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Hitsuzen: A Drabble Collection

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Three hours cooped up in a computer lab and he’s still no closer to finishing the first draft of his Western Philosophy midterm than he had been that morning—that terrible, earth-shattering morning.  Gods above, what has become of his life?

The cursor blinks darkly against the blank of the screen—cruel, mocking.  Without answers.

Watanuki closes his burning eyes and breathes deep.  This is a lost cause.  Why should he care about Aristotelian ethics, when the safe little world he’s worked so hard to build is falling apart?

Dōmeki’s quiet words echo hauntingly in his ears, the feel of those lips pressing gently against his own.  Everything is changing so fast.  He doesn’t know what to do, what he wants.

Is accepting what his friend is offering worth the risk?

Of their own accord, Watanuki’s fingers move over the keyboard with slow certainty, putting into words the only truth he’s ever known: I can’t lose him.