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Undercover Swing

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Chapter 1: Holly and Paul


Undercover Residence
Las Vegas, NV

Mulder put the key in the ignition and paused, turning his face towards his partner sitting idly beside him. “Are you sure about this, Scully?” he asked, his face slightly pained. She swallowed, her eyebrow arching, her eyes directed at her bare legs.


“It’s ‘Holly’, and…,” she sighed shakily, “It’s not my preference, but what are the alternatives? This guy needs to be caught.” She shifted in her seat nervously, tugging at her too-short skirt. Mulder reached across the console, tracing his knuckle down the side of her cheek.


“Anytime… anytime you feel uncomfortable, or want to go, you let me know,” he spoke gently. “They know we’re novices. It will be okay if we didn’t participate in everything,” he explained gently. He heard her shaky breath as she nodded in understanding, her eyes still plastered on her uncomfortably bare legs.


“Scully…?” he prompted when she remained quiet. She looked up, and cleared her throat. “My name is Holly, Paul,” she said, looking at him with a fixed stare.


“Well, I’m talking to Scully,” he retorted. “I need SCULLY to understand that her comfort comes first and foremost, and that the ONLY way we are going to solve this case is if we can trust each other, and communicate with each other. I need SCULLY to understand that she is my friend and partner, and I wouldn’t want to do anything that would make her uncomfortable, or breach the level of trust we have with one another,” he said, his voice echoing in the car.


She turned to him with glassy eyes and placed a hand on his thigh, squeezing gently. “And I need my partner to understand that we have roles to play, Mulder. I have to BE ‘Holly.’ I have to,” she whispered, her voice cracking. She shook her head, clearing her throat of the emotion clogging it. “I promise you that I will keep the lines of communication open. And I understand your concerns, Mulder. I do. But it’s easier for ME to do this, if I know I’m playing a role.”


“Because Dana Scully would never do this,” he said in statement rather than question.


She nodded simply. “I want to catch this motherfucker like you wouldn’t believe. What he’s accused of doing…,” she broke away, shaking her head in disgust. “That’s the ONLY reason I said yes to this ridiculous assignment,” she said gesturing to her skimpy attire.


He sat back in his seat and looked out of the front windshield, his hand tapping on the steering wheel. The lack of air flow throughout the cabin was stifling, and she felt a fine layer of sweat forming on her freshly washed skin.


“So, Holly and Paul, huh?” he asked.


She smiled crookedly into her lap, licking her lips. “I told you I got to pick the names the next time we went undercover.”


He nodded his head and snorted. “Why ‘Holly’ and ‘Paul’?” he asked.


She shrugged, ducking her chin. “Breakfast at Tiffany’s,” she said simply.


“Ahhh,” he nodded in understanding. “Well, I guess it’s better than Ishmael, or Pip, or Stubb from your beloved Moby Dick,” he said, smiling.


She smiled gently, but he could still sense her nervousness.


He reached over and took her hand from her lap. “You know I would rather die than hurt you…, or ruin our friendship, right?” he said gently.


She nodded, squeezing his hand. “I know.”


He gave her hand one final squeeze before he let it fall to her lap, turning the key in the ignition and driving away from their apartment.



Mulder pulled the car along the sidewalk and put it in park. Scully sat silent, looking around the quiet street. Suburban middle-class homes lined the block with lush, green lawns adorning the front. Flags on porches blew in the wind, and minivans parked in driveways.


She shook her head, a look of disgust on her face. “God, Mulder,” she sighed. “This street. It’s so…”


“Normal, I know,” he said, shocked as well. “But the worst predators tend to hide in plain sight,” he said, opening his door and getting out.


She swung her legs from her side, adjusting her short skirt, pulling it as far down her thighs as it would go, which, to Mulder’s delight, wasn’t more than three inches past the curve of her ass.


She stood with her back pressed against her closed door, carefully regarding the house in front of her, her fingers still clenched in the handle of the car. Mulder stepped in front of her, placing his hands on her hips, bending down to look into her eyes (though he didn’t have to bend far with the four inch heels she was wearing).


“Hey…,” he said softly, and her gaze darted from the house to meet his gentle hazel eyes. Her mouth twitched in a small smile.


“Take a deep breath…,” he said, his thumbs stroking her hip bones. It was a gesture meant to be soothing, but instead, it made the nerves in her belly flutter wildly. Mulder brought his hand to her face, sweeping the windblown strands from her cheek.


“Remember the goal,” he said quietly. “We can’t bring wires or cameras inside – they’re going to search us when we enter. We need proof that he’s drugging his guests with the intent to rape them later.”
She looked at him, pursing her lips. “Don’t forget the underage prostitutes,” she said, swallowing thickly, disdain written across her features.


He cupped her cheeks. “Look at me,” he said, his hands warm against her face. “Let’s just go inside…, we’ll take one step at a time,” he said slowly.


He dropped his hands from her face, and moved them back to her hips, reaching behind her to remove her hands from the handle on the door. His chest brushed against her breasts, prominent in a black push up bra and thin, white tank top. “You’ve got to let go of the car first,” he said grinning.


She smiled and dropped her hands, reaching for his. With a shaky breath, she stepped towards the house.


After a few steps, she stopped abruptly. “Wait,” she said, her eyes wide.


He turned back, his eyebrows furrowed in confusion. “What’s wrong?”


She snorted, looking to the sky for courage, her cheeks coloring. “I think… uhm…,” her voice trembled with nerves, “Kiss me,” she said softly.


He stepped closer. “Excuse me?”


She looked up at him, her eyes serious. “Well, I just….,” she fumbled, nervous, “Kiss me. We’re supposed to be a married couple. These parties are…, well, we both know what we’re going to be walking into, and I just think maybe you need to kiss me first,” she rushed, “just so we’re not caught off guard or anything.”


He smiled uncomfortably, shifting his feet. “I uh…” he stammered, clearing his throat.


She continued, “If we want to be believable, we need to look like an affectionate, sexual, married couple,” she paused, gathering her courage, “I’m not asking you to fuck me, Mulder” she finished quietly.


Mulder growled low in his throat, her words shooting straight to his cock. “But I do think you need to kiss me…”


They stood in awkward silence for a couple moments, color high on both of their cheeks. She shifted slightly on her feet, and Mulder lifted his eyes to her face, watching as she bit her lip in concentration.


“It’s not like… It’s not like you haven’t kissed me before,” she said softly, fiddling with the strap of her handbag. Her hands trembled, but if Mulder noticed her anxiety, he didn’t let on.


His stomach tingled at the memory of his mouth against hers on New Year’s Eve. He licked his lips, remembering the feel of her soft lips on his.


As they stared at each other, he couldn’t help but take in her appearance. Her fiery red hair was softly curled around her face, and her make-up was dramatic and smoky. Her white tank top left little to the imagination as the black bra bled through, the peaks of her nipples visible in the cool breeze outside the house. Her legs looked longer than ever in her ‘come fuck me heels’ and short skirt. All in all, she looked exactly how she was supposed to look – highly fuckable.


His cock twitched. ‘This case is going to be unbearable,’ he thought.


He shrugged, feigning nonchalance in order to mask his desire. “I suppose you’re right,” he said, moving towards her. She nodded in agreement, staring at her shoes, desperately trying to avoid his eyes.


He closed the distance between them with two steps, and brought his hands to her cheeks. She lifted her chin up to his gaze and felt her cheeks burn when she saw the raw intensity behind his eyes. The corner of his mouth lifted upwards, and he slowly brought his lips down, gently pressing into her. Chaste, respectful… Everything Dana Scully did not want in a kiss from Mulder, but was too embarrassed to say.


He pulled away, lingering above her mouth for a moment, waiting, testing the boundaries of how far he could go. His cock wanted him to taste the vast expanse of her neck and chest, running his tongue between her breasts. His heart wanted him to wrap her in his arms and take her as far away from this case as humanly possible. His brain wanted…, well, his brain wasn’t working in that moment, he realized.


He lowered his face to her again, opening his mouth over her lips. He shuddered when her tongue darted out to stroke his lips. His cock won. He growled into her mouth, and he pushed her back against the car door, losing himself in the feeling. She grunted as her back hit the car, her hands clutching at his black shirt, pulling him closer to her body.


She moaned into his mouth as he pressed his body along hers, his erection prominent against her belly. His deep sigh sent a shooting wave of warmth to her core, her clit throbbing, drenching what little underwear she had on.


His teeth tugged at her lip as he pulled his face back. She opened her eyes slowly, and her breathing returned to normal. Arousal flared in his eyes, and the evidence of his desire was still pressing into her leg. He searched her eyes briefly before moving away.


“You’ll tell me if anything is uncomfortable, right?” he asked softly, his eyes intent and focused.


Her belly lurched nervously. Maybe this wasn’t a good idea. How was she supposed to maintain her composure when he’d just kissed her like that, like a lover? But wasn’t that what she had asked him to do?


She was already confused, and the case hadn’t even begun. She looked at him with wide eyes, but before she could answer, their hostess opened the front door.


“Save all that action for inside, you two!!” she called from the front door, her bleached blonde hair teased and curled, large breasts spilling from the tight pink spandex dress fitted around her curvy frame.


Mulder looked at Scully, and her cheeks blushed traitorously.


“Oohhh, have we got some newbies?” the woman laughed heartily. “That’s okay… There’s plenty inside to loosen you up… in more ways than one,” she said, winking to the both of them. They gave each other knowing looks, and smiled politely at their hostess.


“Ready to party, Holly?” he asked, his hand guiding her on the small of her back through the front entry of the house.


“Ready as I’ll ever be, Paul,” she replied, adjusting her tank top, and smoothing her hair.



A week ago, their lives had been normal – normal for them, at least. Short of cases to work on since the demise of the Syndicate less than a year prior, they’d been asked to assist Violent Crimes on an undercover assignment to attain proof of illegal activities of one Harold Moore, accused of rape and solicitation of underage prostitutes, amongst other smaller drug charges. Scully found the crimes disgusting and reprehensible. Preying on the vulnerabilities of girls who should still be playing with dolls, not to mention guests who thought they could trust him, Harold was the worst kind of criminal.

It was no shock to her when Skinner asked them to assist VCS, with Scully’s background in pathology and Mulder’s legendary profiling abilities. What shocked her, was HOW Skinner wanted them to assist.

She remembers what he said so clearly. “Look, Agents, the truth of the matter is that we don’t have a male/female partnership who could pass for a married couple in the same…capacity…the way you two can.”

“Agents Nielson and Swiker have been together longer than we have, sir,” Mulder said, shifting uncomfortably in his seat. Clearly, the idea of being married to her again did not sit well. She swallowed thickly, her heart sinking.

Skinner cleared his throat and sat forward in his seat, avoiding the eyes of the two younger agents. “This case involves a need for a certain…physical…,” he trailed off, swirling his hand in the air.

“Sir?” Scully chimed in, hoping he would expand his thoughts. What exactly were they expected to do?

Skinner took a deep breath, and began again. “You two are the best agents we can put on the case. Hands down. Your track record for solving cases, not to mention the… bond… between the two of you is why your partnership was considered in the first place. ”

He rubbed his shiny head and sighed. “The Director is feeling a lot of pressure to finish this case, especially considering the new human trafficking allegations he wants to bring forward. You two…,” he paused, shaking his head as he stared at the two agents.

“Trust me, you two weren’t the only partnership considered. We had to take into account a lot of factors, not the least of which is believability and youth. Agents Nielson and Swiker are both in their fifties and happily married to other people. These are SEX parties, agents.”

Scully’s eyebrows rose into her hairline. This was the first she had heard of THAT detail. Mulder tugged on his tie, and she looked at him side-ways, pulling her lip between her teeth as her heart beat rapidly in her chest. Noticing their discomfort, he paused, swallowing thickly before he cleared his throat. Skinner sat taller in his seat, pushing his chest out, regaining some composure.

“Look, I don’t care what happens behind closed doors… Your job is to nail this guy. And considering all the other agents we have, you two are the only ones who are smart enough, attractive enough, AND single enough.”

Scully blinked rapidly, her mind drawing a blank. “What…? Uhm… Sex parties, sir?” she squeaked, wincing as she heard the tone of her voice.

Scully felt her cheeks redden as Skinner gave them the details of their case. The assignment was simple: they would pose as a married couple, infiltrating Harold’s circle of friends, in order to witness illegal activity and aide in his capture. The catch: Harold and his wife Alisha were some of Las Vegas’ most well-known hosts of sex parties for swinging couples.

Mulder and Scully were to go undercover as a couple interested in the swinging lifestyle.

Sex parties.

With Mulder.

(End of Chapter 1)