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You Speak In Tongues I Don't Understand

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Stumbling on each other's feet they reached for the doorknob, Mercutio being pushed on it as it opened and closed with a kick after both got in, clicking shut all while their mouths stayed close to one another, teeth clashing and sucking on the fair-haired boy, a soft gasp being breathed out and in spite Mercutio bit his lower lip hard, yanking the shirt over his head and throwing it on the floor, Tybalt's back slamming into the wall as the man ground their fronts together, clawing at his sides and drifting to the hem of trousers tugging at the button and pushing them down in a messy movement. Shoes were kicked aside, calves now free of the hindrance as legs snaked in between rubbing the hot flesh beneath the thin briefs.


Tybalt let out a ragged growl grabbing him by the hips and reversing their positions, lifting his legs to wrap the taller male's around his waist as he was pushed into the wall arms going over Tybalt's shoulders for a hold, pulling him closer still.


Mercutio's breaths begun to came out laboured as the man huffed through grit teeth, rutting against the buttocks he was holding on to and squeezing in his hands, growling again as he landed a bite in the joint of neck and jaw, sucking hard at the soft skin and rolling it between his teeth, an already dark bruise rousing, the ginger sucking in a hiss and closing his eyes just as he threw his head back to bump into the wall.

As Tybalt made his way to the bed with no little effort to balance, they both ended up falling on it as he knocked his shins against the border, sprawled on the sheets on top of Mercutio as the other male made a loud half-surprised half-delighted sound. The Capulet lifted on his forearms keeping up with his attacks at the other man's flesh, from shoulder to collarbone to lips every little crook had been lavished and suckled upon, being very careful about leaving as much marks as his alcohol-fogged brain could handle. Mercutio, in the meanwhile, had removed his shirt and opened the front of his trousers taunting him to finish the work by eyeing him towards it and guiding his and Tybalt's hand down on his body, continuing to his groin and inside his underwear, shivering visibly at the different temperature and moaning right into the male's ear, ripping another gargled growl as Mercutio stroked himself through the man's hand, parting his lips as a moist breath crushed on Tybalt's lips before a kiss, open mouthed, tongues slicking together tasting strong liquor hips twitching and arching up to get more friction.


Squirming and wriggling beneath Tybalt his moans pitched and became louder and more frequent, voice dripping with need and sweetness his intention of reeling Tybalt up, fully successful as the man discarded aggressively the last annoying piece of clothing along with the underwear leaving the male stark under his meticulous gaze, moving forward to kiss the air out of him, taking Mercutio's legs and hooking them around his waist snaking a hand to tangle in his hair and tugging softly to expose the already abused, tender flesh which had started to colour in livid bruises, different in shape and dimension as few had teeth marks encircling the borders, Mercutio's lips parted in a gasp as he pushed his hips into Tybalt's, a mute permission the man caught the hint of, getting back to stroking the male who arched up and moaned as the pace grew faster and even building up into his system, choking his lungs as breathing became more and more difficult.


But all of a sudden the touch was gone, a long pitched cry filling the room as Mercutio felt the loss dawn on him, writhing wantonly as his face contorted, brows furrowed and eyes glistening, blown so wide with lust that nothing of the fresh green which enticed him could be seen now. Tybalt sat up back on his calves, clasping one of the male's leg over his shoulder while spreading the other open on its side, fingers ghosting in the joint with his waist, eliciting a pleasured twitching in the muscles of his upper leg then moved down to line a stripe onto Mercutio's bottom, prodding against it before pushing in gently, breathing out as he took in the tightness and warmth surrounding his finger, thrusting in and out as he watched the man beneath him moan more openly and arch his hips to feel even more of what was being given to him. Tybalt clenched his jaw as he saw the other bite his lower lip and thought that he was beyond words sprawled out like this, all messy and falling apart because of him, of what his sole fingers were doing to him and how it was enough to just put him on edge, leaving him raw and vulnerable, every single thing was because of him and no one else. His first impulse was to bend down and submerge Mercutio in kisses until they both passed out but, fortunately or not, there were other bits of both that claimed immediate attention upon themselves, becoming hotter and their pulsing nearly painful. Starting to be restless, his alcohol-fogged mind not helping either with movements or patience, he removed his fingers positioning himself between Mercutio's legs as he held onto the one over his shoulder, gripping hard as he slowly pushed in, suppressing the throaty groans that threatened to escape him to little avail.


Heat and tightness pressed on his rigidly swollen flesh, the constriction making the blood in his veins pulse and boil under his skin, flowing massive and faster as he gave into his wants and picked up an uneven pace, one dictated by mere impulses and guided by the sounds of pleasure the two men granted the other to hear. He prolonged it over and over, drawing moans louder from the redheaded with every passing thrust, voice breaking in pitches and troubled breaths. Tybalt leaned in to whisper at him, inhaling the sloppy whine he elicited, sitting back on the balls of his feet to flip the man around by his ankles, holding his hips steadily as he grabbed handfuls of the bottom beneath his palms, so full and pale. In order to mend to this, he slapped it hard, groaning in response to the immediate cry of pleasure, sharp against his groin.


Mercutio flung an arm behind himself, blindly searching for the support of the man behind him, wild, mussy mane sticking to his damp nape. Tybalt felt the pull to lean down with his chest against his back and lick, taste the salt of his sweat on the tip of his tongue. So he did.


By the time their climaxes approached, sweat pearled strands of hair together and pooled in the hollows of Mercutio's collarbone, shimming on both pale complexions, gathering in the crooks and joints as the male's eyes emptied themselves of the tears that were being held back, pitched whimpers bouncing back and forth on the walls, adding lower ones to ecstatic whines as Tybalt came, pounding the remains of his pleasure into Mercutio as he poured himself on his abdomen, smearing it with his palm and licking it where the thick mess had stuck on his fingers, tongue darting out to lap soundly as a last roll of hips made Tybalt groan and slump beside him, not wanting to crush anybody. Both were fast asleep, the liquor giving them the last push over the border.