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Going at It Like Rabbits

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Two large, furry hands slide over his lithe boy. Across a heaving belly and chest, ruffling short locks of white fur as they move further up. One hand clutches at his jaw, the other curling around his throat—gently. Polnareff, catching his breath, melts into the touch as Jotaro slides closer to him under the disheveled covers, pressing their bodies together. His broader, darker form nearly smothers Polnareff entirely. Jotaro's long shaggy fur lays over him, splotches of black in his own white pelt. Long ears twitching, resting together on the pillows, Polnareff groans softly and whines, “Jotarooo.”

A cold nose prods at his jaw and shuffles down over his furry neck, sniffing as it goes. Cracking his eyes open, Polnareff peeks over to see Jotaro's piercing green eyes staring down at him. Possessively, with intent. His perky black ears peek out past the thick fur around his head. The perspective has Polnareff smiling weakly, his own nose twitching as he sniffs at Jotaro's musky scent and thick pheromones in the air.

“Again,” Jotaro rumbles, his deep voice vibrating through his wide ribcage, pressed against Polnareff's back. Polnareff shivers and blinks slowly, turning over onto his back to gaze up at Jotaro. He rests his hand down in the soft fur of Jotaro's belly and huffs.

“My ass is going to be so sore in a couple hours Jotaro, give me a break...”

“I'm in heat. What did you expect when you came over?”

“I-I... guess that's true,” Polnareff mumbles, blushing. Maybe he knew Jotaro was in heat. Maybe he came with intention to lend Jotaro his body for his satisfaction. Maybe it was because he liked having Jotaro's thick cock spreading his smaller body open just for his use. He looks away, shy. Jotaro's hand on his jaw tightens, claws bared among wisps of white fur. He turns Polnareff's head his way again and meets his wide blue-eyed gaze, his own eyes narrowed.

“Get on your hands and knees. If you really don't want to, you can just leave. But you're still here, willing. So, get into position.”

A shiver runs through Polnareff at Jotaro's growling, commanding tone. He nervously kicks his foot out of habit against Jotaro's leg and then nods, his face a bright red. Jotaro lets him go, unraveling his arms from around him to let him move. Polnareff, with his ears folded back, crawls out from under the blankets to get on his knees and elbows, presenting himself to the wolf. He can hear Jotaro's heaving pants, and once he glances over his shoulder, he catches him staring at his used, dripping hole.

His semen from the last two rounds slowly eases out of Polnareff. Down over his balls and inner thighs, across white fur that becomes matted down from the copious amount. Jotaro is twice his size, so it doesn't surprise him that his seed wouldn't fit, either.

With his hard-on already sticking out from the sheath on his belly, Jotaro rises and moves closer to him, a black beast approaching with intent to claim. Polnareff's entire body begins to quiver from an assortment of conflicting feelings (arousal, fear, excitement), blue eyes wide and staring back at Jotaro. With an intense look in his cold eyes, Jotaro meets his gaze and nudges his snout under his bushy tail to sniff at him.

He gives five broad strokes of his rough tongue over Polnareff's hole, making him jerk and suck in a breath, a weak whimper crawling from his mouth. Jotaro's hands close around his shaking thighs, keeping him still as he lathers his sore entrance with saliva.

“J-Jotarooo,” Polnareff whines, back curling in with his ears flipping back, earrings jingling from the motion. A red blush crawls up from his face to the very tips of his ears. Jotaro hums, low and rumbling, and drags his wide tongue up over Polnareff's furry balls to the underside of his tail in a fat lick. Shaking, Polnareff clenches two handfuls of the covers in his hands, short nails catching in the fabric.

Rising up, Jotaro then moves over him. Trapping him in the cage of his big body, placing his arms on both sides of the smaller bunnyboy. Jotaro's large cock drags across Polnareff's ass as he adjusts himself. He nuzzles his snout against the back of Polnareff's neck. It has Polnareff relaxing with a deep, shaky exhale. It's intimidating having a predator breed on top of him, but touches like that reminds him that it's Jotaro.

When Jotaro sets his broad, furry hands over his smaller ones, Polnareff blushes a darker shade and smiles shyly to himself. Jotaro sniffs at his neck and then props up low on his feet, hunching over him and getting into a mounting position.

Jotaro repositioning his hips and arching them in to nudge the tip of his cock against his hole has him gasping and then biting his lip, his gapped front teeth peeking out. It slips down over his balls when Jotaro tries to thrust in, so he tries again and this time the head catches on his hole and then Jotaro is pushing into him with a firm thrust of his hips, until his balls are pressing against Polnareff's. His thick cock spreads him open wide, a full feeling laced with an aching pain that has Polnareff crying out a sharp, “Ah-- fuck, Jotaro!”

“Nnn,” Jotaro grunts, adjusting his hips closer to the other, nudging his erection as deep as it will go inside of him. Being half of the wolfboy's size, Polnareff's body could barely open up for his girth, but having taken it twice before makes it a little easier. It still hurts, stings, but Polnareff moans regardless, his short tail twitching above where they're connected. He clenches his hands up under Jotaro's and pants a little hard, trying to get accustomed to Jotaro's size yet again.

Due to Jotaro's primal instincts to start fucking immediately, he isn't given very much time to adjust before Jotaro begins to thrust into him with hard rocks of his hips, driving his cock repeatedly into his small body. It does hurt still, but it turns Polnareff on and has him moaning, eyes squeezing shut and mouth falling open.

Hearing Jotaro's bestial, breathless grunts and pants above him has hot pleasure coiling in Polnareff's belly. He digs his nails into the bed and tries rocking back into each thrust, if only to pleasure the other more. But Jotaro growls and with a firm placement of a hand on the back of his head, pushes Polnareff's face down into the covers, who wiggles a bit at that, before he huffs breathlessly, “Stay still.”

Amongst the relentless back and forth of Jotaro's hard thrusting, Polnareff can barely form a single thought, much less a protest. He just lets himself be pinned to the bed by a broad hand. Though his grip moves down to the back of his neck, holding him still as he drilled into his hole with the vulgar noises only primal sex could create ringing through the room.

Then Jotaro removes his hand and plants it down over Polnareff's messy white hair and long ears atop the bed, replacing his hand with his mouth on the back of his neck. Unlike the comforting touch of his snout, it's the opening of his maw and clutching at his neck with his jagged teeth and the bone-crushing strength of his jaw. But, he keeps said strength at bay and instead holds his neck between his teeth, gentle and without aggression.

Regardless, it has Polnareff falling dead silent, his body quivering and shaking in pure fear, mixed with heightened arousal that has his tremoring body humping down into the bed slightly with his leaking cock dragging against the covers. Whimpering again and again, Polnareff stays still, save for the shaking of his body. He gasps aloud when Jotaro tightens his jaw around his neck. It doesn't hurt but it's a tightening pressure that has him panting harder and harder until he can't breathe, partially out of hyperventilation and partially because of the grip on his throat.

Before Polnareff could pass out from a mixture of fear and breathlessness, Jotaro releases his neck and instead nuzzles at it and the side of his head, nose nudging among his locks of silver. Whining, Polnareff tries to relax from the comforting touches, but the pumping of Jotaro's heavy cock into his small ass prevents that. Entire body wound up, Polnareff moans, shaken and breathless, “J-Jotarooo, you're too big..! Fuck me, u-use me—Nnh!”

He's babbling at this point, clawing at the blankets with Jotaro's paw-like hands gripping his wrists. He feels Jotaro's knot begin to form, passing in and out of him and gradually swelling bigger and bigger. It pops in and out of Polnareff and has him crying out, while Jotaro pants and continues crashing his hips down against Polnareff until his knot gets stuck inside him and he has to still. He keeps his pelvis pressed firmly to Polnareff's ass, feeling his short tail twitch against his belly as he shot his load into him, his knot throbbing inside him. Growling out a rumbling moan, Jotaro relaxes his body enough to let it drape over Polnareff. A comfortable smothering of his body that has the bunnyboy softly whining and resting his forehead down on the bed.

Feeling a broad tongue drag up over the back of his neck, lapping lazily, ceases Polnareff's quiet whines. The bunny begins to giggle as he peeks back at the other. Jotaro continues licking at him, dragging his tongue over his cheek and jaw with narrowed, dilated green eyes. Laughing now, Polnareff fidgets under him until Jotaro finds it bothersome and presses his hands down on his shoulders. He keeps him still to continue his ministrations of licking at him—an attempt to comfort and mark his mating partner.

Once Jotaro is satisfied, he spits out the white hair that had collected in his mouth with an annoyed face, which has Polnareff laughing aloud again.

“Let's lay down,” Jotaro mutters, a few white hairs clinging to the fur of his snout. Polnareff grins and nods.

Once they're situated, spooning comfortably with Jotaro's knot still within the bunnyboy, Polnareff nudges himself back against Jotaro's broad chest, nuzzling himself within the soft fur of his front. Jotaro curls a broad arm around him to still his shifting. Huffing, Polnareff finally stops fidgeting, resting his head against Jotaro's arm, his long ears fanning out over it.

“Are you satisfied yet, you beast?”

“In an hour or so I should be good to go again.”

“That's hardly enough time for my ass to take a break!”

“Stop complaining. You like it.”

Falling silent, Polnareff blushes and narrows his eyes in shame. Snorting, Jotaro rises up sluggishly onto an elbow, leaning over the other. Turning over a little to gaze up at the wolfboy, Polnareff looks into his dark green eyes and watches silently as Jotaro leans down to kiss him fleetingly on his lips, his cold dog nose nudging against Polnareff's own twitching one. A beaming smile breaks over Polnareff's face once Jotaro pulls away, and then he's bringing his white, paw-like hands up to clutch at Jotaro's furry face and tug him back down to kiss him again.

Jotaro silently purses his lips against Polnareff's as best he could (though it's awkward with his snout) which Polnareff happily returns until the wolf leans back to instead nuzzle at his neck again, burying his face against it. His pointy ears get in Polnareff's face when he burrows against him, but that only makes the bunnyboy laugh and kick his foot against Jotaro's leg a couple times, without realizing.

Then he hears the thump, thump, thump of Jotaro's heavy, long-haired tail against the bed. Pausing, Polnareff blinks before he grins and nudges a silent Jotaro with his elbow.

“You big softie! You're such a good boy, you know that, right?”

What the fuck, don't--”

“You're a good boy, Jotarooo!”

“Sh-shut up.”

“Good boy, good boy!” Polnareff sings, hooking his arm around Jotaro's head, still buried against his neck and jaw, and smooches him over the side of his face. Jotaro huffs and then his tail begins to thump, thump, thump against the bed, more energetically this time.


Polnareff always liked showering with Jotaro post-sex. Seeing all his thick fur flattened down, showing the fit figure of his body. And while he did enjoy the more innocent parts of showering with someone (enjoying the presence of another nude body, washing each other, kissing under the water), it always ended with Jotaro shoving him against the wall and eating his ass or Polnareff blowing him if only because Jotaro ordered for him to get on his knees.

This time though, Polnareff does it without having to be told to, if only because the feeling of Jotaro's thick come dripping out of his ass turns him on. On his knees, the water runs off his long silver locks and drips off his whiskers, getting in his big blue eyes when he looks up at the impressive, intimidating size of his partner. Jotaro gazes down at him silently, face stoic, though his cock is already peeking out past his sheath again. Polnareff licks his lips and leans in, setting his white paws on Jotaro's thick thighs. His nose twitches as he sniffs at Jotaro's heady scent, sapphire eyes drawn up to watch the wolfboy's face as he peeked his tongue out and teased at the opening of his sheath.

Jotaro's hands clench into fists by his sides and he brings one of them up to grip a tight handful of Polnareff's long ears. Polnareff slides his furry hands around to grab Jotaro's muscular ass as he pushed his tongue down into the opening, though it only takes a little bit of tonguing before his hardening cock slides out, giving more to Polnareff to lick at.

A clawed hand slides through his dripping silver locks, gently pulling him in closer. On his knees with his big feet folded behind himself, Polnareff angles his head and takes his pink cock into his mouth, trying his hardest to not let his gapped front teeth drag over it.

Jotaro grunts from above, his erect cock twitching in Polnareff's mouth. The bunnyboy adjusts on his knees and then begins to slowly bob his head, taking more and more of his dick in his mouth, though his girth can barely manage to fit in his mouth. The size of it makes it hard to avoid grazing it with his molars.

The thick, salty taste of his cock turns Polnareff on more than it disgusts him, and he can't help but reach down to begin jerking off his own small pink cock. He brings his other hand down to cup Jotaro's heavy balls as he sucks him off, his long ears flattening back.

Jotaro's semen continues to drip out of his hole, oozing down from under his tail to pool on the shower floor between his legs. His technique gets a little sloppy, distracted by the sensation. He lets go of his leaking cock and reaches behind himself to touch at his sore hole, moaning around Jotaro's cock at the feeling of his thick come clinging to his fingers. Jotaro grunts and grabs his hair. He begins to pump his hips against his face, fucking his mouth, as Polnareff pushes two fingers into himself.

“Mmffph!” Polnareff lets out a muffled noise among Jotaro's thrusting, his eyes squeezed shut as he held his mouth open. Drool ran down his chin, though soon washed away by the stream of water. Jotaro using his mouth like this while he touched himself has him moaning around his cock. He gags once or twice among Jotaro's thrusting, but Jotaro knows better than to forcefuly fuck his throat. He keeps one paw hooked around Polnareff's head, eyes downcast to admire the way Polnareff squeezed his eyes shut and let his mouth hang open, ears folded back and face flushed a dark red.

The combination of fingering himself and having his mouth used brings Polnareff to an orgasm that has him letting out a muffled moan, his body shaking as his small cock shot a few weak ropes of come onto the shower floor. Jotaro's forming knot then begins to bump against his lips, a telltale sign that has Polnareff sucking tightly, cheeks hollowed and big blue eyes drawn up to gaze at Jotaro's hardening face.

A few more shaky rocks of Jotaro's hips and then his knot is fully grown. His clawed hand curls into Polnareff's silver hair, a breathless, unintentional whimper coming from the wolfboy as his swollen cock throbs and shoots his load into Polnareff's open, waiting mouth. The thick ropes of his semen cover his pink tongue and drip out in globs, sliding from his lips and off his chin. Jotaro's pink cock slips from his full mouth with a long line of semen dripping from the slit. Swallowing it all down has Polnareff making a face, filling his small belly with the plentiful amount.

Jotaro pants raggedly above him, chest heaving and eyes narrowed. Polnareff shakily rises from his knees and then spits whats left in his mouth out onto the shower floor. He scrubs at his furry face with his paws, brow furrowed.

“Blech, my mouth tastes bad now,” he whines, sticking his tongue out. Jotaro ignores his complaints and steps closer, tugging him closer to himself with an arm around his shoulders. Polnareff stumbles against him and huffs, letting himself be held.

Jotaro pets at his ears and hair, silently holding him close until Polnareff finally returned it and wrapped his smaller arms around his waist, nuzzling his face into his furry chest. Jotaro smirks to himself, his ears reflexively flipping and shaking off the water.

“You're always so clingy after we do anything like that, Jotaro,” Polnareff comments, wiggling out from his hold to grab the soap from the shower shelf to clean the fur on his face. Jotaro's tail gives one sharp wag of annoyance. He wanted to hold Polnareff longer than that, but he won't push it.

“It's in my nature,” is all he says in a gruff mumble, watching as the bunnyboy scrubbed at his face, suds forming and spilling down his furry face and neck to gather in the white hair on his chest. Jotaro stares, until Polnareff notices and arches a brow, smiling a little.

“What? You want me to clean you, too?”


Despite his answer, Polnareff steps closer to the wolf with a grin and begins rubbing the soap over the thick fur on his chest and sides, until suds form. He sets aside the bar of soap and then continues ruffling his fur with his hands. He rubs, rubs, rubs his hands around and around until the dark black of his fur is covered in white. Jotaro, despite his attempt to remain stoic, blushes and his tail begins to wag back and forth again, slow and content. He tries to quell the urge to express his enjoyment but feeling small bunny hands on his tummy, rubbing away, feels nice and has his tail swishing side to side.

When Polnareff tries to reach the thick fur on his neck and cheek area, hopping up a few times with a frustrated face, Jotaro finally relents and leans over just enough for him to reach. Polnareff beams up at him, his wide smile baring his gapped front teeth. He begins to happily rub the soap suds into his furry cheeks and neck, ruffling heavy fur that sends a flurry of droplets into Polnareff's face.

Jotaro closes his eyes, enjoying the feeling immensely. Polnareff continues running his paw-like hands through his fur until his face is dripping with soap, then he pulls his hands away and says in a sing-song voice, “Jotarooo, you're all clean!”

Cracking open his heavy eyes, Jotaro gazes down at him and then straightens up again before he turns towards the spray of water. It rushes through his fur and sends all the white soap suds down over his body to pool at his feet.


“Jotaro, I'm serious! I agreed to cuddling, not to be pinned down and humped!” Polnareff whines, fidgeting under a smirking Jotaro who laid his bigger body over the bunnyboy's. Still slightly damp from the shower, they lay together under the covers, though Jotaro had gotten a little frisky. Polnareff wiggles around under him, blushing as he complains loudly, “Just cuddling, you asshole! I mean it this time!”

Relenting with a few quiet chuckles, Jotaro climbs off of him and flops down against the pillows, the thick fur around his neck and face splaying out over the white of the pillows. Polnareff huffs and flips over towards the wolfboy with a grumpy expression, ears folded back and nose twitching again in irritation. Despite his annoyance, he still shifts closer to Jotaro, until he's pulled into a snug, warm embrace with his forehead resting against Jotaro's strong jaw.

Jotaro sniffs a few times at his clean fur before settling down again and resting his snout over his head. Polnareff's long ears drape over his snout, which has Jotaro smiling.