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Utopian Land

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It was the day of the final of Melodifestivalen. Again, SVT had demanded that the contest went on, even though Sweden clearly had so many bigger problems. Even hardcore fans of the show were questioning this decision. Petra and Måns were backstage, both looking on their phones at headlines about Sweden. America was still furious at the tiny Scandinavian nation. The two of them knew that if America attacked Sweden, then they didn't stand a chance.
Just at that moment, the door swung open and Frans ran into the room.
"Hey, hey guys!" he beamed, "I won! I won! I'll be going to Eurov-"
One look at their faces told Frans all he needed to know. They weren't interested in the Eurovision Song Contest right now, they had other worries on their mind.
"Ah, I see," Frans said, looking down at his feet and feeling bad about celebrating while Sweden had such troubles, "Yeah, ok, I'll be off then. Try not to worry. Things will turn out all right, ok? They always do."
Frans left the room and returned to the stage. He would be performing his song 'If I Were Sorry' once more before the show was truly over.
Petra switched on the TV that was in the corner of the room. It was a broadcast from an American news station being replayed on the Swedish news. The Swedish spies had all been caught, and they were all lined up on a field. An American soldier walked over to them.
"This is the American army, you have been found guilty of crimes against America, and of espionage. How do you plead?"
Muffled voices came from the Swedish spies. Petra realised that they were gagged, and tied up.
"It doesn't matter what you say," the American soldier replied, "You have been found guilty. You shall be executed accordingly."
The soldier pulled out a gun, and Måns reached over to the remote and switched the broadcast off.
"I can't watch that," he said, "I can't."