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Velveteen found them a café.  Explanations ensued.  “Random dimension-jumping?  Been there, done that.  Only, not totally random.”

A stuffed bear handed Xander the creamer.  “Neither’s mine.  The genre dial’s seriously stuck on superhero.”

“If the gadget’s being difficult...”

“Could be.”

“I can borrow a raygun.”

“What kind?”

“Reality shifter.  No guarantees, but it got its current owner where she needed to be.”  Vel didn’t mention the eighty-six intervening transits.

“Go for it.”

An hour later, behind the shop, Vel fired.  “Good luck!”


She was blonde, athletic, and well-armed, but:

“You’re not Buffy!”

“Verity Price.  And you?”

“Still not home, darnit.”