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“And so,” Dr. Drakken finished, some hours later, “soon I shall rule the world!”

Xander frowned.  “I’ll give the rant an eight, but the evil plan?  Three at best.”  

“Your words hurt, stand-in buffoon.”

A blond form hurtled from above, followed by its pants.  “Nobody stands in for Ron Stoppable!  Also, ow!”

Xander eyed Ron.  “Sidekick?”

“Partner.  And distraction.”

A voice near Xander’s ankle squeaked.  “Yours?”

He claimed his player from the naked mole rat.  “Thanks!  Later!”

The music started; Xander disappeared.


Manhattan by starlight:

“Still animated, check.  Sixty stories up, check.  Falling, check.  HELLLP!”

Help swooped.

Xander fainted.