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Brienne and the Man Who Couldn't Flirt

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The knowledge that Brienne had of Lady Sansa Stark being in her safe company made her able to breathe again. In doing this, Brienne was keeping her promise to Catelyn Stark and she refused to let anymore suffering come to those of House Stark, it truly was a House built on loyalty, family; everything that mattered in this god forsaken world. As they rode towards Castle Black, deep down Brienne knew that this was only the beginning of a long, tedious journey- but it would be one she would compellingly give her life for. House Stark is, and will always be the one and only Wardens of the North; Brienne was determined to help them achieve that to the best of her abilities whatever that may cost her.

Within in a short amount of time their horses came to a halt outside of the building in which everything reared a head. Their entire surroundings looked bleak and lonesome; associated with death and dread. Without even stepping into Castle Black, the Wall could be seen looming above them in the background; it gave a sense of protection to those on the right side, yet to others it gave the warning of danger. The fear of what was on either side went both ways she assumed; those on this side would fear the dark, grave myths of what lay in the murkiest corners of the distant North; whilst those on the other side fear the folk here who serve, the folk who know nought but war.

All three of the stolen horses trotted onwards as the colossal, foreboding gates separated. Everyone had heard about the stories of the Wall, of what happened within Castle Black, of why people went there, the whole ordeal was a common bedside story; however much of it was true though was another story indeed.  

Brienne felt the eyes of numerous people bore into her, not like that was anything new, people always would judge her, always, but after so many years of it she held her head high and managed to acquire the confidence to look right back at them. As her gazed swivelled, she noticed a particular red head could she put it? Taken aback? Thrown off guard?

She decided to put the disgruntled emotion behind her, as the much needed reunion between the Lady she now served and the Lord Commander occurred.


                It seemed that this ‘taken aback red head’ was one of the free folk (that much being obvious), but was surprisingly close to Lord Snow, which Brienne deemed odd of the free folk- considering their savage history with ‘the crows’. Nevertheless she knew that the overall outcome of this was definitely a positive. With winter coming and the tales she’d be informed about in do with the White Walkers marching closer every second, everyone near the Wall would need all the help they could get and Brienne wouldn’t bat an eye if given a choice, to lay down her sword and her life, if only Lady Sansa wished upon that.

That moment in which Brienne was sat with Lady Sansa, Lord Snow, Pod, Edd and the red head who turned out to be named- Tormund Giantsbane; she felt slightly out of place. This was a reunion of family, of friends, most of these people had at least some kind of history with the others, but not she- then again, Pod probably felt the same. The wooden table, which was surrounded by safe company, sat together in silence eating- well actually they were trying to eat whatever it was they called food out here.

She wasn’t hungry and couldn’t feel an ounce of shame whenever her hand would ceremoniously come to rest upon the hilt of Oathkeeper, it like a mother and a child, was a sign of comfort and safety in her mind.

Eventually her eyes met those fixed upon her physique, his blue-grey eyes unmoving and blown wide. For some reason she could neither seem to look away, and continued watching him with a slight tinge of uneasiness. Should she be preparing for a fight to come? Is this a sign, that she must keep one eye open when night flooded over them all?

Tormund raised his large hand, which was filled with nothing but a huge chunk of meat. He bit into the chicken, deep, jaw strong and all this whilst seemingly being overly proud of himself. Those ginger eyebrows danced to a song of self victory, to which Brienne thanked to the heavens when she gained the nerve to glance away. She had absolutely no idea what just happened, alas she knew not whether to be uncomfortable or somewhat impressed...

All she knew for certain was that, at this rate, it was going to be a long, long adventure...