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once supomn a tikme jeongguk was slepepeing also kwnows as practuving for death he got up an dscreamed. why did he screma?? he screamed becayyuse there was a fucjkijgn chichua on his dick! the cghichaua screamed too very loud and holy sdhit! a talking dog! war flashbacks happen to when jeonggukm was a kid! krypto the super dog!

did this chichua have super powers too?? jeongguk was afraid.

the dcchichua did not have superpowers instead it shit on his dick. "i didnt know u liked this kink, dog?" jeongguk said and wiped the shit form his dickk. he smeledl his hand ijtn fsmelled lkike shit and the dog said,

"yoyre fuckiung uglg"

heongguk cnat believe this. HE WAS NOT FUCJKUGB UGLY!!!!@!@!#@!!! HE AND uGLY WAS JUST FRIENDS!!!

jeonggnuk tried explaing thrjis to the dog the chichua said "no, ur ugly" but rjeonggukm didnt ynundwestand.


he scremaed. jeongguk and a tlaking dog whatg the fuck

taheyng sniffles ane dsmells the air. "iuit smells like shti didi baby jeongguk poop hsi diaper?" it wansdrt fucnny because it hapepend before and taehug was very concerened.

"no" jeonggujk says "the foeig did it!" eh points at the ugly dig

"the fog?? jimijn??" taehuhng smiles "i masde jimin a dog"

"wpahhhhhh" jEONGGUKS amazed "how did u do that bro"

"i dont know i wa s tyrijg t o be harry potetr from wizard of waverly place and this hapepened."

"no fuckugj way"

jeonggujk cnat feel hsi arms anymroe, ansd he wants to thrwo up. goodniughht.