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New Career

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Lee Joon ran away from home when he was 17 years old. His mother had let some jerk move in with them. All he did was smoke, drink, and do drugs in the living room. Sometimes his friends came over and did that with him. He thought Joon was always in the way and he made sure to let him know--whether it was a slap upside the head, calling him a cunt, or telling him to get the fuck out of the house. Fine with Joon. He didn't want to stay with the jerk, either. At first, friends let Joon stay with them. Eventually their parents said he had to go--no room, no money, etc. He didn't really blame them.

So here he was, a year later, huddling against a wall on a dirty street. He was just as dirty. He didn't know how long it had been since his last shower. Some of the other guys he knew gave blow jobs in alleys to get by. Joon refused. Winter had been hard. HARD. Sometimes he could get a bed in a shelter, but not very often. He had no clue what he was going to do with himself. Maybe he could enlist. Nobody was going to hire a homeless guy that didn't finish high school. Sometimes--especially in the winter--he thought about going back home. He even did, once. Guess who had moved?

"Hey, Joon." It was a guy he hung out with sometimes. He settled down next to Joon and handed him a sandwich. Joon didn't ask where he got it.

"Thanks, man." Joon said before devouring it.

"Haven't eaten lately?" He asked, watching Joon.

"Not since yesterday." Joon said around a full mouth.

"But still not desperate enough to--"


He found this funny. "Okay, okay. I did hear about this other opportunity, though."

"I'm scared to ask." Joon said dryly.

"Some couple down the street gave me this flyer."

Joon took the paper and read it over. "Recruiting young men and women to fulfill responsible, trustworthy men and women's desire to nurture. " Joon looked at him. "What the fuck does that mean?"

He shrugged. "Go ask them."

Joon groaned as he pushed myself up and walked down to this strange couple. They didn't look strange, strange people rarely do. They looked to be in their late 30's or early 40's. There were a few teens around them, accepting the flyers and asking questions.

"Hi." The woman greeted Joon. "I see you have one of our flyers. Did you have some questions?"

"Yeah. What the fuck is this about? Prostitution?"

"Not unless you want it to be--on your own time. We don't want anything to do with that."

"Then what is this about?" Joon held up the crumpled flyer.

"If you're interested in learning more, coming to check things out, you can meet us here tomorrow morning at ten. We'll bring everyone back here when we're done."

Joon hadn't survived a year on the street by trusting people. He cocked an eyebrow at her.

She laughed. "You're a smart one, aren't you? Don't worry, there will be a group of you. You won't be alone--there's only two of us."

He left the couple and went back to the alley where he'd left my some time friend. He was still sitting there.

"Hey, Joon. What did you think?"

"You going tomorrow?" Joon asked.

"Nah. I'm doing okay on my own for now. You?"

"I don't know, man. I might. Have you heard anything about them?"

"Hmm. I heard that they're kinda weird. Like, they do fetish stuff."

"She said it wasn't prostitution."

"Yeah. It's like, the people that go with them get into fetish stuff and then they go off with other people."

"You're not making sense."

He laughed. "I guess not."

The next morning, Joon went with the strange couple. There were about 10 of them that went--both boys and girls. They all seemed to be in their late teens. The group headed out of town in a big van. They ended up at a big rambling house that seemed to need a little money but didn't look too run down to live in. The man's name was Dong Gun. His wife's name was So Young. They led the teens to their garage where they had some tables and chairs set up along with some food and drinks. They let the youngsters eat first. Joon was glad for that. They even let them pack a bag of left overs each to take.. Then, the group settled in to hear what the deal was.

"I'm guessing you're on the street because you don't have any where else to go." So Young said. "This could be a great opportunity for someone who has nowhere to go and no foreseeable future of somewhere to go."

"We don't take anyone who does drugs or anyone who has an STD. While sex isn't a requirement, you'll most likely end up having sex with whomever you end up with or maybe someone they know and love. " Dong Gun explained.

"You can leave any time you want--but can't come back." So Young warned. "You'll get free room and board for 2 months. After that, you get the option of going home with someone that wants a companion. Again, that doesn't necessarily mean sex. We make these clients go thru a screening, too. We don't want any of you ending up abused or dead. We're just here to help you out and to help our clients out."

Joon rolled my eyes at that. Nobody is that altruistic when money is involved.

"If you don't like the client you end up with, you don't have to go. But you can't stay here, either. If you don't like the client, we'd rather you not go with them. If you go with them and then leave, it's very bad for us. So, we'll give you a little cash and send you on your way, instead. "

"So what's the catch?" A girl asked.

"The catch is that these clients aren't the 'norm' of society. Some are looking for a sex partner, some aren't. Some just want a companion. What kind of companion is what makes them different. Some want a pet--a human pet to love and take care of. Some want a companion that will be their child forever. Some want a companion to keep their spouse company when they are on long business trips. They are upfront about what they want so that we can train our recruits to make them happy. If you try the training and don't like it, you can leave any time."

"And what do you get out of this?" Another person asked.

"Money." Dong Gun replied honestly.

Well Joon could certainly understand that.

"During training--for that two months, you will stay here. You won't be permitted to leave this property and come back. If you are interested, ladies you stay with me and gentlemen, you go with Dong Gun into the next room."

Joon figured he had nothing to lose. It sounded like free room and board till for two months. He wasn't sure what being someone's pet or child meant, but who cares. He could figure things out in two months--two months of regular food, bathing, and a place to sleep. Joon waited his turn to go into the room with Dong Gun. To his surprise, he wasn't alone.

"What's your name?" Dong Gun asked.


"Joon, this is Dr. Park. He'll check to make sure you're healthy. Okay?"

"Uh, sure."

"Hi, Joon." The doctor--Joon wondered if he really was--smiled. "First thing I need you to do is undress."

Dong Gun left the room, thank goodness. The doctor acted like a doctor. He looked Joon over, did a routine exam, had him pee in a cup, and took a blood sample. Joon got redressed while he labeled the samples. The young man went back into the garage and sat down. There was still some food laying out, so he helped myself while he waited. A couple hours later, they were all ready to go back to the city. True to their word, Dong Gun and So Young dropped them back off where they'd picked them up. The street dwellers went their separate ways after being told to show up here in a week--if still interested. By the time that week was up, Joon was ready. The thought of having a bed for two months made the ground feel even harder and colder. He ran out of the food he had been given in 3 days--even though he tried to make it last. He got beat up twice because some morons thought he had money, booze, or drugs. True to their word, Dong Gun and So Young were there.

"Joon." So Young smiled as he approached. There were a couple of teens sitting a few feet away. They were with the group last week.

"Hey." Joon nodded.

"Your tests came back clear. Did you want to try us out?"

Joon shrugged. "How many others are going?"

"You'll make 5."

"And I can leave if I don't like it?"


"Okay. I'll try."

She smiled at Joon . On the ride back to the house, he learned the other people were Ren, Taemin, Jaejoong, and Bora--3 guys and a girl. When they got to the house, Bora went with So Young while the guys went with Dong Gun. He took them to the garage again. There was a small bathroom off the garage.

"You're each going to have a turn in the bathroom." He said. "You'll shower, shave, and put your clothes in one of the bags in there--if you want to keep them. Write your name on the bag and bring it out here. There are T-shirts and sweatpants in there. We'll get you more clothing as soon as we know your sizes."

The shower felt AMAZING. Joon wanted to take longer, but knew that wouldn't be a good idea. The clean clothes felt good, too. His clothes were worth nothing, so he threw them away. He came out and waited for the others to finish. After all were cleaned and shaved--wow did every one look different--Dong Gun lead the males into the house. It was clean and not very cluttered. The decor wasn't anything impressive and everything looked well used. The furniture didn't match but it looked clean. He showed his group the kitchen, a couple of bathrooms, the living room, library, and then upstairs to where they'd be sleeping.

"That's the girls' room. You aren't allowed in there. If we catch anyone having sex while you're staying here, you're out. "

That surprised Joon a little bit, but at least he didn't have to worry about being a prostitute. Dong Gun opened the door to the guys' room. It had two bunk beds, a nightstand, a couple of dressers, and a couch. There was a stereo on one of the dressers. He pointed at a set of doors on the other end of the room.

"The one on the right is the bathroom. The one on the left is the closet. I'll let you guys decide who gets which bunk--except the one closest to us. The one on the bottom belongs to--"

"I'm right here." Said a quiet, masculine voice.

They turned around and saw a guy their age with a polite smile.

"Guys, this is Taecyeon. "

"Hi." He said shyly.

"Oh damn, I forgot the assignments." Dong Gun said, patting his pockets. "I'll be right back, guys." He left the room and left the guys all standing there awkwardly. It got even more awkward when they realized what Taecyeon was wearing--a T-shirt, socks, and a diaper. They all stared at him.

"Dude..." Ren blurted. "Why the fuck are you wearing that?"

Taecyeon glanced down, as if he'd somehow forgotten he was wearing a fucking diaper?! He was blushing when he looked back up. "It's what the client ordered." Taecyeon shrugged. "It might be your assignment too. You never know."

"OH fuck no." Jaejoong insisted. "I am the fuck out of here if anyone thinks I'm gonna wear a fucking diaper. What the fuck is wrong with you?"

"Same thing that's wrong with all of us." Joon told him. "We're homeless and desperate. Wearing that beats giving head in an alley, right?" It was hard to argue with that.

Taecyeon looked at Joon with silent thanks.

"So, uhm, Dong Gun said that's your bed. But that leaves 3 bunks and there are 4 of us." Taemin pointed out to Taecyeon.

"I can sleep on the couch." Taecyeon assured the new comers.

Joon was so looking forward to a bed. Dammit. Why was he so fucking nice? "We could take turns sleeping on the couch." Joon suggested.

"When's the last time any of you slept on a bed?" Taecyeon asked.

They all looked at each other.

"That long, huh?" Taecyeon nodded, understanding. "I'll take the first turn on the couch, then. I slept in a bed last night."

They all said their genuine thanks. Joon was especially grateful, as he was going to volunteer to take the couch. Dong Gun came back with a basket. He held it out.

"These are your assignments. You can pick a paper and whatever you get, you're stuck with. Again, if you don't like it, you can leave any time. Training starts immediately. "

"Are we going to have to wear....uhm...diapers?" Taemin asked worriedly.

"That's one of the assignments, yes." Dong Gun said matter of factly.

Taemin took a deep breath and reached into the basket, plucking a piece of paper. He opened it and read. "Cute puppy." He frowned and looked at Dong Gun. "What does that mean?"

"We'll explain it to you after every one picks." Dong Gun assured him.

Taemin looked at each of his peers. "Am I cute?" He asked in all seriousness. Despite their nervousness, they all laughed. If he wasn't cute, they don't know what was.

Ren took his turn next. "School girl." He turned red in an instant. "No. No, no no. I can't do that."

"It's your choice." Dong Gun said.

"Can I trade with someone?"

"No. That's caused too many problems in the past. That's why we do things this way." Dong Gun explained.

"Just try it." Taecyeon told Ren. "If you don't like it, then don't do it. "

"I would be too embarrassed. Fuck, it's mortifying."

"Yeah, like wearing a diaper isn't." Taecyeon deadpanned. They laughed again and Ren seemed to relax. Jaejoong was next.

"Obedient pet." He frowned. "What the fuck does that mean?"

"We'll explain everything soon." Dong gun assured him.

Then they all realized, at the same time, what that meant for Joon. It was his turn to blush and stutter.

"Oh fuck. No. I can't--"

"I said the same thing." Taecyeon slapped Joon's shoulder. "Welcome to the club."