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With Friends Like These ...

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So, he didn't take Superman's advice and talk to Cassie, because ...

... because fucking no way in hell, okay? Not yet. Not until he gets his brain wrapped a little better around the facts of what Bart called "Kryptonian pon farr." And that's probably going to be No-never 21st.

Kon swears he can feel those damn moons lining up as he flies to that cave in the ass end (and yep, he's definitely got ass on his mind) of nowhere Idado, and tries (and fails miserably) to sound calm and collected as he says, "Clark --"

Clark is there. Just like that.

In jeans and a t-shirt.

With grape lube and a dull red glow behind his eyes, which makes them look sort of purpley.

And, although Clark is trying to look nice and understanding and adult, Kon can totally tell that he's just as horny and miserable as Kon is.

Kon would gloat about that, but that's when the moons line up and Kon's literally crying and shaking, because he wants needs it so bad, and Clark's eyes start flat out glowing red, as, without a word, he's got Kon's jeans around his ankles and three glorious grapey fingers up Kon's ass, and now four, and now his whole hand, doing what needs to be done, and Clark's kind of nipping and licking and grinding himself up against Kon, and Kon can tell that he's dying as he does it, but for all that it's yeerrgh! gross Kon totally understands how Clark feels.

Kon has to laugh a bit, about that because it's so Superman to take care of another person instead of putting his needs first.

Meanwhile,Clark's moving his hand so hard and so fast that Kon's amazed that TTK or no, he's not going to have a friction burn and the other parts of his brain are telling him to STFU, because he needs this right now, and this is going to be the best orgasm ever and they don't need coherent thought mucking up the mind blowing bliss process, alright?

He comes so hard his knees buckle and the world greys out around the edges.

Kon's barely had a moment to collect himself before Clark whips his hand out and starts unbuckling and unzipping, blushing as red as it gets, and Kon's squirting the grape lube on his fingers when Clark hands him something and is so embarrassed by it that he can barely choke out a "Please."

A condom.

Kon's dick immediately springs back to life at the thought (thank you pon farr and puberty) but his mouth mumbles, "Uh ... are you --"

"Please, Kon!" Desperate.

Well, he's already cheating on Cassie. Dick, hand, what's the difference? And it's kind of cool that Clark thinks he's big enough to satisfy. Or maybe Clark just wants a warm up before the hand, and this is totally thinking too much.

And, this way Kon also gets to come.


That's all the thought about the matter Kon needs in order to rip that little sucker out of the wrapper, roll it down, squirt the gook on, give Clark two fingers to get things started and then dive on in.

And that pathetic needy little moan that he hates so much that he gives when ever Clark's helping him? Well, this time, it's a duet.

Clark comes with a groan that shakes a few rocks down from the ceiling and he actually loses control of his heat vision, because there's two little pools of molten rock on the floor about two feet in front of him. Kon comes about 10 seconds later (and doesn't lose control of his heat vision) and just wants to lay there on top of Clark's back and feel blissed out forever.

He doesn't move until he feels himself start to go soft. With a sigh, he finally pulls out.

"Oh shit!"

Clark whips around lightning fast and his face falls as he spies the little dribby flap of latex hanging off the base of Kon's dick.

"Um ..." Clark bites his lip nervously as he yanks his pants up and buckles and zips. "I - we need to go to the Fortress --"

"Clark --"

"-- maybe there's some sort of morning after pill the AI can --"

"Clark --"

"-- because, oh God, how would we ever explain this to --"



"You're glowing."


[Two hours later: Fortress of Solitude]


Kon gave a disgusted sigh, "I don't know why you thought a condom was going to work."

"Because they've never broken when Batman and I --"

"You what?! With him?!"

Groan. "Forget I said anything."

"Too late. I need to Clorox my brain now."