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Smut Trade

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Koko grinned down at the boy she had pinned beneath her. He was panting slightly and his face was dusted with a blush. Jonah looked away from her as he worried on his lip. She quickly leaned down to capture his lips in a kiss and bit on his bottom lip. The boy let out a moan and arched his body up into the woman. Koko leaned back with another grin as she saw the younger’s swollen and red lip. She ran one hand slowly down his chest, then into the shorts he was wearing. Jonah gasped as her warm hand made contact with his slowly hardening member. He squirmed beneath her as she gave him a few languid strokes before pulling his shorts off. Jonah closed his eyes as he felt her eyes studying his body.

The next thing the young male felt was two warm, milky thighs pressing flush to his hips. His eyes flew open and were met with the sight of two round breasts. “Like what you see?” he heard teasingly from above him. He swallowed audibly and all he could do was nod. He gasped and arched his back when he suddenly felt something warm and wet rub against his now hard member. A soft moan came from Koko when he ground up against her warm entrance. Jonah blushed more and repeated the action, moaning as well.

Koko soon straightened up and held the boy’s hips down as she lined his cock up with her wet hole. Jonah let out a loud groan as the older woman lowered herself onto him. After a moment, Koko started to rock her hips, moaning at the friction from the boy’s cock. Jonah closed his eyes again, threw his head back, and groaned as she moved. He was soon bucking his hips in time with her and the two set up a slow pace. Jonah shifted slightly, causing himself to thrust into the spot that caused white hot pleasure to shoot through Koko’s body. The woman gave a cry and bounced her hips faster onto him.

Koko slowly slid one hand down her body to rub her clit. She could feel herself getting close to completion, and she knew Jonah was as well based on the tightening of his balls and his thrusting losing it’s rhythm. She moved faster, impaling herself on his cock. She gave a cry of Jonah’s name when she climaxed. Jonah thrust into her tightening entrance a few more times before spending himself into her with a moan.
Jonah closed his eyes and panted to catch his breath. He felt Koko slowly move off him and then lay next to him. Based on her breathing, she didn’t even sound like she’d done anything. He felt one of her arms lay over his chest and he opened his eyes to look at her. Koko was grinning at the boy and she gave him a quick kiss, “We should do this again sometime, shouldn’t we?” Jonah could only blush and nod.