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The Mythical Being of Forks

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I know it's been a while since we've talked, and so much has happened! You honestly wont believe it but I've met the love of my life! His name is Edward and he is absolutely perfect in every way, like seriously. I know you always said you wanted to meet the man I wanted to spend my life with, so you could make your own judgement. But you haven't been responding my my letters and I'd already turned him down twice! I'm so anxious for you to meet him. It has to be soon, my wedding is in six weeks, so don't leave us waiting too long!

Enclosed is a formal invitation to my wedding, and an even more formal invite from Alice, my future husbands sister, who insisted on sending you a request to be maid of honor.

Please come,

It would mean the world to us both.

Your favourite cousin,


P.S Feel free to bring a plus 1, I'm sure someone as beautiful as you has a special someone to bring.

P.P.S Despite the fact that I clearly told both Edward and Alice that you we perfectly capable of getting here, they're adamant they're going to pay your flight. I've written my new number on the back of this, so please call me.

I stared blankly at the sheet of paper in my hands, my little cousin was all grown up. I never thought I'd see the day, Bella always was against getting married young. After seeing the mess that was her parent's marriage it was understandable really.

I sighed softly, grabbing my mobile out of my pocket I typed the number in off the letter and let it ring.

“Hello?” I heard the voice on the other end call hesitantly.

“Bells?” I Replied, my heart leaping, I haven't spoken to her in years. I stopped visiting when I got accepted into Hogwarts and after the war really started I couldn't afford to get her or Uncle Charlie killed. I would rather die.

“Mione?!” She screeched. “I've missed you so much.” I flinched as I heard the tears in her voice.

“Please don't cry Bells.” I almost begged. “You shouldn't cry so close to your wedding day Honey. It's bad luck.”

“Don't tell me what to do Missy! You're the one who stopped responding to my letters... It's not my fault I missed you!”

“Sorry honey, but my friend Harry was in trouble, some crazy psycho was after him. I didn't want anyone getting into trouble.” I skirted around the magical war I had been a part of.

“Did anything bad happen?!” Bella almost shouted down the line.

“Nothing too bad, We're mostly okay.” I laughed. “About your wedding, I was actually about to go on holidays, I need to get away from here, I really do. Forks would be a great place to relax. I could leave tomorrow.”

“Tomorrow?!” She screeched again. I laughed as I heard voices on the other line trying to calm her down.

“Bells, if you keep shouting like that I wont be able to hear your vows at the wedding, and what a shame that would be.” I giggled childishly.

“Sorry, but I wasn't expecting you to come so soon. What about work? I assume you have a job, probably somewhere high up doing something important”

“What about it? If I want to take a few weeks off then I will.” I spoke haughtily, standing up and pacing as I planned out my next few moves. “Maybe not tomorrow, but I'll definitely be there by the end of the week.”

“You sure your boss won't mind?” Bella asked hesitantly.

“He basically worships the ground I walk on.” I admitted. “I'm the best at my job and considering the amount of overtime I've put in he owes me.”

“Okay, I can't wait to see you.” Bella spoke again and I could swear I heard her voice tremble with unshod tears. “But I've got to go. Alice is hovering and wants to do some new adjustment to my dress.”

“Sure thing Honey. I'll see you within the week.” I smiled to myself in excitement. “Oh, and tell your future in laws not to worry about the flights, I have it all covered. Kisses and Hugs, to my little Bella Bug.” I laughed and ended the call before she could shout at me for using the little rhyme I had made up when we were children.

I jolted upwards as I heard a small voice calling my name. I smiled again and stood up, making my way upstairs and into Teddy's room.

“Hey there my handsome little wolf.” I called softly as I knelt next to his bed. Stroking his hair softy, “Did you have a nice nap?” I asked.

“Yes Mumma.” He replied rubbing his eyes with his hands. “Have dinner now, please Mumma?”

“Of course, you can have dinner whenever you want, Little wolf. What do you want?” I asked him smiling softly and tugging him into my arms, making my way out of his room and down the stairs.

“Dine-saw” He replied happily, laughing as I took the stairs a little quicker than I should have causing him to jostle in my arms.

“Dinosaurs and and potato?”

“No! Chippies!” He demanded as I sat him down in his high chair at the kitchen table.

After the war had ended, Andromeda had gotten custody of Teddy. But wizards and witches weren't known for living long after their spouses had died, this was because when they got married their magic fused together and when one of them died the other was left with half of themselves missing.

I had, after the war, gone back Hogwarts to complete my NEWTs, but as soon as I had graduated Andromeda's health had began to fail, and she found herself incapable of caring for her year old grandson. Harry and I, as God parents had stepped in, but soon after Ginny had found herself pregnant and Harry found that he was being pulled too tightly, between work, a pregnant wife and practically raising his God son. So I had legally adopted Teddy as my son and began raising him alone soon after.

My heart broke for the little guy, he had lost four parental figures within the space of two little years. But now he had me, and I did everything in my power to ensure he was safe and happy. After all he deserved it.

“DONE!” Teddy screamed as he finished his food, tossing his empty plate onto the floor and laughing madly. “Yogurt?” He asked reaching for the fridge.

“Of course little wolf.” I smiled as I bent down and picked his plate up. “But don't toss your plate on the floor, okay?”

I handed him his yogurt and started cleaning the mess we had made in the kitchen.

“Teddy?” I asked him once he had finished his yogurt, and after I had cleaned him with a wet cloth, and his clothes with a quick scougrify.

“Yes, Mumma?” He asked copying my tone of voice

“Would you like to go on holidays?”

“Like Harry (Har-eeee) and Ginny (Inn-eeee) did?” He cocked one head to one side, furrowing his eyebrows in thought.

“Yes, just like that.” I explained, “We'd have to go on a plane, like you seen on TV, and go to my cousins wedding. Doesn't that sound like fun?”

“Yes!” He repeated excitedly his voice quivering with excitement.

“We'd have to pack and not see Harry or Ginny or anyone else for a while.” I warned.

“Holiday!” Teddy screeched as he completely ignored what I had said.

I sighed as I got him out of his high chair and let him run free into the living room where he immediately began pulling his toys out. “Holidays!” he shouted at them in explanation as he tugged his favourite ones to one side of the room.

I watched him play for a while, as I wrote a letter to Kingsley explaining my absence, and informing him I was going on holidays, not asking permission.

I felt Teddy patting my leg and when I looked up my eyes widened as I noticed his favourite toys had been rammed into his overnight bags, the ones we used when he went to stay at Harry and Ginny's or Molly's.

“Teddy honey, do you want to go now?” I asked with a smile.

“Yes!” He shouted.

“Then let's go tell Harry and Ginny and everyone else where we're going. You know Molly will cry if we don't turn up for family day” Every week since the end of the war Molly, wanting to keep her family close when everyone seemed to be moving out and moving on, had demanded that every member of her extended family attend Sunday dinner, but since Teddy ate earlier than everyone else in the family, we just went to play games and enjoy ourselves.

I laughed loudly as Teddy raced to the floo, almost falling over himself in his haste to go on holiday.