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- - HACKER - -


"I want..." Parker stopped, thought unfinished, and Hardison dragged his attention away from his computer monitors. He was so close to finding out what the CIA's newest toys were, but breaking into their internal servers could wait until later if Parker needed him.

He had been too distracted with the brewpub, and the new toys he could get here in Portland, and his molecular gastronomy stuff lately. It had been up to Nate to actually ask Parker what was wrong, and that had been hard to listen to over the coms. It had been Eliot who helped Parker feel better. So Hardison was grading himself a B on boyfriending over the last couple days and dedicating himself to improving that.

Parker had been in such a good mood since the team took Rampone down and the little art-appreciation field trip she took afterward. Hardison had been happy to listen to Parker ramble about all the art and how it felt. The sex had been great too. Happy-Parker sex was the best, if kind of exhausting. Parker did not look happy now, though, and Hardison closed out of his programs to crawl back onto the bed with her.

"What do you want, baby?" Hardison asked, reaching for her and only finishing the motion to turn it into a hug when Parker leaned toward him. Parker's head fit under his chin, her body curled up body fit into the curve of his own. They just fit together. "You want to go jump off the space needle? Or rob a bank? A museum? You say the word and I'll make it happen, you know I will. Anything you want."

"...I want Eliot," Parker said.

"Eliot?" Hardison thought he could probably be forgiven for his voice squeaking a little. That was not something he'd expected, at all. Ok, Eliot was undeniably hot but Parker had never shown any interest in him before. And Hardison hadn't ever noticed Eliot flirt with Parker. Of course the two of them were close. Eliot was team, and more than just team. Was this something that had been building right under Hardison's nose and he didn't even know? Was he just a stepping stone, the baby steps until she was used to relationships and ready to move on to someone else? All done with the geek and on to the hot white jock with the higher social capital. But that was the uberculture, that wasn't Parker. Parker couldn't care less about social standing. Hardison was way richer than Eliot anyway; he wasn't the foster kid with the hand-me-downs and braces anymore. Was he richer than Eliot? He must be, he had his fingers in way too many pies not to be. Money was all digital nowadays and Hardison was the undisputed king of computers. A few million here, a billion there, and that wasn't even counting the values of all the properties his various aliases owned.

"That's not normal, right?" Parker curled closer to Hardison's chest, both body and voice going very small. Hardison had been quiet too long. He put 'make sure to be richer than Eliot' into the suggestion box of his brain and turned to the problem at hand.

"It's normal," Hardison promised. "It is extremely normal. I mean Nate had his weird cat-and-mouse thing with Sophie before he and Maggie broke up. Everybody wants people they ain't with sometimes. Most sexual people. Not ace or like demisexual people usually; though we're probably close enough to Eliot for even the most demi of sexuals." Hardison pulled himself forcibly away from the sidetrack. "And you know people change, and relationships change. What's good for you at one point isn't always what's good for you at another. If we, if us isn't working for you... then..." Hardison couldn't quite make himself finish the thought, it hurt to bad. He and Parker had been drifting together so slow and careful over the years, now they were finally in the same boat it felt like belonging to Hardison. Maybe he'd been doing even worse than a B as a boyfriend recently, if Eliot was more emotionally available to Parker than Hardison was. Or maybe it was that Hardison was too emotional? Parker had never been as demonstrative as Hardison was. Maybe it would be easier for her to be with someone who was less into the whole 'sharing of thoughts and feelings' thing.

"Not like that," Parker said, hand clenching in Hardison's tshirt to hold him close. "I want Eliot too. I don't want us to break up, even a little. That's weird, isn't it?"

"Historically and evolutionarily it's definitely monogamy that's weird," Hardison promised. "You know how many animals do that? Almost none, and the ones who do are like birds and not even mammals. The whole one-man one-woman and their biological children being the only family unit is total bullshit. That's what my Nana taught me. She's more my family than anyone I share DNA with. You find the normal that works for you, and if it's that whole thing... Polyamory!" Hardison remembered the word triumphantly. "If you're poly, baby, that's ok."

It shouldn't feel so scary to say that, but it did. Hardison knew better than to try and hold Parker too tight; if she felt weighed down or stifled then Parker would run. Parker had run, a few times in the beginning when things got too scary. Hardison was patient, and Parker always came back closer than ever. That had been letting her go to be alone, though. Letting Parker go into someone else's arms and still trusting her to come back was harder. There was no guarantee Parker would come back.

Eliot, though? He was muscly and hot, yeah, and he was protective of them which was hot in its own kind of way, and he clearly had plenty of experience with the ladies. Hardison mostly just flirted unless he was in a serious relationship. Flirting was fun. Eliot clearly dove right in, and his partners always seemed to be pleased with him. Experience could be sexy. Hardison wasn't that inexperienced himself, though, even if a lot of that experience was seen through a screen. There was some great porn out there on the internet, once he'd learned to find the little niche feminist porn studios where all the performers were actually enjoying themselves and they showed all the affection and buildup and aftercare and stuff. Not like that soulless mainstream stuff. Who could even get off to that? And Parker was great. Hardison didn't think he could ever get bored with her. He'd figured they were going to keep happily sexing each other up until they were old and gross.

Clearly Parker had other ideas, and that was going to be ok. It was going to have to be. Research. Hardison was going to have to do all the research about polyamory to make sure he didn't fuck this up. Hardison knew how to share; he couldn't avoid it growing up with Nana and the rest of her kids, but even when most things were shared there were some things that were your very own and you didn't have to share. Hardison usually ended up sharing those things too anyway, when he was a kid. Sharing was nice. He hadn't thought his relationship with Parker was going to be a thing that was shared, that it was going to be a strictly two-person affair. Parker wasn't a thing though, not like a favorite shirt or necklace or a computer. She was a person, and very obviously not for owning.

Hardison already shared so many things with Eliot – the brewpub most prominently. He couldn't imagine trying to keep Eliot's fingers out of it, even though he was technically the owner and Eliot wasn't. He'd been counting on Eliot to be his copilot from the moment he decided to buy it. They worked together so seamlessly on the team, and Hardison shared all the gear he made. That stuff was easy to share. Sharing Parker with Eliot seemed so much bigger than that. Like jumping off a building that never ended without even any ropes attached. Hardison trusted him with team stuff, with con stuff, with protecting them completely. He just didn't know if he could trust Eliot with Parker. That was an entirely different beast.

"Eliot? Really?" Hardison asked.

Parker rolled to the side, tugging Hardison with until they were lying together on the bed. "I was sitting here being happy, and then I thought that the only thing that could make all this better," Parker gestured to everything – Hardison and the bed and the entirety of their apartment, "was if Eliot was here too. You like Eliot too, right?"

"Eliot's great, baby," Hardison promised. "But I don't know if he's... I don't want you to get hurt." Parker was tough as nails, but so fragile in some ways. He couldn't bear it if Eliot went tromping all over her feelings. Fuck and forget – not that Eliot was really like that. He was good to his partners, he just didn't hold on to them for very long. If he didn't give Parker all the love she needed and deserved, if Eliot hurt Parker, Hardison would probably lose his friend and the team their hitter too – or their hacker. Hardison couldn't keep working with Eliot if he hurt Parker.

"Eliot wouldn't hurt me!" Parker protested.

"I don't mean like punching!" Hardison explained. "I know he'd never do that to you. He just doesn't do the emotions things."

Parker was quiet for a long moment, thinking, and Hardison tried not to let his own thoughts run away from him in the meanwhile. He could do that. He could be right here, in this space, laying on his bed and holding Parker and not thinking about anything else. His thumb was resting on the bare skin of her arm, and he stroked up and down it softly. Hardison loved this, loved to get to touch Parker. What would it feel like, having some other guy's hand here with his? Scary, like he wanted to pull her closer, protect her.

Not some random man, though. Eliot. Eliot's punchy hand capable of so much violence being gentle, warm across Parker's skin, strong thick fingers intertwining with Hardison's. Ok so maybe that was a little nice, even though Hardison had a hard time imagining Eliot being touchy-feely like that.

"Eliot cooked for me," Parker finally said, bringing Hardison back to the moment. "That whole night of the restaurant opening. So much was going on, but he was cooking for me. He gave me his art and let me into his brain. I felt things. He doesn't do the talking like you do, but he does emotions."

Love languages, right. Sophie talked about those sometimes, about the different ways people expressed their affection and how to use that against them. And Hardison might also sometimes take random online quizzes when he was sleep-deprived. Hardison himself did his with talking, mostly. Also with providing – housing and equipment and comfort, the things he'd struggled for so much before he got to Nana. And touch, too, being close to people with hugs and kisses if they wanted that. Hardison was versatile with his love language.

Parker's language was still evolving. It had started by just being around the team, not leaving them behind and disappearing out into the world. Then there was inviting Hardison into activities she enjoyed. Like jumping off buildings, and making plans to steal stuff. Parker liked getting presents, too, and was taking to doing silly romantic things like having picnic dates. Parker had also warmed to physical closeness and cuddles more and more as they got more comfortable together. Like here they were right now, laying in their bed with her body tucked into the curve of Hardison's very comfortably and affectionately. It was great, it was wonderful and always getting better... and Parker wanted Eliot too.

Eliot, what was his language? It wasn't talking, unless it was sarcasm or like friendly swearing. It was maybe physical, protecting the team? But that was his job, and he was proud of how well he did his job even before the team had liked each other. Maybe he was more protective of the team now than he'd been back then. He only went for a hug or said he cared in extreme circumstances, like if Hardison had almost died in a coffin, but he did do it then. He did care. Cooking was definitely Eliot's language, though. Eliot hadn't started cooking meals for the team until they were all knit tight together and friends. Eliot liked the team, and he cooked for them, but that was friend-affection. Sex seemed to be the language he preferred with the lady of the hour.

Eliot was hard to classify, but he had been the one to talk Parker through feeling things. He'd been late to the class, jeopardizing a job he cared deeply about, because Parker needed support. That had to say something.

"You're right, he does do emotions," Hardison granted. "He cares about you. If you want to try being with him too, then that's..." Hardison nodded. "You do you."

"We could both be with Eliot, and then Eliot could be here with us like this," Parker said, like it was the most reasonable thing. Hardison laughed, and Parker poked him with a sharp elbow in the ribs. "You like Eliot too," Parker huffed.

"Eliot's straight."

"Are you sure?" Parker asked.

"Baby, Eliot is the most heterosexual man ever," Hardison explained. "He's like the definition. Look it up in the dictionary, there's just a picture of him being all grumpy and manly and then smiling at cute ladies. It's more like a video clip than a picture. Or the pictures in Harry Potter." He was getting off track again and Hardison stopped himself. There ought to be a way to print moving pictures like in Harry Potter, but the tech probably wasn't quite there yet. Maybe in another few years. Hardison put researching that into the suggestion box for later and returned to the point at hand. "Eliot's very straight, and straight guys don't want to be in relationships with other guys."

"You could ask him if he does," Parker suggested.

"Oho, no. No no no." Hardison shook his head hard. "We do not hit on the angry straight men, no way. You see this face, this beautiful face of mine? It does not need any punching, nuh-uh, no."

Parker snorted a laugh like he was being ridiculous, pushing an elbow into Hardison's ribs again. "Eliot wouldn't punch you."

Oh. Huh. That probably was true. Hardison would never have teased Eliot by grabbing him to hug it out, or ever dared to say they were together for a con, if he believed Eliot would get violent with him for it. Eliot might growl at him, but he wouldn't hurt Hardison.

"You know how sometimes you decide something to survive – like never hitting on straight guys to survive High School – and then you keep thinking that way even when it doesn't fit anymore?" Hardison asked. "I think that's..." He scratched his head. It was just a thing he'd never questioned, that actually hitting on a guy that was not already 100% known to be at least a little bit gay would end in pain. Particularly if the guy was a lot more butch than Hardison was.

Parker rolled over, pushing Hardison onto his back to straddle him. "So you'll ask Eliot to be with us?"

Hardison shook his head again, hands resting on Parker's strong thighs. "He's still straight. But if you want to try with him, if that would make you happy?" He nodded. "Go for it."

Parker pouted briefly, but then ground down on Hardison's crotch with a grin. There was no more coherent conversation for a while after that, and the topic of Eliot didn't come up again.

Hardison figured he'd be told if there was any change on that front.


- - HITTER - -


"Are you straight?"

"What the hell, Parker." Eliot tapped Parker's elbow, correcting her posture as they squared off against each other. Parker just looked at him, wide blue eyes expectant and utterly guileless behind her fists. Eliot nodded, and Parker began throwing punches at the focus mitts he held.

"Are you?" Parker asked.

"There's no simple answer to that. Put more of your body into it, use your hips," Eliot instructed.

Parker grinned big and fierce as she landed a hard punch, her whole body lending power to it. "That means no."

"Footwork," Eliot reminded, backing up to present a moving target for Parker to follow. Why Parker suddenly had an interest in his sexual orientation, he had no idea. It was none of her business.

"It does mean no, doesn't it?" Parker didn't give up, even though Eliot feinted with a hand to make her duck. "If you were straight, yes would be simple. So you're not."

Eliot moved one of the pads to low, and Parker went for it with a knee. She was a quick study – and tenacious. If this was something Parker wanted to know, the needling wasn't going to end until he'd either explained it or asked her to leave it alone. There wasn't anything in his past he'd hide from her if she really asked, and this was such a smaller thing than lives he'd taken. It was nothing to be ashamed of, not really. At least the gym was loud enough no one would easily overhear, and nobody cared to pay particular attention to them.

"At some point, skin's just skin," he said. "Touch is touch."

Parker wrinkled her nose at him, ducking easily under another swing of his hand. She almost caught him in the face with an elbow jab, nice and vicious. "I know you care who you have sex with."

"That wasn't..." Eliot sighed, throwing a knee strike of his own for Parker to block. How was explaining this his life? Making Parker sad wasn't on his to-do list if he could avoid it, though. "A tiny group of guys, goin' through hell day after day with no end in sight. If you've got a buddy who can help you forget the friends you've lost and the blood on your hands for just a little while, help you feel good? Then you count yourself lucky. Skin's skin, orientation means nothing."

"Oh," Parker said, and threw another punch. The fact that Parker just took the story at face value without being fascinated or horrified or, worst of all, trying to comfort him, might be a good part of the reason why Eliot didn't mind sharing it. They moved easily together, through different sets of blows and blocks.

Parker took Eliot's instructions well. She wasn't ever going to be a hitter like him, but she was a hell of a lot harder to beat now than she'd been all those years ago when they first met. Parker's first line of defense would and should always be disappearing, the second line a taser, but if she was ever cornered without Eliot there to help, whoever had done the cornering wasn't going to know what hit them.

God, he hoped it never came to that. If they were on the job and Parker was in danger, the only reason he could ever not come to the rescue was if he wasn't physically able to. Which pretty much only meant things had gone so wrong he was dead.

This much he could do for his team, his family, beyond just being their hitter. He could watch their backs, and he could make sure they were still fighting after he went down.

"But otherwise you wouldn't want to have sex and do relationship stuff with guys?" Parker picked the thread of the conversation back up again out of the blue.

Eliot grunted, taking a hard shin-strike to his side that stung even through the practice padding. "Not that simple either," he said. "Mostly it's numbers."

"Numbers?" Now Parker looked completely confused, but she still dodged his quick jab perfectly.

"Numbers," Eliot repeated. "There's an awful lot more straight women out there than there are gay men. So the chance of hitting it off with one is higher. Unless you go looking, which I don't usually."

"Ok," Parker said, taking a step back from the attack to shake her arms out. "Let's do grappling now!"

And just like that the topic was dropped, no explanation of why Parker had wanted to know in the first place. That was just Parker. Whatever went on in that brain of hers was completely opaque to the outside.

Eliot got out of his padding and tapped the bandage on his still-healing forearm, reminding Parker to avoid it if possible, before they and launched into practice grappling. It was always a great challenge to grapple with Parker. Moves that worked to pin most people had no effect on someone as flexible as she was. Eliot made sure to train her how to use that to her best advantage against an opponent bigger and stronger than she was.

No one, ever, was going to wrestle her down and hurt her. Even if someday Eliot wasn't around anymore.

They went long and hard enough they were both sweating by the time they were done. Eliot's entire body was humming pleasantly with the endorphins of the fight; always good, even if he didn't actually get to beat anyone up. Parker tossed an arm around Eliot's neck, walking at his side like she was going to come on into the men's shower with him.

"Parker," Eliot growled, shoving her away and pointing her toward the other shower. "Go shower." The thought of showering with Parker was too tempting, not that a crowded gym would be the best place for that. And he wouldn't do that to Hardison, either. He cared about them both too much to cheat on either one of them.

Parker huffed a disgusted breath and went. Eliot shook his head. What went on in her brain he would never know.


- - THIEF - -


Hardison was being dumb.

It was extra annoying when he did that, because he was so smart. Parker liked Eliot. Hardison liked Eliot. There was a space Eliot could fit into their lives, closer to them. Parker could see it, like a hole in a security system. Hardison was usually better with people, but he was all 'Eliot's straight' and then 'a little situational homosexuality doesn't mean he'd want to with me, baby'.

Hardison was reading lots of things about polyamory, and making Parker read some articles and stuff on it too. He kept saying that it was ok for Parker to be with Eliot, but that wasn't the right shape either. Parker didn't want to be the hinge in the middle of two and two when she could be one of three. Hardison's articles said that a stable trio was very unusual, but Parker could see it. It would work, but Hardison refused to understand, or Parker didn't know how to explain it in a way that Hardison understood.

It was very frustrating.

Since Hardison wasn't going to be good at people and bring Eliot in, Parker had to. She rested her chin on her hands and watched Eliot. The brewpub closed early on Tuesdays, so no one else was in. Eliot was mostly just writing all over Hardison's menu about everything that was wrong with it and what should be on the menu instead. He was grumbling about things being the wrong pairings and ingredients being the wrong season. It was funny. Complaining about the brewpub was how Eliot showed he cared about it and about them. Parker missed this, sometimes, when Eliot wasn't around.

"I miss you," Parker said.

Eliot shook his hair back and gave her one of his unimpressed looks. "We see each other all the time, Parker."

"Not at home," Parker said.

"That's because you live here with Hardison," Eliot said, fake and bright how he did when he was making fun. It was mean. Parker thought about leaving without trying to get Eliot to come home with her after all.

"Hey." Eliot bumped her arm, handing over half of the last leftover butterscotch cookie as an apology. It was delicious, and Parker forgave him.

"I don't like missing you," Parker said. She smiled up at him from under her lashes, touching his arm to make sure she had his attention just like Sophie taught her. "Will you come home with me?"

Eliot jerked his arm away, taking two quick steps back and then turning to open one of the refrigerated cabinets. Not looking at her. Had Parker done the smile wrong? She thought it was the right one, because she really was happy to look at him and invite him home.

"You need to talk to Hardison if you're having relationship trouble. I ain't gonna—" Eliot started, voice tight and hard.

"Hardison likes you too!" Parker interrupted. "I like you and Hardison likes you and I want to bring you home to Hardison. Together." Why did neither of them understand this? "We work, the three of us. It works. Why can't we work together closer?" Parker meshed her fingers together in demonstration. The fingers of one hand fit perfectly into the spaces between the others. That's how it worked, that's how they could work.

Eliot glanced at her over his shoulder, then looked away again as he slowly closed the fridge. Eliot's voice, when he spoke, was very careful – like he was trying to make sure each word came out right. "Parker, are you trying to invite me to a threesome with you and Hardison?"

"Yes!" Parker bounced on her chair. "Will you?"

Eliot took a few deep breaths, still looking at the closed refrigerator. Parker opened her mouth to ask again, but then closed it. Sophie said it was best to leave the mark time to think, to make the decision on their own. Too much pressure could turn them against the idea... not that she was conning Eliot. Parker was just trying to get him together with her and Hardison like he belonged, that was all.

Eliot sighed and shook his head. "Yeah," he said. "Yeah, all right."

Parker squealed a little bit. This was better than donuts or those black noodle things, and she said so.

"Tagliolini nero," Eliot corrected in a huff. He was smiling a little, though, as he tossed his kitchen towel aside and came out from behind the counter. Parker looped an arm around his neck to pull him through the back room and toward the stairs up to the apartment. It was easier to put an arm around his neck than it was Hardison's, because he wasn't as tall. He was heavier than Hardison, though, and very solid. He felt good to hold, but pulling him up to the upper level of the building with her rope system would actually be slower than the stairs. For once the stairs were the most efficient option.

Parker definitely needed to make a more efficient system of getting Eliot to the upper level. It shouldn't be too hard, because he was more than strong enough to pull himself up the ropes.

It was a little bit awkward to walk two-wide on the walkway above the back room, but Parker wasn't letting go and they managed it. Eliot had his arm around her back, hand warm where his fingers curled around her hip. He didn't usually touch her like that, close and warm, and it sent little shivers running up Parker's back. This was going to be so good. Parker opened the door to the apartment and pulled Eliot in after her.

"Hey baby!" Hardison called from his computer.

"Hey," Parker called back. It was nice to have a house where someone noticed and cared and liked it when she came and went. She wasn't giving up her warehouse, but this was nice. "I brought Eliot up for sex and stuff!" Hardison wasn't like her or Eliot – he wouldn't have noticed two sets of footsteps and know that Eliot was with her.

There was some scrabbling sounds, like Hardison had knocked something over and almost fallen out of his computer chair. He came out of the bedroom with his eyes wide. Parker grinned at him, leaning against Eliot. She'd got an Eliot for them. It hadn't even been that hard.

"Hey, man," Hardison waved his hands awkwardly. "Should I just... fuck off for a few hours? Give y'all some space to get your freak on?"

"No!" Parker said. That wasn't at all what was supposed to happen.

"Dammit, Parker!" Eliot's voice was quiet, but it was very frustrated and growly. He never said that to her. He pushed away, trying to untangle himself from her. "You can't just spring a threesome on a man! Sorry, Hardison, I thought you'd agreed. Sorry. I'll go."

"No!" Parker protested again, as Eliot nearly got away. He was only still here because he didn't want to hurt her, when she wanted him to be here because he wanted to be here like he had just moments before. "Hardison, I told you! Help!"

"Wait, Eliot," Hardison finally took a few steps into the living room. "You came up expecting a threesome? With both of us?"

"Thought you were on board," Eliot said. "I'm leaving. Parker let go!"

"Hell nah, you're not going anywhere," Hardison said. He was grinning now. He could move fast when he wanted to, and he was grabbing hold of Eliot too. "Change of plans, I am so down with this if you're down with it."

Eliot stopped struggling, so Parker let him go. Hardison didn't. They were staring at each other like their eyes were magnetized to each other.

Hardison licked his lips. "Didn't think you'd be down," he said, hand slid around Eliot's strong shoulder, fingertips digging into the muscles.

"If you like," Eliot answered, smiling just a little bit like he was challenging someone to a fight.

Then they were kissing.

Hardison was making those little hungry noises, like almost whimpers, he only made when he was very happy with what was happening. Eliot was growling a little. Their hands were all over each other, their bodies pulled tight together. Eliot's hand was on the back of Hardison's neck, one of Hardison's hands getting into Eliot's hair. Parker didn't like tongue kisses herself, they were gross, but Eliot and Hardison were very pretty eating each other's mouths. They seemed to be enjoying it a lot. Parker smiled and watched them kiss for a little bit.

Parker enjoyed watching them, but she stepped in and tapped Eliot on the shoulder when he tried to push Hardison against the wall.

"No pinning Hardison," Parker instructed, when Eliot glanced back at her. Being pinned wasn't sexy to Hardison. Eliot's mouth was very red, and she couldn't resist squeezing in to kiss him just a peck. His lips weren't as soft as Hardison's, but they were nice. He reached up, fingertips barely brushing her jaw – as though she were beautiful and breakable. It was just as careful as Hardison had been with her early on when things were scary, and that made Parker feel warm all over.

She kissed Hardison too. She could tell when he was happy, and he was so happy. His eyes were all crinkly and shiny. She had known this was going to work. She had her arms around both of her boys, and they had their arms around her too. All three of them, like it was supposed to be.

"Ladies first," Eliot said. "If that's all right?" He glanced from Parker's face to Hardison's.

"That's just good etiquette," Hardison agreed, grinning.

"I'm the lady!" Parker crowed, jumping up to wrap her legs around Eliot's solid waist. He caught her easily, hands under her thighs. "To the bedroom!" Parker pointed the way, bouncing a little to hurry Eliot.

"What do you want?" Eliot asked her, moseying along to the bedroom like he had all the time in the world.

"Orgasms," Parker said. "Lots of orgasms and no tongue kissing."

"Parker does best when she's in control," Hardison added, trailing along and taking his clothes off. That was a good idea, so Parker took her shirt off too and tossed it at the foot of the bed.

"Does sitting on my face work for you?" Eliot asked, his eyes hungry looking up at her.

Sitting on him? Oh, he meant oral sex. "Oh, you mean oral sex," Parker said. "Yes please!"

Eliot turned around and let his body fall backward onto the bed with Parker on top of him. It took her 3.5 seconds to get her pants and boxers off and straddle his face. She was even careful not to get a knee on his hair. Eliot immediately licked up into her, no wasted time. His chin stubble was scratchy against her labia, and his head hair was silky-smooth under her petting fingers. He made a complicated kind of moaning sound when he found her clit with his clever lips and she ground down on his face.

Parker liked sex to feel intense, and Eliot figured that out fast. He sucked hard on her clit, ground his tongue against it, and Parker's entire body shook with the pleasure. It could be scary, sometimes, to let someone in this close; to give up control of her body's reactions. This was Eliot, though. She knew his hands, familiar on her thigh and her back as he steadied her, even though he didn't usually touch her without clothes. She knew the sound of his breath almost as well as she knew Hardisons, almost as well as her own, used to hearing it in her ear over the coms, even if she didn't usually feel the huff of it against her pubes. It was Eliot, and Parker always knew she was safe if Eliot was nearby.

The tightness started in her clit, radiating quickly through her thighs and up her back. Parker's spine arched, breath catching in the endless moment between 'it's going to happen' and 'it's happening', the peak of pleasure that could not hold.

"There she goes," Hardison murmured behind her, and just like that was the trigger Parker's orgasm broke through her in crashing waves and a flush of wetness. Eliot moaned with her, somehow keeping his mouth on her as she bucked through the pleasure, pushing her higher through the orgasm, and then beyond it.

"Oh," Parker gasped, in the warm lax moments beyond. "Oh, Eliot. So good."

Eliot's eyes fluttered open for a moment, shining up at her, before they rolled back and shut again. He licked into her as deep as he could, sucked on her labia with little wet slurpy sounds like she was delicious, and Parker laughed. He came back to her clit soon enough, and Parker pet his hair encouragingly. She wanted another orgasm. Lots of them. Orgasms were fun with the right people, and Eliot was definitely one of the right people.

Her second orgasm was close to the surface, with her body already warmed up and ready. Eliot was tapping at her clit with his tongue, now, quick and firm as he sucked on it. Parker whined and shuddered as the pleasure built. She was more than ready for her orgasm, but Eliot wouldn't give it to her. He kept gasping against her, sucking at tapping one moment almost enough for her and then groaning and losing contact with her clit the next.

"Eliot," Parker whined, humping at his face. "Come on!"

Eliot's hand disappeared from Parker's back where it had been holding her, his body shifting. Parker glanced back to see that Hardison had unbuttoned Eliot's shirt to lay it open. He was completely naked and kissing Eliot's chest as he squeezed the bulge of Eliot's hard cock in his jeans. It was beautiful, the two of their bodies together having pleasure while Eliot gave Parker pleasure. It was a good shape.

"Don't distract me," Eliot mumbled against Parker's sex, pushing Hardison away. It tickled when he talked, and Parker couldn't help giggling. Hardison immediately backed off, he was good like that, but then he just looked lost. Hardison shouldn't be left out.

"Come here," Parker invited, gesturing him around to the front of her. That would be a good shape too. Eliot got his coordination back, then, so Parker's eyes were shut with pleasure when Hardison obeyed. The bed moved beneath his weight, and then his hands were warm on her skin. Parker wasn't in the mood for teasing. She looped an arm around his neck to keep him close – also convenient to brace herself in place over Eliot's face – and pulled Hardison's hand to her breast with her fingers digging in hard to clue him in to what she wanted.

Hardison pinched her nipple firmly, rolling it between his fingers. Eliot's wonderful tongue flicked relentlessly against her clit, and Parker tumbled back over the edge between them.

The orgasms came in waves after that, one feeding into the next. Parker clung to Hardison, face against his collarbone. His is hard cock occasionally pushed against her belly, his hands touched and held her body wherever she wanted them. Eliot was tireless between her legs. Hardison's hand joined Eliot's on Parker's back, their fingers intertwined. Her boys were holding hands against Parker's skin, and she was in free fall between them.

Nothing could be better, but free fall had to end some time. The orgasms started to be harder to reach, the intensity of Eliot's mouth and the pressure against her sex aching more like pain than pleasure.

"Ok," Parker gasped out. "Ok. Done."

Hardison gave Eliot's hand a squeeze and practically picked her up off of Eliot to lay her on the bed. Parker's body wasn't really cooperating to help him. Her knees surprised her by twinging as she stretched them out – she'd been kneeling over Eliot for so long.

"There. There you go baby," Hardison crooned. His face looked like he was flying too. Parker almost pulled him on top of her, but that wasn't quite right. She pushed him toward Eliot instead.

Eliot had rolled up to his knees, panting, his cock still tenting his jeans. His lower face was completely soaked, his lips red and bruised looking, his eyes glazed. He looked as wrecked as Parker was as he tossed his shirt aside. Hardison made a hungry sound and kissed Eliot, licking so softly at his lips. Eliot shuddered through as he roughly pulled Hardison closer, thick pale fingers denting into the soft brown skin of Hardison's ass.

Hardison cupped the back of Eliot's head, fingers in his hair, and laughed. "Hair's wet," he commented.

"Parker squirts," Eliot answered. "'s hot."

"Hell yeah," Hardison agreed. They both turned to look at her, where her body was floating or maybe turning into a cloud of diamonds or something wonderful.

"Need anything else?" Eliot asked, reaching out to touch Parker's ankle – like a static shock all the way through her body. Her toes curled with pleasure.

"Lay on me," Parker requested, reaching a hand out to him. She wanted his skin, his weight, to feel his body grounding hers so she couldn't float away. She didn't want to be anywhere but here. Eliot shared a quick glance with Hardison and then crawled over her, hesitant where he touched her. Parker pulled him closer.

"Get your weight on her," Hardison instructed, prodding at Eliot, and Eliot finally settled on Parker. Eliot felt completely different from Hardison. He was heavier, thicker, solid. It felt very secure to lay beneath him, like being squished in an air vent that was barely big enough to hold her – or maybe strapping into a harness for a jump and feeling it squeeze tight around her to hold her safe. Parker's entire skin was buzzing, and Eliot's weight held her inside it. Little tremors passed through her, aftershocks of the orgasms. Mini-gasms. Like mini cupcakes and just as delicious.

"Mmm, cupcakes," Parker sighed. Eliot's hand tried to stroke Parker's skin along her shoulder, but she caught it to hold it still. It made too much brain-noise, complicated the simple good of Eliot's skin. "No, shh," she hushed it.

"Uh..." Eliot sounded uncertain.

"Welcome to Parker," Hardison said. There was a laugh hiding in his voice. "Post-orgasmic sensory seeking. It's this or jumping off a skyscraper."

Parker shivered deliciously at that thought. "I want to stay inside my skin," she explained. It was very simple. Weight or the rush of the jump both worked, though in different ways.

Eliot snorted softly, half of a laugh of his own. "All right."

It felt good, so good to lay under Eliot, to feel his heartbeat and time her breath to his. There was something Parker was missing, though. Something in the look between Eliot and Hardison, the laughs they weren't laughing. Parker opened her eyes, seeing over Eliot's shoulder to Hardison with his patient face on as he stroked Eliot's back.

Oh. They'd been going to have sex of their own before Parker stole Eliot. They hadn't gotten off yet. This was an example of being greedy during sex. Mostly Parker didn't mind being greedy in bed, and Hardison didn't mind that she was, but this was supposed to be nice for Eliot too.

"You two can do sex stuff, as long as someone can lay on me?" Parker informed them. She wouldn't mind that. It was a good compromise that meant everyone got what they wanted.

Eliot shifted on top of her, glancing at Hardison who had smiley crinkles around his eyes.

"How do you want to do this?" Hardison asked Eliot. "I can do it any way. I'm switch-ay, I am versatile. You want my hands, my mouth, my ass? You just say the word and I'm good. I mean I wasn't planning on getting fucked tonight if that's what you want but give me ten and I'll be good to go."

"Want to fuck me?" Eliot interrupted, lifting his hips slightly and spreading his legs.

"Oho, yes." Hardison put his hands on Eliot's ass, the flex of his arms meaning he was squeezing. Eliot's body tightened, like a shiver passing through him, and Parker's humming skin shivered too in sympathy. "Condoms and lube!" Hardison said, throwing himself onto the bed to more easily reach the bedside drawer they were in.

"Condom for me too," Eliot said.

For a brief and terrifying moment Eliot's body on top of Parker felt like a trap, deadly weighing her down. She forced herself to breathe, rather than instinctively driving her knee into Eliot's groin and running away. Talking before attacking in bed, she'd made an agreement with Hardison and she was sticking to it. Attacking and running away only if talking didn't fix things.

"You're not going inside me," Parker said, jittery and small. Hardison didn't ever do that unless she told him to. Eliot maybe just didn't know that when Parker wanted someone to lay on her it was just someone laying on her that she wanted.

"Of course not," Eliot said, easy and soothing like she was a skittish animal. His hand squeezed her shoulder tight, and it didn't feel scary. It let Parker relax back into her skin and enjoy his weight again. "But I could still get jizz on you."

"Parker will be up in just a few minutes," Hardison said. He had his condom on – an orange one. It was almost a shame the lights were on so Eliot couldn't appreciate that it glowed in the dark. Sometimes Hardison made light-saber noises to make Parker laugh, and she smiled at the memory.

"I'd rather wear a condom," Eliot's voice was careful again, like he was trying not to be frustrated. Hardison tossed him one and dug back into the drawer for the lube bottle.

"Being comfortable is important," Parker said. She needed certain things to feel comfortable having sex. It was fair that Eliot needed things too. He tore the condom packet open with one hand and his teeth, and then unzipped his jeans to roll it on one-handed. "Commando," Parker noticed aloud. He had only dealt with jeans, no other barrier.

"I noticed that earlier." Hardison turned back toward them, grinning as he warmed up some lube on his gloved hand. "Now get naked, ain't nobody else wearing clothes in this bed. Can't fuck with pants on."

"You'd be surprised," Eliot said, but he did squirm around to get his jeans off. For a moment it was uncomfortable, too much motion against Parker's skin and not enough weight, but then Eliot settled again on her naked and it was nice again. Parker closed her eyes. Eliot's heartbeat and breaths sped up, body tensing and relaxing, small groans and little growls building in his throat. Parker's skin hummed against Eliot's, shivering in sympathy with his growing pleasure. Hers was fading, though. All the little buzzing electricities zipping through her skin settled, leaving her body feeling warm and heavy and relaxed.

"You gonna fuck me or you just going to finger me all night?" Eliot asked.

"Excuse me for wanting to savor the moment," Hardison said, pretending to be offended but smiling. He took his fingers out of Eliot, reaching for the lube to get some on his cock.

"Savor the actual sex," Eliot suggested. He tipped his ass up, open and ready for Hardison. Too much motion, and laying still under Eliot was starting to feel boring anyway. Parker kissed his ear and slipped out from under him.

"Fingering is actual sex," Parker said. Saying it wasn't was silly. If fingering didn't count then she'd never had sex with most of the girls she'd ever had sex with, and they had definitely had sex. "I will finger you all night some time, and you'll see. Finger you with all my fingers."

"That's fisting, baby," Hardison said.

Parker wiggled her fingers and then made a fist with them. "Fists are made with fingers." There were knuckles and stuff too, but it was definitely about half fingers. Hardison had pushed his cock into Eliot by then, though, and neither of them was paying attention to Parker. They were pretty together. Eliot was moving now that he wasn't being good and laying still for Parker, getting up on his hands and knees to push back against Hardison. His big muscles flexed as he moved. There was so much strength in Eliot's body, and Hardison looked beautiful with him. He was taller and skinnier, but he had muscles too and they showed as he found his rhythm fucking Eliot. Parker didn't usually get to see what Hardison looked like when he was having sex, and she'd never seen what Eliot was like during sex, so this was nice.

Hardison's gasps and groans joined Eliot's snarls and growls. Their bodies and sounds were so good together. Parker had known that they would work together like this too. Her boys were making each other happy, and they'd already made her very happy. It worked.

Parker's body was starting to get cold now that she wasn't under Eliot, and she was covered in drying sweat and the wetness from her own sex. She trailed her fingertips across Eliot's powerful back and then Hardison's chest to admire and appreciate them on her way out, and went to the shower. Not a long shower, just enough to clean up.

Then there were still some cupcakes in the kitchen. Hardison had bought them from the local bakery they had scientifically determined was the best at cupcakes. Hardison had made spreadsheets and everything, and Parker had been very rigorous with her taste-testing. They weren't mini cupcakes, but they were very tasty, especially if you took the bottom off and put it on the top to make a cake-and-frosting sandwich. Parker brought her snack back to the bed, and she brought a paper towel to hold under it since Hardison was picky about crumbs in the bed. It was a good compromise. Compromise was important to relationships.

Hardison and Eliot had changed positions while she was gone. Hardison was laying on his back while Eliot rode his cock fast and hard. Hardison had that delirious expression he only ever wore when he was overwhelmed in a good way, his hands holding tight to Eliot above him. He didn't usually get to that state when Parker was playing with his cock, but Eliot was kind of awesome. Eliot's condom was purple. Parker smiled at them around her cupcake as she settled onto the pillows and pulled her weighted blanket over herself. It was super cozy and restful, even with the whole bed shaking with Eliot and Hardison's sexing. Maybe extra cozy because of that, because they were nearby.

Eliot was eying her cupcake as Parker settled herself. She quickly took a big bite to make sure it couldn't be taken away, before she remembered that Eliot wasn't going to steal food from her. It wasn't a competition. Also there were three more of them left in the box. Parker broke off a small piece and held it toward him.

"Cupcake?" she offered.

Eliot laughed a short bark of a laugh, shaking his head with his hair sticking to his face and neck, damp with sweat. He'd gone very red, more red than he would from just the exercise. That must be how he responded to being fucked. It was a nice thing to know. Parker ate the piece of cupcake she'd offered him, since he didn't want it.

"Woman, the crumbs!" Hardison managed, weakly. Parker was surprised he'd even realized what she was doing, with how far gone he looked.

"Paper towel," Parker answered around her bite of cupcake. There was no arguing about food in the bed to follow that because Eliot grabbed Hardison by the back of his head, making Hardison look up at him and at nothing else.

"You gonna come for me?" Eliot growled.

"Yeah," Hardison gasped in answer. "Yeah I just, I just..."

"Come on!" Eliot was stroking his own cock now, in time with his rise and fall.

"Pull Hardison's nipples a little," Parker suggested. It usually made Hardison get off faster. She would have done it herself for them, but she was too cozy under her blanket and her hands were still full of cupcake anyway.

Eliot moved his hand from the back of Hardison's neck to his chest. He seemed to be pinching more than pulling, but Hardison still made that high pitched whimper he promised was a very good sound, his chest arching up into it. Eliot pinched one nipple, then the other, back and forth with Hardison's whimpers turning closer to a wail, and then Hardison was coming with a gasp and a shout. Eliot stroked his own cock faster for just a few seconds and followed right after him. Eliot's orgasm was quieter, with just a long low moan.

He slumped above Hardison, both of them breathing hard, before he lifted himself off Hardison's cock and crumpled over to lay beside him. Parker finished her cupcake and licked all the crumbs off the paper towel and her fingers before she tossed it in the bedside trash.

"That was so hot," Hardison said, always the first one to get words back after sex. "You are so hot Eliot, god damn."

"You're both hot," Parker corrected.

"No, you're both hot," Hardison shot back, grinning.

"Everyone's hot." Eliot put an end to it before they could get a good back-and-forth going. He blinked up at the kinetic sculpture Hardison had helped her make. The mobile spun gently above the bed. "Is that..." Eliot started.

"Money!" Parker confirmed. She blew at it to make it spin around faster. Large bills and coins and precious gems from all over the world. "It's soothing."

Eliot shook his head and sat up, wrinkling his nose slightly. Maybe he was a little sore? He didn't say anything about that, though, just grabbed Hardison's hand to pull him upright too. "Clean up time."

"How do you expect me to walk in this state? How are you even able to stand?" Hardison complained, as Eliot put Hardison's arm over his shoulders to walk him to the bathroom. Hardison pretended to be weaker than he was, to be funny. "My legs are all jelly, do you see this? And you're telling me to walk. What ever happened to savoring the afterglow? This has got to be against the Geneva Conventions, man, this is torture."

"I'm a bad guy," Eliot agreed. "Now get your shower going. You can savor once we're clean."

Parker picked the forgotten lube bottle up off the bed with her toes and put it on the bedside table, then made herself more comfortable in bed to wait for them to come back.

"What the hell kind of rainbow condoms are these?" Eliot broke through Hardison's continued monologue to ask.

"They glow in the dark!" Hardison told him brightly. "You put high-tech glowing condoms in front of me, I'm going to get them. It's like Parker and chocolate."

There were splashing sounds now. They were using the shower.

"You're saying you fucked me with a glow in the dark condom?" Eliot asked, low and dangerous.

"Let my cock be a light to you in dark places!" Hardison laughed.

"Lord of the Rings!" Parker recognized the reference.

"I love you baby!" Hardison called back. He came out of the bathroom still wiping himself dry with a towel. He closed the door behind himself and climbed into bed to lay with her. Parker pushed her weighted blanket off the side of the bed and cuddled close to Hardison instead. The pressure of the weighted blanket made him feel claustrophobic, so they couldn't share it.

Eliot took longer in the bathroom, long enough that Parker started to get sleepy. She thought about turning the lights off, but she was too cozy to leave the bed to do it. Hardison's breath was already turning toward his sleep cadence too. Eliot finally came out of the shower, looking like his normal grumpy self. He sorted through everyone's discarded clothes on the floor, putting his own on the chair.

"No more puttering," Parker said, yawning. "Turn off the light and cuddle." She gestured toward the plenty of space to the other side of Hardison. Eliot paused for a long moment, then nodded and obeyed. The bed creaked a bit under his weight, and Hardison instinctively pushed himself closer to Eliot when he was in range. Parker reached over Hardison to rest her hand on a part of Eliot's side. Eliot put an arm over Hardison too, his fingers resting warm on Parker's waist.

"This is a good shape," Parker murmured, letting the rightness of it pull her down into sleep. She'd known it could be like this, that they would work.

It just took a while to get her boys in line.