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spirit of the sea

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She misses the waves, and salt air, and the creatures that swam around her, beneath her, through her when she finally sank deep and let herself go.

go where? nowhere. still there, on the bottom of the sea, waiting

ever ever waiting

clever Jack will come back

She was beloved by he who eventually became the god of trickery, Coyote's cousin and Anansi's nephew, consort to Calypso, child and lover of the sea.

And he loves her more than the goddess, and she rests, waiting, waiting

clever Jack come back

And yes, finally, the summons, the call, and her rotting wood stays in the ocean, but she, her spirit and her soul, brought to life by deals and will, she rises





There are new legends now, a god of the black, ancient and forever young, with his ship with a soul named Pearl.