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Utopian Land

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"Well," Petra said, looking down at the statistics in front of her, "I'm not so sure about Björkman's new voting system working in ESC, but... I guess we'll just have to try it. What Christer wants, Christer gets. I mean, you know that guy, he never takes no for an answer."
"Mmm..." Måns said, nodding his head slightly but not looking up from the laptop in front of him.
"Måns!" Petra yelled, "You are not paying attention again! You're not even listening to me, are you? Please... I'm not going to be the only one around here actually doing any work! Come on, give me that laptop. Right now!"
Petra reached over for the laptop.
"Wait, Petra-" but then Måns saw something. The page had refreshed and there was now a news article at the top of the page that had only been posted a few minutes ago. Things were about to get a whole lot worse.
"Oh... oh my god..." Måns said.
'Sweden attacks America?' the headline read. There had been an attack on America. No, two attacks. Two attacks on America. The White House had been taken over, and a huge flag was hanging down from its door. From the distance... no... that blue and yellow...
Petra looked at the screen and saw the video. The White House had been taken over by Swedes.
"Our flag..." Petra said, "No, it can't be-"
The initial reports stated that the attack had been perpertrated by a group calling themselves 'Swedes against America'. Swedes against America had been a small group once. Very small. But over the past few weeks they had grown larger. They had never done anything like this before, and yet now...
The US army were going in to take back the White House from the Swedes. A tank rolled up onto the lawn of the White House. As if this wasn't bad enough, the news article below the one about the attacks read 'Swedish spy ring in America?' America had discovered all of the Swedish spies shortly after the aftermath of the attacks. The Swedish government was thrown into absolute panic. This wasn't what was supposed to happen. It had all gone horribly wrong, their disastrous plan had come crashing down around them.
"Oh my god, you were right," Petra said, "You were right all along."
The door swung open and Gina Dirawi, the host of Melodifestivalen, walked in.
"Uh, Petra, since you're supposed to be co-hosting the show with me tonight..." Gina stopped when she saw them both sitting by the laptop, "Oh hahaha, wow. You two sure are close huh? And I always thought you swung the other way, Måns," Gina grinned.
"Be quiet Gina," Måns snapped, "It isn't like that. There... there's been an attack, in America."
Gina's smile vanished.
"Oh no," Gina said, "That's horrible!"
"It gets worse," Petra said, "The attack was by a Swedish group. 'Swedes against America'. The news reports are saying that Sweden has attacked America..."
"No no no," Gina said, shocked, "That can't be right!"
"It is right," Petra said, "And... and America has already publicly blamed Sweden for the attack."
"What if America-" Gina began, but Måns interrupted her.
"No no, they won't Gina. They won't do anything. It'll be ok," Måns said, "This is just a lone group, a group of crazy people who want nothing more than to destroy this great nation and kill innocent people. They have no connection to us. We, the ordinary Swedish citizens, have absolutely nothing to do with this. We are a peaceful nation. America won't take revenge on us. They can't."
The Swedish government had denied any responsibility for the attack, and denied any association with this 'Swedes against America' group. But the real truth was going to come out very soon.