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Road to Darkness

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Around him bright blue flames flared out and burned everything in their path. No water of any substance on earth able to turn them to ashes, as the little boy stood shocked and mesmerized by them. His soft brown eyes wide like saucers as he heard his name being called and turned to the voice. His oldest brother Take rushing over to his side, covered in dirt, and giving him a look of relief as he messed up his soft black hair.

"Renzou, it's not safe here." Take spoke, as he gave him a small smile. "You should be with Kinzou and the others."

"Pretty fire." Was the little two year old could say back, as for the fact his vocabulary was limited, as he pointed to it.

A comment his oldest brother seemed to ignore, as the building a ways behind them exploded and Take wrapped his arms around him. His eldest brother protecting him from any debris that could've hurt him, as he carefully let go of him and dark black figures started seeping out of the rubble. Their faces twisted and contorted in awkward angles, and bright red or gold eyes reaching them, as the young toddler felt a shiver run down his spine and Take glared at the figures.

"Renzou, we need to get you out of here." His eldest brother spoke, as he pulled out what his older brother Kinzou called a cell phone and messed with the buttons. "Juzo, I need you over here right now. Renzou wondered off and there are demons everywhere."

Over the roar of the blue fire around them and the figures slowly creeping toward them, the younger could barely hear what his older brother was saying to Take. Although with the serious look on his face it was obvious Juzo was coming to get him.

"Take-nii, what's dewon?" The two year old innocently asked, as his eldest brother grabbed his staff the moment he put his cell phone away and the teen gave him a funny look.

Which was probably because he couldn't say the word right. After all, he had been one of those children that couldn't say an 'm' right and instead came out as a 'w', which was terrible considering their last name was Shima. It always came out as Shiwa. Something the other mothers found adorable.

"They're evil spirits, Renzou." Take finally spoke when he realized what the younger meant. "They could hurt you. So stay back and let me get rid of them."

With a very small nod the little two year old stood behind his older brother and held onto his exorcist uniform. The black fabric bunched up in little wads in his tiny hands, as his eldest brother started reciting words he couldn't understand and the figures leapt at them. The little two year old frightened at their suddenly lunge, that he fell back and onto his bottom. His little eyes wide and his body frozen in place for the moment, as Take swung his staff and hit the black figure right in the head. The thing letting out an ear splitting screech, before it burst into ashes. The little boy now covering his ears and his eyes squeezed shut, before Take kneeled down beside him and set a hand on his shoulder.

"Renzou, it's okay. I took care of him." Take spoke, as the little boy opened his eyes and looked up at his eldest brother.

A dark figure a ways behind him catching the little two year olds eyes, as he made a move to point it out to his brother, just as it moved. Take turning his head and catching the figure moving around them, just in time to pick up the little two year old and swing him around to the other side. The little boy falling onto his bottom, before a noise of pain reached him and he felt something wet touch his face. The two year old looking up to find his eldest brother standing in front of him and something coming out of his back on his left shoulder. Whatever it was gleaming with the light of the blue flames, before the creature and the thing coming out of his brother's back disappeared and his brother sat on the grass with a hand over his chest.

"Take-nii." The little two year old spoke, as he reached out a little hand.

"I'm alright, Renzou. Don't touch me, you'll get dirty." Take spoke, as his voice came out shaky.

The little boy looking up at his brother in curiosity, as he crawled around him to the front and sat in front of him. The little boy looking at his eldest brother in both confusion and curiosity, till he noticed there was red stuff all over his brother's hand and reached out to touch it.

"R-Renzou, you'll get your clothes dirty." Take spoke, as he used a clean hand to grab his little one.

"But Take-nii dir-ty." The little two-year old spoke, the boy stumbling over the word dirty.

"Th-that's because the demon hurt me, R-Renzou. You g-get dirty when you get h-hurt."

"Take-nii dirty?" The little boy spoke in confusion, as his brother gave him a nod. "Take-nii need to get clean."

"I can't, R-Renzou. I'll get d-dirty again and I have to protect you."


A moment of silence passed between them, as Take played with his fingers and gave him a small smile.

"I-It's because I g-got hurt really bad, R-Renzou." Take spoke, as he squeezed the little boy's hand. "W-we can't c-clean me up."

By now the red stuff covered his eldest brother's hand. The same stuff now stained into his uniform and had created a huge deep black stain.


With the little boy's voice his eldest brother looked at him with dull brown eyes and let go of his hand to gently mess up the little boy's hair.

"Y-You're brother is late, a-again." The teen spoke, as he gave him a small smile. "J-just r-remember one thing, R-Renzou. N-no matter what, I've always l-loved you."

Before the little boy could speak, his eldest brother's hand slipped off his head and he fell backwards onto the grass. The teen laying against the grass and unmoving, as he stopped breathing and the little boy looked him in worry. The two year old calling his brother's name, before he crawled over to his brother's side and shook him. Take's name leaving his lips, as he shook the teen even harder and his hand pressed against the stain. The fabric squishing under his palm, as he pulled his little hand away and found that same red liquid on his hand. A liquid he later learned was blood, and on this very day his eldest brother died protecting him.

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