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Sheer Perfection

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Spring. Tora's favorite season. Despite the cold and heavy wind, the hay fever and cool weather, he still enjoys spring the most. It was because of the beautiful scenery around, flowers blooming. Especially when the cherry blossom bloomed, it was the peak of the beauty in his eyes. He thinks that there were no other beauties that could compare that.

There was another reason though why Tora loves spring. The start of something new. Sure, everyone thinks that the New Year is the start of something new, but not to him. Spring has always been Tora's start. New environments, new atmosphere and new school year. Yes, this spring was a start of a new school year. His second year, sophomore year. It has been a year since he moved to Tokyo and a year entering TOHO University. His skills in making films and producing have increased but not complete. Of course, he still has two years to complete and get his diploma, if he constantly get good grades though so far he does.

Today was one of those days where he walks to the campus ground for the first time after spring break. The trees in the wide school ground haven't bloomed completely, just a slight touch of petals blooming. The weather was surprisingly very sunny but still cold nonetheless, with heavy wind swaying back and forth.

Tora tucked his coat closer to his body and hid his face inside the scarf as he struggled to get to the building where his class is held. He stopped right inside the entrance and loosened the knot of his scarf before going inside the main lobby. He took a glance at the huge clock displayed on the lobby wall and smiled inwardly when he found out that class was still ten minutes away. He took his time to take the escalator. When he reached the third floor, he found his long-time best friend chatting with his classmates near the wall window.

"Yo Shou!" He called out his best friend.

The brunette haired man turned to Tora and greeted him.

"Tora! Ten minutes before class as always, huh? You should really change your habit. Our classes are getting harder and I suggest you at least come twenty minutes early!" He scolded with a laugh.

Tora just shrugged. "It's only the first day of the fourth semester, we don't even know if it will be tough or not."

"Have you even checked the timetable and lecturer names for this semester?"

"Yeah, first class is Cinema studies and lecturer is Kimisawa-sensei, right?"

"Kimisawa-sensei!" Shou exclaimed in exasperation. "Project crazed lecturer!" He sneered in disgust.

Tora laughed. "C'mon, Shou! He's not that bad!"

"He is when it comes to projects but I'm not complaining about his lecturing, though." Shou responded grumpily.

"Okay, okay. Let's just go to class." Tora said as he pushed his friend to the way to the class from behind before Shou turns into a really grumpy mood.

They entered the classroom and as always, Tora took his seat near the huge window because he loves staring at the view outside whenever he was uninspired. One of the reason why he chose this university. Other than having the greatest reputation for their film industry, the building and interior itself caught Tora's eyes when he went to the open campus. Class methods was interesting and the classrooms were also bright and comfortable due to the windows placed as walls. Tora was thankful that he got to get into this university.

Another reason was (he just decided just now), when a beauty had entered the classroom, carrying a messenger bag on the right and holding a coat on the left. It was more fortunate for him when the beauty put his things down on the wide table and hung his coat on the backrest of the chair. Tora could see the beauty's face more clearly now and yes, it was a he.

He was average tall, still shorter than Tora but a standard man's height. His body was slender and just the perfect body proportion adorned with toned muscles. His face was a perfect combination of beautiful and gorgeous features; high cheekbones, sharp, pointy nose and luscious lips. But the most that caught Tora's attention were his eyes; elegant, calm eyes with dark orbs and perfectly shaped eyebrows. Tora watched as the man in front of him adjusted his light blue sweater and oval shaped glasses.

"I never knew Kimisawa-sensei had a complete surgery change..."

Tora could hear Shou talking to him but his eyes were still transfixed by the honey brown-haired man in front of the class. He didn't even noticed when Shou had turned his head to look at his best friend with a weird look until he felt a smack on the back of his head.

"Wake up you dumbass!" He whispered irritatedly.

Tora rubbed his sore head and glared at his friend. "Was was that for?!"

"You were staring! And that is not Kimisawa-sensei!" Shou whispered again and pointed at the man.

Tora turned with a dazed smile on his face. "Yeah, a better one..."

"Seriously, Tora, wake up! Did we get the wrong lecturer or something?"

When Tora was about to answer Shou's question, the man in front of them was already starting to talk and they both immediately turned their attention to the speaker.

"Uh... Okay..."

The man started with a touch of anxiety visible in his voice and Tora couldn't help on letting out a small, swooning sigh as he listen to that deep, velvet voice.

"You are all probably wondering why Kimisawa-sensei is not the one who entered the class and the reason is that Kimisawa-sensei had an emergency meeting so he could not make it for today's class. He feels really bad because it is only the first day of the new semester and he's already giving you bad impression."

The man chuckled at the end of his sentence and the class laughed along.

"So I am here to substitute him for today and probably on other days when Kimisawa-sensei cannot make it for the class, so let me introduce myself. My name is Sakamoto Takashi and I will be your substitute lecturer for this semester. Yoroshiku onegaishimasu." The man said and bowed.

The students also bowed, replying back with 'Yoroshiku onegaishimasu' and Tora couldn't help but stare more and Takashi smiled. The most gorgeous smile he had ever seen and Sakamoto Takashi; the name really fit him and his gorgeous features. Tora was mesmerized and unconsciously thinks that at the very back of his mind, there is another beauty than stands over the full bloom of the cherry blossom. And that beauty was Sakamoto Takashi.


"Geez... What was that all about?" Shou said as he walked on the campus ground, staring at his sheepish friend.

"What?" Tora asked innocently, trying so hard to fight back his smile.

"You were practically all over him!" Shou stated, eyes wide in disbelieve.

"Oh c'mon! I was just asking him about the film theories!" Tora said as he defended himself.

"No, you weren't! You were practically ran over to his desk like a schoolgirl chasing her crush and flirting with him!" Shou laughed this time, amused by Tora's denial.

"I wasn't flirting!"

Tora fought back again and got irritated by the increased laughter. It was true, he wasn't all over the new substitute teacher! Well... At least that was what Tora thought. Maybe he was a little bit excited when approaching the man after class but his questions were innocent. He only asked about today's lesson and assignment.

Okay... Maybe asking if he could replace Kimisawa-sensei was a little bit out of the line and so obvious that Tora liked the gorgeous man but he couldn't help it! He was interested with the other man and wanted to know more. It wasn't his fault for liking the gorgeous substitute lecturer.

Shou scoffed seeing the smile and distant look on Tora's face; yeah, he was sure his best friend was sinking to the sea of hearts.

"Get over it, Tora. He might even be way older than you."

Shou called out again and Tora stopped from his reverie.

"Hey, there's nothing wrong with that. He doesn't even look like he's in his thirties. Too young for that age. I'd say he's around 28 or close to 30."

Shou shook his head out of amusement. "Whatever man. Just don't go a big blob of mess when your hopes are crushed."

Tora frowned and suddenly remembered the time of his first bad break-up. It was bad indeed with all the shouting and the betrayal of being cheated. It had been way too many years ago when he was just a stupid teenager. But the benefit from that all was he became to understand more about love and try to find a better one this time. He wasn't sure if this is really love that he was feeling towards the new beauty but he was definitely sure that he was interested with him.

Shou glanced at his friend again who suddenly got so quiet and adjusted his glasses.


"So, how was your first day of the new semester?"

Tora looked up from his food as he heard his uncle starting to speak again. They were in a high class restaurant and Tora didn't really remember how he got here.

Oh right. His uncle Gackt had dragged him here after saying that there were no descent food at home and Tora was thinking of buying ingredients but no, his uncle had forced him to eat dinner outside because Gackt had just finished his orchestra rehearsal. He thought that they were going to the usual restaurant but no, Gackt was in the mood for some good wine and here they were.

Tora took a bite from his Cordon Bleu and swallowed the delicious schnitzel before answering his famous uncle.

"It was okay. Just like usual, except... We had a substitute lecturer."

Gackt stopped from cutting his steak and looked up, one eyebrow raised. "Substitute teacher?"

"Yeah. The real lecturer couldn't come because of some emergency meeting and was substitute by another lecturer. I think he's some kind of the lecturer's assistant because he'll be the one lecturing whenever Kimisawa-sensei is absent."

"Ah, Kimisawa-sensei. The crazed project lecturer--or that's what Shou likes to call him." Gackt said with a chuckle and continued to cut his steak.

Tora took another bite of the schnitzel. "He's not that crazy, really. He just want to keep his pupils occupied."

Gackt hummed and ate the steak, swallowing it before speaking again.

"How is this substitute lecturer?"

Tora took a sip of his water before answering, "His teaching methods are good. I understand him perfectly well and it's a bonus for me that he's got great looks; slender, beautiful face and perfect smile."

"Name please."

Tora was silent for a while. "Takashi... Sakamoto Takashi."

Gackt smiled at the distant tone his nephew had let out.

"Sounds like a beauty indeed." He said as he chuckled.

Tora just smiled sheepishly.

You have no idea, uncle. Most gorgeous human being I'd ever seen...