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Namjoon was not having a good day. To be fair, no one else was either – but as their leader, Namjoon felt he was in a particularly terrible position. There was only so much bullshit he could put up with in day-to-day life and he hit the roof of his maximum-BS-o-metre at around eight in the god damn morning this morning.


He glanced at the clock. 1:32PM blinked back at him, unsympathetic. Namjoon rubbed the bridged of his nose, fingers flaring out over his eyebrows with the spread of his headache. It really, genuinely sucked that all this was happening at the same time. He would hazard the guess that it wasn't a coincidence, but he really didn't need to – Jeongguk and Taehyung had been dancing around each other for years since they met, everyone saw it, everyone knew.


And here they were years later, idols living their collective dreams, about to be royally screwed over by two of their youngest.


“We can't just keep them apart forever.” Seokjin commented. He had said that about thirty times since it happened, and it was no more enlightening this time than it had been the first.


“I'm aware of that fact.” Namjoon replied.


The dorm was quiet except for the sounds of whatever Yoongi was having to do to Jeongguk to keep him in their room. Taehyung was out with Jimin, probably at the studio if Namjoon were to wager a guess. It wasn't wise to be out in public with an omega in heat no matter how many emergency suppressants were whirring through his system. Namjoon still couldn't quite believe they were both presenting at the same damn time. He had heard of it happening by coincidence, but never as intentional as it seemed with Jeongguk and Taehyung. They were close, but they weren't literal bondmates. They couldn't be. It wasn't possible.


And yet the probability of that happening looked more and more likely all the time.


Namjoon opened his eyes and stared at the ceiling.


“They're going to have to sleep in the same dorm tonight, you know.” Hoseok informed him.


“I'm aware of that fact.” Namjoon repeated, head throbbing.


“Okay, good, now let's figure out the next step.” The tremor of aggravation in Hoseok's voice had Namjoon glaring him down. There was nothing worse than an irritated beta grinding his teeth at him over something he couldn't do anything about.


“Hoseok, I don't know if you've noticed,” he bit out, “but the next step is either keeping them separate until Taehyung's heat is done – or letting them fuck each other into a coma.”


Hoseok looked mildly put off by his choice of words, but wasn't otherwise deterred.


“Well why don't we just let them then?” He snapped, eyes flashing in the dim light.


Seokjin cut in before the fight could escalate, hands raised to placate them. “You know why we can't do that.” He told Hoseok, calm but firm. “Both completely inexperienced, and only just presented... they could seriously harm each other.”


There was a moment more of tension, but Seokjin wore them both down. Hoseok pulled one knee up to his chest on the recliner and shook his head, terse but pacified; Namjoon glared off into the far window and tried to think his way out of their problem.


“We could send one of them home? Just temporarily.” Seokjin suggested.


“No.” Namjoon replied reflexively. The idea of anyone, even their manager, knowing about the situation here... it just wouldn't end well. “No one can know about this. It would raise too many questions, cause too much concern.”


“And we don't have the money for either of them to stay at a hotel or something.” Hoseok added wearily. “We're hooped.”


“Yeah,” Namjoon agreed dryly. “We really are.”




“Hey, Taehyungie.” Jimin gave his friend a shake. He was still quite feverish, but at least he wasn't in any danger any more. That morning had been the worst of it really – although dragging Taehyung out the door later in the afternoon had been pretty terrifying as well.


Taehyung stirred, head resting on a hoodie in Jimin's lap.


“Hm? What's happening?” He asked, stretching out over him. Jimin leaned back, the cool press of the mirror keeping him in check. What he felt for Taehyung as a beta wasn't even half as bad as what an alpha would feel, but it still kicked up a strange sensation in his gut. Especially when he was all... clingy like this. Taehyung was a cuddler by nature, but this was ridiculous. He'd barely let go of Jimin since they left the dorm, and Jimin was starting to feel the slow build of hunger.


It really sucked that there was no quick fix to omega pheromones.


“Namjoon said we can go back to the dorm.” He said, eying the flush on Taehyung's cheeks. He sat up immediately, one arm holding himself up over Jimin's thighs. His eyes were bright.


“Really? What about Jeonggukie?” He asked, leaning close. Jimin leaned back in response, determined to keep himself under control.


“Not sure what they decided there, but we're going back.” He said.


Taehyung hummed thoughtfully as he dropped his forehead to Jimin's shoulder. He was terrifyingly hot all over, from the hand on Jimin's arm to the breath on his collarbone. Taehyung squeezed, nails digging into Jimin's bicep, and that was it. He hauled Taehyung up by the neck of his sweater and pulled him close, eye to eye. Taehyung was watching his lips, eyes half-mast, cheeks blazing red.


“Fuck.” Jimin whispered, pushing him back gently as he could. “Those suppressants said they'd last twelve hours. This is bullshit.”


Taehyung didn't reply. He was crouched over himself, shaking just a little. Jimin took a moment to catch his breath, calm himself down, and then pulled him up and wrapped an arm around his waist. It was going to be a rough walk home, that was for sure.




“You need to get out of my way, hyung.” Jeongguk growled. The stress on the honorific was tremendously sardonic. Yoongi would applaud his tone – he'd learned it from him after all – but he was a little busy making sure not to leave himself open for disabling to do as much. Give him an inch, and Jeongguk would take a mile. He'd already tried to shoulder Yoongi aside to get to the door, and Yoongi had the bruise to show for it.


“You need to calm down, kid.” He replied coolly. This, apparently, was the last straw. Jeongguk vaulted across the room and slammed Yoongi against the door, nails biting into his shoulders. It was unfortunate that Jeongguk was both tall and an alpha. It'd be a lot easier to avoid flinching if he were just a beta, but no, he had to go and present as an alpha like Namjoon. God. The timing couldn't be worse.


Jeongguk was so possessed of his anger – and a molotov cocktail of other emotions and wants and needs – that he seemed unable to speak. All he could do was stare Yoongi down, practically flatten him to the wall with alpha pheromones, and gnash his pretty white teeth. It was a pretty pathetic sight. It might have been terrifying if Yoongi hadn't known Jeongguk since he was a pimply tweenager, but alas, he had.


“Okay, seriously, calm the fuck down. We're going to deal with this. You just have to have some patience.”


Yoongi was really just talking to talk, trying to distract Jeongguk from what was surely a literally irresistible urge to punch through the door and go find Taehyung – but it seemed to be working. He supposed this was why they sent him in, as opposed to Namjoon. Mediating beta pheromones or what the fuck ever. Yoongi didn't pay attention to shit like that, usually.


He opened his mouth to continue his spiel, but his cell pinged. Distracted, Yoongi pulled it out of his sweater to take a peek. It was a text, from Namjoon. He was just in the other room, so the text was a little unnecessary, but he supposed they didn't really know how well Jeongguk would take to Namjoon anymore. Alphas tended to be a little bit territorial. Unintentionally, sure, but territorial nonetheless. There was a lot of logistical shit the seven of them were going to have to figure out now.



From: Namjoon

Subject: :^/

Sent at: 1:53 PM

bringing tae back. Gonna just let them... yeah... no other choice.



Yoongi stared critically at the “:^/” in the subject line, finding himself tempted to just throw his phone out the window. All that stalling and this was the best solution they could come up with? Really? He was practically risking his life getting between two bondmates – and Yoongi, being an intelligent guy, was under no illusions about the nature of Taehyung and Jeongguk's relationship. They were bondmates, no two ways about it, Namjoon was just playing the fool trying to avoid the truth. That was fine, Yoongi's job had always been to bring Namjoon around to see sense. It was a duty he shared with Seokjin, but apparently they were both slacking given that it took him this long to see the light.


Yoongi turned his attention back to Jeongguk, who was practically in a daze. Jesus, the kid was out to lunch.


“Will you stay here and wait patiently if I tell you Taehyung is coming back?”


“Is he?” Jeongguk asked, eyes intense and searching and a little distraught.

“Yeah. Namjoon finally clued in.”


“Oh.” Jeongguk inclined his head. He was still gripping Yoongi's shoulders like a vice clamp, but he was sort of deflating. As much as a wound-up alpha could, really. “Yeah, I'll wait.”


Yoongi nodded, already ducking out from under Jeongguk's arms.


“Good. I'll leave then.” It was awkward as far as goodbyes go, but those were Yoongi's specialty. He left Jeongguk in the room, door shut, and found his way into the kitchen where everyone else had congregated – sans Jimin and Taehyung.


“He's fine.” Best just to get that out of the way before he was bombarded with questions. Namjoon looked a little skeptical, but he had good reason to be. They all did. Young alphas were generally quite aggressive in sensitive situations like the one they were currently mired in. “And yeah, he's got pretty good control of himself. Maybe he learned from you.”


Namjoon rolled his eyes, but Yoongi was sure he'd be pleased to hear that. Jeongguk had always looked up to Namjoon more than anyone else. It would be nice to know some of his trademark control was rubbing off on him.


“Right, so when Taehyung and Jimin get here, we dump Taehyung with Jeongguk, kidnap Jimin, and go hang out with Donghyuk?” Hoseok suggested. He sounded more amused by the whole situation now that they had a plan of attack.


Seokjin pinched the bridge of his nose. There was a certain edge to him, like he was still hesitant to leave two of their youngest to nothing but each other. Yoongi supposed that wasn't unreasonable. It wasn't that anyone doubted their ability to not hurt each other, but first cycles were stupid intense and Taehyung and Jeongguk had only just presented.


Not like they had any other choice though.


“They're here.” Namjoon announced, laconic.


“Wh-” And then Taehyung's scent hit him. “Holy shit.”


“I'm guessing the suppressants wore off.” The laugh Hoseok bit out was tense. Seokjin went to the door to help them in, and the sight of Taehyung draping all over Jimin like a big clingy blanket was part hysterical and part depressing. Poor kid probably just wanted to get up and eat breakfast this morning but no, mother nature had something entirely different in mind. Yoongi wondered briefly if he'd eaten anything – Jeongguk sure hadn't – but the thought hit a wall as soon as Taehyung's scent became more apparent.


“Oh, fuck.” Hoseok muttered, sinking into a chair. Yoongi nodded in agreement, one hand poised in front of his face. He couldn't actually unsmell the pheromones, but god damn did he want to. Inadvertently being that attracted to a kid he had no natural feelings for was uncomfortable. Such was the life of a beta, he supposed. It was probably worse for Taehyung, who was flushed to the ears and cringing every time someone touched him. Between the two of them, Jimin and Seokjin managed to guide him inside while simultaneously motioning for the rest of them to leave.


Yoongi had no qualms with that, and apparently neither did anyone else.


He hadn't left the dorm that fast since the first and last time Namjoon tried his hand at cooking four years ago.




The walk back to the dorm basically didn't happen for Taehyung. He could remember waking up, becoming aware of a Problem, and then everything went to shit. Kind of. Was waking up and realizing you wanted to cuddle naked with your best friend a bad way to start the day? Well, it was when you lived with five other guys and you were suddenly an omega that you weren't supposed to be. Weren't planned to be. His parents were a nice, stable beta pair. There were no omegas in his family in recent memory, so his current predicament must have been a throwback courtesy of one of his asshole ancestors.


He'd heard it was a bit controversial for an idol to be an omega. He never really got the memo as to why, but it was. There were a few out there, of course, but Taehyung was far from prepared to be one himself. He didn't even know how heats worked.


They got in the door and the same Problem he understood that morning through the fog of drowsiness and desire became apparent. It wasn't like Jeongguk smelled different or better or anything – for that matter, none of his dorm mates did. They smelled like they always did, looked as bleary-eyed in the morning as usual, but he was suddenly punched in the gut with affection and love and intense need for them. Any of them – all of them. Especially Jeongguk. Namjoon, in the back of his mind, was also an alpha, but Jeongguk was just. Everything he'd ever wanted. Needed.


Taehyung was vaguely aware of Jimin and Seokjin saying something, but it was like trying to hear radiowaves through an ocean of water. Jeongguk.


“We'll be back later.” Seokjin was saying. Taehyung could see him gripping Jeongguk by the shoulders, holding him back firmly. Their youngest seemed barely conscious of whatever the hell was being said. Taehyung absolutely couldn't blame him.


“Don't hurt him.” Jimin added, and then the two interlopers stepped aside.


Taehyung practically crumpled forward, and Jeongguk was there before he could even think about how hard the floor was going to be on his knees. Holy fuck was that amazing – the feeling of Jeongguk's arms around him, holding him up like he was light as a feather, probably all those alpha hormones or whatever. He might have made a weird noise, he couldn't be sure, but he could see Jeongguk smiling so it was fine. Wrapping his arms tight around Jeongguk's shoulders was all Taehyung could do, and it was barely enough. He had no idea what he needed, but he needed it now.


Jeongguk pulled off his shirt and Taehyung mirrored his actions. His skin tingled where they touched; he could feel the hairs on the back of his neck stand on end like he'd been electrified. Fuck if that wasn't what it felt like. Overwhelmed, he ducked his head against Jeongguk's neck and pushed him back through the door to the bedroom. They ended up on Yoongi's bunk, Taehyung instinctively falling back and letting Jeongguk crawl over top of him, barely separating. Taehyung was shivering intermittently, so pleased to be where he was. How had he never known this was what he wanted? It seemed so obvious now.


Jeongguk watched him, eyes blown black. He was doing that unintentional lip-bite thing that he did, and Taehyung could just about cry. Why lip-biting made him want to cry, he wasn't sure. Everything just felt so much more, like it meant something bigger than what it was. Maybe. Words were insufficient. Taehyung wanted the air in Jeongguk's lungs, so he leaned up and took it.


The way Jeongguk pressed a thumb against his pulse was as much gentle and soothing as it was domineering, and exciting. Taehyung pulled him down, biting into the lip he was so distracted by, and felt Jeongguk melt into him. Two people could only get so physically close, but for some time Taehyung thought maybe they would break the laws of physics. The sheets felt thick and uncomfortable underneath him, and he kind of wished Jeongguk was all he could feel. His lips were soft, though, and that was almost compensation enough for their separation.


“I don't know what I'm doing.” Jeongguk admitted against Taehyung's lips.


“That's fine. Neither do I.” The words made Jeongguk's mouth curl into a smile. Taehyung never thought he'd want to feel that, but there he was, glad he could do just that. They laid like that for some time: Jeongguk piled on top of Taehyung without a single care in the world, their hands linked loosely, taking turns pressing important little kisses to each others' face, neck, shoulders. Anything they could reach. Taehyung hovered between overwhelmingly turned-on and feeling kind of sappy. He was never told this was what a cycle was like.


“What did you think when you woke up this morning?” Taehyung asked, out of breath. Jeongguk drew his head up to stare down at him, eyes shuttered.


“You mean what did I think when I woke up and we were...” He shrugged. Taehyung knew what he meant and nodded slowly. Everything felt slow. Time felt nonexistent. “It didn't feel any different. I just. Wanted you?” He sounded embarrassed.


“So... wanting me is pretty normal for you then?” Taehyung asked, grinning slyly.


Jeongguk groaned and dropped his head to Taehyung's chest, muttering something about him “shutting the hell up”. That was no way for a kid to talk to their hyung, but there was no one there to impress and Taehyung never really cared about that kind of formality anyway. Not from Jeongguk.


“I don't get it though...” Jeongguk began and then stopped, like he often did. Taehyung would usually just wait him out, but not today. He dragged one hand away from Jeongguk's warm palm and began toying with his ear impatiently, a message Jeongguk was sure to hear loud and clear. He squirmed. “I thought we were supposed to be... like...”


“Fucking each others brains out?” Taehyung suggested. He grinned at the shade of red that bloomed up to Jeongguk's ears.


“Oh my God.” He managed to say, a bit strangled.


“Well that's what you wanted to say, right?”


“Wh–no–I mean, yeah, but–”


Taehyung laughed. Jeongguk was glaring down at him, one eyebrow raised suspiciously, lips quirked back in an uncertain smile. It was so very Jeongguk and it let loose within him a horrible landslide of affection. He'd kind of always felt that way about Jeongguk, but he'd never really understood how deep those feelings were rooted. He got the impression that they were connected now even more than before, and wherever one went the other had to follow.


Jeongguk was still watching him, fond as anything.


“Do you want to?” Taehyung finally asked. Jeongguk went abruptly still and the atmosphere spiked; all of a sudden Taehyung wanted to be pinned down and wrecked, and Jeongguk very much looked like he wanted to be the one to do it. Jeongguk licked his lips and placed a hand on Taehyung's chest, trailing it down his ribs and then back up. Their eyes met, and words weren't really needed. Jeongguk moved to settle between Taehyung's open legs, his weight welcome and warm.


Kissing Jeongguk now was like kissing an inferno. Taehyung couldn't help but be swept up in it – not that he minded. Jeongguk was everything. Everything he felt, saw, breathed in, it all contained hints of Jeongguk. Taehyung arched into Jeongguk when nails raked down his sensitive ribs, leaving scores of red in their wake. His hips lifted off the bed and Jeongguk, rolling his eyes, held him down. It felt heavenly. Hands bruised his thighs, teeth scraped along the side of his neck, Jeongguk's hair brushed his jaw as he dipped to bite a mark into Taehyung's collarbone. Taehyung hissed, thighs clamping around Jeongguk's waist, and he pulled the younger boy up to kiss him again. Jeongguk gave his hips an experimental roll in response and Taehyung had to bite down on a moan.


Fuck.” Taehyung bit out, barely recognizing his own voice. He felt cold and hot at the same time, like he was running two different temperatures. His entire body pulsed each time Jeongguk ground down against him; his fingers dug uselessly into the bed sheets before sliding up to yank on the waistband of Jeongguk's shorts. “Off.” He demanded, right against Jeongguk's throat.

Above him, Jeongguk stilled and stared down, eyes alight with something fierce. “Where did your vocabulary go, Tae?” The nickname had him shivering. He didn't even know it was possible to be turned on by the sound of his name. Jeongguk leaned down, pinning Taehyung to the bed with his weight, his lips curved into a grin against the shell of Taehyung's ear. “Thought you wanted to 'fuck each others brains out', or did I hear that wrong?”


Taehyung made a noise deep in his throat, caught somewhere between a whine and a growl. It made his point better than words ever could; Jeongguk pulled back to press his forehead against Taehyung's, a move so open and vulnerable and so in contrast to what they were doing. Taehyung's eyes closed of their own accord, a mix of impatience and affection shooting through him at alternating intervals. Jeongguk leaned back a scant inch, head tilted to the side, a rebellious little grin on his face.


“I kinda like just laying on top of you.” He mused, watching delightedly as Taehyung glared up at him.


“Jeon Jeongguk-” He couldn't even finish his sentence. Jeongguk leaned down, abruptly serious, and laid an open-mouthed kiss against the center of Taehyung's throat. He went limp immediately, body responding to stimuli he didn't understand. The urge to submit, he guessed. It came with the territory of being an omega – not that he thought he'd ever be experiencing it in person, let alone at the hand of his best friend. Life was weird.


But he was still painfully hard, and Jeongguk was throbbing against him, and fuck.


“Please, please, please.” He whispered urgently, reaching up to drag his nails down the back of Jeongguk's neck. Jeongguk made a noise in response, something that went straight to Taehyung's core. He pulled at some of the finer hairs, just to see if Jeongguk would make it again.


Instead, he pulled back to throw off the rest of his clothing. Taehyung followed suit, immediately being crowded back against the wall by Jeongguk. A hand slid to his waist, pulling him forward into Jeongguk's lap, and the other bracketed his jaw to pull him in for a kiss. Taehyung's eyes slid shut as Jeongguk's tongue slid into his mouth, searingly hot. He brushed his hand over the back of Jeongguk's head, pushing closer, grinding down lightly. He couldn't help it. He needed this practically yesterday, and Jeongguk was suddenly biting hard into his lip, head cocked back, eyes halfway amused. There were no words to be exchanged; Jeongguk flipped him onto his stomach and leaned over him, sliding an arm below his stomach to pull him up against him.


Taehyung bit his reddened lips, practically dizzy with the feeling of Jeongguk's naked skin against his own. He was wet, throbbing, and all these feelings were unfamiliar but he knew what he wanted. Jeongguk breathed against the back of his neck as he reached back, sliding his fingers against the wet of Taehyung's entrance. He was so overly-sensitive he almost forgot to breathe in the process, shuddering so hard below Jeongguk that he was pretty sure the bed was actually shaking. And Jeongguk fucking delivered. His fingers slid into Taehyung and it wasn't nearly enough, but it was still the best sensation Taehyung had ever felt. He heard himself whisper an expletive, felt Jeongguk take a steadying breath.


He tried to be patient. Jeongguk's fingers worked in and out of him, steadily paced as he'd always been, but Taehyung was dripping and the noises were starting to leak out of him. Quiet, frustrated gasps that gave Jeongguk pause whenever he heard them. Taehyung's brows were furrowed, head bowed against the bed, sweat gathering on his neck. His cock was achingly hard, but touching himself did nothing. He knew Jeongguk's fingers wouldn't be enough either very, very soon.


He glanced over his shoulder, swallowing at the sight of Jeongguk leaning over him, eyes following his every move with all the intensity of a dying sun. It could burn him alive, just that look. He could feel Jeongguk's erection against the back of his thighs, still wasn't sure how the boy had lasted this long. Alphas hardly had any better control of themselves than omegas, and Jeongguk looked just as wrecked as Taehyung felt.


Still, he went so slowly, like he couldn't stand to be out of control. Eventually his fingers slid away, smearing wet across the sheets before he lined himself up, teasing.


“Fuck.” Taehyung whispered again, thighs shaking. Jeongguk's hand slid down one of them, squeezing hard, and Taehyung was sure he was doing it on purpose. “If you don't hurry up I think I'm going to die.” He admitted feverishly, skin going hot then cold. Jeongguk hummed and leaned over him, brushing aside his hair to leave an open mouthed kiss against the back of his neck. Again, Taehyung felt boneless. He was going to have to have a talk with Jeongguk about not doing that because he was pretty sure it was making things worse. But, not now. Or maybe ever. He wasn't sure yet. Jeongguk bit the same place he kissed and holy fuck-


“Feel good?” Jeongguk whispered. Taehyung was almost seeing stars; his whole body felt painfully hot.


“You need to fuck me. Right now.” He replied hoarsely, barely aware that there should have been a barrier between his brain and his mouth. Too turned on for that, he supposed. Or maybe it was an effect of the heat. Whatever. He needed it, now. Jeongguk took a sharp breath, hands tightening on his sides. And finally, fucking finally, Jeongguk slid into him. The things that came out of his mouth were absolutely obscene, but he couldn't stop himself even if he tried.


“So good,” He moaned, barely able to hold himself up. Jeongguk abruptly pulled him up so he was straddling him backwards, and he immediately bit into the sensitive flesh of Taehyung's neck. Again. Taehyung seethed his name, thighs shaking with the effort of leveraging himself so Jeongguk could pound into him. And he didn't let go either. Just kept biting and licking and biting until Taehyung could barely snap out his name.


He came abruptly, cum shooting onto his stomach, and Jeongguk slowed.


“You smell so fucking good, hyung.” He whispered against the back of his neck. Taehyung could feel the swelling of his dick as he thrust up into him, almost delirious with expectation. Instinct had him ready for this. His own cock was already half-hard again at the feeling of Jeongguk pushing up into him again and again, larger and more solid with every movement. He dropped his head back against Jeongguk's shoulder, turning his head to nuzzle his forehead against the side of the boy's head. Jeongguk's arms slid around his torso to pull him impossibly closer, and Taehyung didn't possess the energy to scream like he wanted to when he felt Jeongguk's dick brush his prostate.


“Are you breathing?” Jeongguk wondered, breathless.


“I don't know.” He mumbled, shivering every time one of them so much as shifted. He wasn't sure he'd be able to walk straight after this. He could already feel the crazy burn in his thighs now that he was resting fully in Jeongguk's lap, his arms covered by Jeongguk's across his stomach. He wasn't sure how but he was hard again, and Jeongguk was resting his chin on Taehyung's shoulder. With one hand Jeongguk secured his wrists, and with the other he reached down to run his fingers along the inside of Taehyung's thigh.


“God.” He shuddered at the feeling of Jeongguk's hand wrapping around him again, still over-sensitive but so fucking hard. It was hard to reconcile the two feelings, like he had enough but wanted so much more. He was willingly (and instinctually) at Jeongguk's mercy though, and let him direct the pace of things. It felt right.


Jeongguk, as was becoming more than apparent, liked things slow. Searingly, mind-bendingly slow. Taehyung was a mess over it, to be completely honest. Jeongguk's touch was so light, teasing, as he dragged his thumb up the underside of Taehyung's dick. There were teeth scraping across the back of his neck again, sending sparks of pure ecstasy up and down his spine, pooling in his gut. He was so hard he just – he needed release, so he ripped one hand free from Jeongguk's hold and tried to jerk himself off, twitching when his fingers so much as brushed the side of his cock.


Tae.” Jeongguk growled. It was a combination of things that had Taehyung freezing, breath stilling in his lungs. It was Jeongguk's tone, the way he his voice dipped lower than Taehyung had ever heard it go before; the way Jeongguk bit into his shoulder with blunt, firm teeth; it was really the way Jeongguk's hand tightened around his dick and pumped with more determination. Taehyung was coming in seconds, head tilted all the way back against Jeongguk's shoulder, body arching in response. He felt Jeongguk hold him tighter, mumbling something inaudible against the side of his neck, shaking hard below him.


And Taehyung – Taehyung was struck with the oddest feeling. It was this all-encompassing contentedness, the kind he'd only ever felt back home in Daegu with Soonshim on a leash, dragging him all over town, or staring up at the stars from the safety of his bed, feeling invincible. It was safety, comfort, everything good thing he'd ever felt all packed into one moment.


“You're mine.” Taehyung whispered thoughtlessly.


And Jeongguk's arms tightened around his middle in agreement.




The others came back later that night and found them asleep in each others' arms, halfway under the blankets.


“Why my bed? What do you punks have against me, huh?” Yoongi muttered, quietly so as not to wake them. They left their own beds open anyway so he could just borrow one of theirs for the remainder of the night. Still. He liked his bed, damn it.


“So we worried for nothing, basically.” Seokjin surmised, amused despite himself.

“Typical.” Hoseok agreed, pulling Jimin along under his arm. They all piled into the room, making beelines for their beds. Namjoon face-planted onto his and didn't move again; Seokjin, meanwhile, just barely managed to throw off his pants and socks before he slid under the covers and went still. Yoongi sympathized; Namjoon in particular hadn't stopped worrying about the whole arrangement since they left. Low-key, of course, because he was too cool to bring it up with the rest of them, but they all knew it. Perks of being betas: they were all really good at reading alphas.


Jimin and Hoseok were in the bathroom, probably brushing their teeth or something. Yoongi tossed his beanie onto Taehyung's bed as he sat down, having picked the closest available. It took him a moment to realize Taehyung's eyes were open a crack and he was watching Yoongi strip off his shirt. Anyone else and it would've made him uncomfortable, but it was Taehyung. Who was also shirtless.


“Sleep well?” He asked, voice low. Taehyung stretched his arms around Jeongguk, smiling dazedly. He nodded. “Good. You idiots had us worried.”


And then, more sincerely, “I'm glad you guys are okay.”


Taehyung tilted his head into the pillow, but it did nothing to hide his affectionate little smile.


“What time is it?”


Yoongi glanced at his watch. “Three in the morning.”


“You're late.” Taehyung's voice was hoarse and he looked wiped.


“Yeah, well, we expected you guys to need some time. I guess.” Yoongi shrugged. “Looks like it was time well spent.”


Taehyung smiled. “Yep.”


The way he curled around Jeongguk – still dead to the world, as usual – suggested he was wholly content with whatever had transpired between them. Well, that was fine by Yoongi. As long as they were fine, everybody else would be fine. Honestly, the worst of their worries were how a burgeoning relationship would affect the dynamics of their group, but seeing this made him want to reconsider. Taehyung and Jeongguk had always done shit like this anyway. Sleeping together, showering together, feeding each other, etcetera.


“Sorry about your bed, hyung.”


Yoongi reached over to mess up his hair, rolling his eyes. “Just go to sleep.”


And Taehyung, obedient as ever, did just that.