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Bail Me Out [Again]

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"You said you wouldn't do this again." David paced angrily in front of the counter, running a hand through his hair -- every inch of his body said 'stressed' and 'overworked'. So Killian did feel a little bad about that; it wasn't for his lack of effort, people just pissed him off. A lot. All the time.

"You're right, you're right...I promise not to do it again," Killian said with an exaggerated flourish of his hand, sarcasm dripping from his voice before standing. The officers hadn't cuffed him; missing a hand was a bit of a fortunate turn of events. It was one of the few times he really got to say as much, but one thing he hadn't missed was chaffing wrists.

"Let's just head back...," David spoke quickly and lowly as he ushered Killian out the door. He made a sound of utter exasperation, clearly not letting the matter go before continuing his tirade on the street.

"...that's what you said last time." Killian knew David had been trying not to say it, and he knew what he was addressing despite the pausing seconds in between. 'I promise...', the fact of the matter was that the words were for soothing rather than a substantial promise. "And the time before that and the time before that."

"And I'll say it next time and the time after that." Killian didn't look back, instead looking quickly both ways before crossing the street. Their apartment wasn't far off; he wondered if David had chosen it on purpose. Had he known what he was getting into back then, or was he just ask clueless as he appeared every time he came to pick Killian up from their small town's station? Which was often, let us not imagine.

"This has to stop -- who seriously gets into bar fights, anyway?"

"I do," Killian finally stopped and turned, "and, love, you should be used to it by now, don't you think?" He pushed at David's chest, a slightly annoyed expression painted across his face, before he turned and began striding again. He rubbed animatedly at this left arm for warmth, all the while tucking as much of it as possible into his right armpit. It was chilly -- more like frigid, really -- and the only jacket he'd had on him had been left behind at the bar, which left him in an old t-shirt and nothing else. There was a sigh from behind him.


Killian turned, realizing that David was next to him suddenly instead of trailing behind him. He had taken off his jacket and was offering it to him -- he fared better because he had been sensible enough to wear long sleeves under his jacket. The annoyance in David's features seemed to have dissipated, which Killian was overly glad for. Annoyance was what he was used to at this point.

"While the sentiment isn't missed--"

"Just put it on, stop being difficult."

Killian paused, seemed to think on it a moment before deciding that yes, he was definitely cold enough. He shrugged, sighing as he slipped his arms into the sleeves, instantly feeling better. The warmth from David clung to the fabric, and his shivering stopped almost immediately. He reached over and pulled David off-balance by the base of his neck, smiling a quick kiss into his temple.

"Oof!" David called out in surprise before steadying himself and laughing lightly, "I completely understand why the women I used to date hated when I didn't shave." He grimaced, rubbing at his temple.

"I like you a little rough around the edges -- more fun." Killian grinned over at David before they finally made it to the entrance of their apartment building.

"That doesn't make me feel any better coming from the man who likes getting into bar fights."

"Mmmm, well. I love you."

David looked surprised, pausing through rifling for his keys.

"Yes, well..unfortunately, I love you too," he shook his head as he finally got the door open.