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Luna Lovegood and The Wizard of The Island

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Owen and Jessica stood in front of the fireplace in the lounge of Grimmauld Place, both dressed head to toe in black.

"I know we have been doing this for four weeks - since our children suggested it - but we go in thirty minutes" Jessica said "So - one more time?" She looked around the room.

"We are driving there - no apparation, no floo" Owen said "It's a fairly big mobile home, but I doubt anyone there would recognise it for what it is. The vehicle can fit any prisoners we recover, and any prisoners we might want to take" He paused "It's also big enough to serve as a weapon if we need to use it to hit anyone with it"

"Once we get to the centre of the village, we take each house in turn" Jessica continued "Xeno?"

"Scan the wards - bring them down if I can"


"Back door"


"Front door"

"Amelia, Tonks?"

"Once the doors are down, we go in and deal with any prison staff we find - capture if we can, otherwise we kill them" Amelia said

"We'll do our best, but our lives - and the lives of everyone here - come first" Tonks added.

"I'm going to stay with the bus" Jessica said, then she turned to the last member of the group - the one whose inclusion had come as more than a big surprise.


Four weeks before

"Snape?" Sirius stared at Harry and Luna in utter disbelief "You want to bring Snape along on a top secret mission to Dumbledore's top secret prison?"

"Severus already knows about the prison, Uncle Sirius" Luna said calmly as all four of them stood on the cloud "He is also the foremost potions master in the country, if not the continent" She paused "And I believe that - after the...... incident with Angela at the start of the year he has been re-evaluating his priorities"

"And if you're wrong?" Xeno asked "If Snape is still the Death Eater he was? Or if he is still utterly loyal to The Headmaster?" Luna smiled at her father.

"Dad - trust me. Severus regrets his choices, and I truly believe that if we give him a chance to do this, he will help us" She gazed at them serenely, arms folded behind her back. Xeno returned her gaze for a few moments, then looked at Sirius.

"You can trust her judgement, Sirius - she never wrong about these things"


"Severus?" She asked. Snape smiled.

"I'll be going with Owen to bring out the prisoners and heal them if they need it" He paused "I've got a bag of holding fill to the brim with potions, bandages and other stuff if we need it"

"Good" She glanced at her husband "We've both got our tasers, and Owen has a knife and a katana. I've got a silenced pistol and broad sword" She paused "I am guessing you all have your wands?" There were a series of nods, then she turned to Amelia and Tonks "And I don't need to remind you what will happen if you are caught?"

"The same thing that will happen if all you are caught - especially if Sirius and Xeno are" Amelia replied.

"Okay then" Owen smiled "Last chance to back out" He paused "Or to go pee" There were a few laughs "We set off in half an hour"


Dumbledore walked into The Great Hall and - as had become a habit - glanced at the end of the Gryffindor table, but didn't see the group he was looking for.

He strode up the centre aisle to the staff table, and stopped in front of Minerva's seat.

"Mr Potter and his associates appear to be missing" He said "I thought they usually attended the study groups?" McGonagall looked past him for a few seconds, then turned back to him.

"They were here for the evening meal, Albus" She said "But I am afraid I didn't see them leave" She paused "Perhaps they just wanted one night off from studying - it has been a busy term for them"

"True" Dumbledore nodded "I was just..... curious"


"I have no new information since the last time you asked me" Luna said to the empty room. A moment later, Harry peered round the corner of his study.

"How did you know I was there?" He asked, then smacked his palm against his head "You know what - don't answer that" She turned and gave him a slightly amused smile.

"And they said you couldn't be trained" She leaned back against the wall "I know you're worried. I'm worried too, but right now they have......" She closed her eyes for a second "......just reached the outskirts, so there are still a billion futures that can play out" Her eyes flashed open "Compared to when we met, I am infinitely more powerful than I was, but the amount of variables that are going to play out in the next few hours......" She trailed off and shook her head "I can't see which one will be the one"

"Okay" Harry nodded "Then I won't ask for at least another ten minutes" Luna stared at him, then laughed.

"How about instead of both of us standing here staring at each other, wondering if our parents are going to die tonight, we go out and do something less boring instead?" She suggested "Because I think there are two dragons outside this very castle that would be willing if not eager to take us for a race or a trip over The Underland"

"You're on" Harry nodded, then bounded over, took her hand and pulled her out of his study.


The mobile home drove slowly down Conifer Grove, headlights turned off, then came to a halt. Jessica, sat in the driver's seat, looked around, then turned to the passengers.

"Okay - from the map Harry and Luna drew, we should start here" She said "A woman named Arrabella Figg lives in Number 1 - she looked after Harry when the Dursleys went away, but she is still one of Dumbledore's lackeys" She paused "She's also the main point of contact to Hogwarts - so locking down her house will go a long way to stopping them getting in touch with his dark shadow" She climbed out of the driver's seat and drew her taser "Everyone ready?" There was a series of nods "Then let's go"


Arrabella Figg turned the page in her book, absently stroking the cat on her lap, then she looked up as she heard a noise come from the back of the house. A second later she jumped up, sending Penelope skittering off her lap with a yowl, drawing her wand as she heard the sound of her wards shattering around her.

Flicking her wand, she drew her curtains apart and drew in a breath as she saw three figures crossing her lawn.

Spinning around, she ran towards the fireplace, but before she could reach it, another wave of magic swept over the house and she winced as an anti-apparation ward enveloped the building. She tried to light the floo, but nothing happened.

"Bugger" She sighed, then turned and raised her wand as the door to the longue flew open.

"STUPE...." She started, but her spell was cut off as two metal spikes slammed into her chest, and she fell to the ground, twitching.

"Stupefy! Incarcerous! Magicae Suppressio!" Tonks cast a series of spells, then Amelia transformed the unconscious woman into a tiny action figure.

"Is there anyone else?" Owen asked, looking around.

"She lives alone" Tonks said "The scans confirm it - she's the only magical presence in the house"

"Okay" Amelia said "We have to leave, then set up an exclusion ward. It will prevent anyone other than DMLE personnel coming back in. It will ensure the evidence is preserved and that when we come to bring the case against Dumbledore we will have enough to bury him forever"

"Okay then" Sirius nodded "I can live with that"


Neville and Hermione, both holding swords, stared at the army of goblins in the distance.

"You take the several dozen on the left, and I'll take the several dozen on the right" Hermione said, gripping the hilt of her sword tighter.

"Yes dear" Neville smiled.


"It's empty" Xeno said, pointing at number two "No magic at all. Not even any wards"

"Okay" Remus nodded "Luna was held at Number Three, so there shouldn't be any prisoners" She paused "However if we can take her Uncle Albert alive, we will have someone who answered directly to Albus"

"Then what are we waiting for?" Amelia smiled. They all moved into their agreed formation, and Xeno took the lead, drawing his wand.

"Mail re-direction, anti-apparation, anti-portkey, magic-suppression, magical monitoring and floo control wards" He said quietly "But there is another ward I can't quite identify. Amelia - could you....." She nodded, and drew her wand. She scanned the wards, then frowned.

"It's a trip wire" She said "The monitoring wards recording everything that goes on in the house, but this ward records everyone who goes in or out, and records the status of the other wards" She paused "You'll have to take that one down first, because it's alarmed - so to speak"

"Okay" Xeno nodded "Here goes....."


"Why did we decide that raiding Shipwreck Cove was a good idea?" Angela asked, as she ducked a blast of cannon fire.

"Because when we were being held prisoner on The Pearl, we saw a map to the long lost treasure of Angband!" Sally declared, bringing the ship she was sailing into the docks "And from what Luna said - that could be the key to mapping out the whole of The Underland, and maybe even being able to use Dreamland powers in it" Angela stared at her.

"I thought it was just to take our mind off the fact our parents are doing something that could get them killed, arrested or both" She said after a few moments. Sally grinned back at her.

"Well - that too" She admitted, then drew her sword in one hand and a pistol in the other "So - ready to fight for king and country"

"Britain doesn't have a king" Angela replied, but drew her sword and pistol as well "But I will fight for you and my Regent"

"As long as it is in that order, that's all I ask" Sally grinned "FORTH EORLINGAS! FORTH TO GLORY!"


Owen crouched down and put his hand on Albert's chest.

"His heart's still beating - he's fine" He said darkly "You can cast your spell, Amelia"

"Thank you" Amelia nodded, then turned the prone body into an action figure, picked it up and slipped it into her pocket. The group then walked out of the house, and Amelia raised another exclusion ward.

"Number four is the home of Harry's relatives" Sirius said "Two adults - Vernon and Petunia - and a teenager - Dudley" He paused "Dudley is possibly under-age, but given where we are and who they are, I suspect no one is monitoring him"

"You also have to consider if they are mages, then either Lily's sister and her family have been relocated, or Dumbledore had them killed back when Harry vanquished Voldemort" Remus said quietly "They may or may not know, but if they do, they will not come quietly"

"Okay" Amelia nodded "Everyone be extra careful" She glanced at Xeno "Do you think you can identify the trip wire now that you've seen it?"

"Yes" He nodded confidently.

"Okay then"


"Do you know if the boy is coming home for Easter?" Petunia looked over at her husband "Dumbledore said there might be a chance - now that he and the Lovegood girl have made friends, it would be easier to..... placate him if they were allowed to spend time together away from the others"

"I haven't heard anything from him yet" Vernon replied "Not even about the summer holidays" He paused "In fact - now I come to think about it, have you noticed that Dumbledore has been communicating with us a lot less recently?"

"Now that you come to mention it....." Petunia trailed off as she heard the sound of the wards collapsing followed by the lights going out and the tv shutting off. She glanced at her husband.

"A surge? It could crash the wards before crashing the grid" She suggested. Vernon stood up, walked over to the window and looked out.

"The rest of the street is turned on" He turned back "Whatever is going on, it's just..... who the hell are you?"

"You don't recognise me, Vernon?" Sirius asked darkly "Given I was at your wedding - a guest of your sister in law - I would think you would at least have some memory of me"

"You're Lily's friend?" Petunia frowned, getting to her feet and turning to face them.

"You can cut the pretence, Petty" Remus sneered "We know what this place is, we know that you, your husband and your son are not Harry's relatives and we know you have been keeping him a prisoner ever since Lily and James were murdered" He paused "If you put your wands down and surrender now, you will be given a fair trial"

"AVADA....." Petunia started, but before she could finish the spell, Sirius and Tonks both cast stunning spells that blew her off her feet. She flew backwards and fell, cracking her head against the coffee table as she did.

At the same time, Remus and Amelia fired their tasers into Vernon's chest. He collapsed on the floor, twitching and drooling slightly.

"Go upstairs and check on Dudley" Amelia said "Stun him the moment you see him - don't take any chances"

"Yes boss" Tonks nodded, then she and Remus left the lounge for the stairs, while Snape and Owen walked over to check on Petunia.

"How is she?" Sirius asked, not lowering his wand. Snape looked at Owen, who nodded.

"I'm sorry - she's dead" Snape said quietly "She banged her head on the table - died on impact" Amelia looked over at Sirius.

"It was self-defence" She said calmly but firmly "You and my Auror were both acting in self-defence and in our defence. We have more than enough witnesses to prove that"

"I know" Sirius replied, staring at the body "But it's been a long time since I've killed someone" He took a deep breath, then let it out "Do what you need to do, Director"

"Yes, boss" Amelia gave him a wry smile, then shrunk the two bodies to action figures, looking up as Remus and Tonks returned carrying a third "Everything go okay?"

"Yes, boss" Tonks nodded, handing over the small doll-like figure "But....."

"But what?" Sirius asked.

"But the second bedroom has a series of extra wards on it" Remus said, anger filling his voice "We also found something else - something you are going to want to see, Director" He lead her out of the lounge and into the hall, then pointed towards the back of the stairs "There" Amelia looked where he was pointing and - for a moment - couldn't figure out what she was seeing. Then it came into focus, and she felt her hand tighten reflexively on her wand.

"That's where they kept him before he came to Hogwarts" Tonks said - speaking quietly despite her voice being as full of anger as Remus' was "That's where he grew up, here he slept and where they put him when they didn't need him" Amelia stared at the cupboard under the stairs for a few more minutes, then she turned back to the team.

"Lets get the rest of this village searched. Now"


"LUNA WINS!" Nirnaeth flew across the line a few feet ahead of Sir Hugsalot, with the girl on her back waving her arms in triumph "I told you you couldn't beat me!"

"Congratulations" Harry tilted his head in acknowledgement "I bow to your brilliance and gloriousness" The two dragons turned and started flying back towards Dreadnought "So - what would you like to do now, my lady?"

"I think...... I think our friends need our help" She smiled "Come with me"


Sirius smiled as the sound of the wards crashing filled the air, then he spelled the back door open and slipped in to number six. He looked around, then made his way through the kitchen, checking for magical signatures.

Finding none, he walked into the hall and met up with Remus.

"This isn't empty, right?" He asked, and Remus shook his head.

"There are three signatures upstairs, but no one down here" He replied "But we need to be sure before we move upstairs - we don't want to get taken from behind"

"Speak for yourself" Tonks said, walking up behind Sirius "Personally it's one of my favourite positions" Remus stared at her blankly, while Sirius simply rolled his eyes.

"Don't tease the werewolf about doing it doggie style, cousin of mine" He said "It's not polite" Tonks looked Remus up and down, then looked back at Sirius.

"He's a werewolf?" She asked, sounding curious. Sirius blinked, then looked at Remus.

"She didn't know?" He said "Ooops - my bad"

"Sorry to interrupt gentlemen, but we are kind of busy here" Amelia said from the end of the hall "If we could move this along?"

"Yes boss" Tonks nodded.

"Sorry Director" Sirius added.

"I'm going to smack you round the head when we're done" Remus sighed.

"Pardon me?" Amelia stared at him.

"Oh - I was talking to Sirius" He said "By all means - lets carry on"

"Okay - on zero. Three. Two. One. ZERO!"


Neville stared at the array of bodies around them, then turned to Hermione.

"Why did Luna want us to practice this again?" He asked.

"She didn't exactly say" Hermione admitted "I think she might just be trying to keep our minds off the fact that our parents are out there risking life, limb and possible arrest" She paused "Or that we can't trust goblins and they will try to screw us over at the first opportunity" Neville laughed.

"Either way I am sure she has her reasons" He smiled "So - what now?"

"Well, I was thinking - Angela and Sally were going to launch a raid on Shipwreck Cove to get the long lost treasure of Angband" She fingered the hilt of her sword "It wouldn't take that long to join them - to help them" He looked at her thoughtfully, then smiled.

"Then let us sally forth to meet our prey"


Tonks and Amelia stood outside two bedroom doors while Remus and Sirius stood at the top of the stairs, keeping watch. The two DMLE personal glanced at each other, then kicked the doors open, barging in with their wands up.

"STUPEFY!" Amelia's voice came from the first bedroom.

"What the....." Tonks' voice came from the second. There were a few moments of silence, then she emerged from the room "I need Severus - now"

"What's....." Sirius started.

"Severus. Now" Tonks said. Remus nodded and headed down the stairs just as Amelia emerged from the first bedroom and looked at her Auror.


"Just get Severus" She said "I just want him to confirm my scans before I do anything else" She looked at Sirius "And I promise I won't tell anyone else about Remus - you have my word"

"I know" He smiled, then glanced at Amelia "Director?"

"We are conducting an illegal raid on an illegal prison in an attempt to bring down the most beloved and worshipped man in the magical world" She replied "Do you think that - right now - I give a crap whether your friend is a werewolf or not?"

"Good point" Sirius admitted, then stood to one side as Remus and Snape came back up the stairs. Snape walked past him and followed Tonks into the bedroom, while Remus drew his wand again, gazing down the stairs.

"Any ideas?" Sirius asked, but Remus shook his head.

"I just do what I'm told" He said "Why did you tell Tonks about me?"

"You can trust her - she's part of the family" Sirius smiled "And I thought you could maybe use a friend......." Remus raised his eyebrows.

"She's your cousin's daughter" He exclaimed "You don't think she's a little young...."

"I was just suggesting a friend" Sirius rolled his eyes "Given most of your friends are in the order, and - after this - it might be hard to look them in the eye - you might need to start expanding your circle" He paused "Which I know is hard, given your....."

"Furry little problem?" Remus smirked, then they both turned as Snape stuck his head out of the bedroom.

"Remus, Sirius - you are going to want to come in here" He said "There are two people who have been kept drugged and under a memory control spell for what seems to be around thirteen, fourteen years" He took a deep breath "Young Nymphadora..."

"TONKS!" A voice came from inside the bedroom.

"...and I have both verified it - their real memories are intact, but right now they are convinced they are two other people" He glanced over his shoulder "I think you are going to want to meet them, because I just want to check I am not going crazy"

"Okay" Sirius nodded, then he followed Remus into the bedroom before stopping dead when he caught sight of the two people lying in the bed.

"Merlin's pants" He exclaimed, then looked at Remus "I'm not imagining this, right?"

"No" Remus shook his head, not taking his eyes off the figures of Frank and Alice Longbottom lying in the bed "You're not"


"Honey?" Sally said, backing down the ramp as she duelled with a pirate.

"Yes, sweetie?" Angela asked, holding off another pirate as they headed across the docs.

"Do you think we're in over our head?"


"Should we go back? Give up the quest?"

"But if we could find the Lost Treasure of Angband we could rule over The Underland" Angela said "It's possible the rest of our lives could depend on what we do now! The whole world could rest on what happens on the next few minutes!"

"Then thank god we're here!" A voice came from above them, and they looked up to see Harry and Luna flying down on their dragons "So - how can we be of assistance?" Luna asked, beaming wildly.


"Frank and Alice?" Amelia asked in disbelief "So who has been lying in St Mungo's for the past fifteen years?"

"I do not know" Snape admitted "But it is not beyond the ability of magic to create two..... two golems that could simulate the state we thought they would be in after Bellatrix and her friends finished with them" He paused "And Director - drugs aside, their minds are perfectly fine"

"Oh my" Amelia felt tears coming to her eyes "Can I.... do they......"

"Yes, Director Bones" Alice walked out, supported by Tonks, with Frank being carried between Sirius and Remus "We know who we are"

"And while we'd like to help you, I am not sure we're at our best just now" Frank added "So if Severus and Owen could help us back to your mobile transport thingy, that is about all we can do" Amelia smiled at them.

"I am just glad to have you back, and I know your mother, son and daughter will be too" She replied. Alice stared at her blankly for a few moments.

"We have a daughter?" She asked in surprise. Amelia blushed.

"I'll let Severus and Jessica explain it to you when you get there" She said "But trust me - I think you're going to be happy"

"Okay" Alice nodded, then Snape slipped under her arm, allowing her to rest on him, while Owen took over from Remus and Sirius.

"Do you want us to wait until you come back?" Tonks asked.

"No" Snape shook his head "By the time you're done breaking in and stomping on the bad buys, we should have our guests here settled" He smiled at Alice "We'll be back in time to help at the next house"

"Okay then" Amelia took one more look at her two former Aurors, then looked at her team "Lets go"


Angela and Sally stared out over the docks at Shipwreck Cove - docks where almost all of the ships were now on fire, thanks to the assistance of Harry and Luna.

"I love our friends" Angela said, then looked up at the top most circle of the base "Shall we?"

"We shall" Sally nodded, but before they could start they heard footsteps behind them. Turning, they saw Hermione and Neville running up to them.

"Do you need any help?" Neville asked.

"Because we'd like to help, but if you've got this covered, we'll happily just sit and watch" Hermione added. Angela and Sally exchanged amused grins.

"The more the merrier" Sally said, then waved her sword "Forward men - go for the guns!"


Jessica drew her taser as she heard footsteps approaching, then lowered it when she recognised Snape's voice. A moment later, she raised it again as Snape came into view, helping a woman along. A second later her husband followed, helping another man along with him.

"Honey - open the door" Owen called out "They're not injured but they need to rest"

"Okay" She turned and pulled the door to the mobile home open, then turned back and helped first the woman into the back of the vehicle, then the man. Guiding them to the beds in the back, she ensured they were comfortable before turning back to her husband.


"Jessica - may I present Frank and Alice Longbottom, parents of Neville. Frank, Alice - my wife, Jessica" Owen said. Jessica nodded reflexively.

"We must return now, Doctor Granger" Severus said "And we need you to look after them - it is very important"

"Of course, Professor" Jessica nodded "I will protect them with my life" They stepped down from the back of the vehicle, and she drew her taser again "Go - do good things"

"Yes dear" Owen gave her a quick kiss, then he and Snape vanished off into the dark.


"DON'T DO IT!" Amelia and Tonks pointed their wands at the man in the centre of the room "We already know you've lied for Dumbledore, and that you've kept this man a prisoner illegally for years. Don't take that extra step - don't become a killer" They stared in surprise as the man started laughing.

"You really have no clue, do you?" He said, then - before they could respond - he silt the throat of the prisoner kneeling before him "He's going to destroy you - all of you"

"STUPEF...." Tonks started, but before she could finish, the man stabbed himself and collapsed dead on the floor. Amelia and Tonks stared at the two bodies for a moment.

"So that could have gone better" Amelia said "What do you think he meant......" She trailed off "Never mind - we can find out later" She looked behind her to where Remus and Sirius had just entered "Anyone else?"

"No - the house is empty" Remus looked past her "Jayson?"

"Which one?" Tonks asked.

"The one with the throat......" Remus winced "He was a friend of mine. Big into history - when I last spoke to him, during the war, said he was looking into a story about Dumbledore and Grindelwald. Then he vanished" He paused "I thought he had been killed in one of Voldemort's raids"

"And the other one?" Tonks asked.

"No idea, sorry" Remus shrugged.

"Never mind" Amelia said "We have one more house to go, then we return to Grimmauld Place, transfer our prisoners to Longbottom Hall and our guests to somewhere safe - assuming we find any more than Frank and Alice"

"Okay" Sirius nodded "Although if we come across James and Lily I am pretty sure I am going directly to Hogwarts to rip that bastard a new one"


Angela glanced behind her, then turned and kicked the door open. She charged in, Sally, Hermione and Neville behind her, all with swords drawn.

"Who dares entire my fortress in such a manner?" The pirate king bounded to his feet, staring at the four newcomers in surprise "I demand that you give me your names"

"My name is Inigo Montoya!" Angela called out.

"No it isn't" Sally said.

"No it isn't!" Angela called out in the same voice "My name is Angela Longbottom, and I am here to claim The Treasure of Angband for my friends and myself!" The king stared at her for a few moments, then shrugged.

"Okay then - take it" He walked over to a large cupboard on the wall, opened it, and pulled out a large cube made of pinewood. Holding it up, he carried it back to her "Here you go" Angela stared at it, then looked at the pirate king.

"Is this a trick? Some kind of trap?" She asked, confusion radiating from every pore "This - according to the legend - has the power to grant she who holds it power to rule this realm. Why would you just hand it over to me?"

"Maybe I am just tired of ruling" The king said "Or maybe I know that - once you are carrying this, you will never get out of Shipwreck Cove alive" He smiled "I have a thousand men who will rally to my site at my call - can you escape all of those?" Angela stared back at him calmly.

"We can try" She paused, then held out her hand "So - may I?"


Jessica smiled in relief as she saw the team coming towards her, then pulled the door to the mobile home open when she realised Sirius and Remus were carrying one more person between them - an oldish man with a limp.

"Doctor Granger - this is Clark Kent" Tonks said, then tilted her head to one said "Your husband had the same reaction when he heard the name"

"Sorry - it is..... never mind. Is he alright?" Jessica asked.

"No drugs or spells as far as I can tell" Snape said "Subject to a long term memory spell that I cannot undo right now, but The DMLE and St Mungo's might be able to help" He helped Clark up into the mobile home, then looked over at Amelia.

"The houses are all sealed. The prisoners that we have will be held in Longbottom Hall until tomorrow when I will turn them over to The DMLE. The ones we couldn't take will be left here, in situ, so the investigation team can find them" She paused "And I think we will need a forensic magic team" She glanced at Tonks "I think there are going to be a lot more bodies than we expected"

"Eugh" Tonks sighed "So - who gets to tell the children?"

"We'll take care of that" Sirius and Xeno said in unison, then Xeno "But if you could arrange for Augusta, Amelia, one or two Hogwarts's board members and one or two Aurors to visit Neville and Angela tomorrow, I think that it would be worth their while" He smiled "Because I think that - finally - we can get rid of the biggest problem we have"


"We can try" She paused, then held out her hand "So - may I?"

The pirate king looked at her thoughtfully, then walked over to her.

"If you are sure" He said, then slowly he held out the box. But before she could take it, the doors to the chamber burst open again, and Luna rushed in.

"I really should just put a revolving door there" The king remarked "Or maybe some of those saloon doors you get in those trendy western bars?"

"Luna?" Hermione turned to look at her friend "What's wrong? Is something...."

"They're back" Luna said "And they've got news. We have to go - now"

"But we just got the treasure!" Angela said in a whiny voice, pouting at Luna.

"We can come back and get the treasure later, sweetie" Sally said, then looked at The king "You don't mind, do you?"

"I'm here all week" He replied with a smirk.

"Fine" Angela rolled her eyes, then looked at Luna "Are they all okay?"

"Oh yes" Luna grinned "All alive and well and trust me...." Her eyes shifted to Neville " are going to want to hear this"


Ten minutes later, they were gathered in The Nexus command and control, where Sirius and Xeno were stood at the front.

"First of all - just to repeat what Luna said - everyone has come back alive" Xeno said, smiling brightly "They returned to Grimmauld Place around ten minutes ago, and have unloaded the prisoners they rescued and the prisoners they took. The prisoners they took were taken to Longbottom Manor, where Augusta will hold them in the dungeons until tomorrow, when they will be turned over to The DMLE"

"What about the ones that were rescued?" Luna asked.

"One more thing" Sirius said "Little Whining - 32, as you referred to it - has been shut down. For good. Every house is warded against entry, and the entire village is closed off against entry. I can promise you that no one will be held there again"

"Thank you" Harry and Luna said in unison.

"You are most welcome" Xeno replied, then he took a deep breath "We found three prisoners alive. There was one more, but the person guarding him killed him before we could rescue him, then took his own life" He paused "Neville - I know this will come as a shock to you, but two of the prisoners were your mother and father" Neville stared back at him for a few moments, eyes wide.

"How? They've been at St Mungo's for..... ever since they were attacked"

"We don't know" Sirius said "But the two people we rescued were definitely Frank and Alice - I knew them at school, served with them in the Auror corps and fought beside them on many a night" He paused "They were there, and they have their minds. Dumbledore had kept them believing they were other people, using drugs and spells to do it, but with Severus' help, we were able to return them to themselves"

"They're.....cured?" He asked, barely noticing as Angela took one of his hands and Hermione took the other "They know who they are?"

"As we speak they are talking to your Grandmother" Xeno nodded "It might take them a little while to recover fully, but they are themselves"

"They are the Frank and Alice I remember" Sirius said, smiling.

"Can I see them?" Neville asked.

"Tomorrow" Xeno nodded "We'll explain that in a few minutes - there are just two or three more things we need to tell you first" He looked over to Harry "Harry - I'm sorry to have to tell you that your Aunt Petunia was killed in the raid" Harry blinked, then shrugged.

"She wasn't my Aunt, and she held me prisoner there for over a decade" He shrugged "How did she die?"

"She tried to kill Tonks, and when they stunned her, she fell backwards, hitting her head on the coffee table" Sirius said "She died almost at once - she didn't suffer"

"More's the pity" Harry said darkly "Do you know if my mother's sister and her family are alive?"

"We hope to find out when Vernon and Dudley are questioned" Xeno replied.

"Okay" Harry nodded.

"We have a few more prisoners - including your Uncle Albert - and one other person was rescued, who we are going to move to France in the morning, to get him away from Dumbledore's influence" Sirius said.

"You aren't doing that to my parents?" Neville asked.

"No - they refused" Xeno smirked, making Neville laugh.

"That sounds like them" He said.

"Anyway - that's all of our report about the raid" Sirius said "Any questions?"

"Who was the other man?" Luna asked.

"Clark Kent" Xeno said, then rolled his eyes as Hermione and Harry both snorted in amusement "That's what your parents did, Miss Granger"

"Clark Kent is the alias that a superhero called Superman uses to exist in the muggle world" Hermione explained "What were the names that Frank and Alice had?"

"Anne and Gilbert Bylthe" Xeno said.

"Two muggle names from the Green Gables series" Hermione replied, half to herself "There's a chance whoever this Clark Kent is, he isn't who he says he is, or appears to be" She paused "I realise that interrogating someone you've just rescued from an illegal prison is probably a bad idea, but...." She trailed off, then shrugged "I'd suggest The DMLE at least talk to him"

"I'll pass it on" Sirius said "Any more questions?" When there was no reply, he smiled "Okay - about tomorrow....."


"Sit still!" Angela said, taking Neville's hand in hers "If you don't stop fidgeting, someone will know something is up"

"Sorry" Neville replied, blushing "But.... well - you know" Angela's expression softened slightly.

"I know" She said, then leaned over and kissed him on the cheek.

"What's this? Young Neville turning his attentions away from Miss Granger?" Fred asked as he and George walked up to where Angela and Neville were sat halfway down the Gryffindor table.

"Firstly - gay" Angela said "Secondly - brother. Thirdly - Hermione, despite being only fourteen, already knows more way to kill me without leaving a body than I could ever hope to learn" She paused "And I did mention the gay thing?"

"Just teasing" George grinned "So - to what do we owe the honour of having young Neville sat with us today?"

"Just felt like a change" Neville shrugged "And Harry and Hermione had some Hufflepuff business to discuss"

"As did Luna and Sally about Ravenclaw" Angela said "So we thought we'd have a Longbottom breakfast" She smiled "So - how are my two favourite twins?"

"Hey!" Parvati said from a few seats up.

"Sorry - two of my favourite twins" Angela amended.


"And here we go" Luna said, smiling slightly "In three. two. one. zero" She and Sally looked round as two people appeared in the doorway of The Great Hall. Walking in, Augusta Longbottom - accompanied by Professor Sprout - gave Harry and Hermione a polite nod before walking over to the Gryffindor table.

"Mr Longbottom, Miss Longbottom - your Grandmother has come here to take you out of school for the day" Sprout said.

"I am afraid I can not allow that" Dumbledore's voice came from the staff table almost at once "Students are not permitted to leave school during term time without special exceptions - something that you know very well, Madame Longbottom"

"Madame Longbottom has the appropriate permission slips, Professor" Sprout replied, holding up a piece of paper "You can verify them if you wish" Dumbledore stood up and walked down the length of The Hall until he was stood next to the group. He took the parchment in his hand and read through it.

"It would seem to be in order" He admitted in a grudging tone "May I ask, though, what is so important that you would force your grandson and ward to miss an entire day of school?" Augusta stared at him, then turned to the two children.

"I had hoped to do this in a more private setting, but there has been a change in your parents' condition, Neville" She said "We have been asked to go and visit them as soon as possible" She smiled "And since you are now a part of our family, Angela, I thought you should come with us"

"Madame Longbottom - St Mungo's does not permit visitors during the week, especially not in the long term care wards" Dumbledore pointed out in a slightly smug voice. Augusta turned to face him, eyes flashing.

"Then it is probably a good thing they are not in St Mungo's, Headmaster" She said "Neville, Angela - please come with me, now" The two children stood up at once.

"Not at St Mungo's....." Dumbledore started "Then where are they? Augusta - I demand you tell me where they are!"

"Freedonia" Augusta replied, then she, Neville and Angela headed out of The Hall. Dumbledore took one or two steps after them, but stopped when six more figures walked through the main doors.

"Professor Dumbledore - please stop where you are" Amelia raised her wand "You have had a long and most would agree distinguished career - do you want it to end badly?"

"And why would my career be coming to an end, Director?" Dumbledore asked, dropping his hands to his side.

"Because I am here to arrest you, Headmaster" Amelia replied, ignoring the wave of gasps that sent around The Hall "You and Minerva McGonagall"

"And since you can't run the school from in jail, Albus" A professional looking woman said "The Board has agreed to suspend both you and Professor McGonagall until this matter is sorted out" Dumbledore stared at her in disbelief.

"The Board has really voted to suspend me, Galinda?" He asked, then he glanced at her companion "And how much of this was your doing, Lucius?" Lucius Malfoy smiled back.

"Sorry to disappoint you, Albus, but I knew nothing of this until I was contacted this morning to attend an emergency meeting of The Board, where I was told of your impending arrest" He paused "I didn't see that we had a choice - as The Director says, we can hardly have the school run by someone who is in jail"

"And who did The Board decide to run Hogwarts in my absence?" Dumbledore asked.

"Professor Snape is taking over as Headmaster, although he will continue as Professor of Potions for time being" Galinda Abbott said "And we have asked Sirius Black to take over as Transfiguration and Head of Slytherin, while Remus Lupin will become Head of Gryffindor" She smiled "Their contracts will run until the end of term, so - should your arrests not lead to continued detainment - you can return at the start of next year" She paused, then her smile faded "If The Board decides to permit it"

"Aurors Banna and Cooper, please take Professor McGonagall into custody" Amelia said "Auror Tonks - please take Professor Dumbledore into custody"

"I am sorry, Amelia, but I have far too many responsibilities to rot in one of your cells" Dumbledore shook his head "So while I appreciate the offer, I am afraid I can not come with you" Amelia and Tonks both pointed their wands at him, but he simply turned on the spot and vanished.

"STUPEFY!" Amelia turned in surprise to see McGonagall collapse in her seat. She looked questioningly at her two Aurors.

"Sorry boss" Cooper said, lowering his wand "I just wanted to stop her escaping"

"Very well - bring her along" Amelia nodded "Professor Snape - I believe the school is yours"


Angela leaned against the door frame, watching - with tears running down her cheeks - as Neville and his parents shared one big hug.

"My parents never loved me" She said softly, hearing Augusta walk up behind her "Neither did my Aunt and Uncle"

"You're home now" Augusta said "Neville loves you, and I know that my son and his wife will too" She leaned down and kissed the top of her head "Go on in - say hi"

"No - I don't want to interrupt" Angela shook her head, but Augusta took her hand and lead her in to the room.

"Frank, Alice - I'd like you to meet your daughter" She said "Angela Naihm Longbottom" Frank and Alice turned, then held their arms out. Angela pause for a second, then let herself be hugged. As she felt their arms slip around her, she closed her eyes and smiled.

"I am home"