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Vid: Strange Angels

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Strange Angels

by Laurie Anderson (off the album by the same name)


They say that heaven is like TV
A perfect little world
that doesn't really need you
And everything there
is made of light
And the days keep going by
Here they come
Here they come
Here they come.

Well it was one of those days, larger than life
When your friends came to dinner
and they stayed the night
And then they cleaned out the refrigerator
They ate everything in sight
And then they stayed up in the living room
And they cried all night

Strange angels - singing just for me
Old stories - they're haunting me
This is nothing
like I thought it would be.

Well I was out in my four door
with the top down.
And I looked up and there they were:
Millions of tiny teardrops
just sort of hanging there
And I didn't know whether to laugh or cry
And I said to myself:
What next, big sky?

Strange angels - singing just for me
Their spare change falls on top of me
Rain falling
Falling all over me
All over me
Strange angels - singing just for me
Old stories - they're haunting me
Big changes are coming
Here they come
Here they come.

About the vid

I've known and loved this song for fifteen years. As I started to prepare myself for the end of SGA (the show, not the fandom -- long may the fandom endure!) I wanted to make a vid which was both for and about the fandom: a love song to Pegasus, to Atlantis, to the people who found one another there and to all of you who have made my immersion in this fandom so sweet. This was the result.

I hope this vid evokes a sense of wonder. The wonder of the expedition members at discovering Atlantis in the first place; the wonder of meeting strangers who become family; the wonder of stepping through a wormhole into another galaxy, and being utterly transformed by what one finds there. (Yes, I read Atlantis as a metaphor for fandom. What? Doesn't everybody? :-)