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Now I'm a Believer

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Ryder spends the entire class glaring at the back of Jake’s head, and kind of beating himself up about it.

Jake’s a cool guy, and actually really level-headed and trustworthy, as it turns out. He doesn’t deserve to get hated on for asking out an awesome girl and getting a yes.

It isn’t even about Marley in particular. She’s sweet, and hot, and talented and everything, but there are other girls like that. But they’d made a connection, she’d seemed to like him, and he missed his shot. Because of his stupid extra tutoring bullshit classes.

Not bullshit. His necessary and useful classes, which he’s really grateful for, but fuck, can’t he get a girl and get good grades at the same time?

And now Sadie Hawkins is coming up, and he can’t even ask out someone new because it’s against the rules.

This whole thing is gonna suck.