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Hitsuzen: A Drabble Collection

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Because Watanuki isn’t crazy enough to wish to spend Halloween on his own, he’s not terribly upset when Yūko demands he spend the night in her shop. Completing inane tasks at insane hours seems a small price to pay for a respite from the absurd number of spirits that have been attempting to latch onto him as the veil between worlds weakens.

Still. He’s not prepared to have an apple and a knife shoved into his hands the moment he steps through the door.

“Peel that in one long strip,” Yūko insists without preamble, “and toss the peel over your shoulder.”

He blinks, baffled, but complies. It’s not the strangest thing she’s ever asked him to do.

The shrill exclamation she makes when she inspects the tossed peel, however, is pretty much the strangest thing that’s come out of her mouth ever: “You are destined to marry someone whose name begins with an ‘S’! Surely that must be ‘Shizuka’, yes? Oh, I must tell Dōmeki-kun the wonderful news!”