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She is just so...glubbing...CUT--E! Were you ever that cute? You’re sure you weren’t. There is no way your eyes were ever so big, and you definitely did not have such great dimples. The new princess is just...aborbubble!

“It’s an honor to finally meet you, Empress Feferi,” the girl says, trembling as you extend your hand to pull her from the floor. “It’ I mean...I’ve read all the books about your Sgrub game and seen the movies about” She falters.

“Kismesis?” You say, laughing when she bites her lip. “It was rather an epic tale. Do you have a kismesis yet, dear?”

She goes violet around the gills. “N-no! I...don’t think so?”

You laugh and wrap an arm around her shoulder, leading her out of the throne room. “Tell me all about it.”

She looks at the floor as you walk, enveloped by your robes. “Well...I mean...maybe? She...gets angry at me. A lot. Maybe she’s trying to be a really forceful moirall? But...I have a moirall. It’s very confusing.”

“Ah, youth,” you giggle, patting her head. “Don’t worry, princess.”

She looks up at you. “It’ll work itself out?”

“Hmmm.” You smile.

And ease the dagger between her ribs.

She stops walking. Gasps. Reaches up to touch where the metal meets her flesh. Then again looks at you with wide, tearful eyes.

You sigh, brushing your hand along her cheek. “I am so sorry, princess.”

She jerks, gills flapping and flicking off purple blood, barely missing the rug.

Good. You like that rug.

You are with her until she collapses to the ground and closes her eyes and stops breathing.

Then you pick up your train and walk back into the throne room. There is still so much to do.