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Utopian Land

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Party time was over, and the Eurovision entrants were getting ready to go back to their hotel rooms.
"I mean, Sweden is obviously safe, right? They wouldn't let us be here if it wasn't right?" Barei said.
"Sure," said Jake, as Joe continued to fiddle with his guitar, "That's why they haven't let any of us out of the hotel yet."
"Well... there could be other reasons for that," Jamala said, "But anyway, I'm rather tired of being cooped up in here like a chicken. I think we should go outside and explore."
"Horrible idea," Samra said, "The worst idea I've ever heard. You do know that Sweden is extremely unsafe, right?"
"Ha ha. Look, I'm from Ukraine, darling," Jamala winked, "So I'm not afraid of anything. We are strong. And I want to see it. I want to see what if really going on around here."
"Then watch the news," Samra said, "It's clear for everyone to see."
"No, I want to see it, in real life," Jamala replied, "I want to see what's happening out there."
"The Spanish news doesn't really show anything... bad... per se... about the occupation," Barei said, "So..."
"So what, you think it's not happening?" Jamala said, "It's happening, believe me."
It was a little while later, and Jamala, Dami, Barei, Laura and Serhat were walking through the hotel. They were all going to go outside and see this new Sweden for themselves. It was Jamala's idea, but the others agreed too. Serhat and Laura were curious, but still not taking the situation seriously. Jamala wanted to see for herself the bad things that were happening in Sweden under the name of occupation. Barei didn't believe that things were so bad, the Spanish news didn't show the bad parts of the occupation. She wanted to see what was really happening for herself.
"This tour will be great," Laura laughed, "Finally a tour of all the Swedes we could be owning!"
"Amazing," Serhat grinned, "I wonder if the Americans will let us keep some?"
"Shhh," Jamala said, "Please be quiet and follow me."
There was a fire exit on the far side of the hotel. They had passed it many times and it seemed to be the only door that was unguarded in the entire building. Jamala slowly wriggled the door open, a sigh of relief as no alarms went off. The four of them went outside, into the open.