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Seven Days

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"Get off me!" Shinichi snarls at Kouya, his eyes widening with horror as he starts to understand what's happening – because again, his tutor is right. He doesn't even know why but the struggle between them, coupled with the way Kouya keeps trying to outwit him, has awakened something within him and his body is responding in a way he would never have imagined.

"Maybe if you went to sports practice more often, you wouldn't have this problem.  You're getting unfit."  

Kouya takes the risk of removing a hand from Shinichi's arm, but for some reason the boy decides not to take advantage of the situation to try and escape. Again, he doesn't even understand himself why this is so; perhaps he's curious to see what kind of move Kouya is going to make next. Perhaps he's too busy reeling from the realisation of his own excitement to react. Perhaps there's a part of him which wants Kouya to explore his body further, already knowing how skilled the man has been thus far at exploring his mind...

The tutor's hand starts to trail its way towards the neck of Shinichi's shirt, deftly unfastening the top button there before travelling down to the next and undoing that in turn; Shinichi doesn't stop Kouya as his fingers travel further down his body, slowly baring his skin, the boy's chest rising and falling with shallow breaths as he waits to see what the older man has in store for him. He could try and stop him, push him away, try and grab his phone to call for help... but he doesn't want to. Even his girlfriend has never touched him like this, and it's utterly exhilirating.

Having finished unbuttoning Shinichi's shirt Kouya begins to move his hands across his student's bare neck, trailing down and across his chest, making their way down to his stomach, and all the while Shinichi can do nothing but lie there, helpless and trembling; even when Kouya's touch reaches the waistline of his trousers he doesn't move, other than to shift his hips slightly with a soft moan of resignation. It's some kind of delicious torture, knowing that he hates the man but at the same time craving his touch, his mind trying to find a way in which he can both accept the attention yet not have to give in completely. His apparent submission only amuses Kouya all the more, and the tutor allows his hands to slide down further, touching at the outline of Shinichi's arousal through the fabric of his trousers.

"I was right, wasn't I, Shinichi-kun? You are getting excited...” Kouya smirks, pressing his fingers more firmly against his student's hardness. “Now, what shall we do about this...?”

"Is this what you did to my brother?"

Kouya doesn't even dignify that with an answer.  There's a sudden crack as he slaps Shinichi hard across the face - hard enough to leave a mark - and then his hand closes tightly around Shinichi's throat.

"Don't you ever, ever let me hear you say that again, do you understand?"  He hisses in Shinichi's face, the steady control from only moments before falling away as his eyes blaze with anger.  "I would never touch Shigeyuki like this, and you know it!  Or is this just how your jealousy is showing?"

"Jealousy?"  Shinichi splutters, struggling against his tutor's hold.  Of course he knows that Kouya would never have done this to Shigeyuki; it was a throwaway comment intended to enrage his tutor and distract him, uttered partly because of his own self-hatred and disgust at realising he was starting to enjoy the man's touch.  But... jealousy?

"You never did like me spending so much time with him, did you?"  Kouya smiles now, but it's a dangerous, predatory smile.  "You resented it.  You resented him for taking up my time.  You resented me for tutoring him and not you."

"That's ridiculous!" the student gasps.

"That's the truth."  He lets go of Shinichi's throat, and the fingers of his other hand squeeze at the boy through his trousers, causing his student to cry out.  "But I'm here now, and I'm prepared to give you all the one-on-one attention that you need."

"You're nothing but a dirty old man!"

"And you're nothing but a spoiled little brat whose girlfriend won't let him get laid."

"How do you---"

"I've heard you talking."  Kouya says this in an incredibly patronising tone, as if the answer should be blatantly obvious.  "It's not studying you're discussing with her on the phone, is it? Shigeyuki may not be that interested in listening in on your conversations, but I am.  Besides, with the way you've been acting lately, if that isn't a sign of sexual frustration then I don't know what is."

Shinichi opens his mouth to protest, but Kouya silences him again with a look.

"And don't you dare ask me how I know what sexual frustration is like.  I'm twice your age, Shinichi; of course I've had lovers, male and female."  He leans in close again.  "Does that make you jealous, too?"

"I'm going to tell mother and father exactly what you've done here---"

Shinichi begins, trying to ignore the resentment he feels at knowing he's not the only male Kouya has been this close to.

"And if you do that, I'm going to tell them that you carry a knife, and show them where to find everything you've stolen, and tell them you've not really been going to cram school. We both have secrets.  It depends what you actually want from me... and what you're willing to risk."

Shinichi is utterly infuriated by this point.  He knows full well that Kouya is right, and he knows that he is virtually powerless to do anything about it - at least, for now.  As for the sexual frustration, well, it's true that he's been pushing his girlfriend to take things further, and it's also true that the constant game he has with his tutor of trying to out-move each other arouses something within him, although he's never even considered before that perhaps the two are linked.

"What are you going to do to me then, Sensei?"  Shinichi practically spits the title, angry at himself more than anything else.  Angry that his body is responding without him having any control.  "Are you going to take advantage of me now?  Are you going to---"

"Do you want me to?"  Kouya asks the question as matter-of-factly as if he'd been testing his student on a quiz.

"No."  Shinichi's response is curt and quick, although he looks away as he gives it.

"Liar."  Kouya's smile widens, his fingers still touching at the hardness between Shinichi's legs.  "I remember what it felt like to be a teenager.  I'm not that much older than you.  What you want now is relief, and you don't care how you get it. Well, perhaps you do, but I'd say I'm on the list.”  He also adds, as an afterthought, "Besides, you could probably do with learning some obedience..."

"The only thing I need to learn is how to get you away from my family and out of my life!"  Shinichi's eyes flash angrily. "Or is this the only thing you're really after?  You go around preying on family after family so you can take advantage of their children? You're just some pervert with a taste for schoolboys, aren't you?  Was my body the only thing you wanted all along?"

"Don't flatter yourself."  Kouya laughs; he actually laughs.  "I'm here to shake things up a little.  Anything I get to do to you is an added bonus."

His fingers, which up until now have been tracing the shape of Shinichi's arousal through his trousers, now make their way towards his student's waistline where they begin to unbuckle his belt; Shinichi makes vague noises of protest, but it's obvious by now that he knows what's going to happen and he isn't fighting it any more.  He hates Kouya, there's no doubt of that - he detests the man, detests what he's doing, and he hates how Kouya seems able to manipulate the rest of his family so easily - but at the same time he's drawn to him because really they are so similar, deep down.  They both take pleasure in belittling and humiliating others, they both thrive on being one step head of everyone else, and they both hate knowing that anyone else has any kind of power over them, although Kouya certainly seems to be the one in control now.

Shinichi makes no move to stop Kouya as the man finishes with his belt, his fingers lingering over the zip of his flies before sliding them open, teasingly slowly; then his hand slips inside the boy's trousers, touching at him through his underwear, following the shape of his erection from base to tip where he rubs his thumb across the head. Even through the thin fabric of his clothing it's excruciating, and Shinichi can't stop himself from groaning loudly, which only pleases Kouya all the more. By this point it's clear that his student isn't going to push him away, and he uses that knowledge to his further advantage, his hands moving away from the boy's arousal to start easing down his trousers, pulling his underwear down with them.

“I hate you...” Shinichi's cheeks burn with shame and he turns to bury his face into a pillow, even as Kouya frees his hardness from his clothes. His arousal stands hard and proud, his body betraying him, his tutor's every touch feeding a hunger which he'd never even known he'd had. “I hate you...”

“You don't have to like someone to want to fuck them,” Kouya chuckles, finally freeing Shinichi's legs from his trousers and discarding the boy's clothing onto the floor. He takes a moment to admire his student's hardness, reaching out to run a finger along his length, practically purring his approval. “I couldn't care less if you want to kill me. What matters more than that right now is that you want me... here.”

His finger slides down from Shinichi's length to tease its way further down his body, sliding beneath him to touch temptingly at his backside, which causes his student to whimper and snarl.

“You should know by now that I won't give in so easily..."

"To be honest, Shinichi, you'd be boring if you did."  Kouya grins.  "And if I thought you'd give in to my demands so easily, then I'd deserve to fail. Although it looks like you're giving in pretty easily right now...”

Kouya's words cause Shinichi's eyes to narrow, and he hisses as he turns his head from the pillow to glare at his tutor; but something passes between them with that look, something powerful and primal, both hateful and passionate. Kouya just stares right back, infuriatingly controlled and confident, the calm look on his face masking the desire which is rising within him. He genuinely does find Shinichi fascinating, a study in sadism and neglectful parenting, but most importantly a handsome little plaything for him to enjoy. Some of this fascination shows in his gaze, which gives Shinichi pause; its good to finally get attention for once. Much as he could try and deny it, Kouya is, yet again, correct.

“We both want the same thing.” Kouya speaks first; it's a statement, not a question. “Even you must know that by now.”

Shinichi swallows nervously while Kouya wets his lips, the tutor's gaze dangerous and predatory, the student's expression wary yet curious. The boy nods slowly, understanding that denying it would only make him look foolish. But what the hell can he do?  Even if he throws Kouya out, the truth still remains.  He wants Kouya to notice him, to pay attention to him.  He wants Kouya to relieve the arousal which has been building within him for so long.  He wants Kouya to do for him what his girlfriend won't, because Kouya is an intellectual match for him, an equal, not some inferior little plaything which he only keeps beside him as a trophy. He wants Kouya because the man has experience, and he knows what he's doing, and trying to outwit him excites him more than anything has ever done before...

"Sensei."  Shinichi's voice is quiet yet audible, although still tinged with a hint of hatred and disgust.

"Yes, Shinichi?"  Kouya responds softly but with authority, waiting to see what his student has to say.

"Sensei, I..."  Kouya has him cornered, both physically and mentally.  How can he possibly move his way out of this one?  He gives a frustrated growl, taking a deep breath before he continues.  "Sensei... I... I want you..."

And with that he turns back to his bed and once more buries his face in a pillow, finally conceding his defeat.

"Shinichi-kun..."  Kouya can't keep the smile from his face, his triumph suffusing his body with an undeniable heat which is both arousal and the smug knowledge that he has been right; but he can't afford to push his victory, not yet.  To do so would drive Shinichi away and perhaps make him change his mind.  Instead he reaches out to run a finger along his student's inner thigh, then tease at the base of his length, further humiliating and exciting him.  "Are you sure...?"

"Yes!" the boy gasps, his voice muffled.  He gives a long, low moan, part desire, part resignation. “Please... just get it over with!”

“So impatient,” Kouya remarks with a smirk, taking his hands away from his student's body. “Well, then... the least you can do is turn over for me. Get on your knees.”

Kouya could take Shinichi like this, of course; he could take him lying on his back so he could look down on the boy's face as he robs him of his innocence, but that could suggest a deeper connection than he is willing to consider right now, not to mention a suggestion of affection, of intimacy. No, what Kouya wants is to pleasure Shinichi and humiliate him at the same time, humble him whilst guiding him through his first coupling and make sure he enjoys it. Far more pleasing that he take the boy like a dog, making him submit in the most delicious way possible.

To his satisfaction Shinichi complies, as he somehow knew he would, managing to cast another glare in Kouya's direction before positioning himself in all fours with his face towards the wall and his backside facing the door, Kouya kneeling behind him as he does so. Whilst Shinichi does this the tutor slides his hands down to his own belt, quickly unbuckling himself and easing down his trousers to free his arousal; he's already been hard for some time now, but unlike his student he's more experienced and able to control himself in this state. He could undress himself completely, but again, there's more pleasure to be had in humiliating Shinichi, and being almost fully-clothed whilst his student is almost naked only adds to the feelings of power and control.

Now that Shinichi is in position for him, Kouya shifts himself so that he is on his knees behind Shinichi, his legs positioned between Shinichi's own; his hands reach out to touch at the lower half of Shinichi's back, his fingers tracing patterns on the skin, stroking at his tight, pert buttocks, which draws a moan from his own throat.  He's had various lovers, male and female, and he always likes to take the time to appreciate their bodies, getting to know them physically as well as mentally - and he definitely appreciates Shinichi's body, especially knowing that he's never been touched like this before, never given himself to anyone, and never been taken in turn.

Shinichi groans in response to Kouya's touching, moaning and murmuring, his length already hard and throbbing with need.  Kouya doesn't expect him to last long, but that's not the point - if he wanted a long, drawn-out session of lovemaking he'd go and find an older, more experienced partner for the night.  What matters to him now is dominating Shinichi, feeding off his shame, and making sure he's enjoying himself at the same time.

“You have to be patient for a little longer,” he breathes, reaching down now for his bag beside the bed, from which he draws out a tube of some kind of lotion. It's almost as though he came prepared for a situation such as this one, and he wastes no time in applying the cream to his hands, sliding them over his hardness, before parting Shinichi's buttocks again and rubbing his slicked-up fingers over his skin. He massages him gently, applying pressure with his hands, feeling the boy's body trembling and shivering beneath him, hearing the helpless whimpers escaping his throat, and he feeds off them with a cruel smile written upon his face.

“Please, Sensei...” Shinichi gasps, burning with an intense desire which both thrills and shames him in equal measure; his cheeks burn with guilt, with the knowledge that he behaving so wantonly, but it's already too late now for him to turn back. “Please... take me...”

Kouya's smile widens further and he gives a low growl, satisfied that his student is as ready for him as he will ever be. Slowly, ever so slowly, he takes his fingers away from Shinichi's entrance and pushes his hips forward, his own arousal firm and ready; one of his hands now moves to part Shinichi's buttocks, readying him, and with his other hand he grips at himself and guides his length towards his student's most sensitive parts; he presses the hot, smooth head of himself against his entrance, allowing himself a moan as he does so and drawing a gasp from Shinichi in return.

"This is going to hurt, Shinichi-kun," he says, his voice low and ragged. His words are heavy with desire yet he remains in control, not allowing his lust to take over.  Not yet.

"P-please... Sensei..."  Shinichi whimpers again, the drawn-out agony if waiting more than evident in his voice. If he is going to be shamed, then so be it; if he is going to humiliate himself by submitting to the lusts of his tutor, then he at least wants the pain to be over and done with... not to mention the feelings of guilty pleasure.  "Please... hurt me..."

Kouya murmurs in response and pushes forwards, easing himself inside him with a groan; Shinichi yelps as he feels it, his body responding with a sudden flash of pain, even as he pushes back against Kouya in return.  He refuses to give in though; he's got this far and admitted his shame, and it would only make things worse if he backed out now.  Kouya allows Shinichi a moment to adjust and thrusts further forwards still, burying himself another half an inch, knowing it will take time for Shinichi to get used to him.  This time the pain flares up even more readily, and Shinichi literally bites his pillow to keep himself from crying out, even though he knows they have the whole house to themselves.  It hurts... just like Kouya told him, it hurts... but at the same time, it feels so good...

"Do you want me to carry on?"  Kouya's voice is a low, sultry purr, his words heavy with amusement, although there is a note of genuine concern there; he wants to corrupt Shinichi, not brutalise him, and it's in his interests to ensure that his student gains at least some enjoyment from the experience.  He pauses, his body still, his length half-buried within the younger man, while he awaits an answer.  "I can stop, if you want me to..."

"No!  No..."  Shinichi whines, hating the desperation in his voice.  "More, Sensei... please... more..."  He doesn't even need to be told that he has to call Kouya by his title.  He's already learned that much, at least.

"No what?  You want me to stop, or you want me to carry on?" Kouya taunts, shifting his hips slightly, sending another delicious thrill of pleasure/pain throughout Shinichi's body.  Kouya has enough experience and restraint to keep this up for quite some time; Shinichi, however, has never been touched so intimately in his whole life, and he's already losing control.  Kouya knows this, and he loves it.  "Shall I keep going, Shinichi?  Or do you want to stop there for today?"

Shinichi's response is a pained whine, not only from Kouya's body inside his own, but also from his tutor's words - do you want to stop there for today.  The question is loaded with meaning, and with promise, because Kouya is already hinting that this will happen again.

"Keep going... please, Sensei... please, I... I want..."

"You want what, Shinichi?"

"I want..."  But his words trail off into a groan as Kouya thrusts forward again, this time completely burying himself inside his student, allowing himself a loud moan of his own while he lets Shinichi's tight body adjust to his presence.  His hands move over the boy too, his fingers tracing patterns on his skin, caressing his lower back and his buttocks, soothing him; Shinichi's response is to push back against Kouya, taking him as deeply as he can, shame giving way now to sheer desire.

Kouya doesn't need to grace the boy's groans with a response; the tutor knows that Shinichi is being tormented enough with his body, aware of his lusts and powerless to do anything but act upon them.  He keeps his position for a moment, staying still inside him, then he pulls back slowly - drawing another moan from his student - only to push forwards again, burying himself, his length throbbing and hot.  He does this once again, twice, until he's started to work up a slow, steady pace, Shinichi's body being pressed forwards with every thrust, the boy's hands tangling into his sheets as he bites down hard on his pillow.  Even through the thick padding, Kouya is sure he can make out every pained cry which escapes his student's throat.

He works up a faster pace now, Shinichi's body having stretched enough to allow Kouya to move more freely, more eagerly; he's still gentle enough, but his thrusts are more determined now, more firm and decisive, each and every one burying him deeply enough for skin to start slapping against skin.  Kouya moans loudly, letting Shinichi know of his pleasure, letting him know just how much his tutor is enjoying this.

To his shame, Shinichi can already feel the heat building between his legs; it's been there ever since Kouya walked into his room, flaring when his tutor laid hands upon him, and he can't do anything to stop the intense orgasm gathering inside him as Kouya begins to pound heavily into him from behind.  The feelings coursing through him are a strange mix of enjoyment and pain, his burning hatred for his tutor a curious counterpoint to the grudging admiration and the need for acknowledgement which he also feels towards him.  The sharp pain of being penetrated so decisively, so roughly, seems to mingle effortlessly with the pleasure which comes with it, Kouya's thrusts touching a place deep inside him which he didn't even know he had, and he tries his best to hold back, to lay off his climax, to prove to Kouya that he isn't just a pathetic teenager in heat giving in to his most base of desires...

...and then Kouya takes a hold of him, and he is completely lost.

As the tutor closes his fingers around Shinichi's length, the boy can't help but throw his head back to cry out his excitement; trickles of his musk are already issuing from him, dribbles of his essence escaping his body to leak onto his bedcovers, but when Kouya takes a hold of him it's all he can do not to reach his orgasm on the spot.  He gasps and writhes, the intense need for release taking over, and he bucks his hips wildly backwards against Kouya as he whines and moans, eager for nothing more now than to find his peak and be free of this torment.  He has never hated himself more than he does at this moment for being so needy, and so weak.

"Come for me, Shinichi-kun," Kouya breathes, his voice a deep, low groan.  He knows the boy won't last, and he doesn't care that he'll climax before him.  "I want to feel you come for me..."

"Sensei!"  Shinichi's back arches and he wails loudly, Kouya's words pushing him over the edge - not that he was far from breaking anyway.  The combination of his tutor's low stern voice, and his steady hands touching and stroking at him - not to mention the firm, steady pace of Kouya's length thrusting into him from behind - causes something inside Shinichi to give way, and he is caught within a wave of sheer ecstasy as his orgasm crashes over him.  He pushes back against Kouya again and again, wanting the older man to touch him so deeply inside; he cries out Kouya's title before biting down hard on his pillow again, almost screaming, spatters of his essence issuing forth to leave stains over his sheets.  It's the hardest, most intense orgasm he's ever experienced in his entire life, and already he knows Kouya will leave him wanting more.

"Shinichi-kun..."  His tutor's hands continue to stroke at his length, easing him through his climax, guiding him as his body shudders and trembles, helping to milk every last drop from him; and then, as Shinichi almost collapses, Kouya shifts one hand to keep a firm grip on the boy's thigh, keeping him in position as he finally allows himself to work towards his own pleasure.  His other hand grabs at Shinichi's hair, his fingers tangling within it, pulling at the loose, dark strands as he braces his body against him. Now that Shinichi has experienced his orgasm, Kouya can focus on his own; he's drawing close, but he's eager to get there so that his student can know how it feels to have a man finish inside him.  "Shinichi..."

His thrusts become more wild, more erratic, and he closes his eyes for a moment, wanting to focus on the feel of being buried so deeply inside his latest toy; Shinichi's body is virgin and tight and he savours it, his hands touching and stroking, his length stretching him, but the greatest thrill comes from knowing how much Shinichi is enjoying it, whilst at the same time utterly resenting him.  The thought of that sends a wave of excitement through him and he moans loudly, spurring him on ever closer to his finish.  It's unusual for Kouya to lose control but he does so now, giving in to his passions, crying out his student's name as his body succumbs to his climax.  His hips buck furiously against Shinichi's own, his back arching as he thrusts as deeply as he can; a series of gasps and moans escape his lips, a loud moan tearing its way from his throat as he spends himself roughly inside him.

"Shinichi!  Shinichi-kun...."

Shinichi is helpless, pinned down against his bed; by this point his head is all but buried in his pillows, and he whimpers and whines as Kouya finishes inside him.  He feels utterly sordid and broken, soiled and dirty and used, but at the same time it feels so good...


"Shinichi...."  With a final groan Kouya's passion is spent, but he doesn't pull out just yet.  His voice is raw and heavy with lust, his words a deep, breathy purr, and he leans over his student's body, tangling his fingers into the boy's hair and yanking his head back with enough force to make him cry out.  "Shinichi-kun... I can't stop you telling your parents about this... but if you do, it'll never happen again..."

Shinichi tries to nod his assent, but Kouya's fingers are tangled too firmly in his hair and he manages only to give a strangled cry in response; it's enough for Kouya to realise that the boy has understood, however, and he releases his grip, allowing Shinichi's head to fall forwards, his cheeks burning once more with shame.  Satisfied that he's got his message across, Kouya finally begins to draw his hips backwards, sliding himself slowly - ever so slowly - from Shinichi's trembling body with a low, loud moan.  He lets go of the boy's thighs too, allowing his student to finally collapse, face down, onto the bed; and then he shifts so that he is kneeling back, looking down on Shinichi's body, laughing softly to himself at seeing the boy's utter defeat.

"Sensei..." Shinichi manages to murmur, his voice barely audible from where his face is buried in his pillows.  "I could have you arrested for this..."

"But you won't."  The tutor's voice holds more amusement than threat.  "You wanted it as much as I did.  Possibly even more.  Oh, you could tell them that I took advantage of you... and I suppose I have, really, haven't I?  But if you told them I forced you, we both know I'd be lying.  It's one thing to lie to your parents, Shinichi-kun... it's another to have to lie to the authorities.  Not that you've ever had to try."

He smirks, meeting Shinichi's gaze as the boy turns his head from his bedsheets to glare hatefully at his tutor, but Shinichi says nothing, not even when Kouya reaches down into his bag again to grab a packet of tissues and starts to wipe himself off.  He continues to watch Kouya with a wary and dangerous expression, as if expecting him to suddenly pounce on him once more; Kouya notices this and pauses, raising an eyebrow as he looks down at Shinichi.

"What are you worried about now?  It's a bit late to be concerned that I'm going to take your precious virginity away, isn't it?"

That comment only causes Shinichi to narrow his eyes and blush even redder than before.

"You've had your fun with me.  Now get out."

"Get out?"  Kouya laughs.  "No wonder your girlfriend won't go all the way with you, if this is how you treat your lovers!"

"I'm not your lover!" Shinichi spits furiously, turning over onto his side now but grabbing at the sheets and gathering them around his groin to cover his nakedness; his shirt still hangs open, exposing his bare chest.

"No?  What was that which we just did, then?"

"I said, get out!"  Shinichi repeats, picking up a pillow and throwing it at Kouya's head.  It narrowly misses, and Kouya adopts a look of mock hurt and concern.

"I finally give you what you've wanted for weeks, and you want me to leave already?  You're so ungrateful, Shinichi-kun."  But he gets to his feet, throwing the tissue into the bin and shoving himself back into his trousers before gathering up his things and readying his bag. "Fine, then.  I'll go.  But I'll be back to teach you tomorrow... and the night after that..."

"Not if I go to cram school.  I don't need you."

"Cram school?"  Kouya laughs again, the sound bordering slightly on the maniacal.  "If you'd been going to cram school I wouldn't even be here now!  Or... no, wait... was this your plan all along?  Shinichi, you're even more cunning than I thought."

And with that – along with another one of his smug, infuriating smiles – Kouya turns for the bedroom door, opens it and leaves, not even bothering to shut it again on his way out.

Shinichi waits until the sound of Kouya's footsteps have retreated before he allows himself an anguished cry of frustration and rage.  Of course he hadn't planned things this way!  There's no way he deliberately drew attention to his falling grades just so his parents would notice and suggest he be privately tutored as well... there's no way he secretly wanted Kouya to himself because he was jealous of the attention the tutor was giving Shigeyuki... there's no way he was craving attention and affection because his parents were ignoring him and his girlfriend was refusing to give him what he wanted... there's no way... there?