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Hilda shifted atop her mount, a newly finished project of her companion, and adjusted her sunglasses. The day was warmer than she would have liked it to be but she could hardly control the weather. She glanced to her companion, who was by all accounts a different kind of striking while on a horse than off...though always striking nonetheless. Any thoughts Hilda might have initially had about seeing Kris in shod boots had been dismissed quite soon after the first time they met, and now she had come to have a healthy respect for the other woman. Kris had talent...talent she could be using, in Hilda's opinion, just as efficiently and more lucratively than she was simply training horses. "You've done an excellent job with him," she said finally as they continued. "I'd almost given up." And Hilda didn't give up easily.

Kris glanced over the horse, noting that he had finally managed to get over his obsessive head-tossing upon leaving the arena. She wouldn't pretend it hadn't taken some hours and a set of sturdy draw-reins, but the end result was worth it. She clicked to her horse to step off down the trail, seeing that Hilda was settled, and they started off at a leisurely pace. She still couldn't quite believe what the other woman had convinced her to try, but it in truth wasn't all to different from her first work, and it paid well. So far she had only taken projects from Hilda, augmenting the real equine charges the other woman already left with her. Still, it had taken the promise of a new challenge, paycheck, and help in renovating her unused stalls to finally convince her. "He's doing much better, should be ready for some harder conditioning soon." As they started through the trees, Kris stepped her horse to a trot, letting the hoof beats add to the pleasant rustling of the branches around them.

"Mm, I quite hope so." The blonde followed, a small, closed lip smile brightening her face for only a moment. The let herself enjoy the sounds, the sights, the smells of the moment, soaking it in. "I've a new pony for you, actually," she said, adding, "if you'll take her." Freyja was going to be a bit of a chore, unlike the few charges she had sent Kris. But Hilda was confident in the woman's ability, confident enough to invest heavily in Kris.

As they emerged from the woods, Kris pulled her horse to a walk, letting Hilda rid up beside her. "Another? New?" She was always a bit confused at how Hilda seemed to collect these ponies, but the shock was slowly wearing off as she got better acquainted with this new world. Over the years in one circle or another she had slowly come to the realization that there are more cultures than one could ever learn about, and it was best just to learn first and ask questions later. "Don't let him do that." The comment cut off Hilda's reply, but the horse was starting to raise his head, and her instruction was automatic.

Without questioning, Hilda followed Kris's command adding pressure to the reins. The trainer had patience for both the animals and her human ponies, patience in teaching them, in repeating things...patience that Hilda could only extend for so long. "She's..." Hilda pursed her lips. "Well, no matter. She needs the work before she goes back to her mistress after a year or so here. Tell me..." She looked at Kris over her sunglasses, dark blue eyes sparkling, "is it still agreeing with you?"

Kris considered, glancing back as they rode into the clearing, "Yes, I'm not sure I believe it myself, but yes. It's surprising how little adjustment it took me." She rolled her eyes, "I still wonder about myself on that account."

"You shouldn't." Hilda's tone was firm and steady. There was nothing to be ashamed of. Business was business, and in her case and Kris's, this was lucrative enough. And everyone involved wished to be there. There was no harm in it, as far as Hilda was concerned. "I'm incredibly happy with your work thus far."

Kris smiled, "Well thank you then." She shortened the reins and looked up the slight hill in front of them, "Canter?" She wasn't entirely at ease with it yet, but she trusted Hilda, and they had developed both a mutually beneficial arrangement and a respectful friendship as well.

At that, Hilda nodded, and the two began almost in time with each other. She enjoyed the quiet moment as she they climbed the slight hill and the rest of Hilda's small estate outside of Paris unfolded before them. Hilda smiled slightly into the breeze, and when they finally stopped she turned into Kris. "I hope you're prepared to become something of a name," she said, a wry smile upon her face. It wouldn't be long. Kris trained her ponies exclusively at the moment, but that couldn't last forever.

Kris raised an eyebrow as she patted her horse's neck, "Really Hilda?" There was a bit of sarcasm in her voice but intrigue there too. Kris wasn't sure what all being "a name" meant in this world, but she didn't give up an opportunity lightly.

Licking her lips, Hilda nodded. She was not smiling, and her tone gave away the seriousness of the situation. She did not take the Scene lightly, but she knew it was hard to understand, initially, its gravity. "Mark my words." Then she smiled, open mouthed and bright--a rarity. She trusted Kris, and she had faith in her ability.

Kris gazed out over the landscape beneath them, more thoughtful than appreciating. She nodded at Hilda and turned back toward the barn, she knew they understood each other. That she would always do what she could to keep her clients happy, and Hilda would look out for her interests. "Shall we take them back? You'll probably want to approve the new stall-fronts before they're installed."

"Yes, quite." Hilda urged her horse forward, and she took the luxury of a wide circle in turning around. Assisting in renovating Kris's was enjoyable and something new. She liked the decisions, the work, and she certainly liked the results her ponies' sessions with Kris were bringing. Hilda chuckled lightly as they rode back. She rather liked Kris as well. She was not a woman who cultivated many true friends, but the blonde was someone she wanted to keep close in that way.