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[Commentary in brackets, like so.]

Title: power (the dark lord knows not)
Disclaimer: not my characters
Warnings: AUish, death/violence, dark
Pairings: none
Rating: 365
Point of view: third
Prompt: Any, any, "He'll kill you, and then he'll go to work on you." [Dudes. I was so fucking delighted with myself for this drabble.]

The second worst thing that ever happened in the world was that Harry Potter held all three Deathly Hallows at the same time, and that he walked to his death, knowingly and with acceptance. [This opening line, okay, I just love it. It popped into my head fully formed.]

The worst thing was that when given the chance, he returned to life. [The world had a chance. He couldn’t gone on, into the light.]

Because when he was young, Harry Potter learned that if he wanted anything done, he needed to do it himself, and because when he was young, Harry Potter learned there was no one he could trust or rely on for anything. Because when he was young, Harry Potter was not given love of any sort, or even much kindness. He was not given gentle touches, or forgiveness. [Albus Dumbledore really screwed up, in an astonishingly variety of ways.]

Because when he was young, Harry Potter learned that the world was hard and he needed to be harder still to survive, and because Harry Potter learned that he would survive, if only out of spite. [I like the “because when he was young … he learned” construction of these two paragraphs. They flow well, I think.]

Seven years of being hated and adored, idolized and feared, in cycles he quickly learned to predict, did not do anything except reinforce what he spent a decade learning. [The magical community’s flightiness is also bad for the world, FYI.]

An old man declaring the power the Dark Lord knew not to be love, of all the ridiculous things, taught Harry Potter one final lesson that the Headmaster probably did not intend. [The power of love?! Honestly?! How many parents died for their children without any sort of magical protection popping into place? It’s obviously some sort of ritual Lily did. Of course, the whole horcrux thing… *shrugs* ]

Harry Potter stared down at Voldemort's corpse and then looked out over the survivors of the battle, and his eyes were as green as the gentlest way there was to kill. [I greatly enjoy comparing Harry (and Lily’s) eyes to the death curse.]

The worst thing that ever happened in the world was that Harry Potter returned to life because men were not designed to hold the power of a god. He did not go mad with the power; he did not remake the world as he willed.

He had forever, after all. He had time, which he could bend and stretch as he wished, curiosity he had never been able to sate, and patience he learned when he was young. [Horror builds.]

Perhaps most would not think it to be the worst thing to ever happen in the world—they are the ones he granted the mercy of dying. [Horror grins.]

Because there are worse things than death, and Death's Master had eternity to explore them all. [And let the implications grow.]

[*grins* I just love writings things that are quietly horrifying. And this one, it’s delightful.]