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His Good Boy

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Harry's cock is dripping, hard and hot against his abdomen as he sits patiently on the bed.

"Please, daddy," Harry pleads hands twitching as they rest on his thighs.

Sirius eyes darken with lust, his own prick hardening at Harry's words.

"Have you been good, darling?" Sirius asks lowly, voice gruff with desire.

"Oh yes, daddy; I promise I have."

"Good. Go ahead and touch yourself," Sirius murmurs, sitting in the chair across from Harry's bed.

Harry grabs his hard prick, jerking it roughly, eyes fluttering closed in pleasure.

"Go slower, loosen your grip, baby. Can you do that for daddy?"

"Yes," Harry moans, slowing his strokes.

"Good boy, you're doing so well. You're making daddy very proud."

Harry gasps at the praise, hips stuttering as his prick starts to leak steadily.

"Oh please daddy, I want to come," Harry whines.

Sirius smiles deviously, biting his lip in reply. "Is that so, baby?

"Yes, yes!" Harry groans.

"Tell me how it feels darling," Sirius commands softly.

"It feels so good daddy; my cock is so hard it hurts. I need to come," Harry whimpers.

"You're such a good boy, Harry. Go ahead, come for me."

Harry cries out, hips arching and prick throbbing as he spills himself all over his hand.

Sirius moves to the bed, sitting beside Harry, and grabs his sticky hand.

"You taste so good, baby," Sirius mumbles, licking the remnants of come from Harry's fingers.

Harry smiles warmly, snuggling into Sirius's side.

"You're my good boy, aren't you Harry?"

"Yes, daddy," Harry sighs contentedly, "I'm all yours."