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These dead bodies show my love to you

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It's everywhere.

Hundreds of bodies littering the clearing. Ripped apart and in shreds.

An arm here, a leg there.

Their blood mixes with mine.

They fought back but they didn't stand a chance. No, not when they threatened my beloved.

I stand in the middle of it all, covered in blood and smile.

These people were once superiors, doctors, researchers, friends, and in a way family.

But they made a decision to make a sacrifice to end the war.

They thought one persons life was worth sacrificing for billions.


They would have sacrificed my doctor.

My everything.

My Akari.

They would have sacrificed him after all the sacrifices he has made for them.

I won't mourn for them because they don't deserve tears to be shed for them.

I made a decision between my dear Akari and the world.

I chose Akari.

I killed them all for him and I'd do it again.

I will always choose my doctor.

I look across the clearing and see him.

Even after all this blood shed, destruction, and pain he waits for me.

This is a fact.

He loves me and I love him.

Always and forever.