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Sheer Perfection

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Tora was happy when it turned out that what he had believed in was true; that Saga’s heart was as beautiful as he looks. He learned that Saga was the kind of person who doesn’t complain much and appreciate every little thing. Sure that he was a flirt and can be very moody but he never troubles anyone with his moodiness. And it also turned out that Saga was popular in the Music Department. Both guys and girls have constantly asked him out. He saw it with his own eyes when he was hanging out with Saga and Saga always gave them that he will think about it as an answer. He eventually accepted two or three but it was just one time. He never heard Saga going out for real with someone—which Tora was glad of.

As for their relationship, like as what Tora had promised, at class they were lecturer and student, but maybe Tora was a little bit too much at asking about assignments just for excuse. Saga never complained though. And when they were outside class, they hangout; eating lunch together, going to movie and music stores and just sit at a nearby café to talk.

Tora had also introduced Shou to Saga and Shou was a little bit awkward at first at befriending his own substitute lecturer but soon, they became close. Shou’s reaction when Tora told him about the night of his uncle’s performance and meeting Sakamoto Takashi as Saga was priceless, for Tora. The brunette was shocked and laughed, amused by the too-good-to-be-true coincidence. Two days after the incident, Tora introduced Shou to Saga. And like Tora, Shou also kept the professional relationship in class. The three of them often hangout from then but not as often as Tora and Saga together. Tora knew that Shou often declined his offer to hang out together with Saga because he wanted Tora to be alone with Saga and he was grateful for that.

“Stop grinning like an idiot and help me think of the concept for our finals’ project.”

Tora was awoken from his reverie and blinked; he then just realized that he had been smiling while daydreaming. He looked at his surroundings and remembered what he was doing. They were in the campus library to think of a concept for their finals and somewhere in between, Tora’s mind suddenly drifted off to Saga. This was bad, Tora thought. He had been thinking too much of Saga lately and not about his finals.

“Time sure flies, huh? It’s our finals and in two weeks, we’ll start a new semester again.” Tora said as he sighed and turned the page of the book he had been reading for materials.

“Yeah, good thing you knew Saga already. Otherwise, we might not even be taught by him again, or Kimisawa-sensei for that matter in the next semester.” Shou said as he typed down his ideas for the concept on his laptop.

“I guess I’m just that lucky, huh?” Tora grinned again and shoved the book to Shou, pointing the paragraph he wanted Shou to type.

Shou just shook his head out of amusement and adjusted his glasses again.

“I wonder if I can meet him today. He hasn’t replied my message since last night.” Tora thought again.

Shou turned to his friend and groaned. “Tora, will you please stop thinking about him and focus on this project? Our deadline is in a few days.”

Tora just shrugged. “Sorry.”

Shou nodded and began to type again while Tora was trying so hard to focus. Maybe he really was beginning to fall for the chestnut haired man and maybe it’s not so bad after all.


They managed to finish the concept after working on it for three whole hours. Both Tora and Shou were relieved now that the hardest part of the project was done. They could at least relax a little before working for the next step.

It was five in the afternoon when they exited the library. The sun had already begun to set and Tora heard Shou groaned beside him as they both stopped midway.

"What?" Tora asked curiously.

"I just remembered that I promised Hiroto to accompany him on buying new lenses for his camera." Shou sighed and glanced at his watch.

"Oh, what time did you guys promised to meet?"


"He had an afternoon class? That means he's out now. You should go and meet him." Tora suggested as he tightened his shawl around his neck.

"How about you?"

Tora shrugged. "I'll just go home. Probably hangout with Saga if I'm lucky." He chuckled at the end of his sentence.

Shou laughed. "Damn, bro. You're really falling for him." He said as he hit Tora's arm playfully and Tora just grinned sheepishly. "Okay, I’m going ahead then. See you tomorrow. Have fun with Saga...” He said as he walked backwards to the opposite side and trailed. “That is if you meet him.” Shou’s last sentence was sort of a mockery and he laughed as he ran, avoiding Tora’s glare.

When Shou was finally out of sight, Tora turned to his side and fished out his phone out of his coat pocket. He slid across the screen and frowned when there were no replies from Saga.

Was the younger man really that busy? Well... It was the last weeks towards finals so maybe the gorgeous substitute lecturer was really busy with his composition for his final. Tora was contemplating if he should call Saga or not. But what if the other man was in the middle of making his composition? Tora didn’t want to bother him.

It seemed that he really was in a very deep thought that he didn’t hear the footsteps that had walked towards him. He jumped when he heard Saga’s voice calling him, eyes wide and mouth opened wide.

“You know you’re really scary when you’re in a deep thought like that.” Saga said as he laughed.

“Dammit! You really surprised me!” Tora said as he groaned.

Saga stopped laughing but smiling amusedly instead. “Really? I didn’t even call you that loudly!”

Not from that but surprised how a lucky coincidence it was...

“Not from that. It’s from you suddenly appearing right in front of me when I was thinking deeply whether to call you or not.”

Tora had just realized what he had said a few seconds later. He bit his bottom lip nervously when he noticed the sudden change in Saga’s expression. It was surprised and Tora could swear that he saw a tiny shade of pink coloring the other’s gorgeous cheekbones. He watched as Saga’s face turns into an uncomfortable one and averted his eyes from Tora. 

“I’m sorry... was that awkward? I mean—”

“No!” Saga interjected what Tora was about to say with an unusual tone and Tora stopped, staring at Saga confusedly.

“I mean...” Saga tried to continue but was finding hard to speak. “I... Honestly... It was kind of endearing... that you thought about me.”

“O-Oh... Well...” Tora was more nervous now. Does that mean Saga wasn’t feeling uncomfortable? “I was wondering why you didn’t reply my message. And I thought about whether to call you or not. I was hesitating because I thought that you were busy working on your composition. I didn’t want to bother you...” Tora ended his explanation with a nervous laugh.

“Oh! I’m so sorry. I read your message, Tora. But I was so late this morning that I didn’t have the time to reply you. And you know... working on the composition and consulting it can make you forget time and when I was finally done for the day, I decided to reply you but then I saw you.” Saga explained, hoping to make the awkward atmosphere between them to disappear.

Tora smiled and laughed in relieve. “Oh! I see! I’m glad I didn’t call you. Otherwise, I’ll be disturbing you, right?”

Saga shook his head. “Not at all! Besides, I always turn my phone into silent mode whenever I’m working on my composition and it rings when the caller calls for the third time. Which usually are emergencies...”

“Ah, is that so.” Tora nodded and smiled wider.

“What are you doing here, anyway? Didn’t you have a day off?” Saga asked as he adjusted his coat.

“Oh, I had a sudden make-up class this afternoon and after that decided to work on the concept for the project for finals with Shou.” Tora answered as he put back his phone inside his pocket.

“Aw... you guys are so lucky to do the project in groups.” Saga sighed in jealousy.

“Not really... I honestly prefer to work alone because it can be so irritating sometimes.”

Saga laughed. “Oh, I know how you feel.”

Tora gave him a lopsided grin. “Yeah... Anyway, are you going anywhere after this? I’d like to chat with you if you don’t have plans.”

“Sure! I really needed a break and really craving for a hot chocolate.”

Saga said with full excitement in his voice and Tora couldn’t help thinking how adorable he was. He laughed and gave Saga a soft smile.

“Let’s go then.” Tora said as he started to walk.

Saga nodded and walked alongside him, unconsciously holding Tora’s wrist as they walked. Tora was surprised but kept it cool and hoped that Saga will keep holding him until they arrived at their usual café. He didn’t care if people were to stare. He just wanted to feel the warmth radiating from Saga’s hand around him.