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Utopian Land

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'what the hell just happened? #melfest'
'wtf? what's going on at MF??? #ESC2016'
'Was that a gunshot? o_O'
'Did someone just get shot at Melodifestivalen?'

Twitter was going nuts. Facebook was going nuts. The whole internet was going nuts. A person had just been shot outside at a Swedish music contest. An American. The American government were in outrage. The Swedish government scrambled for an excuse, anything, to try and distance themselves from the incident. They again claimed that it was 'not their fault' and that there was nothing to apologise for.
The atmosphere had changed immediately. A happy musical party had become extremely serious, very quickly. Petra was still there, still standing in the stadium, even though the show was long over. Some of the audience and acts were still hanging around too. Everyone was still in shock at what had happened during the semi final, and some were too shocked to even think about going home right now. Petra looked over at the people who were still there. Christer Björkman had joined her, and together they were trying to figure out what on earth had just happened and what they should do next. But there were no easy answers. It was only then that they realised something else. When the security guard had taken out the first person who was yelling, there had been music playing. Loud music. So they wouldn't have heard the...
"Petra, Christer!" Gina said, rushing over to Petra.
"What is it?" Christer asked.
"The other person... the other person was shot too," Gina said.
"Oh no, oh my god no," Petra said. A TV had been brought out and was on, showing the news to everyone. They had tuned in to an American news station, and everything was about the attacks by 'Swedes against America' and the shooting of the American tourists at Melodifestivalen.
'Two American tourists have been shot dead by a Swedish security guard at a Swedish music contest called 'Melodifestivalen'. The two had been protesting against attacks on our nation by a group calling themselves 'Swedes against America'. They felt it was inappropriate for the Swedes to be partying while we are left with only turmoil and grief. They were only excercising their right to a peaceful protest. And this was how they were repaid for it. The Swedes could have removed them without force, but instead, not even 24 hours after the original attacks, they again chose violence. Violence against innocent civilians, violence against America.'
The news reporter threw down the piece of paper that he was reading from, and started yelling.
"This is a disgrace! We need to declare war on Sweden NOW!!!" The audience cheered in the background, some waving American flags. A few of them started chanting what sounded a lot like 'down with Sweden' over and over again.
"This... isn't a very impartial news station, huh?" Christer said.
"Hmm, well, that's true," Måns said as he walked over to them, "But this is how a lot of people in America are actually feeling right now. The incident here tonight was very serious, I'm just glad that I didn't witness it. Petra, Gina, are you two ok?"
"Y-yeah, fine, thanks," Petra forced a smile. The TV was showing a lot of angry people in America. Sweden was in a lot of trouble, and the entire country knew it.
The interviews with the security guard who had shot the two tourists really didn't help things. The guard had spoken to the Swedish media in an extremely ill-advised interview shortly after the semi final was over.
"I enjoyed it, yeah," he said, laughing, "It was great."
"Holy hell," Petra said, "They need to arrest that guy. Why haven't they already?"
 "I don't know," Gina said, "But if they don't arrest him soon, then the American government are going to be even more upset."
Even more upset? Petra wasn't sure if it was possible to anger America any more than they already had. Sweden had made a serious error, and there was no way back now.
"Well, at least it's already as bad as it gets," Gina said, "I mean, it can't get any worse than this, right?"
But she was wrong.