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Utopian Land

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Suddenly, the door burst open again and Frans was in the room again.
"Guys, guys," Frans said, "You have to come quick. American soldiers are in the arena!"
Petra and Måns were terrified at this news. They had just seen what America had done to the Swedish spies, and the news from America implied that a lot of Americans blamed all Swedes, even ordinary civilians, for what had happened.
Måns ran out, even as Petra shouted at him to stay backstage with her. He ran out onto the stage, and saw American soldiers everywhere.
"What, what are you doing here?" Måns said, "We... we are civilians! Please, we are just ordinary citizens. We have nothing to do with any of this, please."
The American soldier laughed.
"What a joke. You all supported it. And we know," the soldier looked over at Måns, "We know what your country did. We know, everyone knows."
Måns didn't know what to say. Melodifestivalen had been invaded by the American army. Melodifestivalen had been chosen specifically because the Americans had rightly figured out that many people would be watching it. They could easily get their message across here. And this show also had symbolic value. The two protesters who had been shot, they had died during this show. That was why it had to be here.
Meanwhile, the Swedish parliament had also been stormed by the American army. It wasn't enough for America to just destroy the Swedish spy network, they also wanted to destroy the Swedish nation.
Melodifestivalen was clearly over. But it seemed that Sweden was over as a nation too. The Swedish government was given two choices. One, go to war with America and possibly have the whole country destroyed, or two, immediately surrender and become property of America. Måns felt ill when he thought about that word. Property. Sweden was now property of America. The Swedish people were now property of America.
The Swedish government was hated by everyone for this, but, what choice did they really have? Of course the Swedish government had to go with the second option, of course it was unpopular but, the alternative... no. Måns and Petra remembered the day that America declared that they owned the Swedish nation, the Swedish people.
"There are only two options when you have an infestation of rats who cannot be trusted," the president of America had said, "The first is to eradicate them completely. But, there is a second option. That is to cage them, tame them, own them. You should thank us, little Sweden, for we are merciful, we have chosen the latter option. You should be kissing the ground we walk on and yet... there are those of you who dare to defy us."
He was talking about the new revolutionary organisation, the 'Swedish Free Nation', a group who went against American rule in Sweden, and were fighting for the independence of their country and the removal of Jon Ola's puppet government. After the takeover of Sweden, America needed someone a little closer to run the place. A government made entirely of Norwegians was installed. They couldn't really make proper decisions, as they were only acting on behalf of America. However, they were paid extremely well, and protected by the American army. This provisional government was run by Jon Ola Sand, a Norwegian who worked for the EBU. For a while Swedes had been rather confused about exactly how so many American soldiers had managed to sneak into Sweden... but then, the truth came out. They had been in Norway. The Norwegian government had helped America plan the attack in exchange for some control over Sweden and preferential treatment from the USA.
"All members of the so-called 'Swedish Free Nation' shall be destroyed. Publicly, slowly... all members of this group will regret the day they ever joined it. All members of this pathetic group will regret the day they stood against the great people of the United States of America and of Norway."