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Out the Window

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"God of Light, I beseech You. I am and will always be Your Sun Knight. Please return Sun's brothers to Sun!"

Memories flooded me, memories of each of my companions. The first person I'd met after becoming the Sun Knight-in-training was actually Ceo. His teacher had brought him over, and then our teachers had talked about us as if we weren't even there. He had been shorter than me then, but his hair had already been dyed blue. With Teacher's answer to why he had chosen me at the forefront of my mind, I couldn't help paying attention to Ceo's hair. Besides, it was blue.

"Did your teacher choose you because of your hair color, too?" I'd asked, hoping he'd answer "yes" so that I wouldn't be alone. If not for my hair, Teacher wouldn't have chosen me. I'd always thought that Roland would have been a far better choice.

Young Ceo had frozen for a moment, but his eventual answer was a strong shake of his head.

He'd confused me. It wasn't until later that I learned that his hair was dyed. Silly me. Blue hair doesn't naturally exist!

The memories continued pouring in. Elmairy trying to stop an argument between Georgo and me. Demos hiding in the farthest book cabinet. Chikus pounding me on the back. Vival unable to see the stuff he dropped on the ground. Aivis stubbornly denying his stubbornness. Laica accidentally praising me with his "poisonous tongue." Ecilan handing me a small bag of sweets.

Lesus sitting by my side in the bathroom, giving me that rare smile of his that could scare people to death.

All of us, plus Roland, laughing in my wine cellar, without any worries.

All of these moments, mundane they might be, I wanted them back!

Holy light burst forth, bathing us all. Inwardly, I kept chanting for my brothers to be returned to me, for us to be able to return back to how things once were. The bodies scattered over the floor, the blood seeping into the ground... Reality was too cruel. Even if Pink or Stephen told me it was impossible to resurrect ten people, I couldn't not do it. There was no meaning to becoming the Demon King, to imprisoning myself, if I couldn't even save the people closest to me. I'd rather, I'd rather...

I was so focused that I didn't even hear it right away when someone called out, "Sun!"


Sun? Is Roland calling me? He should be behind me. The holy light must be unbearable for him...

"Sun! Stop the spell!"

There was no way I could stop. I'm not giving up on anyone!

"Sun! It's okay. We're not dead!"

"Not dead...?" A whisper escaped me. I tried paying closer attention to what I was sensing. But it was too late by then to stop.

The spell was already cast.

Blinding holy light blanketed us, the gathering of elements so thick that all I could see was holy light. My sensing ability could not tell me who had grabbed my arm just now with a vice-like grip.

I couldn't help closing my eyes, but doing so would provide no respite from the blinding light.

At least, that was what should have happened.

Instead, darkness fell over me, and the vice-like grip was gone.

For a moment, pain exploded across my chest, but it was gone so quickly that I might have imagined it. Or maybe there was just so much healing light around that any pain would immediately get banished. This level of healing was no joke—it was way stronger than an Ultimate Heal.

I pushed myself off the ground, my breaths coming in short gasps.

Wait. Since when was I on the ground?

My eyes shot open.

The magic circle I had Scarlet, Pink, and Stephen draw was smudged. Blood coated the ground. I raised my head.

There I stood, my hair a complete mess, face drained of all color. White hair hung limply against torn black clothing. I looked like some kind of ghastly spirit, but it was still a better sight than what I'd seen the last time I'd looked at myself using farsight—a crazed stranger.

Judgment held me by the arm. So he was the one who grabbed me.

I let out a breath I didn't know I had been holding.

So he's okay. Not dead.


I blinked. I... need to breathe while using farsight?

Groans reached my ears.

I turned my head, glancing around me, finally taking in the sights.

One by one, the companions I'd tried so hard to distance, my companions I couldn't bear to lose, sat up. Some climbed up to their feet.

They're all okay.

Not dead.

Thank the God of Light, they're all okay.

Earth was the closest to me. He turned, eyes roving to observe the surroundings. He jolted upon seeing the me that was next to Judgment. By this time, Judgment had dropped his hand and was staring down at it in...


Then, Earth turned and stared straight at me, giving my heart a scare, before he continued taking stock of everyone.

He could see me.

This isn't me using farsight.

Suddenly, the other "me" grabbed at his eyes, body swaying. Judgment quickly caught him.

I didn't do that. I'm here. Not there! Then, who is that?

Earth finished surveying everyone.

He frowned but made his way over to not-me and Judgment. He grabbed hold of not-me's hand, as if afraid not-me would escape.

Not-me froze.

Judgment looked up then, and Earth asked him, "Who are you?"

With a worried look, Judgment answered in a small voice, "I'm Elmairy. What's going on?"


Earth frowned even harder, that look of his familiar, yet not. Earth never usually frowned so much, not to the point where he'd get wrinkles between his brows. That was more someone else's forte. "Not Georgo? Then..."

But before he could say more, not-me opened his mouth and said, "I can't see."

"Are you Sun?" Earth asked him. No... That person isn't Earth. He definitely isn't. That controlled tone, that dependability, that furrow between his brows...

"Sun? Why would you ask me that?" Not-me said in confusion, but upon hearing his own voice, he touched his throat and gulped.

Leaf suddenly yelled, "Sun! Are you still refusing to return? Don't tell me you still only want to be called Grisia!"

However, right after he shouted and jumped up, he stilled and frantically looked down at himself. Then, he turned wide eyes on us. Upon seeing Blaze, he pointed at him and shrieked, "What's going on?"

One by one, looks of realization dawned on us.

I looked down at myself. Pale fingers. Light blue sleeves. I reached back, only to find short hair. Then, I brought my hands forward, ice easily forming above my palms.

Reflected on the shards of ice was a face that had always been expressionless.

Now, it was surprised because I was surprised.

Ice's face.

I was Ice.