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another year older

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“happy birthday,” michael says, pressing a kiss just along the edge of vincent’s jaw, quick to teasingly dig his teeth into the skin. vincent only groans, weakly attempting to push michael aside.

“no,” he whines, turning his head away, attempting to bury it in his pillow. “i’m tired. no more.” now, he hears soft giggling, breath tickling his face, and he lets his eyes fall open from where they’d previously been shut, staring into big brown eyes that should be considered to be too close to his own, but he doesn’t actually mind, really.

“but you’re the birthday boy,” erich says, smiling as he pokes vincent in the side. “you deserve it.” vincent sighs.

“the birthday boy is forty now,” he says simply. “i’m old. this is too much for me.” behind him, he feels an arm slip around his waist, lips brushing a rough, stubbly kiss across the back of his neck.

“you’re only as old as you feel.” he says. vincent chuckles slightly.

“i feel pretty old right now.” he says, words muffled by his pillow. erich shakes his head, also sliding in closer.

“john’s older than you, you know.” he points out as he too slips an arm around vincent’s waist, brushing a sweet kiss across his forehead.

“he also looks about twenty.”

“so do you,” michael and erich say in unison. vincent just snickers.