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Breeding Slut - Chapter one - Trapped

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I knew up ahead there was a false tree for hiding from the dangers in the forest. I gripped my sister's hand tighter as we ran from whatever it was that was pursuing us. It could be any number of horrors in this forest. Wolves, boars, goo creatures, driders, or hopefully not a minotaur. I thought I heard twigs crack from behind us; I hoped I was just imagining things though.

I saw a tree that looked to have a magic aura around it. If you weren't looking for the aura you wouldn't have noticed. I knew this was one of the trees that had been hollowed out magically to hide in.

When we got up to the tree I placed my hand on it and a door slid up. There was only room for one person in there. I pushed my sister inside before she could protest. "Don't come out no matter what until it's safe. Don't make any noise either," I whispered. I closed the door and turned around.

I rested my hand on my sword and looked around the forest, anticipating whatever had pursued us to jump out at me. I couldn't stay focused though. All I could think about was making sure at least Lilly made it out of here alive if I didn't. I recalled the startled expression on her face and the shock in her big blue eyes as I shut her in the tree alone. Her long blonde hair was a disheveled mess from running in the woods; I briefly wondered if this would be the last memory I had of my sister. If it was she would have to make it out. We couldn't have both heirs of the high elven dieing today from foolish mistakes.

I tried to keep my wits about me, but my mind kept wandering and racing to things that weren't really important right now. Watch, all this worry would be for nothing. It would just be a boar or rabbit, something easy to deal with. Well a boar could be difficult, but it was easier than most of the alternatives.

I felt something hit my side. I looked over to see spiderwebs sticking to my sword. "Whhaa?" I said. I tried in vain to unsheath my now stuck sword. It was useless. I should have unsheathed it earlier, but I thought I was quick enough to strike fast while I unsheathed my blade. I guess there was no point now.

The source of the web dropped down in front of me a few feet away. A female drider; she smiled at me wickedly and placed her hands on her waist. "My my aren't you a cute one! I haven't seen an albino elf before." Drider’s have a upper half that is similar to that of a dark elf and their lower half was that of an enormous spider. This one had dark skin which almost matched the black color of the rest of her body, with long white hair, red eyes, and very big breasts.

She licked her lips and stared at me intensely. It made me believe she wanted to eat me. I looked around, What could I do without a weapon? I started to run.

"Not so fast my darling. I just chased you down. I'm not planning on letting you go so easily." I felt something hit my arm and jerk me backwards. I fell over and noticed a long thick stream of spider silk attached to my arm. I looked back to see the smug looking drider had already attached the strand to a tree behind her. She shot out another strand ensnaring my other arm, and attached it to the same tree. Now both of my hands were over my head as I laid on my back.

I guess this would be how I died. I closed my eyes momentarily telling myself not to look over in Lilly's direction. I was still close to where she was and I didn't want to draw any attention to her hiding spot.

I felt something touch my leg and opened my eyes to see the drider staring at my boots, removing it with one of her long spindly legs.

When she noticed my eyes were open her gaze shot up to mine and she grinned. "Hehe You elves and your feet. They are so amusing."

I thrashed my legs around trying to kick her away from me. "Get off of me! What are you trying to do anyway? If you're planning on eating me don't you know it's impolite to play with your food?!" I huffed and then I stopped struggling. It was useless anyways. She could just use her silk to pin my legs to a different tree just like she did to my arms.

Her eyes widened and the she burst out laughing. "Eat you? Oh my you really don't know anything about driders do you?" She seemed to blush and hide her face with one of her hands.

"Then what?" I murmured out.

She positioned her legs around me and lowered herself closer so her arms could reach me. She started to fiddle with my pants. "Now maybe if you were a female I might keep you as food, but you're not and you're so cute. I'm going to mate with you."

My eyes widened in horror. "What?" I squeaked. That was all I could muster as she undid my pants and slid them off of me, tossing them aside.

I felt her attach another web to my foot and then to a tree. She was making sure I would be completely helpless, as if I already wasn’t. As she moved to attach the web to my other leg she noticed the marking on my right leg denoting that I was of the royal family. "A royal!" She gasped in what seemed to be joy. "We are really going to have some fun then! Well my bite won't work quite the same, but you will enjoy it." While I watched in fear, she secured my other leg with her webbing and continued talking. "You see, us driders have a special bite and it doesn't work as well on Elven royals.You won't need as much anyway. Normally it makes our chosen prey become aroused and they forget everything that happened to them after we finish. For you though it will only arouse you a little.You also get to remember everything."

My eyebrow twitched. I didn't want this.Any of it! "You mean I could have been able to forget this whole thing ever happend, but since I'm a royal there's no chance of that?"

She smiled and slid my shirt up over my arms and head, "Yep! You get to remember it all. It will also make this easier for us both. Enough explaining! It is time to have some fun with you."

She leaned in and kissed my neck and then licked the length of it up to my ear which she gently nibbled on. "Please don't do this," I whimpered. She move back to my neck and bit into it with her fangs. I felt a pleasant warmth flood my body and suddenly I wanted to be touched in an intimate way. Or rather that is what my body desired. I still didn't want to do this.

She firmly planted a kiss on my lips and slipped her tongue inside. She teased my own tongue with hers while simultaneously making my mouth feel as if it had been invaded.. I noticed her tongue was soft and smooth like velvet. She reached up and played with my long slender ears. Elven ears are an erogenous zone and I had never had mine played with before.. I squirmed and made noises as she continued to rub and pinch my ears and explore my mouth with her tongue. I could feel my body wanting more even though my mind didn't. My member was already hard and waiting for her even though I didn't want it to be.

She pulled away and looked down at me. I looked away from her only to feel her caress my chest. "You really are very cute. I especially like the way you blush and look away from me." She cooed. "You're going to pretend you aren't enjoying this the whole time aren't you? Oh don't tell me..." Her hands moved over to my nipples and pinched them, causing me to let out a very unmanly sound. "Are you a virgin?"

I was, but I wasn't going to give her the pleasure of an answer. I felt something wet on one of my nipples and then a pinching feeling that was harder than the other one. I looked to see what she was doing and she had one of my nipples in her mouth. She sucked on it and gently bit it with her teeth while trying to replicate what she was doing to my other one using her hand. After a bit, she looked up at me.

I unintentionally squirmed and made noises. "Ha-hnnn S-stop." I pleaded. I truly did want her to stop even though it felt so good. It was pointless to try to resist though. My body loved what she was doing and was begging for more, even if I wouldn't admit it.

I felt something drip onto my leg and I looked and noticed a clear liquid dripping out of a slit on her underside. I quickly looked away from it and closed my eyes, feeling slightly more red in the face.

She stopped what she was doing after noticing where my eyes had been. "Hmm like what you see? I saw you looking. Don't pretend you weren't." She moved back until she could reach my cock and she gripped it. "See? This is the first time I've touched you here and you're already dripping precum. You must have really been enjoying what I was doing to you. You're pretty big too, if I had to guess you are the eldest prince?" She was right. She was referring to the rumor that a royal's dick size depended on his rank in the family. It was true, but it was a pretty well kept secret. Who really want's to compare their junk to their brothers, fathers, or sons? Well someone else may want to compare penis size with their brother, but I didn’t and I have no brother.

My body shuddered as her hand began to stroke my cock. I tried to keep myself from making a moaning sound, but I was unsuccessful. "Hnnn n-no don't."

"Hmm I guess you're right I better not play with you too much. After all, I don't want you to finish before I even get you inside of me." She stopped touching me and I felt disappointed for a moment...what the hell was I thinking I should be happy she stopped touching me. Then I felt something soft, gentle, and wet touch the head of my dick. I gasped and my eyes shot open to see her gently licking the precum off of me. She slid her mouth down over my cock fitting just more than half of it in before it seemed she couldn't fit any more. She bobbed her head up and down a bit making a "Mmm" sound and then pulled off. She quickly started licking whatshe couldn't fit into her mouth.

She moved to position her slit over my hard member and gently lowered herself down onto it. She was slick and tight. It was similar feeling to her mouth. While it was different, it still felt amazing. A moan escaped from my lips and I immediately blushed and tried to look away, but part of me didn't want to. I just ended up turning my head to the side and awkwardly glancing at her out of the corner of my eye.

She moved up and down expertly rocking and squeezing me as she moved. "Ahh you feel so good. You don't need to be shy now." One of her legs gently turned my head to face towards her. "Even though it is very cute. I want to see your pretty face," she huffed and then rode me more vigorously.

She grabbed her breasts roughly while she bounced up and down on me. The sensation alone was already almost sending me over the edge, but the added visual was just too much. I could feel something building up inside of me. "Mmm yes yes! That's it!" She proclaimed as I felt her tighten up around me and buck wildly.

I couldn't hold back anymore I felt so sensitive and the sensation that had been building up in me was finally exploding forth. I squirmed and moaned as I came inside of her. It felt as if she was sucking all of my cum out of me. When she lifted herself off of me I noticed not a drop had dripped out of her. I thought that seemed odd but I wasn't really sure since this was my first time and I knew basically nothing about driders.

I laid there feeling like I could fall asleep and wondering what would happen next. I suddenly had the realization that my sister could be watching this whole thing. I hoped she had just closed her eyes or looked away.

I felt my legs being raise up, and then I had the sudden realization that something was pressing against my anus. I looked down to see the drider now had what looked like a monster sized cock pressing against me. "What are you doing?!"

It didn't seem to be coming out of the same place she had just had me inside of her. It seemed to be a little further back. It was bumpy and the same dark color as her skin. It also seemed to be coated in a thick lubricant. She smiled at me, "I told you it would be more fun since you're a royal. This shouldn't hurt you at all so I won’t have to hold back. Are you a virgin back here as well? Hmm I guess I get to take both of your virginitys today! How exciting! I should tell you though, this isn't the main course either." With that she started to push her massive cock into me.

I didn't know what her last comment meant, but what she said about the royals and penetrative sex was true. For some reason genetics has made it so that Elven royal families could take large sizes easily. Sex whether vaginal or anal for royals, wasn't painful or hard at all. It all actually felt pleasurable for royals. This was because they tended to get raped, as my day seemed to show.

"What? N-nno, stop, don’t!"

She wouldn't listen; she had other plans for me still. She pushed the tip of her massive cock into me, stretching me wide open. I'd never even experimented with myself back there before and now this massive thing was invading me. Even so it wasn't painful. I guess this was the luck I had for being a royal. She pushed it further in and I couldn't keep myself from letting out little noises from the pleasure. She was huge and I felt like I was at my limit, but looking down I could see she had barely put anything past the head in.

"Ahh you're so tight around me yet so accommodating. I feel like I could put the whole thing in you right now," she cooed. "I can tell you like it," she said reaching a slender finger down and placing it on the tip of my already erect cock. "You can't hide this from me."

It was still really sensitive and even though all she was doing was touching the tip it felt hot. I thought I would cum from that sensation alone.

She smiled and laughed, "This is great. You're like this already and I'm not even all the way in. I haven't even begun to move around yet! I don't even know if you can say anything." She licked her lips.

I was breathing heavily She was right. I didn't even know if I could say anything in response or how long I could hold out before I came again. I didn't need to wait long to find out though, as she slammed the rest of her monster cock into me rather roughly in one powerful thrust.

"HnnnnNnAHhhhhhh!" Was the only thing I was able to say as I felt myself tighten around her. Wave after wave of pleasure ran through my body. It took me a moment to even realize the wetness I felt on my cheek and body is my own cum shooting across my chest and hitting the side of my face.

"Oh my," she cood. "You've really made a mess of yourself already." She started to move her massive member in and out of me, picking up speed with each thrust. "I've never seen an elf cum like this before. Look at you, You're still hard! Maybe it's a royal thing haha I don't know. Mmm you feel amazing though."

My body quaked and quivered every time she pulled out then plunged her whole length back into me. I never realized getting fucked could feel so good. I still would never admit it though. It's not like I could anyway. I seemed to only be able to babble when I opened my mouth. She could tell. So far she had been able to see through everything I said or didn't say and my body was doing enough talking that I didn't need to.

She wrapped two of her slender legs around my legs, positioning herself in a way so all she had to do was rock herself. Now she could easily plunge herself all the way inside of me or slide out until only the tip of her massive cockwas in me. With every plunge deep inside of me, I could feel her abdomen slam into my ass.

"Mmm this is just too good. I don't actually need to cum inside of you, but I'm totally going to. Ahh yes. It's not like you're not getting your fair share of pleasure. Look at you! You're just leaking a constant stream of cum."

If she kept slamming her massive cock in me as forcefully as she was I knew I was sure to cum again. But would I even have any cum left? With each of her thrusts cum was being forced out of my tip and dribbling down my erect shaft.

"Ahh yes!" She said and I felt her pace quicken. She fondled her breasts and pinched her nipples.

I felt the hot pleasureable feeling I was becoming well acquainted with; which told me I was about to blow my load. Probably all over myself again. My ass squeezed around her massive cock as I reached my climax; pleasure washing over me. Thick ropes of my cum landed across my chest.

I felt her slam into me one last time as her massive cock twitched inside of me. Then I felt a flood of hot liquid pouring out of her and into me. She ran a finger across my cum covered chest gathering some up. She looked at it and I wondered if she was planning to lick it off of her finger. She pulled her cock out, leaving me feeling oddly empty.

She put her finger in my mouth and wiped the cum off on my tongue. It didn't taste bad. Even so, I just stared at her in surprise.

"Aww you're so cute! Your face is turning bright pink. Did you like tasting yourself? I bet you did. You're such a naughty prince."

I noticed that her cock seemed to be receding back into her from where it must have been hiding to begin with. "Remember how I told you that this wasn't the last thing I was going to do with you? Well it's time to move on to our next fun filled activity." I noticed her slit from earlier seemed to be swelling; no it bulged out. A long thick tubular appendage came out from inside. It seemed barely smaller than her cock in diameter but just as long if not longer. My eyes widened. WHAT IS THAT? "Mmm do you know what this is? I can't tell by the expression on your face," she sighed. "You had been so easy to read until now. It's called an ovipositor. It's how I lay my eggs." I felt it press against my freshly used back door and slide in easily. "Mmm see? You are going to be both Mommy and Daddy to these little ones of ours. That's right," she exclaimed as she started to thrust with the new massive appendage inside of me. "You fertilized these little guys earlier and now you are going to incubate them. Aww don't look so terrified they are not going to hurt you. Don't you want to have babies?" She laughed.

I was terrified, yet still very aroused. The feeling of this long squishy thing sliding in and out of me felt amazing, but its purpose was terrifying me. I was adamantly opposed to the idea of her laying eggs inside of me.

"Wwwaa Wa hnn" Was all that came out when I tried to actually say something. Even though what she was doing right now was less intense than before it still was overwhelming me with pleasure.

"Mmm you like this huh? I bet you'll like this next part even more."

She slid herself all the way into me and then stopped moving. I breathed heavily and looked at her wondering if she needed a break or was giving me one.

"Ohh yea here they come," she said closing her eyes. I guess she didn't need a break.

I felt a heavy pressure at my back door. Something very large was trying to push it's way inside. That must be the egg. I felt it sitting on the outside trying to go in and I wondered if I really had reached my limit this time. Was it just one big egg? If it was at least I could be done with this if she got it in.
Suddenly I felt myself spread open horribly wide to accommodate the large egg that was even girthier than her cock had been.


I felt it slowly slide inside of me. My poor abused ass tried to close back down to a somewhat normal size behind it. It felt better than i could have imagined. Somehow I almost came again when it entered me and started to slide deeper inside through her appendage which guided it. I wiggled and made sounds as I felt it slide further and further inside of me, until it was almost out of her ovipositor. I felt something else press up against my entrance and I tensed up. Another egg? I had barely been able to take the first one! It pressed into me as I slowly opened up to accommodate the next one which was just as large as the first egg. This time I did cum as it entered me and pushed itself past my prostate. I felt the first egg leave her ovipositor and slide deep inside of me where it would be staying.

"Oh my did you think there was only going to be one?" The drider giggled, "You really are adorable."

As the second egg worked it's way into me, a third one started to open me up to enter as well. This one was starting to come in sooner than the second. I had a feeling this was going to get faster and I wasn't sure I could handle it. I moaned and squirmed as her eggs entered me one after another at a quicker pace. It soon was a constant flow of eggs in to eggs out. It really did feel amazing, but if this kept up I felt like I would go crazy. The sensation was incredibly intense and the best thing I’ve ever felt. It was all I could focus on as she pushed a seemingly endless supply of eggs into me. She was using me to breed as if it was my only purpose.


I watched as the pale elf twitched and squirmed. He was panting; making all sorts of noise. One after another my large eggs slid down my ovipositor. They stretched him open wide and found a nice place to nestle inside of him until it was the time for him to birth them. He really was enjoying himself whether he wanted to or not my next egg causing him to cum again. I was getting near the end of my fertile eggs, but that was fine. He seemed to be stretching to capacity. His stomach had distended and he looked pregnant. He seemed to be stuck in a cycle of being in a state of near climax or climaxing. His cute pink eyes seemed to be trying to roll back into his head.

I felt the last egg slide into him and waited for it's turn to settle inside of their new Momma. As it pushed by his prostate he came one last time. I slid my ovipositor out of him and retracted it back inside myself. I leaned in close so I was over his face. He had a very vacant expression and I wasn’t sure if he was or wasn't here. I leaned in and kissed him vigorously.

I didn't get any kind of response out of him. "Thanks cutie. Take care of our babies for us. You make such a good little breeding slut. Hmm maybe you should come back and see me sometime, and we can do it again." I knew I was really just talking to myself. "Well I'll make sure you're safe until you wake up...guess I should undo your bonds." I smirked and then spat on his hands which were covered in my web and then his feet. My saliva would dissolve the web. I moved away from him and hoped I'd see him again in the future then lept into the canopy of branches above to hide.