right ass cheek. Taehyung has to keep from biting down on Jimin's cock as the wood continues to be brought down onto his skin in quick succession. His ass cheeks are on fire and it mixes in with the cold pleasure of the ice cubes, now nearly melted, inside of him in the best way. Taehyung whimpers feeling tears spring to his eyes as Jimin surges forward and he gags around his swollen cock.

He feels a tongue teasing at the tip of his aching cock and he shudders into the feeling as lips wrap around the head and suck. Taehyung nearly cums from so little stimulation on his cock, but he knows that the punishment will be even worse if he does so he focuses more on hollowing his cheeks around Jimin's cock and sucking in earnest. Taehyung knows he must look like a mess; his hair is gripped tightly between Jimin's fingers, there's drool running down his chin, his ass must be bright red, and his cock must be a deep purple as it aches in someone's warm mouth.

“Yoongi, I don't think you're hitting him hard enough. He's not whimpering anymore.” Taehyung hears Namjoon's voice from behind him. He starts whimpering and whining making Jimin pull his hair even tighter at the vibrations but, to no avail, as Yoongi brings the paddle down harder on Taehyung's left ass cheek. The tears actually fall this time at the searing pain and his cock twitches and aches with the need to cum. Taehyung feels some of the water leaking out of his asshole and dripping down to his ball sack and he shudders as Namjoon's fingers toy with the butt plug.

“We can't bruise him too much Joon. He needs to be able to sit tomorrow.” Yoongi says and Namjoon sighs.

“Two more swats. He still needs to be punished.” Namjoon tells Yoongi. Taehyung feels the weight of the paddle strike down on his already bruised ass cheeks and Jimin pulls his cock out of his mouth.

“Namjoonie hyung, please, I can't take it.” Jimin whimpers and Taehyung coughs when the butt plug is pushed harder into him.

“Hoseok, get Jimin a cock ring and take care of him for us.” Namjoon says and Taehyung knows that Hoseok is retreating, he just wishes he could see him. Seokjin comes into Taehyung's view with a small smile.

“You doing ok?” Seokjin asks removing the gag from Taehyung's face. Taehyung sends him a smile when he goes to wipe the drool off of his chin.

“I'm awesome.” Taehyung says sounding hoarse. Taehyung feels the plug being removed and he grimaces at the feeling of now warm water seeping out of him but he nearly sings when he feels a wet tongue pressing against his stretched asshole. He knows that the person tonguing at his rim is Yoongi and he shudders when Jeongguk starts doing double time and deep-throating his cock and swallowing around the head.

“Fuck. Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck!” Taehyung drawls out trying to wiggle away from the tongues that are on his body. He yelps when the nipple clamps are snatched off one before another and he has to use every once of will power to keep from cumming down Jeongguk's throat. Seokjin moves over to the side a little and Taehyung is blessed with the sight of Jimin fucking himself down onto Hoseok's cock. Their both wearing cock rings, choosing to save their cum for Taehyung, and Jimin has his head thrown back and his already swollen bottom lip between his teeth. Hoseok's eyes are hooded and he's biting down on Jimin's shoulder but he's looking directly at Taehyung.

“Who wants to go first?” Namjoon asks looking around at his lovers. Jimin and Hoseok keep quiet and Namjoon's eyes land on Seokjin. “You can go first hyung.” Namjoon tells him with a smile and a chaste kiss. Taehyung feels Yoongi's hands leave his ass and soon enough, he feels Seokjin's cock pressing slowly into his asshole. Taehyung's head falls forward and he lets out a groan as Seokjin's cock slides all the way into him.

“So tight and perfect baby.” Seokjin says gripping Taehyung's sore ass cheek. He grips Taehyung's hips and starts fucking into him at a pace that's not too quick but is just enough to make Taehyung keen. Taehyung watches as Yoongi and Namjoon come into his eye view with their flushed cocks in hand. Jeongguk pulls off of his cock and walks over to Yoongi as Namjoon walks up to Taehyung. Taehyung is eyeing Namjoon's cock hungrily and Namjoon lifts his chin so that they're making eye contact.

“You ready for me to fuck your mouth?” Namjoon asks him in his deep, rough voice.

“Please Daddy.” Taehyung says with a grin. Namjoon bites his lip and takes a calming breath.

“Let's put that pretty mouth to use shall we?” Namjoon asks before shoving his cock back into Taehyung's mouth. Without the ring gag limiting his movements, Taehyung can suck Namjoon's cock with a renewed fervor and he swallows around the swollen head prodding at his throat. Seokjin angles his hips up and Taehyung moans around Namjoon's cock and clenches around Seokjin's as his cock head hits his prostate.

With his hands tied behind him, he can't grip Namjoon's strong thighs like he wants and he's upset that he can't touch any of the others. He looks past Namjoon at Jeongguk with his head thrown back and a hand in Yoongi's hair as he sucks his cock fervently and Taehyung's attention is drawn to his painfully neglected cock. Taehyung clenches around Seokjin's cock to make up for the lack of pleasure and Seokjin groans.

“Taehyung I'm gonna fucking cum.” Seokjin groans out as his hips stutter and Taehyung feels his warm cum flooding his asshole. Taehyung moans around Namjoon's cock and Namjoon grunts and pulls out of Taehyung's mouth. He strokes his cock erratically and, soon enough, the first string of cum lands on Taehyung's cheek. Namjoon's body spasms as his cock shoots cum all over Taehyung's face. Some of the bitter substance lands on Taehyung's awaiting tongue and he makes a show of swallowing with a moan and a giggle.

“Fuck, you're good at that.” Namjoon says and Seokjin let's out a sound of agreement. Seokjin pulls out of Taehyung's ass and Taehyung feels wound too tightly and entirely too empty but the feeling doesn't last long as Jimin and Hoseok pull away from each other and position themselves at either end of Taehyung's dangling body. Taehyung's legs are starting to go numb and his fingers are tingling but, when Hoseok shoves his cock into Taehyung's abused asshole and Jimin sinks back into his mouth, Taehyung nearly forgets all of his problems.

“Still so perfect. Seokjin hyung fucked you good, Tae.” Hoseok says as he starts up a quick brutal pace. His hips are angled in the perfect direction to hit Taehyung's prostate but he always stops just short of brushing against it and Taehyung can't complain with Jimin's cock stuffed in his mouth. He clenches around Hoseok with a whine and Hoseok chuckles then starts fucking into him in earnest. Taehyung moans around Jimin's cock when Hoseok starts pounding into his prostate and Jimin shivers in what can only be a dry orgasm. Jimin is moaning and fucking into Taehyung's mouth like a man gone mad and Taehyung is dizzy with the pace of Hoseok and Jimin's thrusts. Jimin looks down at him with his thick bottom lip caught in between his teeth and his brows furrowed just as Hoseok delivers a particularly harsh thrust against his prostate and Taehyung couldn't stop his orgasm if he tried. His vision spots out as his orgasm hits him hard and his body tenses as he cums all over the floor clenching around Hoseok's cock.

“Fuck Taehyung, fuck.” Hoseok says thrusting near erratically into Taehyung's tight heat. Hoseok fucks into Taehyung's tight asshole until he sees a blinding light behind his eyes and his cock shoots thick rope after rope of cum into the younger boy. Hoseok whispers 'Fuck' over and over again as he rides out his orgasm and he nearly falls when he finally pulls out of Taehyung. He feels arms wrap around his waist and he sends Seokjin a smile as the older drags him over to a chair to sit down and catch his breath. Jimin pulls his cock out of Taehyung's mouth when he can't take the heat anymore and sends a pleading look over to Namjoon.

“Daddy, please, please can I cum? I'll be a good boy, I promise, just please let me cum.” Jimin begs as Namjoon walks over to him. Jimin is near sobbing and Taehyung would watch the scene unfold in front of him but he's far too tired to keep his head up.

“Did you learn your lesson, baby?” Namjoon asks stroking Jimin's stomach soothingly.

“Yes, Daddy, I did. Can I please cum now?” Jimin begs on the verge of tears.

“You can cum baby boy.” Namjoon says taking Jimin's cock ring off and lifting Taehyung's face. “Look up so Jiminie can paint your pretty face, yeah?” Namjoon says. Taehyung sends them both a tired smile and nods opening his mouth as Jimin starts stroking his cock. It doesn't take more than five strokes for Jimin to cum all over Taehyung's face. Taehyung licks up all of the thick bitter fluid that he can with a smack of his lips and smiles up at Jimin. Namjoon leads Jimin to the couch beside Hoseok and sits him down just as Jeongguk obstructs his view with his thick cock. Taehyung feels Yoongi sink into him and he shudders at the feeling as he licks around Jeongguk's cock head. Jeongguk smirks down at him and grabs his hair.

“You're so pretty like this, hyung. So pretty.” Jeongguk says as he strokes Taehyung's hair and pushes his cock deeper into Taehyung's mouth. Yoongi is fucking into him with slow steady strokes and he feels his cock starting to twitch in interest. It's nearly too much, the way his cock hardens nearly too quickly when Yoongi slaps his bruised ass cheek, and he groans as Jeongguk sinks his cock all the way to the back of his throat slowly. Jeongguk grips his hair tighter as he fucks his throat and Taehyung groans as Yoongi's cock head rubs against his sensitive prostate. Taehyung slackens his jaw and relaxes as much as he can into the feeling of the two men fucking into either side of him and he loves feeling this full. His cock is twitching against his stomach but he tries to keep his arousal at bay because he knows that Namjoon is going to fuck him when the other two are done and he can't handle four orgasms in such a short time.

“Fuck, Tae, you're so wet.” Yoongi growls out gripping Taehyung's hips tighter as he fucks into him deeper. Taehyung clenches around him in order to show him that he heard him and he revels in Yoongi's gasp at the feeling. Taehyung slurps around Jeongguk's cock as the younger pulls out of his mouth and Jeongguk smacks his cheek with his cock for it. Taehyung just sends him a wet smirk that turns into a gasp when Yoongi's cock brushes against his prostate again. Taehyung feels his eyes roll back in his head as Yoongi fucks him hard and fast and Jeongguk just watches stroking his cock languidly. Taehyung can tell that Yoongi is close to cumming as his grunts get louder and more frequent so he clenches weakly around him as much as he can and, with a final thrust, Yoongi let's out a long moan and cums deep inside of Taehyung. He thrusts weakly inside of Taehyung a couple more times before pulling out with something akin to a whine. “Fuck you're good at that.” Yoongi tells him with a deep exhale and Taehyung almost can't help but laugh.

“You're not so bad yourself.” Taehyung tells him with a small smile though he can't see it. Taehyung's voice sounds rough and gravely from misuse and all the throat fucking and he sees Jeongguk smirk a little cockily at him. Jeongguk pats his jaw slightly and Taehyung takes that as his cue to open his mouth wide. Jeongguk grips his hair again before sinking his cock back into Taehyung's throat and starting a slow steady pace.

“Do you want me to cum down your throat, hyung? Want me to coat your stomach with my cum?” Taehyung nods as much as he can causing himself to choke and Jeongguk smiles down at him. “Good answer.” Jeongguk answers as he starts up a brutal pace of fucking into Taehyung's throat. Taehyung's throat is raw and sore and it's a little hard to breathe with how fast Jeongguk is fucking into his mouth but his cock twitches and his eyes close as he moans around Jeongguk's cock nonetheless. Jeongguk's vice grip on his hair and the way he bites into his bottom lip shows Taehyung that he's close. Taehyung swirls his tongue around the vein at the bottom of Jeongguk's cock and Jeongguk groans and pulls Taehyung's hair harder at the feeling. Taehyung feels smug as he turns Jeongguk into a moaning mess with nothing but his tongue.

“Fuck.” Jeongguk whispers out like a mantra as Taehyung cranes his neck as much as he can to ensure that Jeongguk's cock head hits his throat and he swallows around the thick girth. “Oh my God, Taehyung.” Jeongguk says as he tenses and his cock starts shooting cum down Taehyung's throat. Jeongguk pulls back just enough for some of the cum to land on Taehyung's tongue and Taehyung hums contentedly. Jeongguk pulls his cock out of Taehyung's mouth and Taehyung makes a show of swallowing the cum on his tongue with a smirk.

Taehyung feels the knots holding him up loosen around him and he watches as Yoongi takes the ropes off of him. He tries to stand on his own but his legs are numb and he falls right into Namjoon's awaiting arms. Taehyung feels Namjoon's hard cock against his back and he rubs against it eliciting a hiss from the leaders lips. Namjoon turns Taehyung around in his arms and carries him to the couch.

“You think you can ride my cock?” Namjoon asks and Taehyung bites his lip.

“I'd need help.” Taehyung tells him feeling a little like he's letting the leader down.

“Don't worry, we've got you.” Seokjin says as he grabs Taehyung's hips and lifts him to sit him down on Namjoon's cock. Taehyung winces at the soreness already settling at the base of his spine but Seokjin wraps his hand around his cock from behind and Taehyung momentarily forgets about the pain. Namjoon grips his hips and lifts him up before letting him sink back down onto his cock. When Taehyung gets the feeling back in his legs, he plants his knees on either side of Namjoon's hips and grinds down on his cock with a smile. Namjoon leans in and captures his lips with a slow kiss and Taehyung shudders at the sensory overload from both Namjoon and Seokjin. Seokjin is stroking his cock slowly out of time with the pace that Taehyung fucks himself down on Namjoon's cock and the sensation is going to drive him to his orgasm way faster than he'd like.

“Daddy, I'm so close.” Taehyung whimpers against Namjoon's lips. Seokjin strokes him a little faster and rubs his back soothingly and Taehyung all but purrs into the sensation.

“Can you hold on for a little longer, baby? Daddy will let you cum just hold on ok?” Namjoon says and Taehyung nods.

“Ok, Daddy.” Taehyung gasps out as Namjoon's cock rubs against his abused prostate. Namjoon grips his hips and fucks up into him harder and Taehyung takes a moment to appreciate the look on the older mans face. Taehyung thinks he looks beautiful like this, with his bottom lip tucked between his teeth and a furrow in his brow. Taehyung grips at Namjoon's shoulders as Seokjin licks at his neck and Taehyung doesn't think he can hold his orgasm off any longer. “Daddy.” Taehyung gasps out unsure of if he's talking to Seokjin or to Namjoon at the moment as Seokjin speeds up his hand even more.

“Fuck, Taehyung cum for Daddy ok? Cum for me and Seokjin.” Namjoon says and Taehyung throws his head back onto Seokjin's shoulder with a silent scream as he cums once again all over Namjoon's chest. Namjoon fucks up into him harder and, soon enough, he's cumming deep inside of Taehyung with a grunt. Seokjin stops stroking his cock when Taehyung shakes with over sensitivity and Taehyung sends him a grateful smile. It takes a while for Namjoon and Taehyung to catch their breathes and Seokjin strokes Taehyung's back for the whole time.

“You're an actual saint Seokjin hyung.” Taehyung tells him causing the other two to laugh.

“Alright, let's get cleaned up, yeah?” Seokjin asks as he helps Taehyung off of Namjoon's lap.

“That is a great idea.” Taehyung says leaning on his two hyungs for support.

Taehyung will be the first to admit that, two weeks later when he and Jimin are caught in the act again, it was definitely on purpose and he definitely doesn't regret it when he finds himself back in the same pretty red ropes hanging from the ceiling.