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Family Ties

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Are you a HERO or a VILLAIN? Pick your drink! Shh, we won't tell.


Iron Man-tini
Vermouth, gin, olive. A true classic that you can stay loyal to!

Winter Solider Troublemaker
Vodka, bonal, syrup, lime, seltzer, fruit garnish. So good you'll want to go bad.

Bloody Dare-y
Vodka, tomato, lemon, spices. The same colour as his costume - and just as tasty!

Old Fashioned Betrayal
Bourbon, bitters, sugar, lemon. Old-time but with a bitter twist, just like Captain America.

Sidewar Machine
Cognac, triple sec, lemon juice. A great accompaniment to an Iron Man-tini.

Cachaça, ginger, sugar, lime, mint. A fresh-tasting drink for our freshest hero!

White Widow
Vodka, kahlua, cream. Looks good but can have a dark, cold heart.

Double Vision-jito
Rum, strawberries, lime, soda. Looks confusing but tastes delicious like the man himself!

Vodka, orange liquer, cranberry juice, lime. As cool in the city as the man himself.

Hawkeye Brooklyn
Whisky, vermouth, bitters, cherry. They say Hawkeye still lurks around Brooklyn – maybe this will lure him out!

Scar-gharita Witch
Tequila, triple sec, lime, salt. Looks simple but will blow your mind – just like her!


Pitcher: Giant-Man
A classic Pimm’s cocktail with a full fruit garnish. Serves 6. It’ll take a team to bring it down!

Shot: Ant-Man
Jagermeister, Red Bull. Short but incredibly deadly!

Burger: The Mighty Thor
A juicy beefburger topped with Jarlsberg cheese, cos lettuce and a slice of tomato. A real hunk of beefcake, just like everyone’s favourite alien.

Platter Special: Hulk-buster
Chicken strips, mozzarella dippers, stuffed potato skins, bacon bites, olives, breaded mushrooms. You wouldn’t like you when you’re hangry!