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Facing the Music

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“New tunes?” asked Dawn.

“New player,” said Xander.  “Real bargain, too – lots of stuff preloaded.”

“Such as?”

Xander studied the device.  “Oldies, reggae, worlds music—”

“You mean world music, right?”

“No, worlds music, with an S.”  He tapped controls.  “Cool!  Sounds like—”  There
was a bang! of inrushing air as he disappeared, a gray business card floating floorward where he’d been.

“ER Technics,” Dawn read.

Buffy groaned.  “Ethan Rayne.  Not again!”


Xander blinked.  “Primary colors.  Two-D architecture.  “Holy Bat-disasters, I’ve been tooned!”

“Doc?  That’s not Princess.  Or the buffoon,” a sultry female voice said behind him.

“He’ll do.  Grab him!”