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Utopian Land

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A visitor had come to the stadium. Christer Björkman was now in the Scandinavium on some Eurovision related business, although Petra and Måns weren't entirely sure why. Surely there were more important things happening right now. They both knew that this contest was nothing compared to what had just happened. But here he was, to check on the contest and of course, on Petra and Måns. Even as Sweden's reputation lay in tatters, Björkman just couldn't keep himself away from Melodifestivalen.
"Well, you two didn't actually get any Eurovision planning done, did you?" Christer said to the two of them as they walked into the room to greet him.
"Uh, no," Måns said, "Nothing. Sorry Christer."
They both expected Christer to be mad with them, but, he didn't seem to care.
"That, that's ok," Christer sighed, "It's understandable... considering. Ok, that's fine, I'll go talk to Gina about the contest. Come on Petra, you're co-host tonight, right? Well, come with me then."
Petra was shocked. Surely Melodifestivalen could not be held regardless?
"Wha- what?" Petra said, "But, surely we're not going to continue? I mean... I mean... the attacks... Sweden... we can't... we-"
"Hey, look," Christer said, "It's a terrible thing but it has absolutely nothing to do with us. Not with Sweden, nothing. The show must go on, we've spent far too much money on this, even though we're in a lot of debt. That's money that we cannot afford to waste. If we send the audience home now... they'll demand refunds, refunds that we can't afford, and then we'll have to pay the entire costs for this semi final again later on if we postpone it."
"I mean, I see where you're coming from Christer, but-" Petra began but Björkman was not willing to compromise.
"You're under contractual obligation, Petra," Christer said, "So you HAVE to do this. We can argue about the... 'morality' of it later."
There didn't seem to be any way out of it for Petra. Måns wanted to say something, but he was just happy that if wasn't him who had to go out there and present a music show only a few hours after people from their country had attacked the world's largest superpower. But, in only a few months he would be hosting the Eurovision Song Contest along with Petra. Well, that was if the Eurovision even happened this year. Perhaps it would be cancelled?
"Ok then, let's go," Christer said. And with that he and Petra left the room, leaving Måns wondering why on Earth Christer Björkman had decided to continue with the contest at all. After all, it wasn't even the final, it was only a semi-final. Was Sweden's money situation really so bad that they couldn't even afford to postpone one Melodifestivalen semi final?
Christer Björkman and Petra walked out onto the stage. Gina was there waiting for them. The audience was sitting there, waiting. Most of them had decided to come, despite everything. The contestants were sitting backstage, watching a large TV that was in the green room. On the TV, the news still played footage of the attacks over and over. More and more news about the Swedish spies was coming in. It had now been discovered that 'Swedes against America' was being funded by none other than the Swedish government. People in their audience were looking down at their phones in shock as more and more horrible news came out about Sweden. Usually, backstage at Melfest was loud and buzzing with cheer and conversation. But right now, it was silent, except for the television. The Melodifestivalen entrants were just sitting there, watching. Gina and Petra were standing on the stage, trying to calm down the audience who were understandably in shock. Some of the entrants were now asking if the show was going to be postponed or cancelled, and the audience who were sitting there waiting were wondering the same thing.
"So, what is the official word from Björkman?" Gina asked Petra.
"He says to carry on MF as normal, as if nothing has happened..." Petra said. Gina hadn't expected that, and could barely believe it.
"Really? That can't be right, I-"
"Christer Björkman has said that we've spent far too much money, money that we don't have, to cancel this contest now," Petra said, "So, I guess we'll just have to continue. Also, we're both under contract. But even so..."
"Well," Gina said, "I guess we'll just have to give this our best."
But Petra and Gina felt deep down that this couldn't possibly be the right decision, considering what had just happened.