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The Futurist

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The black flip phone on his table looked out of place next to all his hi tech devices. When Tony received the phone all he wanted to do was throw the damn thing to the ground. The urge to rip the letter to pieces was even harder to gulp down. The non-apologetic letter, how so much like Rogers.


"FRIDAY what time is it?"


"It is four in the morning Boss." She replied back.


Tony sighed loudly. He really should not been spending his nights staring at those two items…


Tony hated everything that occurred. He spent many hours thinking what he could have done differently. He spent many more hours on Roger’s betrayal. But when he put the phone call from Ross on hold, all he felt was satisfaction. The news that the others managed to escaped from the high security prison made him laugh outright. No matter what they were still his friends.


And this was not the time to contemplate about what had already happened. Yes the Avengers were broken but he had to look towards the future. He was alone when he started. Slowly people who were close to him gotten involved, then He made family with spies, super soldiers and aliens.



They all made so many mistakes. Even more only few days ago trying to fix their previous mistakes. He had to find a way to make it right again.


After all he was the mechanic.


Slowly but surely, he will prepare for the battle, that even now, none of them were prepared for. The past mistakes they all made, he will use it to protect the future. Yes He was going to be all right. He will look forward like he has always done.


And Tony Stark smiled.




Peter froze when he opened his bedroom door.

"Yo spiderling what do you think about working with me to make a better future?" Peter once again found Mr. Stark in his bedroom tinkering with the webshooter that he had designed for the teen.


"Uh... I would love to...?" Peter was always lost in what to say in front of his hero. Yes He, who was cracking jokes even in deadly fights, lost what to say at the mere sight of the Giant.


"Great! I already asked permission from your Hot Aunt so pack a bag you'll be staying with me for the summer." The teen watched the man jump up happily from his bed and disappear out the door.


"Wait... what...!?" He gaped the moment his brain decided to kick start again.


"Bruce. If you get this message bring your big beautiful brain of yours back to the compound. We have work to do." He sighed as he disconnected the call. Bruce Banner, the brilliant Nuclear physicist, who also had a guilty conscious higher than mount Everest, was one of the rare people Tony called friend. He definitely needed Bruce for Tony's plan for the future.


Tony had hoped Bruce would pop back in his life without having Tony search for him. But from the way things were going He feared a search party would be the only way for him to get back in contact with the Doctor.


Well then Plan B it is.


Tony hesitated just one moment as he stared at the name and number he had saved on his phone.


"Hello is this Doctor Pym? I'm Tony Stark and I would love talk to you about a proposition I have."




Peter felt very out of place from the place he was silently sitting. Not only was there Tony Stark to his right, Hank Pym was on his left! Hank Pym! He didn't know what he did correctly for this to happen, (no scratch that he knew what he did, he became Spiderman!) but he sure was living his dream!


Well… it would have been if the tension in the room wasn't enough the suffocate him.


Peter pursed his lips as he gave uncertain glances at the two men.


"Um... so... should I give you two the room?" Any other time Peter would be cracking up inside from the innuendo but the second it left his mouth he felt vastly awkward. (stupid mouth stupid!) He groaned silently while he cautiously got up from his seat.


Mr. Stark did not even look his way as he waved Peter back into his chair. "No stay. Doctor Pym I'm glad you could make it up here. I just had to talk with you when I saw one of your work walking around recently."


Tony tried, really he did, to smile and not smirk when he saw the old man frown deeply.


"I don't know what your talking about."


"I thought the Ant-man project was shut down years ago, Doctor. But color me surprised, when I witness it's power and the shocking turn of events. There’s so many different benefit to such tech, I can’t help but be interested in, perhaps, researching it further..." This time Tony could not stop the smirk appearing on his face.


The aging man slammed his hands on the desk and roared. "You stay out of my research Stark! Like Father like son. Never trust a Stark!" The old scientist growled and brashly got up from his seat. "I do not want anything to do with you or your company so if you excuse me." Why did he allow his daughter persuade him take this meeting? Ah right, the whereabouts of Scott.


Tony stood his ground. "Doctor, if you have been following the current events and not burying yourself in your house, you would know how much this world needs us. From the words of the wise 'When you can do the things you can but you don't, and then the bad things happen, they happen because of you."' Both men was startled looked towards the suddenly chocking young teen.


"Are you ok kid?" Hank rushed to the boy and began rubbing his back to help him get back his breath.


"I...I'm fine" Peter answered in between coughs (Tony quoted him! He called me wise!) He wasn't sure if his face was red due to his coughing or blushing due to embarrassment. When he took a quick glance at Tony, Peter saw him smirk. Yes, he definitely is his hero.


"Get a hold of yourself. Geez your running in the big leagues now. Stop embarrassing yourself." Tony stated even as he felt himself smile brighter at the boy.


Hank stood once more when the boy calmed down enough. He returned his attention to Stark. "What do you mean?"


Tony glanced at both of the people he had invited before he turned on the hologram on the desk.


"Gentlemen I propose we use our brilliant brain together and protect the future of this Earth"


The hologram showed multiple designs of different items.


"What are these?" Peter asked and curiously leaned closer for a better look.


Hank kept quiet as he also looked over the designs of neural transmitters. He frowned. Howard Stark was brilliant. But he had never considered him as his equal. But looking at these… Hank glared. Tony Stark was brilliant, of that, he could not deny.


"You want our help in stopping mind control?" Hank whipped his head towards the young boy who had exclaimed in awe. Who was this boy? Did he really just figure out what the device did by looking only at the designs? Even Pym Lab’s best Scientist would have trouble figuring that out by only looking at the blueprint.


"This is the only beginning. If we can’t protect our own brain first, how can we protect the world." Tony wasn’t surprised as Hank that Peter was able recognized what he had designed. After all he wouldn’t have even asked the teen to come if he had thought otherwise.


"What did you say your name was?" The old man finally asked.


"Oh I’m sorry! I forgot to introduce myself. My names is Peter Parker!"