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(I Don’t) Wanna Love You

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Graduating from junior high didn’t only mean entering U.A., high school for the elite. For many of the young freshmen, it meant another Quirk-related significant event in their lives, aside from the initial manifestation of their powers. Reaching high school meant they were of the age where they were finally ready to find their soulmates and amplify each other’s Quirks.
For many, it meant happiness and endless possibilities. For two of the newest junior high graduates, it was a living nightmare.


Midoriya Izuku had the experience of being ridiculed not only for being Quirkless, but also for the fact that he may never even find his soulmate.

Stupid,” Bakugou spat, kicking dust into Midoriya’s face. “Stupid Deku. Quirkless and alone! Even if you did find the one person in the entire world who’d ever like you, d’you think they’d stay with you?”

“Soulmates are supposed to be like a team,” chimed in one of Bakugou’s lackeys. “Without a Quirk, you’d be practically useless to them!”

“You mean more useless than he is now? If that’s even possible.” Bakugou let out a hearty laugh at this, letting sparks pop from his fingertips as if to emphasize his point. Useless useless useless.

“Kacchan…” Midoriya looked down at his own fingers, incapable directing even the smallest of objects into the air and into his hands. He let out a shaky breath with a mouth that couldn’t even breathe out a lick of fire. Midoriya would have been grateful with just one of his parent’s Quirks, and here he was with neither.

The gritty dirt of the park dug into his back as he lay there long after Bakugou and his lackeys had left, letting the sun shine into his eyes and the word useless run through his head.
“I’m going to be a hero,” Midoriya hissed tearfully through gritted teeth, blinking his eyes against the sun’s glare. “I’m going to be a hero.” And I’m not going to be alone.


Todoroki’s parents aren’t soulmates.

He knows his father would have enjoyed the excess of power that came through a relationship with the person you’re meant to be with, but he also knows his father preferred the thought of combining the power of fire and ice into his offspring. The result? Todoroki Shouto.

Todoroki loathes his left side.

“With both my and your mother’s Quirks at your disposal, you are already stronger than a majority of the class you’ll be entering with.” Endeavor fixes his son with a scalding glare, and Todoroki feels his scar throb. An old ache. “You are the one to pass All Might as the top hero. And once you find your soulmate… You will be unstoppable.”

Todoroki vows never to go anywhere near his soulmate.


They don’t meet, but they come dangerously close to it.

Before Midoriya’s acceptance of One for All, but well into his training with All Might, the two of them decide that it is the perfect time for individual morning training at the beach.

Midoriya’s lungs burned as he heaved yet another piece of junk to the pick up truck, grateful when the sea breeze cooled his heated skin.

Todoroki’s everything burned. And froze. And burned.

He let out a snarl and slowed from a near sprint into a walk, wiping his neck with his shirt as he stared down into the beach. Off to the side, Todoroki saw a dark haired boy lifting pile of trash after trash, and silently gave a nod to the person willing enough to do community service this early in the morning. Maybe he would have helped out too, if everything wasn’t so—so—

Todoroki didn’t have a word for it. All he knew was that with every step of his left foot, his whole body went numb with cold, and with every step of his right, his world became an inferno.

What… Todoroki paused mid stride to press his palms against his eyes, rubbing angrily. He was off his game. There were only very few months until the entrance exam, and here he might be coming down with a cold. Of all the times.

With a sigh, Todoroki perched on the low wall separating sidewalk from sand, watching the other boy in the distance. Oddly enough, he does feel an urge to help out. One hop, and he’s off the wall and letting his running shoes awkwardly dig into the sand. It’s quite out of character for him to want to do something like this, to want to talk to a stranger when there is nothing requiring him to do so. Part of him acknowledged this with an inward shrug, and even though he was still quite far, Todoroki opened his mouth to call out a greeting—

His left side erupted into an explosion of fire. Distantly, Todoroki felt a stream of frost violently erupt from his fingertips, icicles shooting into the sand and encasing his entire right side in ice.

Soulmate. The word raced through his mind like its own internal wildfire, even as the pain from both his Quirks drove him to his knees. Who is it? Who are they? Where are they?

Todoroki’s eyes flew up to stare at the boy hauling trash in the distance. He’s close enough to make out wild strands of hair and a sturdy back. They haven’t turned around at all, too distracted by their trash heap efforts. They’re seemingly unaffected by their own quirk, so it isn’t them. Todoroki scrambled to his feet and willed the flames to dissipate. His head swung from side to side, wildly trying to discern where his soulmate was.

There isn’t anyone—but there has to be someone! I want to meet them. No. I don’t want to meet them. I want to—I don’t—

Todoroki let out a snarl and forced himself to turn away and leap over the wall. Just run away. Just run!

With every step, the fire died down and Todoroki’s right side defrosted. It’s the first time he has ever felt so unsteady, and his heartbeat is loud in his ears.

He had never been so eager yet frightened in his entire life.


Something pulled at Midoriya, part of him willing him to turn around. Confused, he gently set down the broken TV and shook the sweat from his hair. It almost felt as if his heart was beating in an uneven rhythm in his chest, and he felt jittery yet steadier than he’d felt in years.

So Midoriya turned around, heart in his throat and expecting something amazing yet not knowing what exactly…

And found nothing.

Oddly enough, in the distance, Midoriya could see that there were parts of the beach where ice had formed, glinting in the sunlight. Near it, the wall was charred where it hadn’t been before, smoke gently rising into the early morning sky.