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Sheer Perfection

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“Torashii! Over here!”

Feeling his name being called, Tora looked up from the semi-crowded crowd in front of him and saw his husband waving not so far away. He smiled and approached the now brunette man. Once he got closer, he noticed that Saga was wearing a yukata. It was a grey colored yukata with white wave-pattern prints on it paired with a black and white lines obi. Tora smiled seeing it, it was their yukata pair that they both bought years ago and have always worn it every fireworks festival.

The pianist looked up to his husband and saw how tired he was. The youth that was once a cinema student had now worked as a director and so far, had directed many movie hits but a few years back his passion changed into directing video clips for musicians. And here he was, just finished wrapping up another video clip. Saga was glad that his husband had made it though because today was one of their annual things. He leaned over closer and kissed the love of his life’s cheek as a saying of ‘Otsukaresama’.

“Did you bring my yukata?” The director asked after pecking Saga’s lips.

The pianist nodded. “There’s a toilet near here for you to change. C’mon.”

Tora nodded and followed his younger husband as the man dragged him towards the public toilet nearby the park. Fortunately, the men’s toilet was not as crowded as the women’s. After waiting for a few minutes, Saga passed on the bag with Tora’s yukata and waited outside. He checked his phone and saw an incoming message from Nao, asking if he had found Tora yet. Saga gave him a quick reply before checking his emails, remembering that he had an important mail to open.

He was surprised when he felt a pair of hands circling around his shoulders from behind. The culprit just laughed and Saga turned, giving the director a pout before groping the dark-haired man’s crotch. The director winced and it was the pianist’s turn to laugh. Tora grunted and leaned into his younger husband’s ear.

“Don’t get me started.” He whispered huskily before nibbling the shell of the pianist’s ear.

Saga shivered and whimpered, closing his eyes. Tora smirked at the reaction and couldn’t help but pecked the younger man’s cheek. Saga huffed and took Tora’s hand, once again dragging the man to leave the public toilet and towards to where the others were waiting for them. When they were a few feet away from their spot, a little girl with dark shoulder-length hair came up running to the pair.

“Father!” The little girl called as she got closer.

Tora smiled and squatted down as he opened his arms wide to welcome her.

“Hey there, kiddo!” He said as the little girl already launched herself into his arms.

The little girl giggled as he hugged her father, giving the man a kiss on the cheek being lifted and carried. Tora replied by kissing her forehead lovingly, giving her a fond smile before proceeding to where the others were. Saga followed suit alongside his husband and saw the others sitting on the mat above the grass.

“Uncle Tora has arrived!” Shou announced when he saw the family approaching.

The rest of the members looked up at the director with a smile. Suddenly, Nao’s twins got up from the mat abruptly to greet their uncle. The father of the two was too late to stop them as he saw that Tora’s lower-half was already tackled by his twins. The director just laughed seeing his ‘nephew and niece’ and ruffled their hair lovingly.

“Hey boys! Did I miss the fireworks?” He asked as he looked down at the twins.

“It hasn’t even started yet!” The girl of the twins replied.

Saga just laughed and proceeded to go to their spot. Once arrived, he took off his geta and sat on the empty space beside Shou. After a few struggles and laugh, Tora succeeded on arriving to their spot. The four of them took off their getas and tagged their spot again. One of the twins claimed his spot in Shou’s arms while the other in his mother’s arms. Hiroto ruffled the kid’s hair in Shou’s arms, laughing at the pout he received. Tora took the empty space beside his husband with his daughter still in his arms.

“Sorry, as usual they’re a handful.” Nao’s wife apologized as he watched Tora fixing his yukata.

“No worries.” Tora responded with a smile.

Saga leaned over the middle of their circle to get one of the Tupperware among the drinks, food and snacks. He opened it once he got it and offered the rice balls filled Tupperware to his older husband. When Tora wanted to take one, his daughter was already reaching for it and fed him clumsily, making the dark-haired man surprised. The adults laughed at the scene as Tora took a bite from it and began to chew.

“Thank you.” He muffled and his daughter just giggled in response.

“It’s already dark but why hasn’t it started yet?” The boy of the twins in Shou’s arms complained.

“Be patient, kiddo. It’s gonna start anytime soon.” Shou responded as he pinched the boy’s cheek.

The boy whined and pulled Shou’s yukata’s sleeve, making the others laughed again. Tora finally took the last bite of the rice ball from his daughter’s hand and Saga immediately took her dirtied hand to clean it with a wet tissue. The little girl stayed obediently as her dad did what he was doing to her. She thanked him when her hand was finally clean and continued to cling to her father, playing with his necklace.

Nao started a conversation then and soon they chatted away like old friends were, with their children interrupting them occasionally. They were all wearing a yukata and enjoying the midsummer air. Even after so many years, they never missed their annual fireworks display gathering. It’s not that they were living far apart from each other; they were all living in the Kanto area but their busy schedules were sometimes a hindrance. Even so, they always make it for birthdays, Christmas and Cherry Blossom picnic.

The sound of the of a song’s intro was heard and the twins perked up from their spot.

“It’s starting! Let’s go, Uncle Shou!” The boy in Shou’s arms said as he tugged Shou’s hand.

“Father! Father! C’mon, let’s go!” The little girl urged as he pulled her father’s collar.

Nao’s daughter practically pulled her mother’s arm, causing the woman to lose her balance for a while before standing up. Nao warned his daughter in a mocking stern but the only reply he got was a stuck-out tongue. The businessman just sighed and got up as well, following his wife and daughter. Soon, everyone gathered at the edge of the hill in anticipation. A few seconds later, fireworks started to illuminate the sky, reflected also on the river below them along with the voices of the audiences’ amazement.

After a few explosives and excitements from the children, Tora’s throat suddenly felt dry and he excused himself to go back to the mat and sat on it while taking the water bottle not far from him. He took a sip and watched his friends and family enjoying the fireworks. His eyes then focused on his family; his husband and daughter. Even now, Tora still couldn’t believe how one of his dream came true. Their daughter had come as a surprise when Saga announced to him two years after their marriage, and the best part was, it was biologocally his and Saga’s. Tora was still amazed at the technology these days, made Saga conceive and making one of Tora’s dream come true.

Four years had gone by since then and Tora was living the life of a parent. He had to admit that he never expected to have a child when he had decided to spend the rest of his life with Saga because Saga was enough for him and he also knew about the fundamentals of men. It was hard at first, but he was lucky that he had the best partner by his side thus resulting a sweet and kind-hearted daughter. Her looks were mostly developed from Saga but as years went by he realized that her personality was close to him, receiving a “Great, now I have a double you.” from his husband.

He chuckled at the memory and was surprised when he felt a hand touching his cheek. So lost in his own reverie, the director didn’t realize that his husband was now sitting in front of him, looking gorgeous as always. His chocolate eyes were shining due to the hues of the fireworks.

“What were you laughing about?” The pianist asked amusedly.

Tora just smiled and caught the other’s hand on his cheek, lacing their hands together.

“How lucky I am to have you… Even after so many years.” He said. “I feel blessed everyday knowing that we’re together forever.”

The pianist chuckled. “Even after so many years, you’re as cheesy as ever.” He teased.

“Will never change.”

“I know.”

Saga leaned in to capture his husband’s lips in a tender kiss. Tora responded as equal and kissed the brunette’s forehead before leaning his head into it.

“Tomorrow is our anniversary, huh…” Tora said and slowly lifted Saga’s chin so he could stare at the younger man’s face. “It’s been a wonderful 17 years…”

Saga smiled. “We’re still looking forward for the upcoming years…”

“I know. It’s just… 17 years is long and I’m so grateful that we’re still lasting. Everyday, I thanked the Gods for making you my soulmate. My love of my life, and the person I’m spending the rest of my life with. Takashi… thank you for being the amazing person you are. Thank you for loving me unconditionally even after I hurt you so badly. Thank you for continuing to support me and believing me. Thank you for everything, and thank you… for having a child with me. I love you so much that sometimes it’s hard for me to contain. Please, continue to look after me after this.”

Saga couldn’t stop the burn he felt in his eyes even if he wanted too. Tora’s words had warmed his whole being to the point he couldn’t contain his happiness. He laughed to hide his happy tears, smiling as he leaned into Tora’s touch, kissing his husband’s palm.

“I love you too, Masashi. I know we had so many ups and down, to the point that we had to face our hell, but that’s all in the past now. I’m also grateful that I ended up with you, the man I’ve always hoped to be with for the rest of my life…” Saga trailed, trying to think up of something again but failed. “Damn… you made me speechless. Since I cannot form any words right now, so I’ll show you how much I love you, later tonight. Just the two of us.”

It was true. In their anniversary every year, the couple would ask Nao’s help to take care of their daughter for a day, so they can celebrate it together.

“Looking forward to that.” Tora grinned, leaning forward to kiss the pianist again.

Unfortunately, Tora had to immediately withdraw before he could even touch Saga’s lips when he heard their daughter calling her dad. Saga turned and saw the little girl running up to him with Hiroto keeping an eye on her. The pianist immediately took her in his arms and smiled gratefully towards Hiroto before the photographer nodded and walked back to stand beside Shou.

“Where did you go? I wanna watch the fireworks with father and dad!” She whined, close to tears.

Tora’s heart broke at that and leaned in to kiss her forehead. “I’m so sorry, sweetheart.”

“Okay. Let’s go watch it again.” Saga said as he got up and lifted her up in the process.

Tora followed suit and circled an arm around his younger husband’s waist. Saga turned to the dark-haired man and pouted.

“We’re such bad parents…” He said.

The elder man responded with a chuckle and pecked Saga’s lips. Once they were back at the spot, they watched as the fireworks became more huge and colourful. Some of it were a shape of Disney characters and some were flowers and the moon. It was beautiful and the voices of ‘Awws…’ and ‘Wows…’ kept resounding in unison.

Even with the beauty in front of him, Tora was still getting distracted by the beautiful scene next to him. The scene of Saga and their daughter watching the fireworks. Even until now, he couldn’t believe that he has his own family, with the love of his life. His mind was reeling once again about the years he had spent with Saga and so far it had actually been perfect. Of course, like any married couple do, they had fights and arguments that lasted long also but he was glad that they had made it this far and they were still making more.

Without thinking, his hands moved and circle around his husband’s torso and leaning his chin on the other’s shoulder, making the brunette jump at the sudden action. Saga turned and saw the happiness that was written in his older husband’s face, making him smile softly too. They leaned against each other until their lips met in passionate yet tender kiss, pouring their love just in time as the biggest and final firework blew up, making the moment perfect.

Yes, Tora’s life was indeed had been sheer perfection.