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Sweet Neets for your Neet Needs

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“WHAT do you think you were doing there?!“, Todomatsu screeched. It was the kind of shrill tone his voice always got when he was especially frustrated. His wings flapped erratically, barely keeping him above ground while he flew in small circles.

“Heh.” Karamatsu leaned against a tree. A small wheeze left him when he tried to form words. His breast plate was dented, pressing uncomfortably against his chest, though that was the least of his worries. He had wounds all over, metal shredded in places like worn out fabric. A red puddle slowly formed beneath him. Still, there was barely any pain showing on his face. He always kept up this brave knight act. Always. Todomatsu wanted to slap him.

“I did what every noble knight would do in such a situation. The people are now save.”

“Yes and you almost died! You can’t win against a three headed hydra all by yourself! What were you even thinking?! And this isn’t even the first time! You keep throwing yourself into danger and I have to safe your sorry ass each and every time! There are fights you can’t win! Just give up!”

Karamatsu frowned, looking away. Totty stilled in his movements, reluctantly landing on the ground covered in green grass and red blood.

“But if I don’t do it, who will? Who will save these people who don’t even know how to hold a sword? If I can give my life knowing they can wake up the next day and see the people they love again, I have no regrets.”

A pair of soft hands touched Karamatsu’s cheeks lightly. He looked up just to gasp silently. There were tears in Todomatsu’s eyes. Though he blinked them away quickly and glared.

“You idiot! Hold still, I will heal you.”

Todomatsu’s hands trembled just slightly. There were words sealed behind his lips that threatened to spill over any moment. Karamatsu was such an idiot. What if he really died one day because of this? What if Todomatsu was too late at some point? Didn’t Karamatsu care what happened to him at all? Didn’t he want to waked up and see his loved ones again as well?

Todomatsu kept his mouth shut stubbornly while he emitted a gentle light. It slowly closed Karamatsu’s wounds, eased his pain.

“There’s another good thing about putting my life on the line.”

“Oh yeah? What, do you like pain? I can leave the pain if you like.”

“Ah, no, I meant because… whenever I do, you appear.”

Todomatsu pulled his hands away as if burned. Did he have hallucinations or had that line… actually been somewhat smooth for once? He swallowed. Suddenly, his cheeks felt too warm for his liking.

“That’s… that’s just because I have to! Don’t think I would do this if it weren’t my job! Anyway, you’re fine now! Bye! And stop getting into trouble!!!”

Barely a few second later, Todomatsu was gone, leaving Karamatsu amidst the carnage around him. He chuckled to himself. Time to get up and search for the next damsels to save.








He pressed his hands onto a weakly rising chest. He pushed harder, willed his mind to give him a last push of energy. Nothing happened. He didn’t stop, pressed and pushed and whimpered when the holy might that had aided him until now failed in the last crucial moments. His back hurt, a cruel stinging pain mixed with the foreign feeling of not being able to flutter his wings.

They had been his pride, his wings. He had always taken great care to keep them impeccable and strong. Now they were gone, ripped away, along with his powers.

And beneath him, Karamatsu was dying.

The night was cold. It held Todomatsu in its icy grip and choked the life out of his heaving lungs. Not even the distant heat of fires spreading throughout the village and the surrounding woods could warm his breaking heart. The screams sounded like white noise to his ears.

This was the work of demons, strong ones, the kind that heaven would send their strongest warriors to defeat. They had appeared in search for some entertainment and Karamatsu, bless this completely delusional fool, had felt the need to take them on.

Of course, Todomatsu had rushed to his aid as soon as he had felt the disturbance in Karamatsu’s health. He had fought but not even he had stood a chance.

Now there was a bloody mess on his back and an even worse mess bleeding onto the ground.


Karamatsu stretched out a hand. His fingers were broken, bent into unnatural angles and painful to even look at. Todomatsu didn’t move when he was touched, just for a moment before the pain seemed too much to bear for Karamatsu and he let his hand sink again. A small hiccupping noise left the angel’s throat as soon as the first tears spilled over his eyes.

“You… never told me… why…” Karamatsu paused. Every word seemed to cost him energy and cause him pain but Todomatsu didn’t dare to stop him, even if he wanted to. But what use would it be to make him save his energy? There was no hope. Not this time.

“…why… you always protected me… only me… and not… everyone else, too.”

Todomatsu felt a pang in his chest. He hadn’t told him anything, no. Not when he had first appeared in front of the knight, bored and not very enthusiastic about his new assignment. Karamatsu had tried to serenade him with a lyre, he could remember that moment even now. He was actually pretty good, although somewhat overly dramatic.

He hadn’t told him anything during all those countless times he had had to save his worthless ass from monsters that were ten times as strong as he was. Karamatsu had just kept on going, never taking a break, never thinking about the fact the he simply couldn’t win some fights.

It had been painful to watch. But it had also caused a pain of another kind. That was also something he had never told Karamatsu. Should he now? Now that there would never be another chance to tell the truth? They were running out of time.

“It was a test. You were… to be tested… as a candidate...,” Todomatsu sobbed, unable to look into the knight’s face. His hands no longer pressed against the dented metal armor but they shook when he folded them together as if in prayer. As if asking for forgiveness.

“…to become an angel, a heavenly warrior. Only certain people are fit for this and I was supposed to watch you and your progress.”

“I see… I suppose I didn’t do very well, seeing how much you came to rescue me…?”

Todmatsu folded his hands tighter, willing for them to stop their shaking, but to no avail. He gritted his teeth before forcing himself to continue. “No, you… you were perfect. You have a good heart. You want to protect, even it costs you your life. Those are the qualities that made you a candidate. I… I never told you but I… I’m actually a failure as an angel. I’m not nearly as strong or radiant as the others and I see most of my work as a chore. This was a test for me, too, and I failed and now you will die before your test is complete and I… I….”

He couldn’t hold it back any longer. More and more hot tears spilled from his eyes until they ran down his face like rivers and dripped onto Karamatsu beneath him. He hadn’t taken his job seriously enough. He had relied too much on his heavenly powers and now because of him, because of his refusal to acknowledge his own flaws and only ever complaining about Karamatsu’s, they had gotten into this situation. He would give everything to get another chance, just one more.

“Ah… my angel… don’t cry. I always thought you were… radiant… your beauty…” a dry cough “always inspired me. You were the best… angel… I could hope for…”

Karamatsu’s voice had gotten dangerously weak and Todomatsu looked up just in time to watch him close his eyes. His blood froze.

“N…No! Don’t leave me! Don’t!”

Suddenly, it felt as if life returned to his limbs as he grabbed Karamatsu by the shoulders and shook him violently. His breaths were erratic and panic crept up his back. Above all, the numb feeling of knowing that it was too late.

“I’m sorry, Karamatsu! I’m sorry I didn’t watch over you better! I’m sorry I always insulted you and never told you the truth! I resented you because of your good heart but I always admired it, too! Actually, I…”

He couldn’t say it, not even now. The words just wouldn’t leave his lips. He had been in denial at first, stubbornly refusing to believe it. But the feelings had grown the more time he had spent with that idiot knight. Saving him, healing him, reprimanding him and finally listening to his painful lines. He wanted to scream, spill the feeling at the bottom of his heart, but his mouth stayed closed.

He had fallen in love with Karamatsu.

In one final, desperate act, Todomatsu did what he had wanted to do for quite some time and perhaps should have done sooner.

Karamatsus’s mouth had always been full of life, talking, grinning. It had looked positively inviting at times while at others, Todomatsu had simply wanted to shut him up.

Now his lips were unmoving and cold. It felt horrible. This wasn’t how he had wanted his first kiss to go. This wasn’t how he had wanted this story to end.


A sudden wave of energy hit Todomatsu, making him flinch. He moved away from the body, just to stare at it in silent shock.

Karamatsu glowed! It was a lit as bright as the sun at noon and it brighter still until he was enveloped in nothing but white radiance. Waves of pure energy pulsed from the center of the cocoon made of light and Todomatsu forgot how to breathe. What was going on? It almost looked as if Karamatsu was turning but that shouldn’t be possible! He hadn’t received the heavenly blessing yet!

The light became too bright for even Todomatsu to look at and he closed his eyes, waiting for it to be over. He could still feel the energy as it crawled along his skin. It was raw, unrefined, but pure and strong. It felt comforting but it burned him slightly, not unlike the feeling of warming up at a fire and getting too close to the flames.


That voice. He would recognize it anywhere. But it sounded… different somehow. Stronger. Otherworldly. He finally opened his eyes again but what he saw made him doubt that he was even still awake.

Karamatsu stood in front him, his wounds gone, his armor in one piece and giving off a white glow. Pure whit wings sprouted from his back and the look in his eyes… that small confident smirk he always showed to appear cool suddenly seemed… justified. Yes, it fit him well like this. Karamatsu had suddenly become truly cool and somehow it was both the most terrifying and most wonderful sight Todomatsu had ever seen in his life.

“Todomatsu, I… have absolutely no idea what just happened.”

Or maybe not.

“What?! And what are you grinning like that for?! You died!!! And then… you got better… somehow… and turned into an angel without any heavenly blessing… How?!”

“Perhaps it was your blessing I had, my angel?”

“Mine? But… I can’t! I’m just a lowly…”

Then again… that really was the only possible explanation wasn’t it? He.. had somehow blessed Karamatsu, even though he didn’t even have his powers right now. Talk about the might of a true love’s kiss. A kiss that Karamatsu didn’t seem to remember. Well, perhaps that was for the best.

“Allow me to return the favor.”

Before Todomatsu could react and ask what he meant by that, Karamatsu was already kneeling in front him, gently taking his face into his hands and-


Perhaps Karamatsu remembered after all.

Todomatsu felt the burn from earlier return, on this time, it was more like someone set him on fire. He burned from the inside out, every cell of his body consumed by a blaze so bright and blue that it swept him away to a place far removed from his consciousness.

The only thing making him hold onto his las bit of awareness was the pair of now soft and warm lips pressing onto his. That was what he had always wanted. A kiss to sweep him of his feet. Except that he wasn’t standing. And It also overloaded his senses with Karamatu’s new acquired heavenly powers. Just what was he trying to do?!

The burn in his back got worse until a pain so strong it made him scream broke the kiss. Something was moving behind him. It felt raw and new and he was distantly aware of Karamatsu’s worried face and his name being shouted a few times.

And then Todomatsu fainted.

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April was a strange month. It was the time of the year where the weather wasn’t really sure what it wanted to do, bored of the cold days of winter and the gentle start of blossoming spring in March. Mother Nature would rummage through her closet, frantically searching for something she liked, try it on, and discard it mere minutes later. Just like Todomatsu when he was about to meet up with some girls.

Ichimatsu snorted quietly. The thought of Todomatsu being Mother Nature, wearing storms around his chest and sunshine on his hair while he punished all humans with bad weather, was a strangely entertaining one. Fitting, too.

He looked up at the sky. It was sunny right now and fairly warm, enough to enjoy a cat shaped popsicle while sitting on the roof. Why he was sitting here in the first place, he couldn’t say. Perhaps he was waiting for the weather to change. Yesterday, there had been hail, sun, a thunderstorm and a rainbow all in one day. By comparison, today seemed pretty boring.

At least the cat popsicle was good, even if he felt somewhat filthy for eating something that had the shape of the animals he loved the most. The cat was a tabby with orange flavored stripes and eyes made of chocolate drops. Ichimatsu gently nibbled on an ear, as if afraid to hurt the feline made of ice cream.

Thick cold drops landing on the hand that held the stick told him that he ate too slowly. Or perhaps it was warmer than he gave the sun credit for. It was still just April, after all. A small exasperated sound left him as held his hand up to lap at the sweet liquid. He should have chosen a different spot after all.

Suddenly, Ichimatsu heard a quiet buzz that became slightly louder as it approached him and he froze. Out of the corner of his eye, he could see the little demon flying in S formations until it came right into his field of vision and landed on the eye of his catsicle.

Ichimatsu didn’t move, didn’t even breathe, staring at the wasp with wide eyes. He was severely allergic to these assholes, one sting and his brothers would become the Matsuno quintuplets. Heh. That actually wasn’t such a bad thought, was it?

…yes, it was! He didn’t want to die! Not like this!

Ichimatsu’s mind was racing while his body stayed as still as possible, hoping against hope that the monster would decide that killing him wasn’t worth the trouble and fly off. The wasp didn’t seem like it had any important appointments scheduled anytime soon, making itself comfortable on the catsicle, its antennae twitching as if it owned the place. For some reason, that made him think of Osomatsu and in a moment of fear induced epiphany, he named the wasp after his oldest brother. Should he die, he could at least blame him in the afterlife.

Osomatsu stirred again and Ichimatsu twitched. While he placed his thin insect legs on the melting ice cream and pulling them back immediately – probably because it was cold – Ichimatsu did the only thing that seemed like a logical option in this situation. He threw his popsicle off the roof, wasp and everything. A shrill scream that was unmistakably Shittymatsu could be heard. Ichimatsu couldn’t see him but he would recognize that noise anywhere. Good. Now HE would have to deal with that demon insect straight from hell.

Just… Osomatsu wasp was still here. He flew a few confused and somewhat angry loops before going straight for Ichimatsu again and circling his head like a plane circling King Kong on his skyscraper. He felt frozen again, rooted to his spot on the roof and unable to flee. A silent hiccupping sob left his throat before he could stop it.

“Brother? Are you alright,” Karamatsu shouted as his head emerged from the edge of the roof. Creamy orange liquid slowly oozed down his head, sticking his hair together like glue. His stupid leather jacket had gotten a few splotches as well but he completely disregarded his current appearance in favor of looking after his little brother. Had Ichimatsu been in any position to, he would have strangled Karamatsu right now, but as it was, he could only give him a quick panicked glance before his eyes were on Osomatsu again. Judging by the gasp, Shittymatsu had noticed it too.

“Hang on! I will save you, brother!”

Oh no. He was dead. He was so dead. If before there had been even a microscopic chance that he could actually survive this, it was gone now. Why had had he even clung to life in the first place? Just end it now. At least he wouldn’t have to see that painful face ever again.

Shittymatsu had climbed onto the roof by now and he inched closer slowly, eyes never leaving Osomatsu. Leave, you will only make it worse, Ichimatsu wanted to say but he didn’t. He just kept still and watched. There was something about the sudden determination in Karamatsu’s eyes, the levelheaded focus, that made Ichimatsu hold his breath. He felt fear, worry, anger. But also a bit of excitement.

It was over in a moment. Karamatsu reached out quickly, imprisoning Osomatsu between his hands and squashing them together. He let out a pained yell and there was no doubt that Osomatsu had fought until the last second of his life. Karamatsu opened his hands. They were already turning red, the skin tightening at the upcoming swelling. Osomatsu’s dead body hit the roof and Karamatsu smiled.

“You’re safe,” he said, beaming at Ichimatsu with a warm smile and twinkling eyes. As if there was nothing more satisfying than the fact that he was safe. It was painful, terribly so, but in a completely different way from usual.

Ichimatsu could feel the pain in his chest, spreading out to his stomach, his throat, his brain. The mere beat of his heart seemed too much to bear as it hammered against his chest, as if it wanted to escape and leap right into Karamatsu’s arms.  He felt hot, hotter than on the worst summer’s day. There Shittymatsu was, having just saved his life. His hands were swollen and they probably hurt a lot but he didn’t even look at them. He had only eyes for him.

Following a sudden impulse, Ichimatsu finally stood up from his seat on the roof. He took a deep breath, braced himself. His heart was still ready to break through his ribs. Now or never…

He pushed Karamatsu off the roof.

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Ichimatsu was out of cat treats. Usually, whenever that happened, it was either a sign for him to go home for the day or to buy new ones. He looked up at the small strip of sky, sandwiched between high buildings, and frowned. When had it gotten so dark? Perhaps it was later than he had thought.

One of his cat friends made a small, unhappy noise, most likely complaining that Ichimatsu had stopped playing with them and giving them treats. Ah, but it really was time to go home for the day, wasn’t it? If he was unlucky, his brothers were already looking for him. He sighed. Sometimes, he just wanted to stay here forever and not deal with these guys, at least for a little while.

Just as he said goodbye to the stray cats and got up, Ichimatsu heard a strange noise from behind him. He frowned. It almost sounded like… singing. Bad singing, that was. The more he listened, the more familiar it seemed, a popular pop song that he had only heard once or twice in the radio but that was catchy enough to get stuck in your head.

“~And my friends want me to go home, they say, oh no~, you should really go home, and I say, oh no~, I should stay some more because the liquor is good and the company’s fine and I’m drunk but I won’t go home alone toniiiiight~!”

Ichimatsu made a face at the off-key notes. Even Shittymatsu could sing better than this. it sounded as if that person truly was drunk. The cats flitted away, obviously not liking the noise, either, and Ichimatsu couldn’t blame them. He turned around and saw a figure round the corner into the little alleyway that he had spent all evening in, undisturbed until now.

The first thing he noticed was that this was a girl. She walked slowly, swaying after each step but never stopping her singing. The light of a street lamp illuminated her figure, giving her some kind of ethereal glowing outlines but also making it hard to make out more than her silhouette. Ichimatsu suddenly felt frozen to the spot, unable to stop watching the obviously drunk stranger approach. What was she doing here?

Just a few steps in front of him, she stopped walking and singing alike, taking a look around, her movements sluggish. From this close, Ichimatsu could make out that she had tanned skin and blond hair. She was good looking, probably. It was too dark to make out any more details than that. She giggled.

“Ahahaha, this is not the way home, is it?”

Ichimatsu twitched. Had she talked to him? Or to herself? Was he supposed to answer or stay quiet? It wasn’t like he was very good at talking to people to begin with. Maybe he could say something creepy to make her leave. She obviously shouldn’t be roaming the streets alone at this hour, especially not in her current state. It wasn’t like Ichimatsu felt worried for her, he didn’t even know this girl. It was just common sense.

Bracing himself, Ichimatsu looked at her with his scariest stare, hoping that she would be able to see it.

“This is the garbage realm. And I’m the garbage king. Or I might be a serial killer who found his next victim.”


She tilted her head and it dawned on Ichimatsu that until now she had not noticed that he was even here. Shit! Shit! He should have just stayed quiet and waited until she left! The girl giggled again, not the kind of giggle a girl would make when seeing a cute animal, more like the kind of giggle that bubbled up after thinking about a dirty joke you heard not long ago.

“Hello, Mr. Garbage king! Do you live here? Is this your home?”

Ichimatsu suddenly felt tongue-tied, eyes darting left and right as if the trash cans could save him. Maybe if he jumped head first into one of them, he would be saved from this awkward situation? Being too busy deciding on what to do now, he didn’t notice that the girl was approaching him again until she stood right in front of him and he twitched for the second time in only a few minutes.

“You’re funny! Ahahahaha! But I need to go home!”

He noticed several things at once. She was taller than him, though he thought he could remember that she was wearing shoes with platform soles. He definitely wasn’t going to look down and check now. She smelled of alcohol and perfume. It was a sweet scent, vanilla? He wasn’t too sure. Also, WHY WAS SHE SO CLOSE? He couldn’t even remember if he had ever BEEN this close to a female person that wasn’t his mother before. Only a small step and their chests would be touching. Their chests… oh shit. Don’t look down now. What if she got offended?

Though the girl only smiled at him with a wide open smile that somehow reminded him of someone, though he couldn’t put his finger on it right now…

“You smell like a cat. Are you a kitty garbage king? Ahahahaha!”

She leaned in even closer and Ichimatsu went rigid, not moving even an inch. What was he supposed to do? What would she do? Who was she even? He couldn’t talk to her like this! She didn’t even seem to be concerned that she was in dark alley with a guy she didn’t know and who proclaimed to be the garbage king and a serial killer! Just how drunk was this woman?!

Suddenly, she fell forward, throwing her arms around his neck to keep herself from kissing the floor.

 There was an emergency shutdown in Ichimatsu’s head. Body shaking, pupils dilating, sweating excessively. He couldn’t see anything, he only felt that there was a female body leaning on his. There were… boobs. Actual, real boobs, pressing against him. That was the most action he had ever gotten, ANY of his brothers had ever gotten and he had no idea what to do. Scream? Flail? Take a dump on the street?

Then he remembered it. This girl was drunk. He… should help her, shouldn’t he? But how? This was different from all those times when one of his brothers had overdone it. The rest would just drag his ass home, complaining because how dare one of them be drunker than the others. Also, at this point, they’d already…. Throw up…

He could hear the sound of retching and liquid hitting the ground while the girl’d body convulsed almost violently. Oh.

Well, it wouldn’t be first time that his mother would have to wash vomit out of his clothes. And this time, he actually had an excuse. Helping a helpless drunk girl.

Speaking of which… HOW was he going to help? She said she needed to go home but would it be okay if he brought her? He knew that his face wasn’t exactly screaming “trustworthy”. Then again, she didn’t seem scared of his gloomy aura, on the contrary. That also reminded him of someone.

With a sweaty, quivering hand he lightly patted on her back since she didn’t move anymore. His bowels moved dangerously at the action as well as other parts of him that had definitely taken note of what was going on. But if he got a boner now, here, and with vomit on his back, he would definitely surpass the status of unburnable trash and go right for toxic waste level!

Alright, Ichimatsu, think of something that will make you never want to get it up ever again. Uuurrr… Dekapan in garters. That… that helps, yes. And now banish that thought forever.

Ichimatsu took a deep breath, hoping to calm himself, thought it was just as shaky as he felt. He needed to say something, didn’t he?

“Y-you… don’t seem to be feeling alright… I could b-bring you… h-home.”

There he had said it! Maybe this good deed would raise him above toxic waste level again, even if he kind of doubted it. After all, he only helped her because he had gotten to touch her, kind of. He was disgusting. Not any better than any other pervert stalking the streets at this time.

The only answer he got was a tired groan but he supposed that this meant that she agreed. Otherwise, she would probably have started puking on him again or something.

“So, uhm… where do you live?”

Another laugh, even if it didn’t sound as lively anymore. “In my apartment, of course! Silly garbage killer.”

Garbage killer, huh? This was going to be a long night, he already knew it.


The girl flopped unceremoniously onto the bed, making an ‘oof’ sound while she did so. Ichimatsu heaved a relieved sigh, finally feeling like he could relax just a little bit. Since that drunkard had not been able to tell him her address – or even her NAME for that matter – he had weighed his options. Bringing her home to his brothers had been out of the question. Who knew what THEY would have done with her. Not to mention, this was his victory, just his own. He had gotten close to a girl, no matter under which circumstances. He was not going to ruin this by letting his brothers anywhere near her. So the only other option had been to look for the nearest hotel and try to get a room there.

To be honest, he was surprised that they had even let them in, the receptionist had looked at him as if he had just crawled out of the sewers. Which was honestly not even too far off.

Now that this was taken care of, he could probably leave the girl to her own devices. Bringing her here had been exhausting enough since she was barely able to walk, especially in those shoes, and he hadn’t been able to carry her, not because she was heavy or anything (or maybe she was, how was he supposed to know how heavy girls usually were?) but because he was made of flab.

After a few moments of lying motionlessly on the bed, pressing her face into the pillow, she turned around, looking directly at Ichimatsu. Now, in the light and without being busy with supporting her, he had the chance to look at her and finally take in all the details.

She looked tired and wasted, her makeup already smeared in places and her hair and clothes disheveled. A complete mess. Even so, she still smiled at him with a wide open mouth and yellow eyes. Well, they weren’t truly yellow, those were just contact lenses… which she should probably remove before sleeping. He could distantly remember when Karamatsu had forgotten once and the next morning he hadn’t been able to remove them anymore. Distantly because he had pretty much ignored the whole ordeal.

“Ahahaha! This isn’t my home! But thanks, serial garbage.”

She… she had just thanked him, right? He hadn’t started hallucinating suddenly while awkwardly standing inside a hotel room and staring at her like a pervert, right? Right?! Urgh, he was sweating again. An speaking of bodily fluid, he should try to get rid of the stains on the back of his hoodie or at least make them less obvious.

Before he had the chance to get even more nervous, he headed straight for the bathroom, breathing heavily once he was inside. He was going to die. Cause of death: interaction with a hot girl.

Ichimatsu quickly shook his head. He had to focus or he would never get out of this situation! Then again… did he even want to get out of this situation? He would probably never get such a chance ever again in his life… no, he was trash but not that low. He would clean his hoodie off as best as he could and then make his way home. Maybe steal a towel as a memento before he left.

Pulling off his hoodie, Ichimatsu quickly got to work. The stain on the back smelled of alcohol and stomach acid, a disgusting mix but nothing he wasn’t already used to. It seemed like she hadn’t eaten much beforehand, no wonder she had reacted like this. He almost felt like reprimanding her like Choromatsu always did when they drank on an empty stomach. Not that this happened often, the only thing all of the brothers liked just as much as drinking was eating.

Ichimatsu filled the sink with water, thinking about his brothers, cats, anything to distract him from the girl lying on the bed just outside the door. Since he didn’t have many options right now, he put hand soap on the stain before soaking it in the warm water while trying not to get his whole hoodie wet. He still needed to wear that, after all. Though as soon as he was home, he would throw that thing into the laundry and hope no one would ask questions.

Oh, who was he kidding? Of course they would ask questions, those were his brothers, after all. Maybe he could make up some lie about falling into a puke puddle…

Just as he was busy with rinsing the wet area and draining the water in the sink, the door opened. Ichimatsu twitched but forced himself to calm down. Maybe the girl needed to use the toilet? That wouldn’t be too surprising, considering her current state. Not that girls didn’t use the toilet when they weren’t drunk… he was not going to expand on that thought. Not now, at the very least.

However, instead of being thrown out, a surprisingly strong hand grabbed his wrist and pulled him out of the bathroom. Ichimatsu didn’t even have enough time to register what was happening before he was pushed onto the bed, a warm weight settling on his hips.

Once it dawned on him in what position he was in right now, he screeched, his eyes wide, arms flailing. Why?! HOW?! He wasn’t ready for this! What was this girl even trying to do?! He was going to shit the bed! For real!

A tanned finger pressed on his lips, accompanied by a soft shushing noise, and he stilled, even if his heart still hammered wildly against his ribcage. He felt caged, too.

“Shhh, it’s alright! I just wanted… hahahaha… I just wanted to get a good look at you!”

She roamed her eyes over his naked chest and suddenly Ichimatsu didn’t feel like a caged animal as much as a juicy steak on a plate, judging by the look she gave him. It was… a frightening sensation but also strangely exciting.

“You know, you’re actually pretty cute… hahaha… hey, wanna have sex?”

Ichimatsu’s heart stopped.

This wasn’t real. It COULDN’T be real. He was dreaming, definitely, and once he woke up, his brothers would taunt him because he had humped the futon in his sleep and stained the sheets.

There was no way an actual real girl had just called him cute and then asked to have sex with him. He would wake up any second now. Definitely.

“Hm? Are you alright? You’re trembling.” She tilted her head in confusion before a positively devilish grin spread over her face. “Ohhh! Could it be? Are you a virgin? Should I teach you how to have sex? Cute cherry boy!”

She grinded down onto his pelvis, rolling her hips in what had to be THE most delicious movement and… ah, he was hard. And panting. And dying on the inside.

“Are you excited? C’mon say something! You’re so gloomy, you remind me of Ichiko!”

She laughed and leaned over him until she reached his neck where she planted sloppy little kisses, giggling all the while as if this was nothing. As if this was just some harmless fun. Maybe it was for her but he felt like his soul was leaving his body! He could already hear the bells of heaving calling him! He held onto the bedsheets for dear life and tried to do his best not to… do something he would regret later. Should he even go along with this?! But this was the only chance he would ever get in his life!

Ichimatsu swallowed hard and sucked in a sharp breath. Alright, fine, after all, it was HER who had started this! He was not guilty here, he had just helped her! He never would have guessed that he would be the first of his brothers to lose his V-card but… he was ready! (No, he wasn’t, not at all. In fact he felt like freaking out, help.)

He waited, quivering from excitement and nerves. She already knew that he was a virgin and had offered to teach him, so she wouldn’t expect him to… know how to do this, right?

Her warm breath fanned against his neck and her weigh on top of him was driving him crazy but… nothing else happened anymore. Ichimatsu would have been able to hear his own heartbeat if his own breathing weren’t so loud.

It took him a few more moments and the faint sound of snoring for him to understand. She… had fallen asleep. On top of him.

Ichimatsu stayed perfectly still while he screamed and raged inside his own mind, his eyes directing a desperate stare at the ceiling, as if it could help him right now. The ceiling stared back, blank and white and not doing anything. A single tear left Ichimatsu’s eye, rolling down his face and leaving an annoying wet trail.

This reminded him of whenever one of the stray cats fell asleep on top of him. He would stay still for hours, just to not wake it. He didn’t want to wake the girl, either. Really, she would wake up with a horrible hangover tomorrow, that would be punishment enough. And hey, he was good at staying still for a long time since he had so much practice already. He only had never been this uncomfortably hard before.

There was only one thing he could do in a situation like this. Begrudgingly, he dragged the mental image of Dekapan in garters back from the depths of his mind.

This was simultaneously the best and worst day of his life.


When Jyuushiko woke up that morning, she noticed a throbbing pain raging inside her head. That in itself wasn’t much of a surprise, remembering the evening before where she had been out drinking and then going home by herself.

The next thing she noticed was that she wasn’t inside her own bed. Well, that wasn’t much of a surprise, either. There were times when she woke up in other people’s beds more often than her own. This looked like a hotel room though.

She tried to recollect last night, closing her eyes and going through all of the events in in her mind. She had left… maybe she shouldn’t have gone alone, she had already been pretty wasted. She… had met this guy…

Right! He had brough here here! Suddenly, she sat up, scanning the room to see if there was a sign that he was still here but she couldn’t find anything and frowned. She got up, feeling like shit and ready to roll over and sleep for at least 12 more hours but she really needed to get home soon.

Her last sliver of hope left her when she entered the bathroom and saw that it was empty, too. It looked like one of the towels had gone missing, though. Ha, she did that too. Checking herself in the mirror, she groaned in annoyance. She looked like a sad clown with her makeup smudged all over her face. Also, she had slept with her contacts which was never a good thing.

After freshening up as best as she could and confirming that the guy from yesterday had not stolen anything out of her purse, she made her way downstairs, almost getting lost because she couldn’t remember much of what had happened yesterday. She did however remember thinking that he had been pretty cute. Awkward, too. And just as gloomy as Ichiko. If only he had stayed, she wouldn’t have minded to teach the Cherry boy a thing or two. She grinned to herself. These types of guys were so cute and so bad at sex, it was just too tempting being the one to mold them into something better. How could she NOT use that to her advantage?

But now she would never see him again. It was a shame, really.

Just as she passed the front desk of the hotel, she heard a voice behind her calling out.

“Excuse me, miss? You still need to pay for your room.”

…wait what?


She turned around, walking towards the desk. But she hadn’t even booked this room? Why did she have to pay for it?

“Yes. The… young man… who was with you said you would pay for it.”

Oh this little…! What kind of guy was that?! Not even paying for the hotel room that he had booked! Unbelievable! Jyuushiko’s blood boiled in her veins. Oh if she ever saw that guy again she was SO going to… either hit him or jump him, she wasn’t sure yet. Maybe both.

Oh well, there was no use fuming over it now, so she pulled out some money to pay. Though before she handed it over, she had a sudden idea.

“Ah, excuse me, could I receive a receipt?”


She payed and waited for her receipt to be printed, taking it, she skimmed the details until her eyes found what she was looking for. A name.

“Matsuno… Ichimatsu.”

She grinned.

“Don’t think this is over just because you ran away, Ichimatsu-kun.”

She giggled, putting the receipt away and leaving the hotel with a light skip in her step. Hadn’t she been drunk yesterday?

The receptionist sighed. Why didn’t they ever have any normal guests here?