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  • (don't get your) wand in a knot (24_HP_Porn_Challenge) by Vaysh

    07 May 2017


    The 24 Hours HP Porn Challenge, hosted at the LJ community wand_in_a_knot, is a porn fanwork challenge for the Harry Potter fandom. All pairings and all genres are welcome. Submissions must be at least R rated. The will be a limit of 30 participants or less, and the challenge will run for as many days as there are creators. Each creator (artist, author, vidder, or podficcer) has 24 hours to create a fanwork, post and/or link to the community, and tag the next creator.

    Round 2 (2017)
    Sign-Ups Start: June 1
    Sign-Ups Close: June 5 (or when 30 participants have signed up)
    Mods post participant list and tag the first participant: Wednesday, June 7

    The 24 Hour Harry Potter Porn Challenge will run for approximately one month (depending on posting).

    Rules & Regulations

    (Open, Unmoderated)