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The breeze felt nice against his exposed skin. Some of the air making it's way through the thin material of Daichi's shirt and cooled his body. It felt nice. Especially on a hot day such as today.

It was Sunday, which meant no volleyball practice, but that didn't stop Daichi from going out for a run. He was halfway through his run through the park when he decided he wanted to just lay back onto the cool grass.

He didn't know how long he had been here, he left his phone at home so he couldn't check. But the water bottle he had brought with him was now long gone and he was thirsty again.

He knew where the water fountains were located in the park, so he knew where he could refill his bottle, but he didn't want to get up, at least not just yet.

His arms were tucked behind his head where he lay in a shaded spot. He felt blissful, there was nothing he had to really do today, so if he wanted to, he could potentially just stay here all day, with the exception of getting up for water.

Daichi sighed to himself, content to just stay here.

"Always have to be the show off, huh Dai?"

The sweet voice made Daichi open his eyes and see his best friend standing above him.

"Oh, hey Suga," he sat up just as Suga was sitting down.

Unlike Daichi, who was dressed in work out clothes, Suga was dressed in normal clothes, navy blue shorts and a white t-shirt with a little orange bird on the breast pocket. He had on sunglasses, which he slid onto the top of his head once he was sitting.

"Why do you have to make me look bad?"

Daichi scoffed, "yeah, like anyone could make you look bad," Daichi had seen Suga when he had barely woken up, half asleep, he had seen him sick and after a long day of practice in the middle of summer, and Suga has never looked anything less than impeccable.

"Well when you're showing off your muscles like that, the rest of us are left to look like twigs," Suga tugged at the sleeves of Daichi's t shirt, which he had rolled up around his shoulders to cool his arms down.

"It's hot, what do you expect?" he lightly slapped Suga's hand away.

"For you to not be so hot," Suga retorted easily.

Daichi let out a sarcastic 'ha'. He was still trying to figure out where he and Suga stood in terms of their friendship. They were friends of course, but they also flirted with each other, or at least what Daichi considered to be flirting. They sat together on the bus and Suga always fell asleep on him, Daichi had even started wrapping an arm around him so they could both sleep comfortably. During breaks in practice, they always sat together, shoulder's touching. When they talked, there was always some touching, especially from Suga who had the habit of punching and slapping Daichi's arms. When they walked home, their hands would brush together. And there was a lot of flirtatious talk like right now. Friends didn't casually tell each other they were hot, did they?

But Suga had, and Daichi didn't exactly know if it was okay for him to make a comment like 'if I'm the hot one then you're the beautiful one,' so he just changed the subject.

"What are you doing out anyway?"

Suga lifted a bag which Daichi hadn't even noticed he had been carrying, "I went to the grocery store," he said, setting it back now, "I needed a few things, I'm trying out a new cake recipe,"

"You make cakes?" Daichi asked, of course Suga made cakes, Suga was exactly the kind of person to make cakes.

He listened to his best friend hum, "and I bake other stuff, too. Like cookies, and brownies. Remember that cheesecake I took to your house a couple weeks ago?"

"The one your mom made, with the cherries?" Daichi had been dreaming of that cheesecake since he had it. It had been so smooth, so delicious, so creamy. Him and his family had finished the entire thing that same night.

"Yeah, I made it,"

"You made it," Daichi repeated awestruck, that cheesecake had been the most delicious thing he had ever tasted, and Suga had made it, "why did you say your mom made it?"

Suga shrugged, "I didn't want you to feel like you had to like it because I made it,"

"Suga, I loved it. It was so good. I was craving it the other day so bad, I even considered going to your house and begging your mom to make me one,"

"That wouldn't have worked, you have to beg me for one,"

Daichi was moving quickly, he got to his knees and faced Suga. He took one of his hands in both of his, "Sugawara Koushi, will you make me the happiest man on earth and make me another cheesecake?" He asked, keeping this face as seriously as he could.

Suga's face was flushed pink from the heat, and he stared at Daichi in surprise, until his face slowly turned up with a big smile and he was giggling. He was honest to god giggling and it was the most beautiful sound Daichi had ever heard. And he was convinced it was the most beautiful sound he would ever hear in his life. If reincarnation were real, it would be the most beautiful sound he heard in all his lives.

"You're a ridiculous man, Sawamura Daichi," Suga said, "but yes, I will make you a cheesecake," he giggled again and reached his free hand to Daichi's hair.

Daichi was confused at first, but then Suga's fingers were moving through his short hair and he saw blades of grass falling off of him. He must have looked ridiculous with grass in his hair, but he didn't really care, not if it meant Suga's hands could be in his hair.

He didn't even realize it, but his eyes started to close, and Suga was tugging his hand out of Daichi's hold. He wanted to protest, even opened his eyes to do so, but them both of Suga's hands were running through his hair and massaging his scalp.

Daichi hummed, "that feels nice," no one had ever really done this to him before.

Even though it was blazing hot, it wasn't the heat that made him want to melt. No, it was Suga's hands, perfect hands attached to the perfect person.


Daichi hummed again and felt Suga's hands go down to his neck. His body acted on its own and he was leaning away, hunching his shoulders a bit as his eyes opened and he grabbed Suga's arms.

"Sensitive neck," he clarified, bring their hands down so Suga's weren't anywhere near his neck.

Suga nodded in understanding and let his arms fall limp in Daichi's hold. He moved closer though. And Daichi wasn't completely sure why, but he felt himself straighten up the closer he got. Close enough that he pressed his tongue right against the side of Daichi's neck and licked up.

Daichi yelped and released Suga, his hand flying to his neck, "hey!" He chastised.

Suga could only giggle as he stood up and grabbed the plastic bag, "gotta go," he said as he turned off and ran away.

Daichi watched him leave, a full water bottle left in the vacant place he left behind. Once he realized what had happened he couldn't help but laugh and lay back against the grass to resume his initial position.

He didn't know what his status was with Suga, but whatever it was, he liked it.