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The Spark Between Us

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It's pretty much a typical Tuesday in the Mikaelson mansion. A screaming match is taking place because of a threat looming over their heads. Nothing out of the ordinary. And yet Freya Mikaelson can't help feeling disappointed; since the passing of the prophecy's time period, her family had fallen into what could only be described as an uncharacteristically peaceful existence and now thanks to said threat it was back to reality.

A year ago Aurora managed to escape from Niklaus' poorly constructed prison cell in their home, kidnapped Freya, and with the help of the ancestors, forced Vincent into creating a spell capable of making her the most powerful being on the planet. Apparently Lucien had been manufacturing werewolf venom in some chain of secret laboratories across the country in order to create an antidote for the venom itself. Aurora hijacked Lucien's organization in his absence and used the serum to create the potion for the spell. To Lucien's credit, he managed to redeem himself and prove once and for all that he was no longer in alliance with Aurora – by murdering her. Although thinking back to the scene now, Freya couldn't help but notice the flicker of anguish in Lucien's eyes, when he managed to drive the stake into Aurora's heart.

Of course, any leftover sentiment toward Aurora that Lucien had was excusable. She was his first love. They spent centuries together under the influence of Elijah's compulsion; it was only natural that Lucien felt something toward his paramour in her dying moments. The real question was why exactly it bothered Freya so much. Even now, nearly a year later. It wasn't as if she didn't have bigger problems to worry about.

Presently Kol and Klaus stood on opposite sides of the room yelling profanities at one another. Freya supposed she should be grateful Kol was no longer directing his incorrigible bouts of rage at Finn anymore. Upon Aurora's escape and the completion of the spell, Aurora had seen fit to test her new abilities by sinking her newly venom-laced fangs into Finn's neck. Luckily, using the leftover wolf’s venom taken from Lucien's laboratories, they were able to create an antidote and save Finn's life. In light of his near-death experience, Finn's attitude toward his family undertook a dramatic change. His relationship with Kol especially. Heartfelt words were exchanged on his would-be deathbed and since then, the two brothers appeared to be attempting a more amicable relationship.

However, the fragile tranquility surrounding their home had now been shattered.

For some reason, Davina Claire decided that a sensible thing to do would be going up against the ancestors, for their part in attempting to destroy the Mikaelson clan and, of course, for tampering with the spell Davina cast to bring back Kol. And Kol's condition was definitely worsening. Freya herself had attempted to brew some herbal teas, meant to calm Kol's restless spirit, but his violent outbreaks had become more and more frequent with each passing day. Anyone sensible would have distanced themselves from him by now but Davina had remained faithful as ever, determined to help Kol become himself again. Whomever that was at this point.

Kol in exchange was showing his appreciation by offering to harbor both Davina and Vincent in the mansion, safe from the ominous threat of the Quarter witches, who were under strict instruction by the ancestors to eradicate them. Despite Davina's help in taking down Aurora and protecting the family, Niklaus rather selfishly decided that the best course of action would be to leave Vincent and Davina to fend for themselves outside in the Quarter, in the interest of protecting Hope and the sanctuary that was their home. Much to Kol's displeasure.

Elijah stood in between his two brothers, presumably attempting to prevent any bloodshed. Rebekah was out, doing some - in her own words - well-earned retail therapy - after laying daggered to protect herself from the threat of the prophecy. Finn was lounging in the far corner of the room with a book in his hand, attempting to look as disinterested in what was going on as possible.

Looking over at her younger brother, Freya found herself hoping Kol ended up winning this particular family quarrel. Finn may have had considerably less animosity toward their other siblings as of late, but Freya knew he still had no wish to remain in New Orleans, or in fact in his natural body. The spell Davina cast to keep him in there was strong but if she managed to be successful in defeating the ancestors she'd be able to harness enough power to reverse it. Then naturally, after being put in his new body Finn would be long gone. But until Davina and Vincent were able to complete their mission, Finn would remain here, with his family, with her. And Freya planned on selfishly savoring every moment.

As Kol hurtled yet another derogatory insult in Klaus's direction, Lucien decided to come strolling in. His presence in their home even after the prophecy had become more and more recurrent and, she was embarrassed to admit, not completely unwelcome. As he entered the room he made immediate eye contact with her and shot her a wink. Her cheeks colored at his brazen display of affection, and she quickly scanned the room to see if anyone had noticed. Not one of her brothers had even registered that Lucien had come into the room, let alone picked up on the subtle flirtation. The only other two people in the room were Hayley and Davina and both women were busy being disapproving spectators of the entire blow up. Leisurely, Lucien reclined in one of the expensively upholstered arm chairs in the living room, crossing one leg over the other and propping his arms up behind his head. Freya couldn't help but roll her eyes at his casual demeanor in the midst of all the ensuing chaos.

Just as Kol was about to pick up something sharp and catapult it across the room aiming for Klaus' jugular, Elijah voice could be heard above the ruckus, his hand raised in the air signaling for his brothers to cease.

"Enough brothers." Elijah lowered his arm, giving Kol a pointed stare as he reluctantly set aside the weapon he had been planning to aim at his older sibling.

"Kol, what you say is true," Elijah began, regally strolling across the room to fix himself presumably something strong to drink. "Davina has been an important ally to this family this past year and for that we are grateful; it seems, in light of her new pursuit to destroy those who in the past have sought to harm us, the decent thing to do would be to keep her here under our protection—"

He was nearly cut off as Klaus opened his mouth to object before being silenced by Elijah's continued sentence.

"However, the life of Niklaus' child – your niece might I remind you – remains paramount. Since the two of you cannot seem to come to a reasonable solution without the threat of violence pungent in the air, it appears the most democratic thing to do would be to put this to a family vote."

"You are bloody joking me, aren't you", was the disgruntled growl from Klaus, who had never been a fan of democracy, as he snatched the tumbler of bourbon from Elijah's hands and took a swig.

"Now, Niklaus, we all live here in this house, present company excluded," Elijah said, gesturing to Lucien, who looked up from examining his nails to give Elijah an all too innocent smile.

Ignoring Lucien, Niklaus gave Elijah a deep eye roll before abruptly sitting in one of the living room chairs and flashing him a faux-indulgent smile.

"Very well then, all in favor of bringing this liability into our home, thus breaching its sanctity and endangering my infant child all in pursuit of this ridiculous notion that an entire group of centuries-old powerful witches can be defeated by a teenage girl and her sidekick, kindly raise your hand."

Glaring defiantly at Klaus, Kol shot his hand into the air, followed by Finn, who wasn't quite as detached from the conversation as he'd have everyone believe. Both Elijah and Niklaus' attentions were swiftly directed at Freya, who gave them a long-suffering sigh, hoping to be left out of all this. She reluctantly raised her hand, earning her a gleeful smile from her youngest brother.

"Thank you, sister, have I ever told you you're my favorite—"

"All those opposed," Klaus barked loudly, cutting of Kol's pandering. The only person who raised her hand in agreement with Klaus was Hayley, who shot Davina an apologetic look before explaining herself.

"I'm sorry Davina but Hope's my daughter, I can't let—"

"I understand," Davina said quickly.

"Elijah, time to cast your vote," Klaus said turning to look at his brother expectantly.

"If I side with Kol, you will still be outnumbered, brother, but if I stand in agreement with you, it will be a tie—"

"Leaving the decision up to our dear sister Rebekah to make. Excellent, we'll all wait for her return then, I'm sure she'll come to see things my way," Klaus said with a self-assured grin on his face.

"Well we've got a long wait. Bekah's only just gone out on the town to do her shopping, it'll be a good while before she bothers to come back," Kol interjected, crossing his arms over his chest.

"Until then Davina, I suppose you are welcome to remain here if you so choose," Elijah said, giving her a curt nod as he strolled past.

"Gee thanks," Davina mumbled before being pulled by Kol in the direction of his room.

As everyone dispersed and went in their separate directions Freya found herself pulled toward the direction of the stairs, completely forgetting about Lucien's presence in the room.

She made her way upstairs into her room, shutting the door behind her. Picking up one of the decorative pillows off of her bed, she threw herself down in her chair in a very infant-like manner and proceeded to quietly scream into the pillow.

"Is now a bad time, love?" came the voice of someone familiar tinkling into the room, as said person shut the door behind them.

"Not now, Lucien." Freya's voice came out muffled due to her face still being firmly pressed against the pillow.

From where he stood near the door, Lucien tilted his head and gave Freya an affectionate smile. She always said "not now" but he scarcely ever took heed and listened; in fact, she said it so often he had begun to think of it as a term of endearment. Slowly he strolled across the room and gently pulled the pillow from Freya's hands, restraining laughter that was threatening to bubble at the tortured expression on her face when she looked up.

He smiled affectionately, stroking her hair. "Surely you've gotten used to your family's little squabbles by now, love?"

Freya huffed loudly and stood to stride across the room toward the window.

"It isn't the fighting that bothers me, it's pretty much everything else right now."

"You're worried about Kol."

"You saw him downstairs today, his temper is getting worse and worse."

Lucien rose and moved over to where Freya was standing, staring with a worried expression out of the window, chewing at her thumb – a nervous quirk she was beginning to develop, he'd noticed.

"Well if the ancestors can truly be defeated then the teenage witch can harvest their powers and cure Kol of whatever demons are currently tormenting him. Assuming she can actually pull it off, that is." Lucien mused.

"I was talking to Vincent and Davina last night. We may be able to destroy the link between the ancestors and the living world, in the same way that the other side was destroyed."

"Are you sure that's even possible, love?”

"If the right amount of magic is channeled correctly. Then those pesky ancestors finally get what's coming to them, Vincent regains control of the witches, Davina and Kol live happily ever after and Finn gets his brand new body. Everybody wins."

Lucien, who couldn't help noticing a slight edge in her voice, reached out to put a hand on her shoulder.

"Everyone but you," he said softly.

"I don't know what you mean," she frowned. "Why wouldn't I seek to gain from my brothers being happy?"

"And what of your happiness Freya? If Finn gets his new body then he leaves, and you aren't quite ready for that, correct?"

There was a pause, then Freya's shoulders sagged slightly. With a small sigh, she went over to her bed and sat down, knotting her hands in her hair and staring at the floor.

"There, there, love, listen," Lucien said, coming over to take a seat next to her. "I've known your family a long time. Finn's always been this way: distant, self-loathing. Every time Kol left a trail of dead bodies behind him or Rebekah had one of her tantrums, you could practically see him writhing from second-hand embarrassment. He was always desperate to dissociate himself from being a Mikaelson. A vampire. And I'll tell you this – Kol has always had that temper. Granted, there may be a few ancient witches amplifying it now, but believe you me, it's always been there."

Freya studied Lucien’s face for a second before saying, "What exactly are you getting at, Lucien?"

"What I'm trying to tell you, Freya, is some things never change. I know you like the idea of all your siblings being in one place at one time, united, living in blissful harmony, and if anything the prophecy has definitely appeared to have strengthened the bond between you. But it was never meant to last... Surely you must realize that?"

"Always and forever," Freya said absently mindedly, twirling her pendant in her fingers.

"Perhaps that doesn't necessarily mean exactly what you thought it meant anymore."

Seeing Freya's head droop slightly, Lucien quickly attempted to turn the conversation.

"I wasn't trying to upset you, sweetheart, I'm sure Finn will write. Although I do pity you. Being a vampire was Finn's only interesting trait; God knows how boring he'll be now, without it."

That earned him a small half-smile, half-glare from Freya so he continued.

"Besides, you'll still have Nik, and Elijah, and Kol, and Rebekah..." He shifted awkwardly and then said softly, "...and me."

Freya's head lifted and her rose-colored lips spread into a smile before regarding him with a curious tilt of her head.

"How on earth do you do that?"

"What do you mean, love?"

"Well, sometimes you are literally the most infuriating person to have a conversation with—"

Lucien scoffed loudly, placing his hands on his chest, flashing her a look of mock hurt.

"And there are times like this where you just say... Exactly the right thing. How do you do that?"

She could've sworn she saw a slight blush creep onto Lucien's face as a boyish dimpled grin spread over it. But his abashed expression soon wore off as a slightly more smug grin replaced the first.

"Well actually, darling, it's just a natural gift I possess. You see I —"

He was abruptly cut off by Freya's soft pliant lips meeting his for a gentle embrace. The kiss began sweet and tender but Freya deepened the kiss by threading her hands into the hair at the nape of Lucien's neck, causing him to groan.

Eventually, they broke apart and Lucien gave her a pleased grin that she in turn reciprocated.

"Steady on, love, I realize I'm rather irresistible, but do try to control yourself."

"You talk too much, I was attempting to shut you up," she responded dryly.

"You make quite a few of those little 'attempts,' love, they scarcely ever work."

"Clearly," Freya smirked before moving in to kiss him again.

As the kiss began to get heated again Lucien felt a small wave of panic creep over him. He quickly leaped off of the bed, surprising Freya.

"Is something wrong?" she blinked confusedly.

"Well, love, it's not as if I haven't enjoyed our little rendezvous, it's just that in the past they've always taken place at my apartment."


"So my place is on the other side of town, and isn't filled with all your ancient, murderous siblings."

"Really?" Freya said, crossing her arms over her chest. "You're frightened of my brothers?"

"You'd consider me highly stupid if I wasn't, and I assure you, Freya, I'm not stupid. I have quite an above average IQ, actually."

Freya gave an impatient sigh and shook her head. "There's nothing to be worried about, Lucien."

Lucien raised his eyebrows at her.

"And how did you come to that conclusion?"

"Because if I talk to my brothers, I'm sure eventually they'll learn to be respectful of our relationship."

Lucien proceeded to let out an incredulous, slightly high-pitched laugh at Freya's statement.

"You clearly don't know your family at all, do you?"

Freya pouted and moved to wrap her arms around Lucien's neck.

"Look, Niklaus will be difficult, he always is; Elijah will be slightly easier to deal with, although he's not exactly your biggest fan. We’ll probably have to endure some crass comments from Kol, and I'm not certain how Finn will react but—"

"Hold on a minute, Freya, are you saying you want to go public with our relationship?"

Freya tilted her head and looked into Lucien's eyes with her own cat-like ones in a way that Lucien always found captivating.

"I hate keeping secrets from them, Lucien, they're my family. Besides, I care for you. It has literally been a thousand years since I felt something like this for someone else and I don't want to hide it. I want to tell them…is that okay with you?"

Lucien sighed, slowly deliberating on what she'd just said.

"Despite the fact that I am to face certain disembowelment if we go through with this, all the torture in the world is worth going through for a woman like you, Freya Mikaelson."

At those words, Freya graced him with a smile that could compare with the sunshine on the brightest day in August.

Another passionate embrace followed and this time, Lucien had no intention of breaking apart from it; neither of them did, until...

"Sister! Freya, I'm in need of your assistance, it's very import—"

As none other than Kol barraged unceremoniously into the room, Lucien, a vampire, thousands of years old, felt himself being shoved halfway across the room as Freya pushed him off of her and straightened in an attempt to look innocent.

Not that it worked.

"Well, well, well, what do we have here?" Kol smirked, strolling into the room, closing the door behind him and folding his hands behind his back.

Lucien and Freya exchanged guilty looks, both of them still frozen on the spot.

Kol gave them a devilish grin and began to pace slowly across the room.

"Shall I tell you what it looks like to me?" When neither of them answered, he continued.

"It looks like my older sister has gotten herself a boy toy. Who just so happens to be you, Lucien. Lovely. Nik will be pleased."

"Kol, don't even think about—"

"Kol!?" Davina's light feminine voice drifted toward the room, as Kol's smirk grew even more wicked.

"In here, love."

"What are you doing in here, isn't this Freya's room?"

"Yes, Davina, well spotted, now if you don't mind I'd like everyone to leave," Freya retorted, shooting a pointed look in Kol's direction.

"Why is your hair all messed up, Freya, and why is Lucien's shirt like that?" Davina asked with a slightly confused pout on her face.

"Ten points for the right answer, love," Kol said, giving her a nudge and wiggling his eyebrows at her.

"Is something going on between you two?" she asked incredulously "Holy crap, Klaus is going to freak when he hears about this."

"Hear about what?" inquired a stern voice from the end of the hall.

"Oh, you have got to be kidding me!?" Freya growled, knotting her fingers in her hair frustratedly.

"We're all in here, Nik," Kol called out, still grinning like the Cheshire cat.

"Kol, I swear I am this close to hexing you," Freya hissed.

"Love, I thought you wanted to tell them?" Lucien said, frowning and pulling Freya toward him.

"Yes, but not here, not now, and not like this," she replied.

"Just what exactly is going on here?" Klaus demanded, entering the room, narrowing his eyes at everyone.

"I won't have any secret gathering going on under my roof; it's bad enough decisions are being vetoed left, right and centre without my consent."

"Nothing's going on, Niklaus, everyone was just leaving."

"Well it certainly doesn't look that way to me."

"Brother, what exactly is going on up there?"

At the sound of Elijah's voice floating up the stairs, the couple exchanged helpless and deeply exasperated glances with one another.

"Why, pray tell, is everyone congregated in here?" Elijah asked, strolling into the now extremely crowded room.

"Would you like to tell them or should I?" Kol asked, directing his question at the couple.

"Tell us what exactly—"

"I'm back!"

Saved by the bell, Freya thought. That was the modern expression, right? Rebekah’s slightly shrill voice resounded through the house and the sound of her stiletto heels could be heard clicking against the linoleum.

"Where the bloody hell is everyone!?"

"We're up—" Kol started but was swiftly cut off by Freya.

"Don't you dare."

"That's it! Now that our sister has returned I'm holding a family meeting. Downstairs, now, all of you," Klaus barked.

"Ah, a family meeting, well I suppose I better leave then, give you lot some privacy, do excuse me," Lucien garbled quickly, hoping to make a swift exit from the room, only to have Kol grab him, stopping him in his tracks.

"Just a moment, when did you start caring about this family's privacy? You're here all the time anyway. Does anyone else find that rather suspicious, by the way? You could've gone anywhere in the world after the prophecy's threat ended, why stay in New Orleans?"

"Low taxes and I can always get a parking space, now if you'll excuse me."

"No, actually, on this occasion I actually agree with my little brother, this whole situation is all too dodgy for my liking, and your eagerness to leave so quickly makes me all the more suspicious. You will stay, Lucien, everyone else downstairs," Klaus said blocking Lucien's pathway to the door. As everyone filtered out of the room, Freya could only shoot Lucien a very rueful, apologetic look before they left.


The entire Mikaelson clan was seated around the dining table. Elijah sat opposite Freya, alternating suspicious glances between her and Lucien. To his right sat Klaus, at the head of the table, naturally, directing his distrustful glares only in Lucien's direction, who was trying his best not to look at either Klaus or Elijah, deciding to study the intricate design of the tablecloth instead.

Finn sat next to Lucien, looking like he'd rather be anywhere else. Davina sat behind Kol at the side of the room, the only one not seated at the table, tapping away on her smartphone, probably on one of those 'apps' Freya was told now existed on modern communication technology.

At the other end of the table, Rebekah was seated, shopping bags still at her feet, throwing everybody confused and irritable glances, before giving an impatient toss of her hair and interrupting the tense silence that engulfed the room.

"Is someone going explain what the bloody hell's going on?"

"Dear sister," Elijah began, unfolding his arms and turning his eyes away from the guilty party. "It appears once again our family faces an uncertain threat."

"So what else is new," Rebekah quipped with a bored expression.

"Davina, the young witch who has become our brother's latest romantic companion—"

"I think she knows who Davina is, Elijah," Kol said dryly.

"—has decided to make it her mission, to take down the ancestors, along with the witches’ regent Vincent. Kol has suggested that we keep them safe here, in our home, away from the Quarter witches who have made it their sworn duty to murder them. Niklaus objects, believing it to be unsafe for Hope and at the present it's about six on one, half a dozen on the other. It would seem that your input is to be the tie breaker in this tiresome little quarrel."

After a moment's thought, Rebekah responded.

"Well it’s obvious, isn't it, we can't very well let the poor girl fend for herself out there. It doesn't seem fair, does it."

Davina who previously didn't seem pleased that she was being discussed as if she wasn't in the room, looked up and shot Rebekah a grateful look as she continued.

"Besides, Davina's extremely powerful and Vincent, as you say is the city's regent. What if the witches get hold of both of them and kill them? The ancestors might channel both of their powers combined into another witch. Which could be extremely bad for us if said witch decides to come after us.”

On the other side of the table, Klaus didn't exactly seemed thrilled by Rebekah's decision to side against him, but her sound reasoning made it difficult for him to argue against her. Deciding to let the matter drop – for now at least – Klaus turned his attention to his eldest sister.

"Well, it appears that's settled then. Now on to the most recent issue at hand, the conspiracy occurring in this house behind my back."

Freya cradled her head in her hand and restrained herself from shooting her brother a deep eye roll.

"Must you be so dramatic Niklaus, Kol and Davina came into my room because Kol needed my assistance, that is all."

"And what of Lucien? How do you explain his presence in your sleeping quarters?"

"We were just talking!" Freya exclaimed, slightly aggravated.

"Yes, they were having an extremely intimate conversation..." Kol smirked maliciously, earning him homicidal glares from both Freya and Lucien.

"And what exactly does that mean!?"

"Would you have me draw you a diagram, Nik?"

"I swear, if someone doesn't get to the bloody point soon, I may actually re-dagger myself," Rebekah drawled.

"Oh for heaven's sake!" Freya exclaimed, standing abruptly, gaining the attention of everyone in the room. Even Finn and Davina looked up in surprise.

"This is ridiculous," she growled. "I am an adult. I shouldn't have to keep secrets from my own family."

"Well by all means, love, do tell, we're all on the edge of our seats," Klaus said, leaning back in his chair, arms folded, eyebrows raised expectantly.

Scanning the room, seeing her family's eyes all curiously trained on her, Freya took a deep breath and spoke.

"Lucien and I are seeing one another."

From the mass of black clouds that seemed to materialize around Klaus' eyes, you'd think Freya had confessed to raising Mikael from the dead.

"Excuse me," he snarled dangerously.

"We like each other, it isn't a big deal."

"Oh I heartily beg to differ, love, seeing as though you've now made your bed with the enemy."

"THE ENEMY!?" Lucien responded indignantly. “Might I remind you who actually put the stake in Aurora's heart.”

"And while our sister boxed around in a coffin, God knows where, you, Niklaus were the one, fornicating with the enemy. You had Aurora in this very house while Rebekah was held for ransom," Freya hissed.

"Freya I believe what our brother is trying to convey is—"

"No Elijah, this isn't up for discussion. I haven't been with this family for long but in the time that I have, I have done nothing but support all of you, fight by your side, contend with you, tolerate you. When you yourself shunned me, brother, I was patient. And now after years of solitude, I finally find myself some happiness. Some joy outside of being a part of this family and all I am asking of you is for a little bit of support."

Rebekah scoffed loudly. "Good luck with that..."

"This isn't how I wanted to tell all of you. My original plans were a nice civilized family dinner, but I see now that thought process was delusional. Since our darling younger brother, has seen fit to throw me under a bus and drag my business out into the open for sport, I will come clean and speak plainly. I care very much for Lucien and he feels the same. And well... If all of you cannot be supportive of me after everything... then... I simply don't know what to say to any of you."

With that, Freya swiftly took off out of the dining room, leaving her audience dumbfounded momentarily.

Finn was the first one to break the silence.

"Well I suppose I'll be the one to go after our sister then," he said, rising from his chair.

He turned back momentarily, regarding his siblings.

"Try not to kill him, will you, I imagine that will only upset her even further."

As Finn left the room, Lucien finally mustered the courage to tear himself away from his intimate study of the table and meet the stern faces of the two Original brothers in front of him. Klaus was the first one to speak.

"Lucien, now that our sister's finished with her hysterics, it seems you and I are long overdue for a little chat, don't you think?"

Lucien winced slightly but said nothing.

"Why don't you go first? And please, start right at the beginning…”