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A Reflection of Yourself

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Daud is a private man and he doesn't like the openness of the Undine. Lizzy scowls and looks at him like he's crazy, but gives in to the demand to look for somewhere more secluded. Daud finds them an abandoned apartment a few floors above the riverfront that nobody will be able to follow them to. The mattress looks clean enough, too. Blinking them up makes Lizzy giddy with the power of the Void swallowing her, and she's playful and in a good mood again when they start kissing and undressing. Daud follows her tattoos with his lips, and Lizzy burrows her hand deep in his hair until she can tug at the roots.


She is soft and wet when he pushes inside her. "You know, for someone with a face as ugly as yours, you really have a nice cock," she teases, huffing a delightfully sensual little noise as he catches his weight on his arms next to her. Daud gets comfortable, and she wraps her legs around his waist, pressing her heels against the small of his back.


"Yeah? Too bad I can't say the same about you." He can see her face twitch into a frown, her lips pursed with offense, and grins. "Don't worry, it doesn't bother me," he adds, closing her mouth in a kiss before she can protest. She bites instead, and he chuckles into her mouth.



He should have known better than to offend Lizzy Stride, even playfully as it was.


She brings up the idea the next time they see each other, when money passes between them for a favor and Lizzy provides Daud with two crates of fresh food that was intended for the Estate District.


Daud looks at her with disbelief and shakes his head, muttering that she's clearly gone mad. Lizzy laughs and tells him it's a compliment more than anything.


She asks a second time the next time they meet, wiping blood off her hook while Daud goes through the corpses to look for coin and elixir. He looks up at her and frowns and shakes his head. She smiles at him and shrugs. "Have I ever disappointed you?" she asks, and he rolls his eyes and turns his back to her. But still they find themselves against a wall later, alone and in the dark, and the way Lizzy has wrapped her fingers around Daud's cock, squeezing the head until he sighs into her mouth, is more of an answer than his ever-distant attitude. "Let me do this for you, Daud," she says sweetly. "You have no idea how much they make you pay for this kind of service down at the Golden Cat."


"You're right, I don't," he replies, hips stuttering into her grip. She pulls away, and he follows her. "Lizzy," he snarls, and there is an underlying plea in his voice.


"I don't know Daud, you never let me have any fun," she teases with a exaggerated sigh, her thumb tapping the frenulum until Daud groans behind clasped teeth. She laughs at him.


She gets him to give in by the fifth time.


She's usually the one to start things, because despite his job he's far from being physical. Daud is reserved and scarcely bothers to pay attention to what his body tells him. Lizzy likes to make him. She has jerked him off before plenty of times, enjoying the way Daud bites down on the noises he wants to make, as if he's surprised he's capable of them, and Lizzy is trying to coax every single one out of him anyway. She enjoys playing with him, breaking down the walls and the stoic demeanor. She likes getting underneath his skin, digging and twisting.


And she's really done it this time. What she's doing now is a whole new level of making the Knife of Dunwall crumble. Now, his cock is hard against his stomach, skin tight and veins throbbing and the head leaking clear precum. It's truly a sight to behold. His right leg is hoisted up under her grip, his face and chest red with a blush that makes even the most faded of his scars burn bright. He's clinging to the sheets, and she feels his legs kick with every other of her movements.


"Fuck," he groans. Lizzy watches his Adam's apple bob as he tries to control his breathing. "Lizzy..."


"Yes, Daud?" she asks, but he doesn't answer. She doesn't think it was important, anyway. She renews her grip on his thighs. Fucking people is harder than she imagined it to be, but Daud is clearly enjoying it despite her trying this for the first time.


She's slipped her fingers into him before this, and although he never told her she's sure that he never let anyone else do that, and it's so sweet to even consider this. Lizzy is neither exclusive nor attached to the idea of romance, but she values what they have together, and the opinion Daud holds of her. The toy she's using on him isn't overly big, and Daud went a little pale in the face anyway when she first presented it to him proudly. But even Lizzy Stride knows when the joking stops, and with the intent to do this again she doesn't want to scare him away too soon. She's pampering him.


And honestly, the feeling of power it gives her is incredible. It doesn't matter that Daud is getting all the attention, Lizzy can feel her inner muscles twitch and contract, hungry to be filled. She feels warm fluid run out of her and seep into the harness, making her squirm and her hips stutter. Her twitching makes Daud jump, her every movement transmitted to him through the artificial cock strapped to her hips. She's sweating with the extended effort.


Daud doesn't look any better. The precum seeps from his cock in a thin, clear thread, pooling on his stomach. She can see sweat glistening on his forehead, running down the temple. It's collecting in the burrow between his collarbones. She wants to lean in and lick the salt from his quivering throat, feel his throbbing pulse under her tongue. They'll have a lot of cleaning up to do. It's wonderfully messy. She already knows he will complain about it when they're done. 


Daud is pressing his hands against the headboard now, trying to get some leverage against the thrusts she forces on him and she watches his knuckles turn white. She knows he must desperately want to reach down and stroke himself to completion. But Lizzy hasn't allowed it, and Daud has wonderful manners for a man of his reputation. He's clay in her hands that she can form to her liking.


He's already agreed to this. Next time she'll ask if she can wrap his belt around his neck too, watch him turn purple as she fucks him into oblivion.


"Lizzy," he chokes out. She watches, waiting if there's gonna be anything more, but that seems to be it. No complaints, just soft pleading. His lack of words is endearing, really.


"Not yet," she says. To her own surprise it comes out more as a coo than a snicker.


Daud seems to notice it as well. He looks up at her, and the pale grey of his irises reflects the light of the whale oil lamps, making them shine warm, bright aquamarine. Lizzy grins. "You look good like this, Daud," she teases, and he grinds his teeth to swallow either complaint or moan, or both. "I could really do this more often," she adds, dipping her head forward to press a kiss to his knee.


This time, he can't bite back on a groan when she moves, and his eyes flutter shut again. She watches his cock twitch. He's so close. She leans further in, aiming for a kiss to his mouth this time, but he jerks his hips up and hisses. Lizzy hears the discomfort and backs away.


"Sorry luv," she murmurs, nuzzling her cheek against his knee comfortingly. "Looks like cuddling with this thing is not gonna happen."


Daud grunts and relaxes back into the bed, half a grin in the corner of his mouth, eyes narrowing. Mixed with his pleasure-ridden look, Lizzy feels her heart ache a little. "If you ever let me come I'll cuddle you for as long as you want," he says. His voice is lower than usual, flirty even, rumbling through her chest and raising the hair on her arms. She closes her eyes for a moment to compose herself, and when she looks up again, he is still staring at her, still a calm, knowing smile on his lips. Lizzy ignores the hot wave running through her body that makes her shiver.


"If," she stresses.


Daud chuckles, but the sound ends in another low moan when she thrusts her hips forward again, pushing the cock deeper into him. Hitting his prostate isn't easy, but this time she seems to have found the right angle, because Daud writhes, leg kicking up as he heaves out a few garbled expletives. Lizzy repeats the movement curiously, and she can see the muscles in his thighs tighten and his stomach quiver. His face and shoulders have turned a quite charming shade of red.


"Amazing," she mutters as she watches him, her hands grabbing around his hips now to steady herself and let her own sway back and forth. Daud tenses up beneath her, his whole body going rigid. His mouth opens. All this, and she isn't even touching him. It sends a hot shiver down her spine, pooling in her stomach. She tries not to think of the bittersweet ache that comes with it, watching instead how the muscles of his stomach move as he breathes. 


Daud makes a delightful noise that catches in his throat, and he raises his hands to her to grab around her arms, his grip tense and nails digging into her skin. For a moment, Lizzy is painfully aware of everything around them, their heavy breathing and the sounds they make, the smell of their fucking, the creaking of the old bedframe and the soft humming of the whale oil lamps. Daud is staring at her, but she can't tell he's not seeing her anymore. Lizzy smiles and sighs his name, and Daud shudders and holds on to her as he spills himself over his stomach. 


She watches him shudder and twitch through his orgasm, cum running into the ripples between his muscles with every heave of his stomach. Daud's hands relax around her arms and he sinks back into the mattress, all tension leaving his body. Lizzy makes use of his fatigued state and carefully slips out of him, not without giving the side of his ass a gentle pat. Daud's skin is still slick with lubricant; they really made a mess. It's all over her and the mattress, too. Lizzy stares between them and grins.


"What are you so happy about?" Daud's voice is soft and hoarse. He looks at her as he wipes the sweat and a few loose hairs from his forehead. His eyes are cool and grey again.


She flashes him her teeth. "Look at you, master assassin," she says. "You liked it."


Daud grunts and grabs the blanket to wipe himself clean. Lizzy would have loved to play a little and paint a few horrible things to his flushed skin, but she knows she already got away with a lot for tonight. Next time maybe.


Like so often, Daud's silence is his own way of answering. He carefully moves a little, and Lizzy pretends not to watch him as she unbuckles the harness from her hips. The leather was warm on her skin and removing it exposes her to cold air that makes her shiver. She's still feeling warm and on edge as she tosses the harness to the floor. 


"You look like you liked it, too," she hears Daud say, and she looks up. He has his temple leaned against his knuckles and watches her. He has regained his composure quickly and is back to being silent and observant. She purses her lips at him, but before she can answer, he tilts his head a little to the side, indicating the space next to him. "Come here," he beckons. "Looks like I won't be doing much walking for tonight, might as well make it worth it."


She snickers and pounces him, earning a muffled grunt before she closes his mouth with her own.